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Chapter 265

“Sheldon, I want to ask you something. You said before that you want to buy accommodation for company employees. You said you should choose one. If Sheldon is busy, let me do it. I happen to be today. Back to Pingan County!”

Chapman National Road.

“No, I have already selected the location, and I will notify you to come over after the purchase! You should help me worry about the jade pendant!”

Sheldon said.

“Okay, Master Sheldon, one more thing is your personal business. Hehe, your birthday is coming soon. According to the rules, we will definitely host a lively birthday party for you this time. You can choose the location. Where is better?”

“I still celebrate my birthday in my hometown. As for the excitement, forget it. When the time comes, you guys will come over and we can have a meal!”

Sheldon never celebrated his birthday since he was a child. If he had a birthday before, he would just have a good meal by himself or be called by Uncle Wu to have a good meal.

After all, since high school, my parents and sisters are gone.

Even if Sheldon thought about it, no one ever gave it to him.

He said with a wry smile.

“Everything is up to Sheldon!”

After making an agreement with Chapman, Sheldon hung up the phone.

Thinking about buying a house, Sheldon certainly chose a location.

It was the last time I bought the property.

After all, this place is close to the company and the environment is also very good.

The meal couldn’t be finished, so Sheldon walked to the sales center to take care of the matter.

At the moment in front of the sales office.

The two cars stopped.

Seven or eight men and women have got off the bus.

“Hello, handsome and beautiful, do you want to choose a room? I can show you guys!”

The real estate agent is polite now.

“It is the two of them who are going to buy a wedding house. We followed together to take a look!”

One of the girls said.

“Let me explain Xue, look at how big your boyfriend’s house is. It would be nice to live with his parents. There is no need to buy a new house, and this house is the most expensive in Ping’an County!”

Yes, it was Li Mingxue and his boyfriend who came to buy the house.

At this time, the girl said to Li Mingxue.

“I think it’s better to live out, because it’s really inconvenient to live with your parents! It’s so good, and you can enjoy the beautiful world of two people!”

Another girl also said.

“Yeah, yes, the two of us think the same way. Come out and live and enjoy the two-person world. By the way, Rosemarie, didn’t you mean that you also found a good boyfriend? Why didn’t you come today?”

Li Mingxue said to Rosemarie.

They are all good high school classmates. Now, all of them have come back. Some of them who played well before will naturally come out to play. This will not wait for Li Mingxue to get off work from the hospital to choose a house.

Everyone came to play together.

“My boyfriend…he is not coming!” Rosemarie said embarrassingly.

How can there be a boyfriend myself, there is only Sheldon pretending to be, alas, it’s not true.

“What about you Arlene? Didn’t you say that your boyfriend is coming?”

Li Mingxue asked Arlene again.

“He won’t be here in a while!”

Arlene glanced at Rosemarie lightly, then glanced at Li Mingxue and smiled.

Most of the people here have heard of what happened between Rosemarie and Arlene, so they are not sensitive to some words.

“I think we should choose a house. Once we have chosen, let’s have fun!”

Chandler said at this time.

Everyone picked up the house.

There is always something to talk about.

Arlene asked at this time: “By the way, why don’t we meet Jiang Xueqing and Li Wenyang at a few parties tonight? Li Wenyang must have attended such things before!”

“Don’t mention, something happened at Li Wenyang’s house and he can’t get out. As for Xueqing, I called her and she said she was uncomfortable and couldn’t get out!”

“O’ao, let’s get together again next time, by the way, Mingxue, you haven’t said yet, why are you developing so fast! Why are you turning right so quickly!”

Arlene asked curiously.

This question made Chandler embarrassed.

Li Mingxue also coughed awkwardly, “Sheldonlped, of course, and Chandler, he also helped me a lot!”


Upon hearing Sheldon’s name, Arlene and Rosemarie were both nervous at the same time.

In fact, Arlene asked a lot of students’ information along the way, saying that she didn’t come back from Roston, but as if she had returned from studying abroad. She didn’t know anything anymore and wanted to inquire about everyone in the class. a student.

But in fact, Rosemarie asked why this classmate didn’t come for a while, and Arlene asked why that classmate didn’t come.

In fact, both of them wanted to ask, why didn’t Sheldon come?

