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Chapter 245

“Uncle Jiang, Aunt Tang, I’ll see you!”

Sheldon carried a bag of things and said with a smile.

Just about to put things down.

Tang Lan glanced at Sheldon and said nothing.

Jiang Weidong was lying on the bed without moving his eyes.

It was embarrassing for Jiang Ranran to watch Sheldon being ignored, because after all, Jiang Ranran knew that Sheldon might be quite awkward in Roston.

Even the big G is on.

That day, I took myself to the station.

To be honest, I am a little grateful to Sheldon.

But this incident did not have time to tell his father yesterday, because when Jiang Ranran came back, this happened to his father and felt that the sky was about to collapse.

How can I still think about my experience of having fun?

So she walked over and helped Sheldon pick up the things she took and put them on the table.

Thank you Sheldon for coming to visit my dad! “

Jiang Ranran said.

As for Lin Dong, he narrowed his eyes and looked at Sheldon hostilely.

Sheldon didn’t know what to say, so he found a place to sit down and listen to them.

As for Jiang Weidong’s attitude, Sheldon is psychologically prepared.

“Oh, funding, where should I get a fund to take this real estate over?”

Jiang Weidong, an old man said sadly at this moment.

“Uncle Jiang, I wonder if you have looked for Roston Dreamer Group? They are now going to spend a full 10 billion in our Ping An County. Have you looked for them for this project?”

“Of course I found it. To be honest, I know some of their managers. We used to have a good relationship, but now we go, it won’t work. No company is willing to take it!”

Jiang Weidong shook his head in pain.

“But now the hope lies with them, because this little money is definitely not money for the Dreamers Group, so I only ask them to nod, and this matter will naturally be solved. My dad said this!”

Lin Dong said that he was obviously at the core of the situation now, and he said very coolly.

“Ricky, you have to make your father worry a lot about this matter, this great favor, you and Aunt Tang, and I will remember it for a lifetime!”

“Don’t worry, Uncle Jiang, my father will try to lobby the Dreamers Group for you!”

I thought in my heart.

Cut, my dad doesn’t worry about it.

If it weren’t for chasing your daughter Jiang Ranran, I wouldn’t bother to spend my tongue here.

But for face, Lin Dong still wants it.

“Okay, I don’t worry if you have Ricky, don’t leave tonight, Ricky, stay for dinner, and you fellow classmates and friends, stay for dinner. I will let you Aunt Tang do it. dish!”

Jiang Weidong’s expression finally looked better.

“Okay, I will clean up first, alas, there are not many dishes, so I have to buy some more! I have to get some chicken, duck and fish, and I can’t get out of it!”

Tang Lan said anxiously.

At this time, I caught a glimpse of Sheldon sitting quietly in the corner drinking water. At the moment, he said somewhat irritably:

“Sheldon, you are idle here and you are idle. I will write a menu. You can buy me food from the supermarket outside the community!”


Sheldon was startled.

This is using yourself as a servant.

Alas, but think about it, Sheldon is also very awkward looking at Jiang Weidong and the others.

It just so happened that he went downstairs and told Chapman to take over the real estate.

In this way, the task given by the father can be considered.

So I agreed.

If it hadn’t been for his father’s repeated explanations, Sheldon wouldn’t care!

He is not the kind of person who kneels and licks others!

Ha ha!

“Sheldon, let me go with you!”

Jiang Ranran watched Sheldon go out carrying the basket, so he said.

“Of course! What are you going to do? Who is important and who is not important. Isn’t it clear? Hurry up and ask Ricky to drink water!”

When Jiang Weidong heard this, he was anxious.

Tang Lan even saw something wrong.

What’s wrong with my daughter? From entering the door to now, she seems to have a different tone to Sheldon than before.

The Cooper Family are not good things!

Tang Lan pinched Jiang Ranran even more and asked her to accompany Lin Dong.

After Sheldon went down, he immediately called Chapman.

Tell Chapman about this matter.

Chapman was of course no problem, and immediately proceeded to make arrangements.

Sheldon reluctantly went to the supermarket and bought all the vegetables he should buy.

When I go upstairs again.

It was discovered that earth-shaking changes had taken place in the Jiang family.

“Congratulations Uncle Jiang!”

“Yes, I didn’t expect that the Dreamer Company agreed to take over the real estate, and it was wholly-owned. I didn’t expect it!”

Jiang Weidong didn’t take some drips anymore, and his complexion recovered extremely well and said.

Holding the phone in his hand, it feels like holding a baby.

“Come here, you must have a nice drink with me today! Especially your Ricky!”

Jiang Weidong said.

He felt that Lin Dong’s father’s help was indispensable for this matter.

It may also be the strength of his contacts.

In short, the leader called just now to reinstate his officer to take care of this matter.

Next, we will collect a donation to settle this matter.

How can I be unhappy.

He even glanced at Lin Dong and Jiang Ranran.

Jiang Weidong had a different idea.

“Of course, let me tell you…”

“Sheldon, you eat food!”

