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Chapter 25

Sheldon then added a luxury box with a price starting at 18800.

Those who can be in the luxurious box are naturally the most popular students in the class.

Dawson, Marcella, Steven, Tenner, Sheldon’s roommate and Kristine.

Other students can only go to 3888’s box in anguish.

“Sophie, since we have AA in this box, who will order?”

Sheldon asked with a smile at this time.

“Hehe, you still have no rules. What Chad said today is that he is a guest. Although he is AA, he has to order Lu Shao first. Why, you are afraid that Lu will have less and more orders, even if AA you can’t afford it?”

At this time, Marcella said contemptuously.

Of course, Chad had to order it first, or Marcella really suspected that Sheldon would order hot and sour potato shreds.

The plan to spend all his money would not work.

In fact, when I was in Steven’s car, I had already discussed with Dawson and the others.

Tonight, excluding the at least 60,000 to 80,000 to be paid by Sheldon outside the bread box.

It has to be rebuilt with an additional seventy to eighty thousand.

Sheldon has to consume 150,000 to 60,000 or more.

Therefore, Chad had already ordered him to add box AA.

He and Dawson’s financial resources joined forces to fight Sheldon.

It’s more than enough!

“Okay! Then you just order!” Sheldon smiled bitterly.

Vern on the side kept pulling Sheldon to remind him, but Sheldon shook his head at them and motioned to leave him alone.

“Then I’m welcome!”

Chad took the menu and started looking directly from the back.

Later, they are the signature dishes of the home kitchen, and the more expensive.

“Australian big lobster! Let’s get Australian abalone!”

While talking, Dawson and the others looked at Sheldon cheerfully, wanting to see his tangled appearance.

But Sheldon showed no fear on his face.

Although Chad was at the point, he was actually calculating in his heart.

After all, he only has 20,000 to 30,000 dollar, which is still pocket money accumulated for a few months, while Dawson only has more than 10,000 dollar, a total of 40,000 dollar.

In other words, today’s quota cannot exceed 80,000 at most.

Otherwise, Chad would be embarrassed.

Chad ordered a few hard dishes in the back reasonably.

After doing the math, it was almost thirty thousand, and the rest was found from the wine.

Right now, the menu was handed over to Sheldon coldly.

Today, he was bleeding, and he had to let Sheldon spend most of the money, otherwise he was really uncomfortable.

“Why? I just ordered the next signature dish? Only four, but 20,000 dollar!”

Sheldon laughed.

“What do you mean? If there is one, you can pick two more from these four pages of signature dishes? Our Chad doesn’t matter, I’m afraid you will not dare!”

When Marcella saw Sheldon mocking Chad, she was immediately dissatisfied.

The instructor Tenner next to her was swiping her phone and started to shake her head slightly.

This Sheldon is really stupid. He doesn’t know that the sky is high and the earth is thick. With your little money, do you want to compare with Chad?

“By the way, waiter, how many dishes are there in these four pages?”

Sheldon looked at the waiter and smiled: “Sir, there are a total of 20 dishes. They are all top dishes in our home kitchen. Only the luxurious boxes can be enjoyed. Generally, only rich persons will order four in one breath. The price is 10,000 dollar! Look, what other ordinary dishes do you order?”

“So this is ah!”

Sheldon closed the menu.

He said, “Well, let’s just bring up all the signature dishes on the next four pages! Twenty dishes, just so, let’s eat first!”


The waiter’s eyes widened, and the ordering machine in his hand fell to the floor.

Twenty dishes, this is just a hundred thousand.

I go!

I’ve never served food like this!

“Damn, Sheldon, you are sick, these 20 dishes, plus the box, are almost 120,000!”

Dawson was shocked.

Chad felt even more nervous. He had calculated just now and he had counted the money in his hand.

Originally wanted to play with Sheldon slowly and gradually.

I didn’t expect Sheldon to be so cruel!

Seeing that Chad’s face was abnormal, he did not speak.

Sheldon smiled and asked, “How about Lu Shao? Let’s order these dishes first, let’s order some drinks, why don’t you talk? You won’t be too expensive? Haha.”

“I’m going to be too expensive? Dream, just this little money, I’m afraid you will add the three tables downstairs, and your 200,000 will not be enough to pay! Then we will all be ashamed!”

Chad retorted.

I was actually ridiculed by a poor Sheldon, a poor Sheldon that everyone looks down on?

This is unbearable!

“That’s right, Sheldon, do you have any points? Chad is just talking to you in the luxurious AA box. Don’t forget that there are three tables downstairs. Although they don’t order these special dishes, they can add drinks to each table. It’s more than 20,000!”

“If you want to save face and suffer, just the two hundred thousand, come to the Business District, and come to the home kitchen!”

The girls who are close to Marcella are already a little worried.

“Don’t worry, of course I have a count. There is no problem with Yang Shao and me. Of course, this is fine. Okay, since Yang Shao said it’s fine, let’s order a drink!”

