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Chapter 247

One Hundred Thousand Passbook
You know, this car is Sheldon’s greatest asset.

Now actually want to give it to his friend.

Sheldon, what are you acting like!

Jiang Ranran’s favor with Sheldon had changed, but now he couldn’t help but get a little angry.

It was as if this car was nothing but her own.

In fact, in certain emotional moments, Jiang Ranran really regarded Sheldon as his boyfriend.

But now…Oh, I don’t want to say it!

“Sheldon, how can this be done? This is your quasi-new car. How can you give it to me? So, I only have 700,000 in my hand. You bought these two cars for two million. I bought it at a price of 100,000, but I have to sell it, and I will give you the rest!”

“Then seven hundred thousand!”

Sheldon gave a wry smile. He knew that if he really gave Mullen like this, he would definitely not want it.

But how can Sheldon’s big G make up for that incident back then.

“Don’t worry about Mullen, I will explain some things to you later, only 700,000 dollar, let’s sign the contract!”

Sheldon patted Mullen on the shoulder.

As for Mullen, he didn’t say anything, because he thought, after he sold the money, he would just give the money to Sheldon.

It doesn’t matter whether the contract is not a contract.

In this way, under Jiang Ranran’s astonishment and Lin Dong’s secretly happy eyes, Sheldon signed the contract.

I sold the car.

According to the agreement, Sheldonlped to raise 500,000 dollar to Jiang Weidong.

There are only 200,000 left.

“Lin Dongran, my cousin sells a house, and they just opened today, and she is not off work now! Sheldon wants to buy a house, I call her and go to my cousin to buy it, but this is 200,000. Barely enough for a down payment!”

There was also Jiang Ranran from Lin Dong, and two female friends of Jiang Ranran, two little girls.

One of them said with a smile.


Jiang Ranran nodded lightly.

In this way, Sheldon will become a pauper. Apart from a house and mortgage, there is nothing else.

It is equivalent to all the auras are gone, that’s it.

As for Sheldon, he promised to give up the car and donate the money to Jiang Weidong, not for anything else, but to pay back his love for his father.

If it were his own words, he would even take care of someone like Jiang Weidong if he was sick.

But when I heard Jiang Ranran’s little girlfriend talk about the community that her cousin bought.

The location is pretty good.

As for Sheldon, he also planned to buy some houses in Ping’an County and arrange housing for some executives.

The original plan was to buy an entire building as a staff dorm, but now, I went to see the house first and booked a set, but there is no problem.

So, after saying goodbye to Mullen, I followed them.

It’s easy to buy a house.

I chose a set, finished the down payment, signed the contract and waited for the bank to approve the loan.

“Oh, cousin, and handsome Lin Dong, thank you so much. It’s so late now. Don’t leave. I will invite the four of you to have supper. Haha, cousin invites you today!”

The girl’s cousin happily said to the four of them, Lin Dong, Jiang Ranran.

As for Sheldon, he was also standing next to him holding a house purchase contract. It stands to reason that he was a customer and paid for it himself.

Even if you are a treat, you have to call yourself?

As a result, the salesman ignored himself directly?

Hehe, of course I ignored it. Take a look at Sheldon. It’s the kind of ignorant person that the salesperson can’t flatter him. After you sell the house to him, who knows you?

“That won’t work. I can’t let my sister you treat me today. Everyone think, what do you mean today? Sheldon bought a house. Of course, Sheldon has to invite Sheldon for our supper!”

Lin Dong laughed happily.

“Yes, Sheldon, we ran with you from 7 o’clock to almost 11 o’clock now, and we bought the house for you again, telling you, if you are not an acquaintance, you can’t get this price, dream and laugh! “

The girl despised.

“By the way, I will pay for what I have for supper tonight, and I will spend 10,000 dollar!”

Lin Dong smiled at this time.

“Ah? How come Sheldon invites you to pay for him Dongge?”

“You may not know that I owe Sheldon 10,000 dollar, so if I ask for him, this IOU will be avoided!”

Lin Dong thought to himself, don’t even want to get 10,000 dollar from Abron!

I’d rather entertain you instead of returning it to you.

“Okay, let’s go, I will get off work immediately!”

The salesman is also happy.

At this time, Jiang Ranran’s cell phone rang.

It was Jiang Weidong who came here.

“What’s the matter? Didn’t he ask him to raise at least 800,000 dollar, shall I place him a job? Why is it only half a million?”

“Dad, his car only sold for 700,000 dollar, and it was sold to a friend of him!”