After all, Sheldon is very sensitive to Arlene and Rosemarie.

“Yeah, you may not know that Sheldon is very good, he is different from before!”

Li Mingxue said with gratitude.

Rosemarie and Arlene said in their hearts, how could they not know that he was different from before.

“Huh, don’t you just know a few people? Knowing more people, what’s so great!”

Chandler was full of dissatisfaction.

Sheldon robbed him of all the limelight, making Chandler’s position in the class drop too severely. Before, everyone discussed Chandler and Li Wenyang.

The most discussed one is Sheldon.

And as everyone said.

Suddenly a girl was a little surprised.

“Look, isn’t that Sheldon? Why did he come to the sales office?”


Everyone was startled when they heard the words, and looked back, it was Sheldon.

“It’s really Sheldon!”

Rosemarie was full of surprise.

In fact, after coming back, Rosemarie sent several messages to Sheldon.

As a result, Sheldon did not reply.

So Rosemarie has been thinking wildly these days, does Sheldon have no feeling for her?

As for Arlene, there were also some small surprises.

But what follows is loss.

Sheldon has the ability now, and he has started a big G, but it is not good for her, and he is cold and cold.

In short, the two people now have their own thoughts.

Li Mingxue saw something and asked, “Rosemarie Arlene, did something happen between you two and Sheldon in Roston?”

“No, there can be anything, if you say yes, it is that Sheldon used to be the best to someone, but now he is no stranger to someone! Haha”

Rosemarie attacked.

“Cut, didn’t it mean that I drove you once? What’s so great? Who said Sheldon was like me!”

Arlene felt uncomfortable.

Seeing that the two are about to quarrel.

As for the other girl, her eyes twitched and said, “Then I think it’s okay. Let’s all sit there and see when Sheldon comes in. He will say hello to who of us first. Will he see it soon? “

“Okay, give Sheldon a surprise by the way. When he turned his head and saw us all sitting here, he was shocked!”

Li Mingxue also smiled.

Chandler was jealous.

But seeing everyone sitting on the sofa next to him, he passed by.

At this time, Sheldon just walked into the sales office from across the road…

Chapter 266

Sheldon is also very anxious now. This matter should have been completed two days ago, but didn’t it because Mullen was delayed for a while, so I delayed to do it now.

Because some places were picked by Sheldon himself, he also came personally.

As soon as Sheldon entered the sales office, he went straight to the sales reception desk.

As for the salesman before, when he saw Sheldon, his face was embarrassing and contemptuous.

The embarrassment was because I thought Sheldon was a little white who had no money to cheat, so when Jiang Ranran accompanied Sheldon to buy a house that day, he asked Sheldon to take out a loan.

She is also very indifferent to Sheldon’s attitude.

After all, it is not a wealthy customer.

However, I didn’t expect to come and slap her in the face after a day, and they didn’t apply for a loan directly, but bought it in full.

The interest of not being a loan broker is low.

So before that day, her attitude was even worse, and she scolded Sheldon:

“Are you stupid, don’t take out loans, are you the second force? What can you do with some money?”

The curse is pretty ugly.

As a result, Sheldon directly threw a bunch of money on the ground, and only replied: “Hurry up, don’t waste my time!”

The entire sales hall is stupid.

The expression on the face of the agent was also mocking.

Let her lose face at all.

But now that Sheldon is coming again, it is naturally emotional.

“I want to ask you something! In addition, I also want to ask you, I send you Instagram but do not reply to me, and I do not answer the phone calls. Why, after I buy the house, I am not your customer anymore?”

Sheldon said directly to the agent who bought the house last time, this time he wanted to ask her how much she would get if she bought an entire building directly.

But when she thought of Sheldon looking for her in the past two days, she didn’t reply directly, which made Sheldon a little angry.

“Hehe, what do you ask me? Why, do you want to convert it into a loan? Sorry, you can’t transfer it. Also, if you want to renovate the house, you have to wait until the real estate certificate is issued. Okay, I have answered everything you want. , Are you okay? It’s okay, I’m going to receive other customers! I have no time to talk to you!”

Cohen, the agent, gave Sheldon a straight look.

Amused other sales staff giggling.

All watching the excitement.

Who didn’t know that Cohen was the one who likes stunned people the most among all salespeople.

As a result, this person slapped her in the face last time. Was it not good to avenge you?