When I was about to talk, I saw my daughter picking food for Sheldon.

Jiang Weidong’s eyes were almost glaring: “What are you doing? Sheldon has his own hands, doesn’t he know how to pick vegetables?”

Jiang Ranran said, “Dad, you don’t know, Sheldon, he…”

Lin Dong stared at Sheldon fiercely, and suddenly said, “Oh, Uncle Jiang, you may not know that Sheldon is now not what it used to be!”

In the same way, he certainly has to say it himself.

“What’s not what it used to be?” Aunt Tang asked after another dish.

“Hehe, Sheldon has won the lottery now, and he bought himself a Mercedes G500, which is amazing! Of course he must be good to him!”

Lin Dong said sourly.

“I go……”

All the boys and girls at the dinner table were stunned.

“How many did you get?”

Aunt Tang asked.

Sheldon didn’t know what to say.

At that time, in order to conceal his identity, he lied to Jiang Ranran to say that he had won the lottery, but now, this lie has to be settled.

“Bought a big G!” Sheldon said.

“What? You bought a big G in the lottery ticket, and you won two million in the fu*k?”

All the people were shocked.

Sheldon just kept silent.


Suddenly, Jiang Weidong directly threw his chopsticks coldly.

“Naughty! What a fool!”

Jiang Weidong said: “Sheldon, others can show off, but you don’t know what your situation is, what do you show off? You also bought a Mercedes, what can you do with these two million dollars!”

Jiang Weidong shook his head.

Lin Dong was feeling the pleasure of revenge, and smiled: “Yes, Uncle Jiang, you think, this car is one or two million. If you use one million, you can collect a donation or something so that you can give Uncle Jiang. Sheldon arranged a public office for labor dispatch, but now, hehe, Sheldon knows that he can compete with the rich second generation!”

“Yes, Ricky is more knowledgeable. Sheldon, I ask you, have you bought a house in Ping’an County?”

Sheldon shook his head.

“Then have you looked for a job?”

Sheldon still shook his head.

“Oh, I’ve never seen you so mindless. Let’s take advantage of the fact that the car was just picked up, so I didn’t hurriedly sell it, and then raised a donation of 800,000 dollar, and then settled in a house with the remaining money. I’ll arrange for you a job with five social insurance and one housing fund for you to do. What about burning packages? Find a place to work honestly!”

“By the way, one more thing…”

Jiang Weidong took a sip and looked at Cooper Family.

Chapter 246

“This is just right. The conditions were still immature. Now, you just need to sell your car and buy a house in Ping’an County. I will find you a public office as a clerk. With five social insurance and one housing fund, you My life is stable!”

“I used to be a subordinate, and his sister is three years older than you. She hasn’t been married yet, so that when you finish all this, I can be a matchmaker for you, and you can also marry a house wife!”

Jiang Weidong said.

Sheldon was dumbfounded, as long as he donated money to him, would the treatment be so good?

And at this time Jiang Ranran was shocked and said, “Dad, what you wouldn’t say is the sister of the secretary below you? She… isn’t she mentally retarded?”

“What’s the matter with mental retardation? Now it’s easy to find a wife. You don’t look at Sheldon’s conditions. Just like Sheldon, I still can’t guarantee whether they will be willing!”

Jiang Weidong said lightly.

“Um…Uncle Jiang will bother with this matter!”

Sheldon’s face turned green and white.

But thinking about what Dad said, he can bear it.

But Jiang Weidong is not over yet.

After eating, Jiang Weidong contacted Sheldon with a second-hand car market and asked Sheldon to deal with the car as soon as possible. Part of the donation was collected and part of the house was purchased. He also took advantage of this opportunity to arrange a contractual job with Sheldon.

At least half a system of people!

Sheldon is definitely not willing.

He even wanted to speak out their identities directly and smack them on the face.

But when I thought of my father’s advice, after all, he had done things to aunt Tang to sorry Uncle Jiang.

Although I don’t know what I did.

So Sheldon really can’t say anything.

I just want to quickly put an end to the matter that my dad confessed, and then no longer care about the mess.

Anyway, the car didn’t matter to me, so I agreed.

“Okay, let Lin Dong accompany you, Lin Dong knows a lot, lest you make a fool without knowing it!”

After eating, Jiang Weidong said to Sheldon lightly.

If Lin Dong hadn’t made the idea for Sheldon to raise money, he really didn’t plan to help Sheldon arrange work, even if it was under this contract system, he would not arrange it.

Now, after he has collected donations at most, he can just find a department to work as a clerk, two to three thousand a month, and he will be worthy of him for a lifetime!

Of course Sheldon agreed to go with Sheldon.

“Huh, pit you into a fool? It’s strange if you don’t pit you into a fool!”

Lin Dong’s purpose is obvious. It is to use Jiang Weidong to pit all Sheldon’s money, and the car is not pitted. How can he act like this in the future?

Unexpectedly, this Sheldon really agreed to a broken job, haha!

