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Chapter 263

Because after Sheldon came up.

I saw that a lot of people came to interview today.

There are thirty or forty people for handsome men and beautiful women.

And passing by the interview hall, there is an office area.

There are more girls working.

Every time a handsome man comes out of the elevator, they seem to have never seen a boy before.

“Wow! 』

Unexpectedly, when Sheldon came out, the wow sound was much lower.

I don’t know if it’s because of my lack of charm.

Damn it!

Sheldon bitterly hated.

“Thirty-eighth, two people are needed today, why are so many people here!”

Some girls are still counting their competitors.

Depressed now.

“Hmph, look at this person, he came by himself, but can he still think he can succeed in the interview?”

“Except for a more handsome appearance, there is really no special feature. Compared with the handsome guy just now, the difference is simply too far!”

“That’s right, I think it’s better to go back earlier, lest you waste time here!”

Some boys also said.

No way, most of them came in groups, and because of the competition, some people sneered unceremoniously.

Sheldon took a deep breath and listened to ridicules.

It didn’t happen either.

After all, Sheldon knew exactly what he was doing here.

Fortunately at this moment.

The elevator door opened again, and one by one, she came out from the inside, a tall girl with long legs.

She has long burgundy shawl hair.

The figure is bumpy, the appearance is exquisite, and the skin is white.

In short, the image quality is particularly good.

At first glance, that kind of goddess fan!

She is walking towards this side, holding the interview materials in her arms, obviously, she is here for the interview.

And with her appearance, many girls shut their mouths eclipsedly.

Many boys stared at her with fiery eyes.

Sheldon couldn’t avoid the vulgarity either. Following the eyes of others, he saw from the bottom to the top and from the top to the bottom.

I thought it was really pretty.

It was not much worse than Myla.

“Beauty, you come for an interview too, haha, it’s such a coincidence, is it convenient to add a Instagram? My brother-in-law works in this company as the assistant recruitment manager!”

One of the most handsome boys smiled and walked to the beauty.

“Thank you, no more!”

The female adjusted her hair and shook her head embarrassedly.

It was declined.

“What are you afraid of? I think you have such a good temperament, and it is the most suitable for this recruitment. This time there is only one man and one woman. It must be the two of us entering the company. Add a Instagram to get to know!”

The boy continued to pester.

Sheldon looked at the boy with such a confident look.

Is it possible that my letter of introduction is useless?

As for the girls, obviously they are not the kind of casual girls, but it can’t help. In front of everyone, the boy has been entangled, so he still gave the boy the Instagram account.

Make other boys jealous.

“Everyone, be quiet, now read the name of the interview, say the name and return it, then follow me in, the first one, Sheldon!”



Sheldon was also looking at the girl, and when he heard Sheldon’s name, he subconsciously replied.

As a result, the tall boy also responded.

This is very embarrassing.

Sheldon glanced at Sheldon with some contempt.

“What’s the matter? I didn’t see the same name?”

At this time, the female assistant walked towards Sheldon.

Obviously, this boy named Sheldon knows everything from these recruitment assistants.

So I looked at Sheldon’s interview information.

“Isn’t your name Sheldon? What kind of a fool, I call Sheldon what you promise!”

“Sorry, I got it wrong!”

Sheldon smiled awkwardly.

“Couldn’t, he thought that this beauty was called Young Master Sheldon, Young Master, so he agreed! Haha!”

Some boys sneered.

“Those who don’t know thought that Roston Sheldon had arrived!”

Everyone laughed.

Even the girl smiled slightly.

Sheldon didn’t have much to say this time. After all, he made a fool of himself.

Then Sheldon went in for an interview.

After a while, he walked out proudly.

“Brother Sheldon, what content of the interview, can you tell me something about it!”

The crowd gathered around and asked.

“There was nothing about the interview, just chatting with me, I made the three interviewers giggle, and then asked me when I could come to work, it was boring!”

Sheldon said with both hands in his pockets.

All the boys are jealous. It seems that today there will be a boy, that is him.

Next, everyone took turns in for interviews.

