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Chapter 257

When Sheldon arrived, as expected, there were many cars parked outside Mullen’s second-hand car shop, and a group of people was jamming up here.

As for smashing the shop, he smashed Mullen’s glass door.

From a distance, Sheldon saw two familiar figures.

Isn’t it the mother and daughter who went on blind date with me?

As soon as he saw this, Sheldon knew what was going on!

No wonder Su Ting kept not letting herself come on the phone.

Feelings are revenge.

“Damn, it’s him, this bastard wants to run after hitting someone!”

The shrew also saw Sheldon at a glance, and immediately said to the people behind him.

Looking at these few people, they all seem to be mixed.

The arms are all painted with dragons, which is not easy to mess with.

They are probably all twenty-six or seven-year-olds.

They still have sticks in their hands.

As for Mullen, holding two kitchen knives in his hand, although the other party was crowded, Mullen didn’t persuade at all.

People over there, seeing Mullen as a desperate thing, didn’t dare to move first.

In short, the two sides confronted each other, and no one dared to be the first to do it.

“This bastard beat our mothers! Beat him to death!”

The shrew scolded.

“I see who dares to move my brother!”

Mullen shook the kitchen knife and shouted, people over there really didn’t dare to move.

Among the group of people, the headed one, five big and three thick, wearing sunglasses, carrying a small black bag, raised the bag in his hand, and the brothers behind him all took a step back.

“I said Mullen, we have known each other for a year or two. They are all used cars. I also know your temper. Haha, if it’s someone else, I’ll forget about it, but this time it was My cousin, this is my cousin, this is not justified! I have to say something!”

The man tilted his neck and said with eyebrows and eyes.

“Yang Guoquan, this bitch is your shit cousin, I never heard of you having a cousin!”

Mullen sneered.

Sheldon could also see from the side that this girl is the kind of fu*king girl, I don’t know how many men!

“Hehe, you don’t have to worry about that. If you do, Mullen, before, although you and I have a business holiday, but there are a few big brothers who speak for you, I can’t say anything, but today, this is the matter. , You and Yang Guoquan have forged a bridge. Let’s ride a donkey and read the songbook, and wait and see! Brothers, go!”

Yang Guoquan waved his hand and left with a group of people.

“Brother Guoquan, just let them go like this!?”

The girl is not convinced.

“Go, I have a way!”

Yang Guoquan sneered.

The group withdrew.

Sheldon looked at the glass of Mullen’s store that was smashed, and felt self-blame in his heart.

Speaking of it, the misfortune was caused by himself.

As a result, the brothers paid the bill!

“Mullen, Su Ting, I’m sorry!”

Sheldon said.

“What are you telling me about this? Don’t blame you! I have been fighting with Yang Guoquan for a day or two. If I don’t make this excuse today, I will find that excuse tomorrow!”

Mullen threw the kitchen knife.

Take a cigarette from the side.

Su Ting went to clean the broken glass.

Listening to Mullen’s words, Sheldon also understood the whole story.

Originally, Mullen went to the supermarket with Su Ting and came back, and bought a bag of meat dishes to cook for the evening.

As soon as they came back, they saw Yang Guoquan and the mother and daughter at the door.

The mother and daughter obviously called someone to avenge Sheldon, but Sheldon was not found.

When I asked Mullen, Mullen didn’t say anything.

In addition, Mullen’s temper was aggressive, scolding the mother and daughter shamelessly!

So I started, and several people smashed the store during the fight.

Then Mullen ran to the back and touched two kitchen knives.

That’s why Sheldon called Mullen, but Mullen didn’t answer, because he didn’t want Sheldon to blend in.

“Who is Yang Guoquan?”

Sheldon asked.

Don’t say that the brothers thundered himself, even if it wasn’t, Sheldon would have to clean up Yang Guoquan.

“He, he is a big gangster who also deals in second-hand cars. Last month, because of a business deal, he said that Mullen broke the rules and robbed him of his guests. So he wanted to find something. Some big brothers in this area told Mullen. Good words, it’s the end. He is relying on his brother-in-law. His brother-in-law is said to be a city sex, very awesome!”

Su Ting said while cleaning.

“O’ao, I know!”

Sheldon nodded.

“Wait to say it tonight, and let Zhao Zixing handle it in secret.

But there is still the most important thing to tell Mullen at the moment.

“By the way, Mullen, now the Dreamer Group has come to Pingan County, why don’t you take this opportunity to become a large-scale trading car dealership! I will help you!”

Sheldon said.

Sheldon must pay the money for free.

After all, Mullen’s relationship with himself is different from others.

“Oh, how can people like us? How can we invest?” Su Ting pouted.

Li laughed: “Brother, you may not know. Let alone invest in them. An individual like us doesn’t even have the qualifications for others. Let’s even tell you this. Even if you are originally in Ping An County, you will steadily make products. Those companies that want to get dreamers’ investments are difficult, so you don’t know much about these!

“Ah? Why don’t companies that steadily make products get investment?”

