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Chapter 259:

Jiang Weidong Is Implicated

“Liu Xiao, how is it? My brother has taken a fancy to your store, let’s talk about it, this time, you provoke my brother’s cousin first, so, in order to save a bit of hardship, just sign the word?”

Mullengang walked in with Yang Guoquan.

He patted Mullen’s face and said.

“Bah, fu*k you, some kind of let me go, let’s go single!”

Mullenhong said with eyes.


When Mullengang raised his head, a mouth was drawn on Mullen’s face.

I’m about to greet the younger brother to gang fight Mullen.

The shrew was walking toward Sheldon coldly, she wanted to beat Sheldon.

But at this moment.

“Brother Gang, Brother Guoquan, it’s not good, something big happened!”

A little brother rushed up, because of panic, he fell down within two steps.

“what’s up?”

Mullengang shouted.

“Outside… there are a lot of armed police and a lot of luxury cars outside, surrounding the whole unfinished building!”

Little brother said.

This time there was an uproar. Mullengang pretended to be a policeman and dragged away Mullen and Sheldon. He thought that Mullen and Sheldon had no background.

Give a severe lesson, dispel Mullen’s arrogance, and then squeeze Mullen away from the used car market. It’s that simple.

Unexpectedly, this is where the gods are.

A large number of armed police have arrived.

Before, Mullengang was arrested because of this incident, but this time, it was obviously much worse than last time.

“Do you see clearly? How could this be?”

Mullengang was also unexpected.

At the moment, I rushed to the window to take a look. As expected, the crowded black area below was all people.

The car lights outside shined, and the night turned into day.

“My God, few people know this unfinished building, how did they find it here?”

Yang Guoquan’s face also turned pale.

“It’s over, it’s over, it’s over, I can’t wash it after jumping into the Yellow River!”

And the mother and daughter were also terrified.

At this moment, he swallowed his saliva and said, “Brother Gang, Brother Guoquan, what can we do about this?”

“I don’t know what to do!”

Mullengang’s heart shook wildly.

And also at this time.

There was a bang outside.

“Don’t move, don’t move all!”

A large group of armed police swarmed in.

At the same time, Yang Guoquan and Mullengang at the window were blinded by the bright light.

When Sheldon and the others were rescued, Mullengang and the others were suppressed.

The people outside are already waiting.

“Young Master Sheldon! You are shocked, we just found out!”

Zhao Zixing, Chapman and some VIPs all walked up.

“I’m fine!”

Sheldon said something.

But I didn’t expect that this Mullengang was so bold and made a false alarm.

Mullengang and Yang Guoquan, who were being held on the side, were all dumbfounded.

These people in front of me are all big people who can only be seen on TV. They call this person Sheldon?

Is he Roston Sheldon?

The two were in cold sweat.

This time it was really punching in the toilet, looking for death!

The mother and daughter were even more shocked.

“Sheldon, this…what the hell is going on?”

Mullen looked at the group of big men asking Sheldon’s warmth, and he was also puzzled.

“When we go back, I will explain to you!”

Sheldon thought this was the case, so it’s better to tell Mullen straight, my own brothers are blessed and have the same difficulties, and there is no need to continue to conceal their identity from Mullen.

This is also because of this episode. Obviously, there is no way to attend tonight’s banquet.

Sheldon and Li laughed and went to make a statement.

But according to what Li *chang said, I am afraid that this matter will need to be investigated carefully. This time, Yang Guoquan and Mullengang will have to be locked up for ten or twenty years even if they do not die.

“This incident can be said to have had a terrible impact on our Ping’an County, and it even directly affected the future direction of Ping’an County. Mullengang, a demolitionist, is really ambitious! Severe punishment, must be severely punished!”

In the office, Li* grew up and furious.

Threw a pile of documents directly on the ground.

All the people under his hands were shocked.

“Li*chang, this Mullengang is a desperado. He has done things like this before and even squatted in. It’s really hard to change, but this time, it’s enough to convict him of kidnapping!”

“Well, is there a backer for him? Or is there anyone who walks very close to him?”

Li*chang asked.

“This is really not there. It’s just that the one who is close is like Jiang from the America Merchants Office. I have eaten with him several times!”

“Jiang Weidong?”

Li* frowned.

“Yes, but Jiang Weidong is very clean. The cleanliness is okay. It may be the reason for his work. It is inevitable to deal with these people!”

Some subordinates asked.

“Huh, that’s not okay. Anyway, this person knew Jiang Weidong and cooperated with their America Merchants Office. Now that Mullengang caused such a catastrophe, Jiang Weidong has an unshirkable responsibility. To do this will remove Jiang Weidong. This department! Where is there a vacancy?”

Li*chang said angrily.