“This idiot, for the 500,000 dollar, he will be awarded an award. As for work, I can only think of a way later, huh!”

Jiang Weidong spoke coldly and hung up the phone.

“Sheldon, my dad said…”

Jiang Ranran still looked at Sheldon a little embarrassed at this time and told him that he had to wait for work.

Sheldon smiled faintly: “I see, I don’t need to find a job for me. As for the supper, go eat, I won’t go, goodbye!”

After speaking, he threw Lin Dong’s IOU from his pocket, and Sheldon left directly.

Sheldon came out.

For some reason, after being ridiculed by them, Sheldon didn’t have the same anger as before.

After all, they, speaking of themselves, are not in the same world.

As for the Jiang family, he first contributed money to help the Jiang family come back to life, and then raised donations. It can be said that no matter how much the father owes him, he should pay back the favor.

Father’s debts are paid back, so both are cleared.

As for the future of the Jiang family, I don’t have to worry about it.

What are you going to eat with Jiang Ranran?

That night, Sheldon went back to the hotel to sleep.

It was only after seven o’clock the next morning.

My phone rang.

At first glance, it was Mullen calling.

“Sheldon, have you gotten up? Come to my shop if it’s okay. I’ll let your sister-in-law make breakfast. I have something to tell you. The car is sold. Come here first!”

Mullen said from the phone.

Last night, after Mullen learned that Sheldon might be in urgent need of money, he entrusted everything he could with his peers and network, and at least found a buyer for Sheldon as soon as possible.

Sheldon, of course missed Mullen. Actually, if Mullen didn’t call himself today, Sheldon had to go to Mullen.

Even before returning to Pingan County this time, Sheldon thought of him.

After washing and getting dressed, he went straight to Mullen’s second-hand car shop.

“Sheldon, really lucky, a buddy helped us contact the buyer last night, haha, I sold you 1.85 million, so, according to our agreement, I will replenish you with an additional 1.1 million. I made 50,000 dollar out of thin air! I’ve got you all!”

After arriving at the car dealership, Mullen dragged Sheldon to the room and locked the door, telling Sheldon mysteriously.

After that, I have to give it to Sheldon with the check.

Sheldon would definitely not want it.

Besides, it is unknown whether Mullen earned any money.

Just when the two pushed.

“Mullen, you open the door for me, damn, you tell me, where is my 100,000 dollar passbook?”

Su Ting, who ran out of the kitchen, slammed the door while shouting at Mullen.

Chapter 248

“What one hundred thousand dollar passbook?”

Sheldon was taken aback.

Immediately opening the door, Su Ting was very anxious.

“Don’t worry about it, this money is useful to me!”

Li smiled for it.

“What do you use? What are you holding? I’ll go, what are you doing with such a big check?”

Su Ting was immediately anxious.

“This is money for Sheldon! How can this be possible for 700,000 dollar to purchase 2 million quasi-new cars!”

Mullen said.

“Why is it impossible? What’s wrong with earning Sheldon money? You Mullen can’t cheat anyone, you can cheat him! Bring it to me!”

Su Ting snatched the check.

“Hmph, the car sold a total of 1.8 million, and I gave Sheldon 700,000, and we have to introduce another 100,000 hard work!”

Su Ting picked up the banknote and took a look, now that she could see the amount clearly.

“1.1 million? Mullen, what do you mean? I see, you used the 100,000 dollar to make up for Sheldon. Then we lost 100,000 dollar in this big business? You are crazy!”

After finishing talking, Su Ting picked up a wine bottle anxiously and smashed it directly at Mullen, but it didn’t hit anyone, and it hit Sheldon’s feet.

Mullen was also anxious, and the two wanted to fight.

Indeed, where the car was sold for 1.85 million, it was a matter of spending money to find it and sold it with zero profit, because Mullen looked upset at Sheldon last night, is it embarrassing to be short of money?

So I wanted to give Sheldon money as soon as possible.

Therefore, Mullenning is willing to help.

Also have to help Sheldon.

And Su Ting’s wine bottle was clearly shown to Sheldon.

“You give me the check, I said, give Sheldon 1.8 million, give it to me!”

“Why, I don’t give it, we owe Sheldon, and Mullen, when you were in junior high school, if you weren’t expelled from school because Sheldon stabbed someone, I could live with you like this. Academic performance is our age first!”

Su Ting cried and said.

“fu*k you, what are you talking about!”

Mullen blushed and cursed directly.

Sheldon stood in the middle and stopped.

Yes, Sheldon’s heart felt a pang when the incident was said.