How could Sheldon not know what Lin Dong and Uncle Jiang thought.

It’s just a break with you in this way, so as not to be beeping and beeping.

If Dad asked himself to help him, he had good reason to refuse.

So, Lin Dong, Jiang Ranran, and a few of Jiang Ranran’s close classmates all came to the used car market.

“Boss, come out, we want to sell this car!”

Lin Dong shouted happily.

“Come on! Yeah, big G!”

A young man inside came out and was taken aback when he saw Big G.

As for Lin Dong, he passed a cigarette and wanted to take a step to talk to the boss.

It means to lower the price of the car for Sheldon.

Unexpectedly, at this time, Sheldon suddenly saw the second-hand car owner and smiled, “Mullen?”

The second-hand car owner suddenly looked up, and was stunned when he saw Sheldon.

Then he patted his thigh: “fu*k, Sheldon!?”

Suddenly came over with a face full of surprise.

Mullen, Sheldon’s neighbor Jiafaxiao, is considered Sheldon’s best friend, half a year older than Sheldon, and played together since childhood. And be kind to Sheldon.

When both of them were young, their academic performance was top in the class.

It was just that because of some things, he stopped studying before finishing junior high school and followed others to learn auto repair. Unexpectedly, a few years later, he became a big boss and became the owner of used cars.

Since Sheldon went to university in another city and didn’t go home, the contact between these two years was obviously less.

But if you are young, everyone knows that even if you haven’t seen each other for three to five years, as long as you meet, you still have childhood-like feelings.

“When did you come back, why didn’t you call me!”

Mullen hammered Sheldon’s chest fiercely.

“I also came back some time ago. I didn’t go back to my hometown. I am in the county seat now!” Sheldon also smiled happily.

“Mullen, you take care of customers if you have customers, what are you doing?”

At this time, a woman came out of the store, dressed very fashionable, and looked about the same size as Sheldon.

Of course, this girl, Sheldon, also knew her. She was from a junior high school before, and she fell in love with Mullen at that time.

My family runs a supermarket in the town and is rich.

Unexpectedly, the two are still talking now.

“Hey, my brother Sheldon, Su Ting, you know!”

Mullen smiled and said, “Su Ting is my fiancee now, and I just got married three months ago!”

“O’ao, Sheldon, who did I think it was? Hurry up and greet the guests!”

Unexpectedly, Su Ting saw Sheldon, but gave Sheldon a cold look, then turned around and left.

Of course, there is nothing to look down on, but a faint resentment flashing in his eyes.

Sheldon just smiled awkwardly.

“fu*k boss, we’ve been standing here for a long time, are you finished talking!”

Lin Dong said, “We want to sell cars!”

Lin Dongxin said, this is too unlucky to come here, it is actually Sheldon’s buddy, how can this be a pit!

“O’ao, who wants to sell a car? This young man, are you selling a big G?”

Mullen smiled.

“Hehe, I just sell it for him. This is Sheldon’s big G. It has been opened for a while, and it will be sold to you for one million!”

Lin Dong said.

He looked at Sheldon again: “Sheldon, you see this is your buddy, are you embarrassed to sell it too expensive? Just make a little profit!”

Not waiting for Sheldon to speak.

Mullen was taken aback, “Sheldon, is this your car?”

“Yeah, no matter how good I explain it to you later, it’s just right to sell this car to you!”

Sheldon said with a smile.

Li smiled and nodded. He had already circled around the car, and then opened the hood to take a look, “This car is more than two million dollar, and it hasn’t been a month since it opened. Sheldon, why are you selling it? ? And just sell for one million? Who are you this kid?”

Mullen saw what Lin Dong said to sell for one million, it was because of Lin Dong’s bad eyes.

“He sells the car in a hurry to buy a house, marry a wife and find a job. As long as you give the money here, Uncle Jiang and I will immediately make arrangements for him to understand. The iron rice bowl will not be lost for a lifetime, hehe!”

Lin Dong said.

“He’s really saying that? Working daughter-in-law can have it?”

Mullen was pleased to look at Sheldon. If it is really an iron rice bowl and a wife, then this business is really worth it.

Mullen was also happy for his brother.

Sheldon just gave a wry smile.

He couldn’t tell his brother Mullen, this was paying back favor for his father!

“But this young man, I don’t have so much money? By the way, brother, you smoke, so worry about my brother’s affairs!”

While talking, Mullen took out his cigarette and wanted to pass it to Lin Dong.

Lin Dong didn’t answer, but picked up his own and lighted it.

“O’ao, you don’t have so much money. You don’t have the money to open a second-hand car shop. Forget it, let’s go to the opposite one! Sheldon, did you see it? It’s not that you don’t sell it to your buddy. Money!”

Lin Dong directly shook his face to show Mullen and Sheldon.

“It doesn’t take a million, just give you this car, I can’t drive it!”

Sheldon smiled faintly.

“fu*k, Sheldon, are you sick?”

Jiang Ranran also looked at Sheldon in astonishment.

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