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Chapter 243

“fu*k, they actually eat so well?”

Liu Ke was suddenly shocked.

The vanity on his face also disappeared without a trace.

“Huh, no money to pretend to be, why do you eat such good food?”

Liu Ke said mockingly.

Two of her girls were slapped in the face, followed by mockery.

However, Sheldon’s food is good, and two people ordered the expensive one, and at their table, four people ordered a small portion.

So when the waiter was serving the dishes, they couldn’t help but give them a blank look.

Sheldon did not have general knowledge with them under Su Qiangwei’s encouragement.

Just talk while eating.

When I finished eating, I realized that the table next to Liu Ke had already left. Obviously, I couldn’t stand the contrast, so I hurriedly left after eating.

“Let’s go too!”

Sheldon touched his belly.

Then took Su Qiangwei out.

“By the way, Qiangwei, what about the clothes I bought you before? Why don’t you wear them?”

Sheldon smiled and looked at Su Qiangwei.

In the past, he did not buy clothes for Su Qiangwei.

Su Qiangwei blushed and lowered her head: “I am embarrassed to dress so well!”

Sheldon smiled.

It’s almost like myself, but I was poor before, and I just think I just need to clean my clothes.

But now, Sheldon wears ordinary clothes because Sheldon does not want to be too public.

But in comparison, Qiangwei was too wronged.

“What are you afraid of? By the way, there is a luxury store here. I will take you in and pick some nice clothes!”

“Ah? I’m not going anymore, it’s too expensive!”

Su Qiangwei shook her head suddenly.

“It’s okay, let’s go, we have a black gold card!”

Sheldon smiled.

Su Qiangwei was dragged in by Sheldon.

“My God, I want this dress, it’s really beautiful! Do you think I look beautiful in it?”

Liu Ke held a dress and placed it in front of him and gestured shamefully.

Because this dress is really beautiful.

The rich man named Tian Ge flipped through the label and almost threw it away: “fu*k, a dress costs more than 20,000 dollar, why not grab it!? Honey, let’s change another…”

Brother Tian touched his wallet and persuaded.

“Then this one, how about this one?”

Liu Ke asked again.

But at a glance, more than 10,000 dollar is still too expensive.

As for the two girlfriends, they only had their bags while watching them. After all, they didn’t have a boyfriend like Brother Tian, ​​and their wages couldn’t support these famous brands.

It’s okay to follow a piece of light, but it’s unrealistic to have Brother Tian help buy these!

After picking a dozen items here, Brother Tian found it too expensive and didn’t decide.

When Liu Kezheng was depressed.

“Sheldon, have you bought too many clothes? I can’t wear them! And they are too expensive!”

Su Qiangwei said with Sheldon carrying a bag of clothes.

She looked so distressed.

“What is expensive? People depend on clothes!”

Sheldon thought, Qiangwei doesn’t need to live a low-key life like herself.

“Hey, this dress is not bad, and it’s cheap, I bought it!”

Sheldon looked at the dress next to Brother Tian again, chose the size, and directly asked the dumbfounded shopping guide to dress it up.

“fu*k, Su Qiangwei? You… are you crazy?”

As soon as Liu Ke saw the two of them, he saw the luxury goods they were holding, and he was stunned.

Sheldon mentioned it, it would have to be more than a dozen, right?

“Oh my god, can you afford one? How can you buy so much? What’s the pretense? Do you want to take pictures again?”

The two female colleagues also sneered.

As if stepping on their tails, their self-esteem was seriously frustrated.

And Sheldon didn’t look at them. After the election, he came to the cashier.

But Liu Ke and the others looked at each other and followed Sheldon and Su Qiangwei directly.

“Hello sir, the total of clothes and bags is 320,000 dollar, may I ask you?”

To be honest, the cashier was also dumbfounded.

Not to mention Liu Ke and the others behind them, all with their mouths open.


Sheldon slapped the black gold card in his hand.

The cashier immediately made a respectful gesture.

“Sir, you have consumed so much today. Our shop will give you three extra clothes. Please buy three more sets!”

The cashier respectfully said.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop these, too expensive Sheldon, I don’t want it!”

Su Qiangwei’s head shook like a rattle.

“I can’t wear this much at all, I really don’t need it!”

She was terrified.

“It’s okay if you can’t wear it. Let’s choose three more sets. In your garden, you have colleagues and teachers with good relationships. You can give them one or two sets. It’s time to maintain your relationship!”

Sheldon smiled faintly.

It can be seen that there are too many people who bully Su Qiangwei’s honesty.

As for this card, I don’t spend it for nothing. Anyway, I have a fixed consumption amount of 300,000 dollar every month.

Sheldon thought it was worth spending on Su Qiangwei.

It might be the kind of affection with Su Qiangwei in his heart that is causing trouble.

And Liu Keer and a few female colleagues behind them.

I was even more surprised to hear this sentence.

