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Chapter 23


The classmates were all startled.

Standing on the podium, Dawson, who was about to taunt Sheldon, had an incredible look on his face.

Why is Sheldon so rich?

Tenner also opened her red lips slightly, and felt a little shortness of breath.

Even Marcella in the audience looked shocked.

The money would cost hundreds of thousands, right?

“Sheldon…Where did you get the money?”

Tenner calmly asked slightly.

“Yes, Sheldon, this has to be 200,000, right?”

The ungirl student below couldn’t help but ask.

“Well, it’s two hundred thousand. As for where it came from, it’s because… I won the lottery!”

Sheldon said.

He can’t tell his sister about the limit of his bank card. It is estimated that others will treat him as a fool.

Sheldon would definitely not do things like showing off his wealth, except under circumstances like the present one.

“You won the lottery!?”

But Sheldon’s words caused quite a stir in the class.

Dawson and Gerard on the stage are like fools.

I wanted to come up and ridicule Sheldon, but they just threw out two hundred thousand and let them count.

The face was cracked.

Standing on the stage, I am embarrassed to go down.

Marcella asked nervously, “Sheldon, how many have you gotten?”

She was breathing fast.

For fear that Sheldon has hit several million in one breath, then Marcella wants to jump off the building.

Do not! Absolutely not!

How can someone who has been dumped by himself have such good luck!

Do not! ! !

Sheldon smiled indifferently: “Not much, not much!”

“How much is not much? Two hundred thousand?”

Tenner looked at Sheldon with a strange expression.

“Even so…”

Sheldon said.

? ? ?

What is it called?

Many people in the class became anxious about how much money Sheldon had won.

Because most of the classmates, including Tenner, have never considered Sheldon.

He is a poor Sheldon and deserves to be mocked and ridiculed.

But now that he has won the lottery, many people’s self-esteem has begun to become unbearable.

More jealous!

“Five thousand dollars, it should be easy to count, right?”

Sheldon coldly glanced at Dawson who was dumbfounded.

He took out five thousand dollar and threw it in front of Tenner.

Then he turned around and said to a group of classmates: “Which one of you can borrow my schoolbag!”

Now that he has revealed his riches, Sheldon also doesn’t want to be as useless as before, and simply wants to be like Dawson and others, who have money to talk and act hard.

Sheldon borrowed his schoolbag to carry money!

“Sheldon, mine is for you!”

“Sheldon, use mine, my schoolbag happens to be useless!”


For a time, many students greeted Sheldon’s name and wanted to give Sheldon their schoolbags.

Sheldon borrowed one last.

Packed the remaining 190,000 dollar into a school bag.

“What’s the matter? You won 200,000 dollar? As for, you have to use cash to come out. It’s a nouveau riche, a turtle!”

Dawson said viciously to Gerard.

Marcella looked at Sheldon very uncomfortably and wanted to have a word with Sheldon, but he was embarrassed.

Oh, tangled to death.

If they break up a few days later, Marcella is sure that Sheldon will spend the two hundred thousand on himself.

“Sheldon, you are so lucky, and you are very popular, your classmates still lend you schoolbags or something. Now that you have money, shouldn’t you invite your classmates to have a meal?”

On the podium, Tenner said sourly at this time.

“Yes, Sheldon, you won 200,000 dollar, so you can’t treat you to dinner!”

“I don’t know if Sheldonxie is reluctant, but we are all three-year classmates, can we not take up any light?”

Some girls also followed suit.

Sheldon thought to himself, since he said he won the lottery, if he doesn’t let go of any blood, it might make people uncomfortable.

In fact, what Sheldon thought just now was to invite his roommates and Kristine to have a good meal.

But now…

Sheldon simply said, “It’s all right. I will treat you tonight. If you want to go, please go!”

The meaning of Sheldon’s words is that if you feel good with you, you can do it yourself.


Many people in the class began to cheer.

With a wry smile, Sheldon returned to his seat with the money on his back.

The class this morning is more interesting.

There are a lot more people around Sheldon.

I want to ask how much money Sheldon got.

But they were all prevaricated by Sheldon, just not saying.

Anxious for some people!

“Brother Dong, what are we going to do tonight, shall we go? This kid is deliberately hanging us out!”