Sheldon really didn’t know this.

“Ahem, if you want to get the Dreamer’s investment, you have to fawn on some of their employees, and these are not counted. After fawning on the market inspection staff, you have to fawn on the supervisor!

You have to fawn up layer by layer, and finally do it.

However, some small enterprises, which make good products themselves, have already suppressed their profits very low.

Then there is money to honor the grandfathers of this level.

Only those who are rich and powerful in our Ping An County, they will get financing.

So you understand… Anyway, our Ping An County is not as simple as you think! Too complicated! “

Mullen finished smoking a cigarette and threw it to death on the ground.

And Sheldon finally understood.

Why can Li Wenyang and his father, such a dude, get financing?

This is the reason.

In order to invest, I wanted to support these fine small businesses.

As a result, things backfired.

It seems that there is a serious problem inside the company.

The main problem is the quality of newly recruited supervisors and executives.

I’m afraid Chapman has ignored this point.

Some things can be seen from Jin Biao!

Sheldon already had an idea in his mind.

But I still persuade Mullen to submit a copy of the information.

Because of this information, Sheldon will directly approve it after taking it away.

At this moment, two or three *cars stopped directly at the door.

Then walked down a group of people wearing * clothes.

“What are you?” Su Ting asked in surprise.

“Huh, we received the alarm saying that there was a fight here, isn’t it you? Your name is Mullen?” The leader looked at Mullen and snorted coldly.

“I am, but it is not only me who is fighting, but also Yang Guoquan!” Li smiled.

“Stop talking nonsense, bring all three of them back to me for investigation!”

Chapter 258

This group of people broke into the shop directly.

However, what surprised Sheldon and the others was that although these people were wearing uniforms, they did not feel like them at all.

Sure enough, taking advantage of Mullen’s stunned effort, a group of people directly rushed up and held Mullen first, followed by Sheldon and Su Ting, who were also controlled.

Then a knife was put on everyone’s waist.

Sheldon looked at the warning signs on their uniforms again, and they were all the same, only to see that this group of people came here to bluff people pretending to be police.

“Take them in the car and snatch their phones. Be fast!”

The leader said sharply.

Mullen saw that they had also kidnapped Su Ting. He didn’t dare to mess around at the moment. He just cursed, “fu*k, you guys are too courageous!”

“Get out of here, you’ll see you later!” The man in the lead gave Li a smile.

In the end, Mullen, Su Ting, and Sheldon were directly blindfolded by them, taken to an unfinished building, locked up, and took away their mobile phones!

And they were not detained by others. Mullen said that they couldn’t be wrong, but Yang Guoquan’s cousin Mullengang did a ghost.

His cousin Mullengang was engaged in demolition and relocation, and this kind of similar things did not happen too much. In the past two years, someone offended Mullengang and was dragged away from home in this way.

As a result, the man was dragged into the wild and beaten violently for three days and three nights.

Of course, because of the incident of posing as a **, Mullengang went in and squatted for a while.

Therefore, Mullen immediately thought of Yang Guoquan and Mullengang.

This incident is obvious, it is Yang Guoquan’s revenge. Because Yang Guoquan knows that if you come directly, Mullen is not afraid, and has already started!

The current situation is like this. After being locked in, no one asked, so they put three people in a small private room.

“fu*k, wait for me to go out and kill this crap!”

Mullen scolded bitterly, but at this moment, he was tied up with his hands and feet, unable to move.

Sheldon just advised him not to be too impulsive.

Now Sheldon can’t help it. After all, the mobile phone has been taken away, otherwise he would call Chapman.

“It’s getting darker and darker. It’s six o’clock. What should we do?” Su Ting said nervously.

Those who followed Mullen to the north and south over the years have also been blocked in this way, so Su Ting’s mood will not collapse too much.

They are at best beating people and threatening them!

Come at six?

Sheldon thought, I guess Chapman has to find himself in a hurry. If he can’t make a call, he will definitely send someone to contact him as soon as possible.

“Mullen Su Ting, wait a minute, I believe that in less than an hour, we should be able to go out!”

Cooper Family.

“One hour? How could it be Sheldon, I guess we need to be rectified, it’s still behind!” Li smiled.

Sheldon was silent.

Outside at the moment.

“Come on, Brother Gang, take one!”

Yang Guoquan respectfully handed a cigarette to his cousin Mullengang.

“I told you before that this kid has been targeting your brother for a day or two. This time I have to educate him! Otherwise, he has no memory! In addition, the location of his store is really good, mine. The shop is going to be demolished, just so, give this kid 10,000 to 20,000, and let him sell the shop to me directly!”

“Don’t worry, it’s all right!”

A middle-aged fat man, that is, Mullengang said.

“Brother Gang, are you okay with this? Don’t cause big trouble!”

The mother and daughter who dated Sheldon are also there.

At this moment, I was a little worried.

“There is a shit, I know the details of Mullen and his wife. I don’t have any background. As for the kid named Sheldon, he was forced to come out by a few people! Don’t say that this time I just taught them and killed them. No one cares!”