Especially the other two.

“Wow, Qiangwei, your boyfriend is so rich, his name is Sheldon, right? Sheldon has a nice name, and he is handsome!”

The two girls suddenly came over and praised.

Isn’t it obvious who is more powerful now?

“Ah? Lili Wenwen, thank you, Sheldon, he… he is not…”

Su Qiangwei wanted to say it wasn’t her boyfriend.

Sheldon took the topic and said, “I’m her fu*king brother! And I’m not handsome, you see how low I am!”

“Hehe, Sheldonzhen can laugh!”

The two girls suddenly stuck out their tongues in embarrassment.

I thought, huh, fu*k brother? Su Qiangwei may be someone’s little girlfriend!

But this did not affect Su Qiangwei’s position in their hearts at the moment.

After all, people have rich backers!

“Qiangwei, Sheldon bought you so many clothes, and said that they can be given to colleagues who are close to you, Qiangwei, do you remember, the first day you came to work in kindergarten, I still smiled at you? !”

Said a girl.

“Yes, Qiangwei, you don’t know where our school cafeteria is, or did I point it to you? Did you forget?”

Another girl said.

“I remember that!”

Su Qiangwei nodded.

“Huh, Su Qiangwei, I can’t think of it, you actually have such a rich brother, you can buy so much for you, just hold it, and I’ll tell you, I’m the first to see that dress, and you want to give it to a colleague. You have to give this one to me!”

Liu Ke was so jealous.

“Hmph, Liu Ke, you are shameless. You usually bully Qiangwei and want Qiangwei to give you something. What do you think you are?”

The two girls scolded Liu Ke.

“fu*k, you guys?”

Liu Ke’s eyes widened.

“Okay, Qiangwei, since your two colleagues treated you well before, you can choose to give them the clothes. I believe that if something happens in the future, you will help each other, let’s go, I will send you back to school!”

Sheldon glanced at Liu Ke and said with a smile.

“Ah! Thank you Sheldon, we will definitely help each other in the future, right Qiangwei?”

The two girls were so happy.

Leave the shop.

When they arrived at the parking lot and were about to board the car, the two girls were surprised again.

“Ah? This big G, Qiangwei is your brother’s? Oh my God!”

The lesson is over for this arrogant Liu Ke.

In the afternoon, Sheldon took Su Qiangwei’s jade pendant and was about to return to Ping An County to find Chapman for help.

Also bid farewell to Myla in the hospital.

So he drove back to Pingan County.

But after entering the county, the main road was closed, and the border was pulled up.

The police, many workers and leaders are surrounded here.

Sheldon dropped the car window, took off his sunglasses, looked at the front with curiosity, and handed a cigarette to several workers on the roadside and asked what’s going on.

Several workers thought Sheldon was very polite, so they explained the situation:

“Little brother, we can’t go ahead, something big has happened!”

Chapter 244

“What’s the big deal?”

Sheldon was taken aback.

“Here, it was originally a construction project recruited by the America Merchants Office a year ago. As a result, the materials used by the developer may be wrong, causing the collapse of a project area, severely injuring more than 60 workers and hundreds of others. Fortunately, no lives have been lost!”

“Last night, I heard that all the developers had run away. The people at the America Merchants Office were involved. I heard that a dozen people including Jiang Chu were dismissed from their posts, and they have to wait for processing!”

Said the workers.

America Merchants Office, remember that Uncle Jiang was a director of the America Merchants Office and was dismissed?

But after thinking about it, Sheldon asked, “Then it won’t be a runaway, right? If no one is killed, then compensation is enough? And the main responsibility is not the investment promotion, right?”

“Ahem, the developer has no money for a long time. It is rumored that the developer has no money half a year ago. Anyway, we don’t know who to look for. It’s costing money here. As for the America Merchants Office, hehe, someone has to stand up and fight. Isn’t it? And it’s a critical moment for a large group to develop and construct Ping An County. As a result, something like this happened in Ping An County. The leaders must be furious. The impact is too bad!”

Sheldon understood it this way.

No way, this matter can’t be closed by yourself.

After showing sympathy.

Just drove around.

On the way, Chapman also sent a Instagram message to Sheldon, talking about the collapse of this building. It was really a once in a century!

Sheldon just told Chapman to help him find a master Jianyu.

After all, he knows more people than himself.

Go back to the hotel where you rented.

Sheldon took a shower and was about to go out to find a place to have dinner.

At this time, my father called himself.


Cooper Family.

“Son, something happened in our hometown where you invested. I heard that the building fell?”

“Yeah, yes, but my group is not involved.”

Sheldon thought to himself that Dad’s news was well-informed.

“O’ao, I know it’s not your group. I mean to say, your Uncle Jiang has been dismissed. Look, can you help their family?”

Dad said.

“What? Didn’t I tell you, Dad? Uncle Jiang has forgotten about his friendship with you, so why did you ask me to help him?”

