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Chapter 255

Mysterious Sheldon
Jin Biao’s respectful attitude towards Sheldon surprised everyone.

Especially Jiang Xueqing, the look in Sheldon’s eyes changed.

I used to think that Sheldon’s personal connections were average, but now I didn’t expect that Sheldon really knew all kinds of people!

Moreover, such a powerful character as Jin Biao, when he heard that someone was about to beat Sheldon, he actually tried to teach him, and he didn’t say anything about it.

“It’s a coincidence today, besides Xiaojin, if you don’t come, I have to be beaten!”

Sheldon gave a bitter smile.

Now, he can see Yang Wenlong’s incident. Maybe Li Wenyang is doing a ghost. Sheldon said why he saw the two of them just laughing constantly!

“You laughed!”

Jin Biao bowed.

The meal was embarrassing, Sheldon was full anyway.

As for Lin Xiaofeng, seeing Li Wenyang being beaten like this, he didn’t even think about eating.

Checked out early.

“Master Jin, you know Sheldon, and you are so familiar, and you are so skilled. I am the deputy director of the ** bank. If your group can use our bank for some of the capital flow, please take care of it! “

Lin Xiaofeng didn’t forget to make friends.

As for Jin Biao, he does have the ability to make the money of some of the small subordinate companies flow with the ** bank.

But right now, he looked at Sheldon and asked Sheldon what he meant.

Sheldon nodded without a trace.

Today, if Lin Xiaofeng didn’t invite herself to dinner, maybe her business would have been negotiated. Now, it’s because her own situation has been disrupted. It’s nothing for Sheldon to help.

He agreed.

And at this time, the people who listened to Yang Wenlong in the box started fighting again.

But this time obviously a group of people besieged Li Wenyang.

I wanted to use Li Wenyang’s hand to make friends with Jin Biao, but as a result, he was offended to death.

How can Yang Wenlong not hate it!

The anger of a group of people spread towards Li Wenyang.

Sheldon only sneered when he heard Li Wenyang’s scream, and he was straight in his heart, still beating lightly!

Jiang Xueqing kept looking at Sheldon with complicated eyes.

Seeing that Sheldon was only talking to Xu Xin, as if she hadn’t seen herself, she didn’t pay much attention to herself, and felt a little uncomfortable in her heart.

This is the end of the meal.

Just as Jin Biao was driving the car, he asked Jin Biao to send himself back to the hotel.

“Xu Xin, no wonder your grandpa said that this young man’s identity is not simple. I really saw it today!”

Lin Xiaofeng only realized that when he had dinner last night, Xu Xin’s grandfather always said that this child is not easy. He didn’t think much about it at the beginning, but now he understands.

“Yeah, I didn’t expect Sheldon to be so good and know so many people, huh? Mom, when you said that, I remembered one thing, it was the last time I was in KTV, I am now Seems to understand a little bit!”

Xu Xin patted her forehead and said.

As for Jiang Xueqing, she wanted to wait for the fight inside to save others, but she didn’t dare to go in and stand alone, afraid that Yang Wenlong and the others would retaliate.

So when he came down, Jiang Xueqing followed Sheldon.

Now, Sheldon left without talking to himself.

So Jiang Xueqing deliberately got close to Lin Xiaofeng.

Right now, I heard Xu Xin’s words clearly.

“What’s KTV?” Jiang Xueqing asked nervously before Lin Xiaofeng asked.

“O’ao, last time, we went to KTV to play, and then a friend provokes people, and finally clashed with Liu Li from Liu’s Mining in Ping’an County. At that time, Lin Dong, such a capable person, was frightened. After all, Liu Li was offended, and Liu Li also asked us girls to stay and drink with her!”

“Ah? Xiaoxin, there’s this thing, you kid, why didn’t you tell me!” Lin Xiaofeng only knew that Sheldon invited her daughter to a big meal, apparently just knowing that there was a big conflict that day.

“I’m not afraid that you are worried. Well, listen to me. At that time, I and Ranran were almost crying. After all, Lin Dong and the others ran away early, so guess what happened?”

“How’s it going?” Lin Xiaofeng was also afraid.

“At the end of the crisis, it was Sheldon who carried the whole thing down, and Liu Licai let us all away, otherwise I really can’t imagine what will happen that night!”

Xu Xin said while she thought, maybe from that moment, she had an inexplicable affection for Sheldon in her heart.

“Then what happened to Sheldon? You leave him with Liu Li. Will Liu Li’s kind of dude give Sheldon lightly?”

This time the question is Jiang Xueqing.