The materials Sheldon handed over must have also handed in the letter of introduction.

After answering a few questions from the examiner, Sheldon went out.

Then wait for the final result.

Some people have just left.

As for Sheldon, he just pestered that beautiful girl to chat with her.

“The result is out!”

Soon, the female assistant walked out with two entry application forms.

“Who was selected?”

Everyone guessed.

“Investment Management Department staff recruitment, successful interview, Miss Rochelle!”

And Rochelle is naturally that temperament girl.

“Successful interviewer, Mr. Sheldon!”

The female assistant said again.

“Rochelle, let’s go!” Sheldon smiled subconsciously.

As a result, his smile froze soon.

“Huh? Wait, not yourself?”

Sheldon looked dumbfounded.

Everyone was also dumbfounded.

They looked at Sheldon one after another.

As for Sheldon, naturally he knew what was going on. After saying sorry to these people in his heart, he walked over and took the entry form, and then went to the office with the girl named Rochelle to sign the job application.

“Sheldon, we are both in the same department, where is your home?”

After signing the application, there are only two people left in the office.

So Rochelle chatted with Sheldon.

“Me, Xiaogu Town, Pingan County!” Sheldon said.

“Ah? It’s such a coincidence, we are close together, I am from Koizumi Town, Ping’an County!”

Rochelle said with a smile.

It can be seen that although she has a goddess temperament, she also loves to talk to people.

The communication was generous.

“You have a hot spring mountain, right? It’s quite famous. I have the opportunity to go to the bubble hot spring in your town in the future!”

Sheldon said with a smile.

“Okay, then I will treat you with a treat!”

Isn’t that the way newcomers enter the company? Newcomers are the easiest to become friends.

“Is today’s newcomer inside?” At this time, a beautiful girl sounded outside the door.

Ask the recruitment assistant.

“Yes, Director Liang!”

“Okay, take me to see!”

Sheldonard the conversation between the two clearly.

However, although the new director Liang’s voice was quite young, after Sheldonard it, his head buzzed a few times.

How does this sound sound so familiar?

It’s not a coincidence, is it her?

Chapter 264

Sure enough, when the door opened and the girl came in with the female assistant.

Sheldon finally saw her face clearly.

“Hope? It’s really you!”

Hope, Sheldon’s junior high school classmate, is also the daughter of Sheldon and their junior high school principal. At that time, Xiao Chen and Sheldon Mullen and their academic performance were very good.

I also participated in some competitions outside the school.

The relationship at the time was pretty good.

However, after both of them were admitted to the County No. 1 High School, they were no longer in the same class.

At the beginning, many new classmates didn’t know each other. Hope asked Sheldon to go to the cafeteria for dinner, and also came to Sheldon after class to chat and talk about their situation.

But a few days later, Hope went to eat with her roommate, and the frequency of chatting with Sheldon decreased.

In the next week, I will be able to see each other once and say hello last semester.

After that, when I met Sheldon, I just ignored it as if I saw a touch of air.

Even by the time of the third year of high school, Hope was already a stranger to Sheldon.

Later, they were all admitted to the university, Hope went to Yanjing’s school, and Sheldon was in Roston.

Speaking of it, it hasn’t been seen in three years.

Unexpectedly, Hope’s development is really good, and he has become a supervisor.

“Sheldon? Why are you?”

Hope was also taken aback when he saw Sheldon.

Yes, I haven’t seen each other for many years, and in high school, Hope knew the subtle change in his relationship with Sheldon from a friend to a stranger.

So suddenly when I saw it, I felt embarrassed and surprised.

“I just entered the job successfully and I am going to come here to work!”

Sheldon smiled.

“Aoao, what do I say!” Hope smiled lightly and looked at the information of Sheldon and Rochelle.

“Yanan, you are really good, you are now a supervisor!” Sheldon said admiringly, looking at the label position on Hope’s chest.

“Yeah, thank you, but you come here to work in the future, don’t take a bite of Yanan, you can call me group leader Liu, whatever you want!”

Hope said as if to avoid danger.