Sheldon turned his head and looked at the waiter: “By the way, how old is your wine here?”

“Longer vintage, there are 95 collections, this bottle of wine is more than 10,000 bottles! It is a luxury wine…”

Seeing that Sheldon is so generous, the waiter directly recommends the expensive one.

First, he wanted Sheldon to retreat.

Because these dishes are already too expensive.

Secondly, you don’t have to retreat, anyway, it’s your own commission.

More than 10,000 bottles?

It’s just that Dawson Steven and the others were already in a cold sweat when they heard this.

Even Tenner and Marcella were taken aback.

“Sheldon, I tell you, you’d better calculate the money in your pocket, don’t end up running out of money to pay!”

When the money was spent to this point, Marcella was a little scared.

I’m really afraid that Sheldon would have another two bottles of more than 10,000 red wine on impulse.

“Bring a box here!”

Unexpectedly, Sheldonyu was amazing.

There are six bottles in a box.

Wouldn’t it be more than 60,000?

I rely on!

Chapter 26

“I… I won’t stay here!”

Marcella knew what he meant when he looked at Chad.

What a shame!

Marcella hurriedly shook her head.

“My dear, you are for the sake of me being so good to you, you just wait for me here, I will pick up the money, and I will drive back to pick you up when I pick it up, and we will live directly outside!”

As Chad said, he also glanced at Sheldon.

This is also to remind Marcella.

They came today to make Sheldon embarrassed, but don’t mess up the order.


Marcella calmed down when she thought of Sheldon.

Her new boyfriend, Marcella, is definitely a hundred times stronger than Sheldon, ten thousand times stronger!

I must not be ashamed in front of Sheldon.

“Okay, I stay! Anyway, I know you are rich!”

Marcella deliberately spoke very loudly.

When Chad saw that Marcella agreed to stay, he hurriedly withdrew.

As for the group of Marcella’s friends, Marcella originally wanted others to stay with her.

But Tenner said that it was not good for so many people not to return to the dorm, so he took the rest of them away.

Sheldon was the last to leave.

To be honest, Sheldon felt distressed when he saw Marcella doing this!


Chad threw Marcella into the restaurant by himself in the middle of the night, and Sheldon’s heart ached.

The two talked for three years, and it is false to say that they have no feelings.

Although Sheldon has always been disappointed with Marcella, even hate it.

I have been persuading myself that Marcella is a green tea bitch.

But when Marcella was really like this, Sheldon didn’t feel happy.

If Marcella could beg him at this time, Sheldon might agree with him.

But Marcella always looked at Sheldon coldly with her shoulders.

That means, wait, Chad will pick her up in a while.


Sheldon sighed. In this case, he doesn’t have to be cheap!

Perhaps what I feel distressed is that Marcella who used to be sensible and well-behaved, especially thoughtful and sticky, is not the current vain Marcella.

Sheldon turned and left without a taste.

Back to the dorm, I don’t know why. On a very happy day today, I sighed against Chad severely in front of my classmates.

But he was not happy at all.

Vern came over to pat Sheldon’s shoulder at this time: “Sheldon, are you okay with this pattern today? There are too many! Our brothers can’t stop you! Alas, you said you have 200,000 dollar. , It’s great to finish studying well!”

Sheldon smiled and said, “Ah? I didn’t say that I won 200,000 dollar…”


The brothers came together, all surprised.

“Hey, there are more of me than this, and this meal tonight seems to have cost hundreds of thousands, but in fact I didn’t spend much…”

Sheldon explained to this brother.

“Then how many did you get, Sheldon?”

“Yeah, don’t sell it, hurry up and talk to a few brothers…”

Vern and the others were all lying on Sheldon’s bed, and they looked like you didn’t even want to sleep.

Sheldon was helpless, but stretched out his palm to them.

“Five? Five hundred thousand?”

Vern was shocked.

“Go to bed, tomorrow Saturday, go to the library to study if you go to bed early and get up early!”

Sheldon hit a haha, covered his head and fell asleep.

“Five million or five million?”

Vern was very anxious.

After blasting Sheldon through the quilt, he was willing to give up.

In fact, it doesn’t matter if Sheldon has won half a million or five million, he only needs to have money.

Vern thought so in their hearts.

While Sheldon was in the quilt, although he wanted to sleep, he couldn’t sleep.

Still guilty of a mischievous memory with Marcella.

I don’t know if she came out.

Sheldon had investigated Chad before, and his dad also opened a factory, giving Chad five or six thousand spending every month, and Chad had at most three or four thousand savings in his hands.

The money is definitely not enough.

Moreover, according to his morals, he was enough to pick up Marcella.

Sheldon thought Marcella would call herself.

But when it was twelve o’clock, it did not wait.

Haha, what kind of a bad thing I am committing here.

They love Chad, but not my own D silk…

Sheldon thought helplessly.