Gerard said bitterly.

The person you have been bullying, the despised person, is suddenly better than you, and no one feels comfortable.

Gerard is like this.

“Hehe, go! Of course you have to go, and not only go, tonight, you have to make this kid bleed…”

Staring at Sheldon, Dawson smiled and stroked his chin.

Gerard instantly understood: “High, it is really high!”

Until noon.

Sheldon is going to book a hotel.

The so-called fertile water does not flow to outsiders’ fields.

Sheldonding Hotel, of course, had to find one in his Roston Business District.

For those who are too high-end, Sheldon is afraid that others will call him 13, and even 200,000 consumption is not enough. Although the consumption is also in his own pocket in disguise, it is too bleak.

Therefore, Sheldon went to Roston Business District and found a restaurant called “Homeland Kitchen” that was more common than Taste Point.

As soon as he entered, Sheldon saw that a few acquaintances were also in the hall.

“Manager Zhao, today’s consumption is not bad, everyone is one thousand eight hundred and eight hundred standards, when we come again next time, you have to give a discount…”

“Hehe, no problem, Shao Wang, come again next time, it will definitely be discounted!”

“Chad is really getting more and more face!”

“Nonsense, who is Yang Ge? He drives an Audi A6, or he uses his hands. The restaurant is also a five-star high-end restaurant like Home Kitchen, hum, if you marry Wang Shao, who will have the face? !”

“Nimra, if we can come today, it’s all because Chad sees your face…”

Sheldon saw that these people were naturally Nimra, the chairman of the student union, Storen, the vice chairman, and a few friends of Nimra.

Looking at Storen in admiration.

“Hello sir!”

Sheldon didn’t want to meet them, especially Nimra, whose mouth was like a cannon.

I thought it would be so coincidental, I wanted to turn around and change another house.

As a result, the waiter was very eye-catching and immediately bowed to Sheldon, his voice was quite loud.

Storen and the others were immediately attracted.

When he looked sideways, his eyes lit up.


Nimra shouted suspiciously. Then he asked contemptuously: “What are you doing in the home kitchen?”

In her eyes, Sheldon was a person who worked hard every day for money, and even if he didn’t think of ways to make money today, eating tomorrow would be a problem.

Where can you come to such a high-end venue?

“Maybe it’s a part-time job!”

“I’ll go, there are still classes in our department in the afternoon. Is he coming to work part-time?”

“Hehe, I guess he ran out secretly, maybe he knew that his bursary was hopeless, so he wanted to come and work quickly to earn money? Or he would have to be expelled!”

Four or five girls, obviously all aware of Sheldon, smiled contemptuously at the moment.

Nimra looked even more cold, and asked in a questioning tone: “Sheldon, you dare to skip class and take part-time jobs. Believe it or not, I will tell the department and give you a penalty. Even if you make money, you don’t have enough credits to graduate. ?”

Storen sneered.

This Sheldon relied on his good academic performance. When he met himself at ordinary times, he didn’t even call out the vice chairman. Storen wanted to see how you guys got stuck in the department.

“I’m not here to work part-time, I’m here to book a box!”

Listening to Nimra and the others lashing out one by one, Sheldon was also a little angry.

He said indifferently, he didn’t want to leave yet.

I came directly to the cash register.

“Huh? Just you, book a box?”

Nimra and the others were stunned, the contempt on their faces became more intense…

Chapter 24

“Sheldon, it’s you? Do you want to come here to book a box? God, do you know how much it costs?”

Nimra looked at Sheldon coldly, like an idiot.

It is inevitable that this guy is crazy, and he wants to eat in the home kitchen.

“This beauty, you know?”

The lobby manager asked Nimra with a smile.

To be honest, just looking at Sheldon’s clothes, he really doesn’t seem to be able to afford to eat here.

The standard here is from eight hundred and eighty-eight to eighteen thousand.

The most expensive standard of 188,000 here refers to the price of a private room, excluding drinks and food.

Because when I came to the home kitchen in Roston Business District, what I ate is taste and quality!

Eight hundred and eighty-eight people can only get a seat in the hall.

Different floors have different treatment prices.

However, even the minimum standard is choking Sheldon can accept.