“The only thing left is that the propaganda department lacks a sub-division for writing materials, but Jiang Weidong…”

“Hmph, let him be a clerk. Didn’t it all say that Jiang Weidong’s articles are well written, so that would allow him to use his strengths!”

After speaking, Li *chang left with his hands behind his back!

Let’s talk about Sheldon’s side.

This matter was dealt with all night.

When he came out early the next morning, Sheldon simply followed Mullen to his second-hand car dealership.

Mullen and Su Ting both wondered about the identity of Sheldon now.

After asking, Sheldon talked about it.

“Sheldon, really? Are you Sheldon from Roston?”

Mullen said in surprise.

Su Ting was also frightened.

“Yep, it is!”

“That Dreamer Group also belongs to you?”

Mullen was surprised and happy.


Sheldon smiled and said, “So, I’m not just talking about letting you do a large-scale car trade business. Later, someone will come to help you with the handover procedures!”

“Really?” Su Ting opened her eyes wide.

“of course it’s true!”

Last night, Sheldon told Chapman about this matter. It is naturally not difficult to handle it.

That’s why Sheldon wanted to come with Mullen.

The brothers chatted for a long time before Sheldon got up and returned to the hotel.

Sheldon has no car now, and it is not easy to take a taxi in Pingan County.

So Sheldon got a bicycle and rode back.

Mullen stood at the door and watched Sheldon leave. He was amazed: “My brother, this is too low-key. If I have so much money from him, I will have to leave the Maybach caravan no matter where I go. I can’t be a dozen chicks. Follow along with bodyguards! fu*k, just yesterday Yang Guoquan’s incident caused me not to let his family regret living in the world. I won’t call Mullen!”

Mullenyu said bitterly.

“Huh, what did you just say?” Su Ting stared.

“I said that Yang Guoquan and his family regret coming to this world!”

“I mean your last sentence!”

“A dozen chicks have to accompany…Ah!”

Before she finished speaking, Su Ting squeezed Mullen’s weakness!

Sheldon rode his bike all the way to the door of the hotel.

Just when I first put down the car, I suddenly saw a girl leaning on her leg as if looking for a taxi.

And saw this girl.

Sheldon immediately turned away and wanted to enter the hotel.


The girl suddenly shouted. Obviously, she has seen him…

Chapter 260

This girl, isn’t Jiang Ranran or someone

Sheldon treats Jiang Ranran, neither hate nor boredom.

I just don’t want to see her.

Hehe, sometimes it’s fun to think about emotions.

I remember when I was a child, I was only seven or eight years old, when I was led by my father and saw Jiang Ranran.

I think Jiang Ranran is so beautiful! When she grows up, she will be my wife.

After all, at that time Jiang Ranran was an exquisite little cute, white and clean, with good-looking clothes.

It’s a special arrogant, disgusting Sheldon is not from the city.

Sheldon wanted to get close to her, so she scolded Sheldon away.

Although Sheldon was afraid of her, he still wanted her to be his wife.

This feeling faded a lot when Sheldon was in junior high school.

When I see you now, Sheldon can guarantee that as long as he reveals his identity, let alone catching up with Jiang Ranran, it is possible for Jiang Ranran to catch up.

But now is now, not before.

Now Sheldon just wanted to avoid seeing her and never meet her.

But what I am afraid of!

“Sheldon, didn’t you see me?”

Jiang Ranran seemed to have a broken foot, and immediately asked Sheldon with a little anger.

“No… I didn’t see it!”

Sheldon said embarrassingly.

“I originally planned to go to Roston City by car today, but I accidentally got a foot and I stopped going!”

Jiang Ranran had already walked to Sheldon’s side and said.

“O’ao, that’s okay, I will go in first!”

Sheldon pointed to the hotel and turned around to leave.

“Hey hey hey, what do you mean, I said I had a leg, you don’t even ask!”

Jiang Ranran grumbled.

Sheldon’s indifferent attitude made Jiang Ranran really unbearable.

Yes, Sheldon was so afraid of himself before. It can be said that even if it was the first time he met at home some time ago, if he asked Sheldon to do anything, he would definitely be a fool.

Moreover, at that time, I never regarded Sheldon’s words and deeds as the same thing.

But I don’t know when it started, maybe after knowing that Sheldon was rich.

Jiang Ranran felt that Sheldon was different, and he also began to care about Sheldon’s views on him and his words and deeds.

Just think of Sheldon’s indifference.

If you were in the past, you would just like what you like, and you won’t be able to see it.

But it doesn’t work now, Jiang Ranran feels frustrated, especially frustrated!

“Oao, are you okay with your feet?”

Sheldon said helplessly.

“Huh, it’s okay!”

Jiang Ranran became angry.

Sheldon withdrew 600,000 dollar from the bank and saw it with his own eyes, as well as the fact that Sheldonlped Aunt Lin complete the target and let her become the vice president. Mom cried yesterday.