Sheldon nodded.

“Assistant Li!” Hope closed the information and said, “Originally, our team was a newly formed team, and indeed there was a shortage of two employees. But now, our team is preparing for quality rather than quantity, so in the two of them, I can only have one!”

Hope said.

At this moment, Rochelle’s face was full of tension.

Since Sheldon and Hope knew each other, Hope would definitely choose Sheldon instead of his own.

Hey, why are you so memorable!

However, Hope glanced at Sheldon faintly, and then turned his gaze on Rochelle:

“Rochelle, my group is missing a girl right now, so just you!”

“As for Sheldon, you…”

Hope looked at Sheldon and said, “I know there is a shortage of one person in our logistics department, so go there and collect materials for the people in each group!”

Sheldon hasn’t spoken yet.

The assistant said, “But Director Liu, Sheldon, he graduated from Roston University…”

“I know, but I can’t help it. Let’s do it now, Sheldon, do you agree? If you agree, I will transfer you first. When you perform well in the future, I can apply to the leader before you How about being transferred to our department?”

Hope smiled perfunctorily.

As for why.

Just not paying attention to it. After all, in high school, as Hope matured step by step, she realized that being with Sheldon was already a bit embarrassing.

After all, he is known to be very poor.

Vanity, most girls developed to a certain stage during that period.

Wait until the university, will enter the peak.


Sheldon nodded, it didn’t matter to him where he went, but Hope’s current indifference to her old classmates made Sheldon a little uncomfortable.

That’s it, after finishing the entry procedures.

Both Sheldon and Rochelle have taken up their posts.

Sheldon’s office area is in a corner of the lobby, where he manages archives and distributes materials for some items.

In this way, it is just right that some information has been passed through my own hands, which is also convenient for investigation.

Then, when Sheldon went to the bathroom to wash his hands, he suddenly faintly heard a call from the women’s bathroom.

“You should hurry up and come for an interview in the past few days. Hurry up. I have left you the position. If you dream, let’s laugh at you!”

It is the voice of a girl.

“What are you talking about? Didn’t you say that there is no position? Alas, it was indeed gone at the beginning. It was a brother-in-law of our leader who wanted to come, but I didn’t know what happened. His brother-in-law did not come up this time, but came up with one of mine. Junior high school classmate, hum, he, what family background I know, just give him a job, so I temporarily thought of a way, so I transferred him to administrative logistics, and he still happily agreed. So you have to hurry up, don’t wait for it to expire!”

And Sheldon listened.

At this moment, his face was a little pale.

This voice is not Hope who else can be.

It turned out that she was actually doing her own routine just now.

Sheldon still wondered what was going on with that little assistant who was so surprised at the time.

It turned out that Hope was arranging his own people to come up.

And it’s the leading brother-in-law or something.

It seems that this newly established investment group is very messy.

Sheldon felt more and more that he had gained a lot when he came here as an undercover agent.

Since Hope didn’t say anything about affection, Sheldon didn’t need to give her any face at all.

At the moment, Sheldon took this matter to heart and went back to work.

A day’s work is quite idle and boring.

Soon, it was time to leave work in the afternoon.

Originally, during the day, Rochelle had made an agreement with herself to have a meal together next shift.

It may be that Rochelle feels that she has entered the department, but Sheldon did not, so she is a little embarrassed.

Because Sheldon knew that this girl would still take care of others’ emotions.

Sheldon thought to himself, if you have a meal, it doesn’t matter, he agreed.

Their department seems to be in a meeting or something.

Sheldon came downstairs and waited.

About ten minutes later, Rochelle came out.

But she didn’t come out by herself, but with Hope.

“Sheldon, I forgot to tell you. Tonight, I asked you to have no more food. Director Liu said to introduce a friend to me and let me eat together!”

Rochelle smiled apologetically.

“Of course no problem, you go!” Sheldon gave a wry smile.

And Hope just glanced at Sheldon and said hello to Sheldon, and then drove Rochelle away.

Sheldon had to go back.

At this time, the phone rang suddenly.

It was Chapman who called…

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