However, the lobby manager is not too snobbish, but since they all know each other, he asked curiously.

“Of course I know, this person is the famously poor Sheldon of our Roston University, so poor that he can’t even pay for meals and tuition!”

“Yeah, you still want to eat in the home kitchen?”

The two beauties behind him are also Tao.

Storen smiled bitterly on the side and shook his head and said, “Nimra, don’t say that. What if Sheldon is running errands for Dawson and the others, come here to book a box for them?”


At this time, the lobby manager smiled and looked at Sheldon: “Mr., do you book a box for yourself or a friend? There is no other meaning, I just want to make sure. Besides, how many standards do you want to order?”

Sheldon saw this female manager as the more polite in the eyes of many snobs.

Right now he nodded and said, “I ordered it myself. I am going to have a treat here tonight. I need to book three banquets!”

“I’m going, you decide by yourself? Still have a treat? Haha…”

Nimra hugged her shoulders.

Although they had already settled the bill, they had no intention of leaving, so they wanted to see how Sheldon ordered the banquet.

Sheldon was too lazy to talk nonsense with them.

Sheldon had just heard that Nimra set the 1888 standard.

But Sheldon looked at this standard menu and basically couldn’t eat anything.

If you want to eat something delicious, the quality of the private room must also be improved.

At the moment he said: “I’ll order 3888, and find me three nice boxes!”

“Mister, you need to pay at least 10,000 dollar as a deposit!”

The lobby manager smiled slightly.

On the side, Nimra and others were startled.

This poor Sheldonth standard is actually higher than Storen’s, and it is still three tables!

Did you order this high standard and only eat hot and sour potato shreds?

Crazy, this man is absolutely crazy!

Is he rich?

What a cow.

Sheldon didn’t even look at it, and took 10,000 dollar from his schoolbag and placed it in front of the female manager.

Nimra was startled: “Okay you, come out to eat if you have money, I tell you, don’t want to apply for your bursary! Don’t want to pay the tuition!”

“Thank you, if the tuition fee, I have already paid it!”

Sheldon was speechless to this girl.

This girl is so beautiful, but it’s too snobbery, too poor and loves the rich.

But the girl named Lilla that I met in the conference room that day was a nice person.

That girl gave Sheldon the impression that she was very beautiful and very quiet.

One glance at the kind that can make Sheldon’s heart palpitations.

Unfortunately, she did not come today.

Nimra’s eyes widened and widened: “What did you say? You have already paid the tuition? Now you have 10,000 dollar. Doesn’t it mean that you have at least tens of thousands of dollars? What’s the matter with you?”

“Oh, I won the lottery!”

Sheldon was helpless, if she didn’t say anything, this woman could nag him to death, so she could just carry the lie to the end.

“Have you won the lottery? How many have you won!”

Nimra hurriedly asked.

Sheldon’s performance now is too different, first of all he is generous.

The location of the three boxes alone is 10,000 dollar.

This does not include drinks.

What is the hotel selling? Isn’t it just drinks?

In this way, three tables will cost around 60,000.

In other words, Sheldon won absolutely 100,000 dollar, no! At least two hundred thousand or more, he can be so arrogant!

“Uh, not much, not much, just those!”

Sheldon made a haha, turned around with his bag on his back and left.

Why do you tell this Nimra so much! Mainly I don’t want to have intersection with her.

“Huh! Didn’t you just win the lottery? What’s so great? Compared to the real rich second-generation people, you are a shit!”

Seeing Sheldon’s arrogant appearance, she ignored herself, not to mention how uncomfortable Nimra was.

“Hehe, Nimra, what’s your anger with this kind of person! When I turned back in the department, I told Dawson to let him take care of this kid!”

Storen said coldly.

“That’s right, isn’t it just tens of thousands of dollars? What’s so arrogant, who is rare!”

Those female friends of Nimra also contemptuously.

But Nimra made up her mind, she must check this matter out, how much money did this damn Sheldon get!


However, Sheldon had already taken a taxi back to school.

In the afternoon class, Sheldon was very happy, because the look of others’ contempt for himself has disappeared.

To say yes, that is also the jealousy of a small number of people.

“Sheldon, where do you book the hotel? Isn’t it an ordinary small restaurant?”