“Yeah, it’s weird here. Then I was really worried about Sheldon, so I asked everyone to return together. When I went back, the KTV was surrounded by dozens of Maybachs, and the KTV, including Liu Li, and Those friends on the road that Liu Li invited were all smashed by the black men! We thought that the two were fighting each other!”

“I was also anxious about Sheldon, but it turned out that Sheldon was next to the KTV. He was fine, and he ordered a very expensive French meal for dinner! So Sheldon invited me to have a big meal! But I asked what happened in the KTV. What’s the matter, Sheldon did not say clearly, I feel he is hiding something from me! Now I seem to understand a little bit!”


Lin Xiaofeng took a deep breath: “Then, the group of people who smashed Liu Li may have been called by Sheldon, or else he would not be able to fight against the situation knowing that he was defeated, let alone a KTV fight. At that time, he sat next to calmly eating a big meal!”


Xu Xin nodded fiercely.

Jiang Xueqing was also full of shock. She hurriedly said, “No wonder, when our classmates were reunited, one of my classmates named Li Chao once said that Sheldon and Liu Li had a very good relationship. Seeing Sheldon kicking Liu Li’s ass, Liu Li actually smiled and didn’t say a word! Then in this connection, Sheldon hit him first, and then he was so polite to Sheldon?”

After listening to Jiang Xueqing’s detailed explanation.

Lin Xiaofeng and the others feel that Sheldon’s identity is even more mysterious.

“I see! Maybe Xiaoxin, you’re lucky, Sheldon is probably the Young Master Sheldon from Roston!”

Lin Xiaofeng said directly.


But these words made Jiang Xueqing’s whole body shake, and then she couldn’t hold her bag and fell to the ground.

It’s as if someone had smashed his heart.

“Mom! Isn’t this impossible?” Xu Xin was also in disbelief, her breathing almost stopped.

“Puff, haha, I am teasing you, but this kid Sheldon is definitely extraordinary. Now, that Jin Ye has given him face and overfulfilled my order, and he treated you Xiaoxin so well. Let me tell you, you have to get closer to Sheldon in the future. It is very likely that you are one of his few good friends in Pingan County. After all, the Jiang family despise him, and his classmates also despise him. , Only you are good to him, so seize the chance!”

Lin Xiaofeng said happily.

Jiang Xueqing was ashamed of those words.

If nothing else, who is Sheldon’s best friend in Pingan County? That must be oneself!

When I first met some time ago, Sheldon was so affectionate to him, how cold he is to him like he is now!

Jiang Xueqing instantly felt as if she had lost something…

After noon.

Lin Xiaofeng went back to the bank to work, and she was very full of energy.

“Haha, Deputy Chief Lin, what is so happy? Is it possible that you met a noble person and completed your order?”

Seeing Lin Xiaofeng’s happy face, Tang Lan who was receiving the water couldn’t help but asked sourly.

Chapter 256

“Deputy Chief Tang, so are you. Deputy Chief Lin is finally happy, so please stop hitting her. With such a big target, even the president may not be able to complete it, let alone Deputy Chief Lin!”

A woman who was close to Tang Lan sneered at this moment.

Tang Lan proudly said, “Yes, I said Deputy Chief Lin can’t have such a great skill!”

Lin Xiaofeng just smiled without talking.

And this time.



I saw a middle-aged man jogging all the way into the office, sweating profusely.

All the employees stood up and shouted.

“President Zhu, what’s the matter? Look at what makes you hot!”

Because of her husband’s reasons, Tang Lan can be regarded as having an interview with the president.

Unexpectedly, President Zhu, who has always been polite to her, didn’t even look at her at this moment, and it seemed that he didn’t hear her talk.

He went straight to Lin Xiaofeng.

“Xiao Lin, you have done a great job for our bank this time. I don’t know how to thank you!”

President Zhu was obviously very excited.

“President Zhu, what’s the matter?” Lin Xiaofeng thought of something, but still asked.

“Haha, Roston Commercial Group used to be, no, now it is Dreamer Commercial Group. I dreamed of getting their cooperation, but as a result, my level of cooperation was simply not possible, even a small company directly under their control. Can’t pull it!”

“As a result, you won the cooperation orders of more than 30 subsidiaries under their family, and more than 60 companies they financed. This data is still growing. I…I don’t know what to do. All right?”

The excitement of President Zhu can be imagined.

And don’t say President Zhu is now, Lin Xiaofeng is also frightened at this moment.

She thought that Sheldon’s face was only from one or two companies, but there were more than 30 directly affiliated companies, and more than 60 financing?


This time, I’m afraid it’s not as simple as being a director, right?