I grew up with Mullen, and Mullen’s family is also poor. The so-called two people with the same disease are the easiest to become confidants.

The two are good buddies and study together.

As for Mullen, he is a kind of excellent academic performance, who likes to mix.

Fighting is common in grades.

He didn’t fight for Sheldon. Why did Sheldon say that his shadow is in high school and not junior high school?

Because Sheldon suffered less bullying in junior high school, this is because of Mullen.

And Sheldon had a girl friend when he was in junior high school.

At that time, it wasn’t a relationship. In short, the two often wrote letters or something.

Generally speaking, this girl was later spotted by a student who was quite good at it. Knowing that she had a good relationship with Sheldon, she took someone out of school to block Sheldon from trying to beat Sheldon.

Mullen went with Sheldon, and Sheldon was beaten that day and helped Sheldon fight together.

Panicking, Mullen stabbed the kid with a knife.

Simply did not kill anyone.

But Mullen was expelled from school because of that incident.

Sheldon was beaten several times since then.

As for that girl, she later became a good person.

Sheldon was afraid of girls in high school and college, and was shy when he saw them. In fact, it is also related to the shadow of this incident.

After that, Sheldon remembered Mullen’s kindness in his heart.

After Mullen was expelled, he just hung around outside and didn’t go home. In addition, after Sheldon went out to study, Mullen changed his mobile phone number several times, and Sheldon couldn’t get in touch sometimes!

It can be said that Mullen’s great future has been ruined, and he has a direct relationship with him!

This is why Su Ting doesn’t look pleasing to her eyes.

Su Ting is quite a nice girl. She has a big supermarket in the town and she has money, but she has never disliked Mullen. She talked to Mullen from the first day of the new year.

Sheldon’s impression of Su Ting is really good.

So no matter what Su Ting said about herself or how bad she was, Sheldon didn’t feel angry at all.

The main reason is that Mullen is also doing well, and Sheldon is even more happy!

After persuading the two.

Su Ting went to serve breakfast anyway.

While eating, Mullen also talked about various things in the past.

Sheldon told Mullen that this Mercedes-Benz G was actually given at the event.

But as for his identity, Sheldon was a bit tangled.

The main reason was that after telling Mullen, it was a little too sudden, afraid that this sincere brotherhood would disappear.

Of course, no matter what, when Sheldon came back this time, he would definitely help Li laugh desperately. There is no problem!

“Sheldon, let me take all the money. I feel uncomfortable. My daughter-in-law is stable. You haven’t settled yet. The girlfriend you talked about in Roston City will not follow you in the future. Marriage is two different things. With this money, you take the big head and I take the small head!”

Mullen still wanted to give Sheldon money.

But Sheldon said nothing, and said that Mullen would leave him immediately.

Mullencai did not entangle again.

“Hmph, it’s pretty much the same. With this money, Brother Xiao can be bigger! Sheldon will repay you!”

There was some joy on Su Ting’s face.

Then I saw that Mullen’s face was quite unhappy, and she persuaded Mullen to say, “By the way, Brother Xiao, a colleague who used to work with me, she called me a few days ago and said that one of her best friends is now I’m in a hurry to marry. I’m all the same age as us, so I’ll tell them to introduce them. Otherwise, I’ll talk to Sheldon and let them see each other. If the introduction is done, Sheldon will not be married. , So you can be considered a great help to Sheldon!”

Mullen slapped his thigh and laughed: “Okay, Sheldon, let’s go on a blind date. This is a rush to get married. As long as the relationship gets better, you can get married this year, unlike the girlfriend in the city you talked about. , Their vision is too high, the vision at home is even higher, it’s really unrealistic!”

Mullen said concerned.

Sheldon shook his head and said no.

“Why don’t you have a blind date? It’s always good to see you on a blind date. If you don’t say let you get married, you can talk about it if it suits you. If it doesn’t fit, you don’t talk about it. That way, it’s right! It’s just making friends!”

Mullen really considers herself.

It is precisely because of this that Sheldon is not good at rejecting his brother.

I can’t tell Mullen now, don’t worry, I’m the second generation super rich?

Then Sheldon will die!

He smiled and nodded: “Yes!”

Let’s meet as soon as you meet, as Mullen said, the big deal is to make friends.

“Haha, well, I’ll do it now, that girl’s home is in Ping’an County, let’s see how we arrange a meal at noon!”

Su Ting was also very happy.

After breakfast, Su Ting asked Sheldon to go back and change into nice clothes to prepare.

Sheldon also left.

Not long after leaving the house, Chapman called again…

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