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Chapter 261-

Slap Jiang Weidong
When Jiang Weidong said cats and dogs, Sheldon was mocking himself without even thinking about it.

At the same time, he also expressed his opinion to Lin Dong and his family.

Sheldon’s face paled.

“Dad, what are you talking about, Sheldon quickly sit in the house!”

Jiang Ranran retorted angrily.

“Of course, why did you let this person come in, eat the dog stuff inside and out, let him help that Lin Xiaofeng, such a big favor was given to Lin Xiaofeng and not to our family, now it’s fine, Lin Xiaofeng has become the vice president , And also serving as the director, our Jiang family can’t take any of his light!”

Tang Lan said bitterly.

The reason for saying this is because Tang Lan knows that this time the favor is too great, even if Sheldon has the ability, it is impossible to let so many companies’ business to himself.

I can’t borrow him at all, so what can I do to give him a good face?

Just to scold him severely.

“Huh, you said that our Jiang family helped you so much. Your Uncle Jiang also specifically gave you something you want to work for. As a result, you only raised 500,000 for your Uncle Jiang, and you still have 600,000. How can you stand? Ah, hurry up wherever you fall in love!”

Tang Lan waved his hand impatiently, and directly ordered to chase away the guests.

All the guests in the living room looked at Sheldon jokingly.

Lin Dong hugged his shoulders and smiled: “Yes, Uncle Jiang, he still has 600,000 dollar, but in the end he raised 500,000 dollar for you. This is really unreasonable!”

Jiang Weidong’s face was pale and pale, and then he pointed to Sheldon: “Get out of our Jiang family!”


After finishing speaking, a cup of hot tea on the table fell directly at Sheldon’s feet.

Hot water splashed on Sheldon’s trousers.

Sheldon was scorching hot.

“Dad, what are you doing, Sheldon sent me back!”

Jiang Ranran cried anxiously.

“Of course, I tell you, I can’t associate with this countryman in the future!”

Jiang Weidong scolded angrily.

As for Sheldon, at this moment, he coldly swept Jiang Weidong and Tang Lan. If they were bystanders, Sheldon would have ignored the three seven twenty-one and rushed to trample them to death.

At the moment, Sheldon swallowed a nasty breath and turned around and went out.

In my heart, Jiang family, if your identity can be exposed in the future, after your father’s identity is also exposed, I wonder if you will be this face?

Sheldon left in anger.

And shortly after Sheldon left.

Xu Xin drove a car and came to Jiang’s house with a large bag of gifts.

She had also heard about her mother, before, although Aunt Tang and her mother had been fighting openly and secretly.

But regardless of the children of both parties.

For example, if Ranran comes to her home, her mother will treat Ranran very well.

If I went to Ranran’s house, Aunt Tang would treat me very well.

So after hearing that Aunt Tang was stimulated, Xu Xin came to see it.

“Xiaoxin, you are here!”

Tang Lan said something.

As for Xu Xin, she saw the broken tea cup on the ground as soon as she came in, and then looked at Jiang Ranran who was crying. She didn’t know what had happened, just a little bit later.

I went to comfort Jiang Ranran by the side.

“Okay, old ginger, don’t have such a big temper. This matter about you, although it is different from the last collapse, the result is the same. There is not much responsibility for you and you are involved!”

“There is only one solution!”

Father Lin said.

“Lin *Chang, then you have to talk!” Jiang Weidong regained his energy.

“We still have to rely on the relationship between the Dreamers Group, and this matter, it is best to find the celebrities around Sheldon to solve! After all, they have a good word with Sheldon, you will not be fine!”

Father Lin said.

Jiang Weidong said: “But, the celebrities around Sheldon, Manager Chapman and Manager Zhao, how can I get in touch?”

Father Lin said: “Don’t talk about you, I can’t contact me, so I have to find Mr. Chapman’s driver, Jin Biao, and Lord Jin may be able to hand it over! Because Jin Biao is Chapman’s confidant, what he said, Chapman is very useful over there. Therefore, with his help, this matter for you is not a problem!”

“And I have also heard that Lord Jin is very enthusiastic. You are an investment promotion agency. I beg him to do it!”

“Then Jin Ye’s contact information, do you have it?” Jiang Weidong said.

“Neither do I, and I’m trying to find a way to contact him!”

Father Lin shook his head helplessly.

Then Jiang Weidong began to inquire about Jin Biao’s contact information anxiously.

“The Uncle Jiang, you said Jin Biao, I know who has his contact information!”

Xu Xin also understood the general situation and interrupted immediately.