After Sheldon listened, he was completely puzzled.

Because I also called my dad before.

Dad didn’t mention Jiang’s affairs less, basically, if it’s difficult, he should help.

Otherwise, you think that every time Sheldon sees Jiang Ranran who looks down on him, what is the reason for her to always help her when she has something to do?

Dad has not mentioned it many times.

But when I went to Jiang’s house last time, Sheldonhan’s heart was broken, so he naturally told his father.

This time something happened to the Jiang family, Sheldon knew about it on the way there, but he didn’t care about it either.

After all, according to Uncle Jiang’s intention, there will be nothing to go to their house to find him in the future.

So Sheldon was too lazy to talk.

“Hey, there are some things, you can’t tell me in one sentence or two sentences, have you met your Aunt Tang?”

Dad suddenly changed the subject.

Sheldon suddenly frowned, “See you! What’s wrong?”

“Ahem, I’ve done things I’m sorry to your Uncle Jiang before, so I blame myself in my heart. In short, how can their family do not care about us, you can help if you can, alas!”

Dad sighed.


Sheldon was directly surprised.

Could it be that Dad and Aunt Tang had another leg?

Did you put a hat on Uncle Jiang?

“Dad, what’s the matter? And, what’s the matter with the woman named Mengyu you asked me to find? Aunt Tang and that Mengyu, aren’t they yours?”

Sheldon was straight up.

“Ahem, brat, what are you talking about? Anyway, I and them are not what you imagined. Anyway, Jiang’s family and your Aunt Tang, if you can help, you will definitely help, and you will be repaid as your father. There is also Mengyu, you also hurry to find it, your mother is here, let’s talk about this first, that’s it!”

After speaking, he directly hung up the phone.

Sheldon the phone for a long time and couldn’t return to his senses.

What is this called?

Even Sheldon had the desire to call his mother. After all, Sheldon was helping his father to lie to his mother, and he really blamed himself.

Ugh! But forget it after thinking about it, let’s trust Dad once.

See if it’s only half past five.

Sheldon scratched his scalp, but he couldn’t help but go to Uncle Jiang by himself.

Then I drove downstairs and drove directly to Jiang’s house.

After arriving.

Many people from the Jiang family came today.

As for Uncle Jiang, because he was dismissed for taking responsibility for a while, he was so anxious that he couldn’t afford to fall ill. He was lying on the sofa and fainted and hit the bottle!

Some guests accompany them to talk.

“Old ginger, it’s alright. Now that this incident has happened, don’t be uncomfortable. The leaders of the county also think the influence is too bad. They smashed you out of anger. Maybe they will be requisitioned after it passes. !”

“Yeah, besides, isn’t Tang Lan still working in a bank, and of course he has grown up, there must be no problem financially!”

“Thank you Lao Li Lao Zhao, tonight, will you stay for a meal?”

Jiang Weidong said weakly.

“Forget it, we won’t eat the meal, just come to see you, and now we have to go back quickly!”

The two stood up and prepared to leave.

“Lao Li Lao Zhao, do you say that there is really nothing we can do about our Lao Jiang? You have so many relationships, so we must give our Lao Jiang an idea!”

Both of them shook their heads helplessly, expressing that they could do nothing.

“Aunt Lan, don’t worry, before I came, my dad had talked about Uncle Jiang…”

Lin Dong was naturally there.

Said at the moment.

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Weidong and Jiang Ranran, who had also cried beside him, all looked at Lin Dong.

Lin Dong thought, huh, at the critical moment, you still have to look at yourself, right?

Jiang Weidong took Lin Dong and said, “Ricky, did your father say anything?”

“My dad said, “Uncle Jiang, you said that this is a matter, and if you say that it is not a matter, it is not a matter, because after all, there is no responsibility for you. As long as you can recruit new developers to fill this vacancy and settle down well for the injured Workers and other workers can do it, after all, people earn hard-earned money!”

Lin Dong smiled.

To put it bluntly, it means to find new funds to take over.

“Oh! But now this has become a tofu project. Maybe those built real estates have to be demolished. Who wants to pick up this kind of real estate, and the compensation funds in it have to be paid out by our county, so much money, The county can’t afford it!”

Jiang Weidong shook his head.

He hadn’t thought about this method.

Ding Dong!

At this moment, the doorbell rang.

Jiang Weidong thought it was a colleague leader who came again, and hurriedly asked Tang Lan to help him stand up, “Of course, go open the door to welcome the guests!”


Jiang Ranran nodded and went to open the door.


Seeing Sheldon, Jiang Ranran was obviously taken aback.

“Oh, why is it him!”

Tang Lan couldn’t help being disappointed.

Jiang Weidong also shook his head in boredom.

Let Tang Lan lie down again.

Obviously, he thought it was a distinguished guest, but seeing that it was Sheldon, there was a big gap…

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