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Chapter 27


Sheldon hurriedly apologized.

He raised his eyes and glanced at the girl, and was immediately shocked by the girl’s beautiful appearance.

She was wearing that short dress with long hair and shawl, and she was tall, especially looking about the same size as herself.

Definitely one of the few beauties Sheldon has ever seen.

“I’m sorry? I’m sorry, it’s over? You D wire!”

The girl cursed violently.

At this moment, he gently rubbed his front part.

Just now, Sheldon hit her mouth directly, and at this moment, there was a fiery pain.

It was obvious that she had hit it herself, but seeing Sheldon wearing a full-on clothes that made her feel bored.

“If I’m not in a hurry, I must teach you to death!”

The girl shouted.

He pushed Sheldon abruptly in the past: “Get out of here! Stinky D wire!”

After cursing, walk towards the elevator.

Sheldon did not expect such a beautiful girl to be so violent.

He couldn’t help but smile.

But he also happened to be going to be an elevator, and walked inside.

“What are you doing in here?”

Unexpectedly, after entering, the girl immediately looked at Sheldon with a hostile attitude.

It means that you, like a D-wire existence, dare to ride the elevator with this girl, which is a drop in price.

“Oh, I have something to go upstairs!”

Sheldon replied without saying anything.

The girl turned her head aside.

Sheldon glanced at it, pretending to look aside as if nothing had happened, and then secretly glanced at the girl without paying attention.

It’s really exciting!

Who made you, crazy girl, hit the door for no reason, and yelled at yourself.

It is reasonable to eat your own tofu and ask for some interest, right?

Sheldon tilted his head and wanted to look again.

At this time, she found that the girl’s feet were already facing her, and she had already turned around.

Right now, he was staring at Sheldon with disgust and hatred.

“You you you… You poor D silk is so wretched in such a high-end place? Do you dare to peek at me?”

The girl angrily said.

Forget about this person’s D wire, still so wretched and disgusting.

It just made her crazy!

“Who is peeking at you, am I peeking at you if I lower my head?”

Sheldon retorted with a guilty conscience.


The girl raised her hand and pulled a mouth on Sheldon’s face: “Smelly hooligan, don’t go! You wait for me!”

After speaking, he directly pressed the elevator and walked out angrily.

“Damn! This girl is so pretty and has such a grumpy temper!”

Sheldon covered his face. If it weren’t for a girl, Sheldon would really fight back!


But it’s not a loss to think about it, after all, I was really a bit wretched just now!

It seems that after Marcella, it is necessary to find a girlfriend!

Thinking of this, Sheldon had already taken the elevator to the VIP box on the 7th floor that Chapman told him.

This is a large lobby-style box.

Suitable for party kicks, and various large gatherings.

When I came in, there were a lot of people inside.

Quite lively, there are men and women, old and young.

About a hundred people.

The waiters shuttle back and forth, and the drinks and drinks are all self-service.

If Sheldon didn’t guess wrong, these people should be the bosses of the shops in Roston Business District.

Sheldon glanced around, but did not find Chapman.

I took out my cell phone and tried to make a call to him, only to find out that my cell phone had long been dead.


Sheldon kept playing with his mobile phone last night and forgot to charge it!

Forget it! When Chapman comes, just say hello to him directly.

Seeing what was hung in the lobby to welcome Sheldon to guide his work, and to pick up the wind for Sheldon, Sheldon smiled helplessly and found a corner to sit down.

I want to eat drinks and fruits first.

The waiter was busy and didn’t notice Sheldon’s figure, but Sheldon, who was eating and drinking, was noticed by a group of rich second-generation young ladies in Roston Business District.

“Look at that guy. It’s been a while since I was sitting there eating and drinking. Who of you knows him? Are you from Roston Business District?

“I haven’t seen it anyway!”

Several girls frowned and shook their heads.

“Someone from Roston Business District, don’t you see his dress, it’s a D silk, I rely on it! Did you sneak in and steal food?”

“Stealing? No way? Is there such a shameless person now?”

“Why not, I think this person is, look at him, he is shabby, and he chose to sit in the corner!”

“It makes sense!”

Several wealthy sons and daughters discussed Sheldon contemptuously.