The next day is Saturday.

The roommates did not get up.

Sheldon received a call early in the morning. It was not from Marcella, but from Chapman!

Sheldon got up and went to the bathroom to answer.

“Young Master Sheldon, early!”

Chapman said respectfully.

“Mr. Chapman, you happened to call, I still want to call you today…” Sheldon smiled.

“Young Master Sheldon, what is the matter, please give orders!”

Sheldon talked about the consumption in the kitchen at home yesterday.

“Ah! That’s it, Master Sheldon, you don’t consume 60,000 to 70,000 dollar. The high-end red wine of 60,000 dollar is produced by the Cooper Family in its own industry abroad. When combined, it only costs 1,000 dollar. Capital! Haha…”

Chapman smiled. To be honest, Sheldon spent money like this, although it only spent more than 100,000 dollar, the data is pitiful.

But this is also just progress towards the task that Mr. Sheldon ordered to himself, isn’t it?

“Sheldon, do you mean, let me return your hundreds of thousands of dollars? It’s all about you…”

Chapman listened and said again.

“Ahem, forget it, all the money, go to the hotel account.”

Sheldon had really planned to come back.

But listening to Chapman’s tone, these hundreds of thousands are just like farts, and they don’t care at all.

If he asks for it again, the price will drop.

Simply recharge to the account, anyway, the money my sister gave me comes from these industries.

“By the way, President Chapman, you called me today. Is there anything wrong?”

Sheldon asked.

“There is a small matter, Sheldon. I learned that your poverty-stricken years is over. The bosses of the major shops in Roston Business District put a special banquet for you. Zhen Guo thought that today is Saturday, but I don’t know. Do you have time?”

Chapman asked softly.

Today Sheldon originally planned to go out for a tour.


But when I think about it, since I specially put a banquet for the reception, I am not so cold to everyone.

And Sheldon really wanted to get in touch with more people, or he would be like a silly boy.

It should be right now.

And the location, in order to express the grandeur, did not choose the Business District of my own home, but Roston City, an exceptional hotel.

Brilliant restaurant!

After talking to Vern and the others, Sheldon went downstairs, turning around first, and then going over.

When passing by the girls’ dorm, Sheldon looked up and happened to see someone walking out of the girls’ dorm.

It is Marcella.

“Huh? Why did she go back to the dorm?”

Originally, Sheldon thought that Marcella followed Chad to rescue her and opened the room.

Sheldon is not happy because of this.

And Marcella also saw Sheldon:

“Hehe, Sheldon, do you want to go out part-time this weekend? Did you run out of money last night?”

“I’m telling you, you can never compare with Yang Shao, you know, Yang Shao came back less than an hour last night, originally we planned to go out to live, if it wasn’t for my aunt, hum… “

Marcella looked at Sheldon triumphantly, and said this to intentionally stimulate Sheldon.

I, Marcella, is the goddess you will never get by Sheldon!


Sheldon gave a wry smile, thinking that he was really guilty.

At this time, a white white horse three series roared past the campus.

After the car window fell, Chad looked at Marcella with a smile, and of course he also saw Sheldon.

“Hehe, Sheldon, I know you waited to see my joke last night, but disappointed you. Do you really think I have no money?”

Chad grinned grimly.

Then he took out a diamond ring from his pocket:

“Marcella, I ordered this for you. Do you like it?”

“Wow! Diamond ring, it’s more than 10,000 dollar, Yang Shao is rich, and it is not comparable to those who just win the lottery!”

“Hmph, of course there is money, Marcella, I will take you to a good place today, let’s go with high spending! But some people will have to become poor in the future! Get in the car!”

Marcella was already very excited and hurriedly got in the car.

Chad glanced at Sheldon contemptuously, and then drove out of the campus.

On the way, Marcella had a look of excitement: “Yangyang, tell me how you raised so much money last night? And you became so rich! Your dad gave it to you?”

Chad chuckled, playing with his mobile phone while driving.

At the same time, delete a piece of software on the phone without a trace: “Just leave it alone, in any case, just remember that Sheldon is just a shit in my eyes!”

“Wow! Happiness is dead!”

But he said that Sheldon was ridiculed by the two early in the morning, and he didn’t have any interest in going out.

I just wondered, why did Chad have so much money overnight?

Ha ha……

Sheldon laughed at himself, what did he want to do…

He went directly to the library to read books.

When it was almost noon, I took a taxi to the brilliant restaurant.

This is definitely a six-star restaurant in Roston City. Of course, it is not comparable to Roston Business District, but the absolute grade is not bad.

Because of reading and traffic jams on the road, when Sheldon went there, he was already a few minutes late from the agreed time.

It was a little hurried to go now.


“Ah! You are sick!”

When entering that kind of turnstile, Sheldon gently pushed the turnstile. Unexpectedly, a girl behind him happened to hit!

She cursed at Sheldon and attracted many people in the hall to watch…

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