After Cohen finished speaking, she sorted out her own folder, and then stood aside to write a record.

“What’s your attitude? I’m your client, OK?”

Sheldon cursed directly.

“Hehe, what is my attitude? What attitude do you want me to have? Isn’t it just that you bought the suite with the full amount, why are you trying to pretend to be here? I didn’t get much commission from you, all of which are from you. For more than two thousand dollar, if you want it, I will give it to you and stop being my client, huh!”

If you take a loan, the commission will be much higher.

But if you don’t take a loan, it’s a little bit of improvement, and there is a bonus for selling a house with a loan. If Cohen and his sales office customers don’t take a loan to sell the house, Cohen’s bonus will be deducted.

“Where is your manager? No one cares about this?” Sheldon didn’t expect that Cohen dared to show the client’s face when he came up.

Not getting angry.

As for the people at the front desk, they all smiled bitterly and lowered their heads, and no one answered Sheldon’s words.

Obviously, few people put Sheldon in their eyes.

“I said Cohen, what’s the situation? You also sold the title last year, how can you quarrel with anyone!”

At this time, a middle-aged couple came in.

The seven or eight staff members at the front desk all stood up and smiled at the moment, “Boss Li, you are here!”

“Mrs. Lee, you look beautiful again!”

Everyone greeted one after another.

As for Cohen, she smiled even more at this moment: “Boss Li, this is the person. If my cousin asked me to set up a house for him, I wouldn’t care about it. Boss Li, how many houses will you buy this time?”

Boss Li, who was doing apartment renovation, bought the house, changed the three-bedroom and two-living room to six-bedroom, and then rented it out.

Therefore, it is naturally the sweet pastry of these people at the sales office.

“Buy a set first and get it done for me quickly!”

Boss Li smiled and hugged his wife, and the two looked at Sheldon contemptuously.

Some people are like this. They are treated well and respected by others, and those who look at others and ignore them will naturally feel superior.

And the VIP area on one side.

At this moment, Li Mingxue and Rosemarie and Arlene were all watching the scene.

Originally, Rosemarie was going to say hello, but as a result, I saw Sheldon quarreling with his agent.

So it didn’t pass.

Now that I am even more embarrassed, Sheldon has been aired, and now I go to say hello to him, not to embarrass him.

So I just watched it in the VIP area.

At this time.

Cohen still brought the contract to Boss Li with anger on her face.

At the same time, I took an extra piece of information.

Behind him was a crept little girl.

“Hmph, Zhang Meng, this customer will be handed over to you in the future. Let’s change the contract information! Change it to your name! Also, I will transfer the two thousand dollars to you on Instagram. You will be responsible for connecting with him in the future. Oh, my heart is tired!”

Cohen saw that Zhang Meng had finished making changes very carefully, and after a glance at Sheldon, he introduced the apartment layout to Boss Li with a smile.

“Mr. Sheldon, I will be your real estate agent from now on, if you have any questions…you…you can find me!”

This Zhang Meng seems to be quite young, about twenty years old, he should have just arrived, very immature.

Looking at Sheldon when he was speaking, he was still nervous.

Sheldon looked at Cohen coldly.

Smiled at Zhang Meng faintly: “Well, please help me accept the apartment information of the two buildings B1B2, I want to see!”

“Okay sir, let me give you a brief introduction!”

Zhang Meng nodded heavily.

“Huh, Zhang Meng, he has finished buying the house. This is deliberately using you to kick him off. If you take care of him, you can ask him what’s the matter, and let him say if he has something to do. Just leave it, waste this time!”

When Cohen on the side heard this, she said contemptuously.

“Cohen, what do you call this kind of person? Haha, maybe I haven’t bought a few houses, and I want to inquire about everything. I see a lot of this kind of person!”

The boss Li smiled.

“Oh, but let’s not say, now that the housing prices in Ping’an County are rising so sharply, it is not bad that they can buy a house in the countryside!”

Mrs. Li also expressed contempt.

But Zhang Meng still found the B1B2 apartment and handed it to Sheldon to have a look. Because B1B2 has just been listed now, it has not yet started to sell.

Also patiently explained it.

Sheldon closed it after reading it, and said, “Okay, I want both buildings B1 and B2! Sign the contract!”

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