“Haha, I’m here today to tell you that tomorrow we will officially sign a contract with them, so you have to go with me, but your identity as the deputy office is too inappropriate. I have already reported. After that, from now on, I will propose you to be the reserve vice president. It happens that Liu will retire next month and you will make up for it! As for the position of the director, I will be vacated next month, so let’s take a part-time job on both sides. Right!”

President Zhu then said, “Okay, you can write an application. I will approve the application of the vice president and the director in a while!”

“I…I know President Zhu, thank you for your trust!” Lin Xiaofeng almost cried with excitement.

After President Zhu left, even Lin Xiaofeng didn’t know what he should do.


At this moment, Tang Lan’s cup fell to the ground and shattered.

She was dumb.

“How is it possible? How is this possible?”

She muttered in disbelief.

Think about it, a doomed competitor of yours, you have all advantages over her.

As a result, after fighting for a long time, people didn’t say that they were promoted, they directly soared, and instantly they are not at the same level as you. What is your feeling in your heart!

“Congratulations to Chief Lin… No, congratulations to President Chapmann!”

Everyone in the office applauded loudly.

As for Lin Xiaofeng, she smiled triumphantly at Tang Lan’s expression.

Then I found a number and dialed it as soon as possible:

“Sheldon, thank you very much for this. Your Jin Ye friend’s face is so great! I am now a vice president, Sheldon, when you have time, I will ask you Xu Xin again Eat a meal! You must come, Sheldon!”

Lin Xiaofeng said so loudly that someone should hear it.

“Good Aunt Lin!”

Sheldon nodded over the phone.

After saying a few words, Lin Xiaofeng hung up the phone.

“You…who did you call? Who did you say helped you?”

Tang Lan asked palely.

“Sheldon, you are more familiar than me. Do you know who Sheldon is? It was the guy we discussed yesterday who took 600,000 cash in one go. He is now a good friend of my daughter. He treats my daughter. All right!”

Everyone in the office is familiar with it, so Lin Xiaofeng speaks without hesitation.

“Wow! This is Chenglong fast son-in-law!”

Everyone envied.

“You…you are talking nonsense, how can Sheldon have such great ability? You are talking nonsense!”

Tang Lan roared.

These words were like sharp thorns stuck in her heart.

“Haha, just treat it as nonsense, well, I can do it!”

Lin Xiaofeng smiled happily.

But Tang Lan, a mouthful of stuffiness stuck in her heart.

She was also forty years old. She saw that fame and fortune were all earned by competitors, and Sheldon, who was regarded as a bereaved dog, gave it to her.

Remorse, annoyance and jealousy add up, and I start to cry!

Let’s talk about Sheldon.

At this moment Sheldon was already in the hotel and received a call.

It was from Chapman.

“Young Master Sheldon, I have two things to tell you!”

Chapman National Road.

“Mr. Chapman, say it!”

“The first thing is about the progress of your jade pendant. The old man Xu has already researched some eyebrows. I have also found several masters from various places to help him make the final confirmation. I believe it will be enough within a few days. The result is obtained. It is only a prediction at present that the source of jade pendant material will come from the southwest!”

Chapman National Road.

“Southwest… OK, then wait for the final result. What about the second thing?”

Sheldon was very pleased when he heard that things had an eye on them.

“The second thing is to ask if you are free tonight. Haha, our investment in Ping’an County and the large-scale development in Roston City are very important to the leaders. I will come to inspect this afternoon. A reception was held. If you can come, it also seems that we also respect the leadership!”

“O’ao, who are the people here? I have time!”

Sheldon asked.

“Director Huang Weimin, as well as the chief and deputy chief of Roston City, as well as the major police in Ping An County, all come!

“That’s fine, I’ll go there early that night!”

Sheldon said.

It’s almost four o’clock now.

It is also ready to go ahead.

It was also at this time that Sheldon remembered that he had an appointment with Mullen to have dinner in the evening.

I can’t go, so I have to call him.

But no one answered Mullen’s call.

What’s the situation?

Sheldon gave Su Ting another one.

After playing twice this time, Su Ting connected.

But after answering, Sheldon felt something was wrong.

Because Mullen was noisy and noisy, as if someone was scolding.

Mullen’s scolding and shouting occasionally came.

When Su Ting spoke, she was also anxious.


“Su Ting, what’s the matter? Is there anything going on there?”

Su Ting paused and said, “It’s Mullen. Someone came and smashed our store. Mullen was going to fight with them. Now these people are still in the store!”

“Huh?” Sheldon jumped up from the sofa.

“Wait, I’ll pass right away!”

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