“Today, Sheldon, the boss of our Business District, Sheldon came, if he was embarrassed at the scene by someone like him.

What does Sheldonhui think of our parents’ ability to do things?

You can also get this kind of people in! “

“Go, let’s ask him, if necessary, ask the security to throw him out!”

A young man with extraordinary temperament dressed in white sneered.

“Look, Danna is here!”

At this moment, a girl pointed to the doorway and exclaimed.

“Danna, here!”

The girl waved to Danna.

Seeing Danna entering the arena, the eyes of several brothers brightened instantly.

Danna wore a short dress and long hair shawl.

The beautiful face is definitely the goddess of the beauties present.

Especially Danna moved her long legs, and even some old guys couldn’t help but glance greedily.

Not to mention the few brothers, their eyes are straight.

“Danna! Why did you come here? Didn’t you say you were good together?”

“Hey, Danna, why is your face unsightly?”

The young man in white asked one after another, full of concern.

“Huh, don’t mention it. Just now, when I was downstairs, I ran into a wretched D-Siman. I went, first touched one of my parts, and then peeped at me in the elevator again. I went to the bathroom to tidy up my clothes. Up!”

Danna exhaled. His face turned pale.

She speaks quite generously.

And the reason why she hurried up the stairs just now was because she really didn’t want to stay with that wretched man.

Another reason is that her underwear, because the door frame slammed, seemed to be shifted. She went to the bathroom and took off the heavy ones.


“Damn, there is such a thing!”

When the white-clothed boy, the other brothers and daughters heard this, they were suddenly furious.

How could she find death to the goddess Danna like this!

They didn’t even touch Danna’s hand.

“Wait Danna, let’s get rid of a stealer first, and then go to the restaurant to monitor and find that person!”

The white-clothed man glanced at Sheldon who was eating fruit salad.

“Yes, get rid of this stealer first!”

All the beauties echoed…

Chapter 28

“Steal it?”

Danna was also startled, and then looked in the direction of the white man’s finger.

With a direct look, Danna’s eyes widened!

“It’s him!”

“Who is it? Danna, do you know this stealer?”

“Hmph, he is the wretched man I was talking about!”

Danna said angrily and walked directly towards Sheldon.

The rich, young and wealthy all followed.

But he said that Sheldon was having fun eating here, and was thinking about how to greet these bosses in Roston Business District later.

After all, Sheldon had never experienced such a big scene.

At this moment, it suddenly went dark.

I saw a group of people standing in front of me.

Looking up, the leader turned out to be the beautiful but violent beauty that I encountered in the hall.

“It really is you!”

“why you?”

Sheldon exclaimed.

“You, you…you are not only nasty, but you dare to sneak in here to steal food. I think you don’t want to stand out today!”

Danna yelled, “Sisters, this is the person who spied on me in the elevator!”

“Humph! Teach him!”

After speaking, I saw five or six beauties with extraordinary temperament, under the leadership of Danna.

Pounced directly at Sheldon, scratching, scratching, pinching and tearing!

The rich and young people on the side are much more calm, after all, so many elders are there.

If Sheldon dared to fight back, it would not be too late for them to fight again!

“What are you doing? Don’t think I won’t fight…”

Sheldon’s hair was messed up, his clothes were torn, and his face was pinched purple and red.

Just about to get angry.

Danna directly slapped it again.

“Let you peek at me, let you peek at me! I will kill you!”

Crazy women, a bunch of crazy women!

Sheldon his head and was beaten on the ground by them.


At this time, a middle-aged man stood up and stopped directly.

In fact, many people present have already surrounded this side.

This middle-aged man wears glasses and is gentle, but his temperament is extremely extraordinary.

One of his voices was even more like that of Hongzhong, causing the furious Danna and the others to stop directly.

“Dad! Leave it alone, let me kill this wretched man, you know, when he was downstairs just now, he actually peeped at me! Now he sneaks in to eat again!”

Danna stomped angrily.

And looking at Danna, Mable had nothing to do.

Mable knew that her daughter Danna had a bad temper, but she had a very strong sense of justice. The most uncomfortable were some blind streamers.