Really, after hearing this, Jiang Ranran was shocked.

I feel like I might have lost something!

“It’s okay, I have to go back to sleep, I had a busy night last night!”

Sheldon is really tired too.

I want to enter the hotel right now.

“So you have always lived here?”

Jiang Ranran was shocked again.

“Hmm!” Nodding coldly, Sheldon walked towards the hotel.

“Sheldon, you are so indifferent to me. I hurt my foot now. I want to go home. You won’t send me back?”

Jiang Ranran’s eyes suddenly turned red.

This boy, he has to spoil himself and love himself, but now what is going on with him being indifferent to him!

“But I don’t have a car? Isn’t that G500 sold? I can’t give it to you!”

Sheldon was helpless.

“Then…then you have a bicycle. Can you send it by bicycle? Also, you made my mother angrily ill last night, won’t you go and see?”

Jiang Ranran asked again.

“fu*k your mother! What does it mean to be sick with my anger! What’s up to me!”

Sheldon scolded.

“Ah! Alright, alright, can I make a mistake, don’t worry!” Jiang Ranran wanted to cry when he was wronged.

No one has ever scolded her like this, but when Sheldon scolded her like this, she felt that she had said something wrong in her heart, and she blamed herself.

But in fact, Jiang Ranran couldn’t stand the self-blame and the shame of being scolded.

Tears rushed down.

And when Sheldon saw that she was crying, he also felt that what he said just now was a bit heavy.

After all, as soon as he heard Jiang Weidong and Tang Lan, Sheldon would not be angry.

The tone also eased a little: “You can take a taxi and go, I have to go back to rest!”

“I do not go!”

Jiang Ranran also had a temper.

Standing next to Sheldon’s bicycle.


In this situation, Sheldon would be a little embarrassed to scold her again.

I thought that if I didn’t send her away, it would not be so easy to go back to sleep.

Fortunately, their community is not far from this hotel.

Sheldon nodded and said, “Well, if you don’t dislike riding a bicycle, I will take you back with a bicycle!”


Jiang Ranran nodded heavily.

Sitting behind Sheldon, one hand was still holding Sheldon’s clothes gently.

“Sheldon, I didn’t think you would still ride a bicycle, I don’t know how to ride now!”

Jiang Ranran said.

“Hehe, when you taught you when you were a kid, didn’t you scold the hillbilly to ride something like this?” Sheldon sneered.


Jiang Ranran blushed, remembering that when Sheldon came to his home as a child, Sheldon would ride a bike.

At that time, Uncle Chen brought Sheldon by bicycle.

But now, what about yourself? Actually sat on the bicycle.

And this feeling is much more comfortable than sitting in Lin Dong’s car, you say strange no!

And Jiang Ranran’s reaction also reminded Sheldon of a word.

I would rather cry in a BMW than laugh on a bicycle.

In fact, Sheldon thinks that the key is not BMW or bicycle, but whoever rides the bicycle and who drives the BMW.

There was a chat without a word along the way, and I arrived at the place.

Jiang Ranran had to let Sheldonlp her into the elevator.

When he arrived at Jiang Ranran’s house, Sheldon saw that Uncle Jiang’s house was just past nine o’clock at the moment, and it was already very lively.

Because there are many guests here.

Jiang Weidong was sitting on the sofa at the moment, with his hands against his forehead, obviously something was worrying him.

As for Tang Lan, her face was extremely ugly.

On the side, there are many middle-aged people, who should be Jiang Weidong’s colleague, persuading him.

Even the bastard Lin Dong was there, and there was a middle-aged man sitting next to Lin Dong. Lin Dong looked a bit like him.

It should be Lin Dong’s father.

Jiang Ranran obviously didn’t know what happened, and was a little confused.

Sheldon listened to their persuasion and understood a little bit.

It turned out that Jiang Weidong didn’t know what was causing him, so he was transferred to another department as the clerk section chief!

I am depressed.

“Parents, who are you guys here to see!”

Jiang Ranran said at this time.

Sheldon is no longer what it used to be, so Jiang Ranran’s position is quite important.

“Hehe, he’s here, Dad, this is Sheldon I told you about. People are so good, and now they are so good with him. Besides, Sheldon has money and took 60 out of it from the bank. Wan, I think our father and my husband are too much here and can’t help Uncle Jiang. Let’s go!”

Lin Dong looked at Sheldon coldly, and at this moment tugged his father’s sleeve.

As for his dad, he nodded, “Okay, let’s go, old ginger, you can figure this out yourself!”

He got up after speaking.

“Vice Lin*, don’t go, this is our guest, you are our distinguished guest!”

After speaking, Jiang Weidong sternly glanced at his disappointed daughter and shouted angrily:

“Of course, what’s the matter with you! Take any cats or dogs from home!”

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