“Ah? Xiaoxin, what you said is true?” Jiang Weidong and Father Lin were a little surprised.

“Yeah, and my mother has brought so many indicators this time, and it is all Jin Biao Jin Ye who is helping. A friend of mine asked him to help my mother!”

Xu Xin said.

Also carefully glanced at Tang Lan’s emotions.

“Then tell me, who is this friend of yours? Can you ask him out for a meal so that he can help!”

Jiang Weidong walked over and said to Xu Xin with a smile.

“Ah? Uncle Jiang, why don’t you know? It stands to reason that if you say a word, he will help you out of any favor!”

Xu Xin doubted.


Jiang Weidong asked in shock, he still has this kind of network energy?

“It’s Sheldon, Jin Biao has a very good relationship with Sheldon, and to help my mother, Sheldon said to him, Jin Biao will do it right away!”

Xu Xin said.

“What? Who are you talking about? Sheldon?”

Jiang Weidong and Tang Lan were both startled.

Jiang Weidong was stunned because he didn’t expect Sheldon to have such a strong network.

As for Tang Lan, he didn’t expect Sheldon to help Lin Xiaofeng with Jin Biao and Chapman.

The Lin family and his son were all dumbfounded.

“Xiaoxin, are you sure? Sheldon and Jin Biao knew each other?”

Jiang Ranran was taken aback.

“Yeah, and it’s not just a simple understanding, because I think Jin Biao respects Sheldon too much!”

Xu Xin said.

Jiang Weidong’s face was blue and white, and his cheeks were burning.

“Old ginger, what can I do? Sheldon made you run away!”

Tang Lan’s cheek also hurts.

“Huh! No, just call him back!”

Jiang Weidong was unhappy.

“Then who is going to fight? I just said so badly!”

Tang Lan said with shame.

“Of course, you can call Sheldon…”

Tang Land said.

Jiang Ranran nodded.

After calling for a while, put down the phone: “He won’t answer!”

“Oh, old ginger, Jin Biao is the celebrity around Chapman. Sheldon has a good relationship with Jin Biao now. If this relationship fails, then you must be hopeless!”

Others said at the moment.

Jiang Weidong didn’t expect that he would still beg Sheldon, and it was after he smashed him away.

The most embarrassing is him.

“Dad, I know where Sheldon lives. Otherwise, let’s go find him. You apologize to him. Maybe Sheldon will forgive you?”

Jiang Ranran said.

“What? You asked me to apologize to this kind of person?” Jiang Weidong stared.

Chapter 262

But Jiang Weidong still couldn’t stand everyone’s persuasion, and there was no way. If you don’t find Sheldon for this matter, who else can you find

So in the end, bit the bullet and went to the hotel to find Sheldon.

As a result, after going there for a long time, no one was found.

Call Sheldon, this time it is busy.

Sheldon is indeed on the phone.

“Dad, there is news about the jade pendant. The place of origin is from the southwest. It has a history. And this kind of jade is very precious. It seems that the Mengyu you asked me to find is everyone’s lady?”

In a quiet coffee shop, Sheldon was drinking coffee and talking on the phone.

Dad called just now to ask how things are going on Sheldonyupei.

“Yeah, of course it’s ladies!” Dad smiled.

“Then Dad, isn’t Mengyu’s family in the southeast area, but in the southwest? Didn’t you say that you met her when you were a soldier in the southeast area?”

Sheldon doubted.

“I don’t know about this. I don’t know where the Mengyu family is, or even what her last name is, so you need to investigate this specifically. As soon as possible, when the results are available, let me know as soon as possible!”

Dad smiled.

Sheldon was thinking, should he tell his father about Qiangwei, because Qiangwei is probably Mengyu’s daughter.

But on another thought, even if I said it, it didn’t help the whole thing much.

Let’s wait for more clues.


Dad said again, “By the way, Sheldon, your birthday will be coming soon, right? Well, since you were in high school, your parents and sisters have not celebrated your birthday with you. This year, after your poor education ended. , Our family can be reunited, so we can have a birthday for you!”

“But, your sister went to North Africa, and I have to go there in a few days. It’s unavoidable that your birthday won’t pass!”

Dad apologized.

Sheldon smiled, “It’s okay dad, I’m in Ping’an County now. After dealing with these things, I will go back to my hometown to take a few days. There is Uncle Wu and Aunt Wu, don’t worry, my birthday is not lonely every year. !”