When school was over, Dawson and Gerard walked over and asked without a smile.

Many students in the class also looked at Sheldon curiously.

Sheldon laughed and said, “Why, the first time I invited my classmates to dinner, it has to be justified. I have set the restaurant in my home kitchen!”

“What what? Home kitchen?”

Dawson was stunned.

Even the classmates cast shocked glances at Sheldon.

“Sheldon, is the home kitchen in Roston Business District?”

Marcella walked directly to Sheldon and asked coldly.

Home kitchen, that is a five-star hotel, usually a table, how can it not cost 20,000 dollar, which does not include drinks.

Sheldon won a total of only 200,000. If this is really invited to classmates, it is estimated that it will be half.

Although he broke up with Sheldon, Sheldon spent the 100,000 dollar in Marcella’s heart, really distressed.

Not feeling sorry for Sheldon, but feeling sorry for one hundred thousand dollar. It was like the 360,000 dollar that Sheldon bought, which made her feel uncomfortable.

In her eyes, these money will have to be spent on her Marcella sooner or later!

“Yes, that’s it!”

Sheldon smiled.

“Damn, you fu*king lunatic!”

Marcella roared angrily, like looking at a silly 13.

“Hehe, Sheldon is generous. By the way, Sheldon, when we go, can we bring our boyfriend and girlfriend?”

Although Dawson was respectful on the surface, he couldn’t hide the contempt in his heart.

Vern stood up and said to Dawson at this time: “Damn, even if it is Sheldon’s invitation, are you embarrassed to go?”

“Vern, today is Sheldon’s treat. He won the money. We are also happy for him. How can we not go!”

Dawson smiled.

Sheldon said helplessly, “Okay, you can go there if you want, you can take your girlfriend with you!”

How could Sheldon fail to see what Dawson thought, but since he said please, everything doesn’t matter.


The boys and girls in the class were excited.

And Marcella looked at Sheldon, who was indifferent and didn’t care about the money at all, and couldn’t help feeling very uncomfortable. She wanted to frame the money.

But Sheldon is even more hateful!

it is good!

You please! Today I called Chad to eat and drink delicious.

One night, eat you like a pauper! ! !

At that time, I don’t need to be upset that you won the 200,000 lottery ticket!

Marcella thought so in her heart.

Did Dawson mean that?

After the discussion, someone naturally went to inform Chad. Even the guide Tenner is there.

But she drove Dawson with them by herself.

Sheldon and Vern also got on a Didi car and came to the garden kitchen.

“I’m going, it is really a garden kitchen!”

Dawson was really surprised.

However, this is exactly what he had in mind.

“Mr. Sheldon, I think you have so many people here, I’m afraid the original three boxes are not enough! At least one more box!”

The female manager in the lobby hurried forward and said.

“Okay, let’s add one more!” Sheldon this time, after becoming the rich second generation, really squandered.

“Wait, Sheldon, if we really want to add another one, our instructor is here, why should we add a luxurious box?”

Dawson looked at Sheldon and smiled at this time.

“Yes, the instructor is our elder, how can we be in the same class box as our students!”

Dawson and the others immediately started booing.

And Tenner, holding her shoulders, wanted to see what Sheldon said.

Vern, who was on the side, could have had an attack on Dawson and the others if it were not for the instructor.

And just before Sheldon hadn’t nodded his head.

Chad, who sneered and watched, stood up and laughed: “You have to add one. The instructor is here, Sheldon. If you are reluctant to spend money, I think the two of us should just be in the luxury box AA! Then you won’t pay it back. Reluctant?”

Chad sneered.

As an outside worker, to be honest, he really couldn’t do it with the shame of Dawson.

For the luxurious box, AA, he is sure to let Sheldon spend more to order food, and then he will have this excuse.

Mainly to have face!

Sure enough, at this moment Tenner looked at Chad with a look of appreciation.

Even Marcella felt that she had face.

That’s it, D silk upstart, no matter how you say it, it’s just D silk.

Look at our family’s Chad’s life, this is the real rich second generation!

“AA? If that’s the case, then I’m fine!”

Sheldon just smiled faintly. Since Chad intends to do it, just do it. Anyway, this is his own shop…

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