Remember last year, when Danna saw a female classmate who was bullied by a rich and young girl, Danna directly abolished that person’s life.

Therefore, when Mable saw that his daughter was beating again, he hurried over to dissuade him.

“What the hell is going on? Little brother, who are you?”

Mable frowned slightly and looked at Sheldon with the tousled hair.

He is indeed not from Roston Business District.

He Mable knew almost all these nephews in the entire Business District.


Sheldon was about to reveal his identity.

But Danna had already raised his leg and kicked it towards Sheldon’s crotch.

Sheldon hurriedly stopped.

Damn, if it weren’t for Sheldon, he would be weaned off now!

Crazy woman!

See how to clean up you in the future!

Sheldon secretly hated.

Danna still wants to do it reluctantly.

at this time.

Under the leadership of Chapman, a team pushed in.

“Mr. Lee!”

“Mr. Lee!”

Everyone in the lobby looks respectful.

This group of rich elder brothers also stood aside respectfully.

Danna just gave up.

“What’s the matter? What are so many people doing?”

Chapman’s aura was extremely strong, and at this time he glanced at Danna and the others.

“Fortunately, Sheldon hasn’t come yet, otherwise, what will happen to seeing you guys like this dude!”

Chapman directly started training with a group of young boys in white clothes.

The boy in white was very wronged and didn’t do it himself!

But it can only be affected.

Mable changed the subject at this time: “Mr. Chapman, didn’t you say that Sheldon is about to arrive?”

Chapman said coldly, “But I can’t get in touch with Sheldon now, his phone has been turned off!”

“Will Sheldon stop coming?”

Only then did all the people look sad.

This is their best opportunity to meet Sheldon.

Sure enough, it’s not as simple as I thought, Sheldon is not of their grade, and he can invite him if he can.

It seems to know what these people are thinking.

Chapman said: “Don’t worry, Sheldon is not what everyone thinks. He is very peaceful with people. Since he said, he will definitely come!”

After speaking, he turned his head to look at a young man, “Feihong, if you think about a solution, you must find and contact Sheldon as soon as possible!”

Fredrick came naturally, and nodded respectfully at the moment.

“Uncle Chapman, we have a rally today. Someone got into our rally. What should I do?”

Danna looked at Chapman coquettishly at this time.

“Oh? What do you want to do with my niece?”

Chapman smiled and looked at Danna.

Danna is beautiful and generous, and lively and pleasant, mainly because of a sense of justice, so Chapman has always been very good to Danna.

“Hmph, I suggest, hand it to Fredrick, take it to Fredrick’s martial arts gym, and beat him up!”

Fredrick couldn’t help but smile.

Chapman glanced at Sheldon on the side, seeing that he had been beaten by a group of girls beyond recognition.

With a wry smile, “Okay Feihong, just listen to Danna… Go find Sheldon first!”

“That… President Chapman, don’t look for it! I’m here!”

Sheldon only intervened at this time.


When Chapman heard this sound, his whole body shook wildly.

Then he looked at Sheldon with his tousled hair.

The eyes are almost wide.

The crowd looked at each other.

Unknown so.

“Hmph, you nasty guy, you’re still stiff-mouthed here, who do you think you are?”

Danna contemptuously said.

“Hehe, I can really act, I’m still pretending to be!”

The beauties are also very angry.

And Chapman, who had come back to his senses, had turned a deaf ear to the words of a few beauties, and even said that he was a little confused.

Cleaned Sheldon today, but was beaten?

I walked to Sheldon and shouted respectfully:

“Sheldon! I’m sorry!”

Bend directly at ninety degrees.


The whole audience rioted.

Danna and the rich and young daughters were also confused.

This person… is really the boss behind the Roston Business District, well-known in State, the backer behind Chapman in Roston City… Sheldon?

Mable was already pale: “Roston Jinxing Mable, I have seen Sheldon!”

Bend directly one hundred and eight degrees.

When it was over, the daughter directly beat Sheldon like this!

“I have seen Sheldon!”

The rest of the rich bowed.

Only Danna and the others remained straight and did not recover.

At this time, Sheldon looked at Danna with a playful look:

“Miss sister, what do you think about this matter?”

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