“That’s good. This birthday is the first birthday of your poor education. Try to make it lively, but don’t be like your sister. For that year’s birthday, your sister bought an island in the Pacific Ocean. The celebrities of the world have all gone, it’s too high-profile! You have a good sense, as long as you are not shabby!”

Dad asked.

“I see, don’t worry about these!”

Sheldon just hung up after chatting with his father about some recent business affairs.

After reading the newsletter, it prompted several missed calls from Jiang Ranran.

Sheldon didn’t plan to fight back either.

What’s the matter with Jiang Weidong? That’s it. Sheldon will not intervene anymore, stop here!

Otherwise, I would have to invite their home to my birthday party.

At this time, one person came to the cafe.

He is a middle-aged man in a suit.

Holding an envelope, he respectfully came to Sheldon.

“Sheldon, this is the entry recommendation letter you want. I have written it all for you. Then, you can directly join the Dreamer Investment Management Company!”

The middle-aged man didn’t dare to sit down, and stood beside him.

“Okay, I’m sorry to trouble you. By the way, don’t tell anyone about this except you!”

Sheldon took a sip of coffee and said.

“The little one understands, the little one understands!”

Sheldon asked an executive to help deal with this entry letter.

In the last conversation with Mullen, Sheldon learned about the chaos inside the investment management company.

Therefore, Sheldon’s plan is to get in and see what’s going on inside these days.

After all, Sheldon understands that if he directly investigates as Sheldon, it can be said that the fart cannot be investigated.

In short it is difficult.

And Chapman is now running between Roston and Pingan County, and he is also responsible for this jade pendant.

Sheldon was embarrassed to trouble him.

Sheldon would know if it was as dark as his brother Mullen said.

That’s why there is this one now.

Most of the original staff of Roston Commercial Group stayed in the development of Yunmeng Mountain, following the principle of investing in Ping An County.

Therefore, some of the executives were originally from the Roston Commercial Group, and most of them were recruited into the Dreamer Investment Group through company annexation and new recruitment.

But it ignores nepotism.

There are naturally more shady scenes.

I found a place to have a meal at noon.

Sheldon went back and changed into a small suit and leather shoes.

With a copy of interview materials and a letter of recommendation, I went to the Dreamer Investment Management Company directly under the group for an interview.

“This beauty, is the interview location of the investment department on the 26th floor?”

As soon as he came in, Sheldon asked a little girl who had just come out of the elevator holding a pile of documents.

“Yeah, you are here for an interview, it’s on the 26th floor!”

The girl looks almost the same age as herself, and she seems to have just walked out of the university gate, her face is not as green as she was when she left the campus.

“Thank you!”

Sheldon smiled.

“you are welcome!”

The girl also patronized and said hello, and the paper she was holding in her arms accidentally fell to the ground.

Sheldon immediately squatted down and helped her pick it up.

“Did you also just come from college for an internship?”

The girl said to Sheldon with a smile while picking it up.

“Yes, how long have you been here?”

Sheldon asked.

“I have only been here for seven days and I don’t understand anything. Hey, I am also from the investment department. I wish you a smooth interview. We will be colleagues in the future! My name is Fang Heidi!”

Fang Heidi smiled.

“My name is Sheldon!”

“Thank you, your elevator is here, so go smoothly!”

Fang Heidi smiled sweetly and made a victory gesture to Sheldon.

Sheldon nodded and entered the elevator.

This little girl grew up pretty, and she made her smile more sweet.

White and pure.

Sheldon also found it interesting.

After entering the elevator.

Soon it stopped on the fifth floor.

A beautiful girl in a black uniform came in.

It was about the same age as Sheldon.

Sheldon, coming for an interview, naturally greeted everyone when he saw him.

He smiled and nodded to her.

However, the girl glanced at Sheldon very coldly and did not respond, and then she was leaning on the elevator to play with her mobile phone.

Not long after, the girl looked at the elevator button again.

Then I looked at Sheldon and asked, “Are you new to our investment department?”

The voice is quite low.

“No, I’m here for an interview!” Sheldon laughed, “I haven’t joined the job yet!”

“Hehe, you are still in the job, you are quite confident, but you are definitely not playing!”

The girl glanced at Sheldon and said.

“Ah? Why? I haven’t started this yet?” Sheldon was puzzled.

“You’ll know when you go up. You are really unlucky. Our investment department only has two people this time, one man and one woman, so you must be out of play!”

The girl said again.

Sheldon said in his heart, I wore very well today, and I felt quite temperamental, how could I still be so boring?

Soon, the 26th floor will be there.

When he arrived in the interview hall, Sheldon also discovered why that girl would say that…

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