Yang Guoquan grinned and said.

“But this Mullen is really stunned. If he weren’t pretending to be **, he wouldn’t be so honest! Otherwise, I won’t bother my brother, I will take care of him myself!”

“Okay, don’t talk about anything else, let Li Aliciat the shop, and I have to pay me half of the dividend!”

Mullengang was smoking a cigarette.

“Brother Gang, a kid always calls on his cell phone?”

At this time, a subordinate came over.

He also held Sheldon’s mobile phone.

By now, no fewer than fifty have been called.

“Oh my god, I can’t tell, this kid’s mobile phone is not bad. This mobile phone costs ten to twenty thousand, right?”

The two mother and daughter were naturally there, and the shrew stared at Sheldon’s phone with envy.

“Hmm, over 20,000 of this phone, he actually uses it so well!”

The girls were also a little surprised.

I wonder if that person is a rich second generation?

Ha ha!

How is it possible?

At most, it is a second-hand who pretends to be forced. The less money some people have, the better they use their mobile phones, and the clothes they wear are all brand-name. For fear that others will know that he has no money, they love to show off.

“Daughter, if it’s really ten or twenty thousand, or else you can change your phone with him, this fight, my mother and I can’t be for nothing!”

Said the shrew.

“What are you talking about? I will not pay you less for the soup and medicine!” Mullengang said coldly at this time.

What do you want to change to this good phone!

If you want to change it, keep it for yourself.

“Brother Gang, what should I do with this call? To answer or not to answer? It seems that there is a rush!”

Asked at this moment.

“Take a fart, just turn it off and throw it away!”

Mullengang cursed.

Looking at his domineering cousin, Yang Guoquan flattered: “Brother Gang, you are getting better and better!!”

“Of course, I’ll tell you the power of the country. What is the most important thing in today’s society, the most important thing is the network resources, and nothing can stand your cousin. I know so many people! Your brother and I have talkers everywhere, this is Network haha!”

Mullengang chatted with Yang Guoquan and the others without a word.

“Old Li, how is it? Still can’t get through?”

At the moment, many high-level VIPs have arrived, but the protagonist has not come, and he still can’t directly contact him, making everyone anxious.

“I just opened up and no one answered, but now I’m hanging up, I will call it and shut it down!”

Chapman frowned.

“Nothing will happen, right?” Zhao Zixing also became vigilant.

“According to normal principles, if something is inconvenient, Sheldon will directly hang up my phone. However, after making so many calls just now, neither hung up my phone nor answered it. We made all the calls together. There are dozens of them, and even if something goes wrong, Sheldon will give us a reaction!”

“Yeah, besides, if the phone is not by Sheldon’s side, how could someone hang up and shut it down just now?”

Zhao Zixing and Chapman became sensitive at the same time.

At this time, Zhao Zixing’s subordinates, White Wolf, walked in with a group of people.

Coming to the two of them: “Mr. Zhao Li, I just went to Sheldon’s hotel, and the hotel manager said Sheldon was out in the afternoon!”

“go out?”

Zhao Zixing glanced at Chapman.

Afterwards, it was just as many VIPs at the banquet that all surrounded Chapman and Zhao Zixing.

“Mr. Zhao Li, did something happen? Sheldon didn’t come?”

Huang Weimin asked.

The scene is divided into several large boxes, there are internal and external venues, the scene is particularly large.

Naturally, there is no need to say what level of VIPs in the conference hall.

So after hearing this, everyone came to ask.

“Yeah, Sheldon can’t be reached, we are trying to contact Sheldon!”

“Mr. Chapman, I found it!”

At this time, Jin Biao ran over breathlessly.

Fu Er spoke beside Chapman.


Chapman opened his eyes.

The whole venue fell silent in an instant.

“Huang Ju, Chief Zhang, and Chief Li, just now, we, Sheldon, were kidnapped by a group of fake police!”

Chapman National Road.

“No way?”

Li* was surprised.

“Jin Biao, the eyewitness you brought, let her in!”

Chapman said.

Then Jin Biao sent someone to lead a woman in.

So from the time when Mullendian was smashed, until Sheldon and the others were taken away, Yang Guoquan and the relationship between Yang Guoquan and Mullengang were all explained.

Naturally, when Jin Biao was investigating, he gave the woman a lot of money to make her dare to tell the truth.

After all, Yang Guoquan and Mullengang are not bothersome.

At the moment, several distinguished guests are dull.

Finally, the leader patted the table directly.

“Send someone to rush over at once, let me see who dares to be so bold?”

“Yes Yes Yes!”

Everyone responded.

A group of people hurried out from the venue.

The people on the outfield were all talking to each other at this moment, and they were all stunned to see such a big scene.

“This… what happened?”

A middle-aged man pulled a small driver and asked.

“I’m not too clear about Chief Jiang. It is said that Sheldon at the venue tonight was blocked and taken away!”

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