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Chapter 267


The person at the front desk listened to Cohen and was taken aback.

But it was followed by thunderous laughter.

Especially Cohen and the couple surnamed Li laughed from ear to ear.

“Hahaha damn it, brother, this is not so awesome!”

Boss Li smiled while clutching his stomach.

“He has a mental problem, right?”

“Yeah, I have to buy two more. I thought I had heard it wrong, hahaha!”

“Um… do you want to call the security guard!”

The people at the front desk leaned forward and closed with a smile.

At this time the manager came out with a serious face: “What’s the matter? Look at you, what is your image?”

Cohen laughed and bit her lips: “It’s not… it’s not the manager, but the man named Sheldon said, he…he wants to buy our two buildings, hahaha!”

Cohen’s tears flowed out with a smile.

The managers are obviously better than their sales staff.

Right now, he glanced at Sheldon with a breath of breath, and then walked towards Sheldon with his shoulders held up high.

“This Mr. Sheldon…puff!”

As soon as he spoke, the manager couldn’t help but smile directly.

Because in his eyes, these words are really funny.

Their quality is that no matter how funny the customer is, they can’t laugh unless…can’t help it!


Sheldon touched his nose lightly.

This group of people is really irritating, of course, it is too simple for them to stop laughing.

“How much is the price of a building? Has it been calculated?”

Sheldon asked Zhang Meng coldly.

“I know that there are more than 100 households in one building, and the total price after the discount is 65 million, and two buildings are 130 million gentlemen!”

Zhang Meng didn’t smile.

And what Sheldon thought, half of them were converted into staff apartments, and half were converted into ordinary apartments for rent.

This is just right.

“Well, I’ll send someone the money, let’s sign the contract now!”

After Sheldon finished speaking, he made a direct call: “Send 130 million to the sales center for cash!”

Then, Sheldon leaned against the front desk with a cold face, looking at the group of people in front of him holding their stomachs and laughing, not knowing if they would laugh later.

“This gentleman, please calm down, because this contract is not a random sign!”

The manager converged a little, and said with a smile.

Sheldon did not answer.

Twenty minutes later.

A truck was driving backwards directly toward the door of the sales center.

The security guards couldn’t stop them even if they wanted to.

“Ah? What’s the situation?”

The entire sales hall bought a flat in a daze.

They all came around and watched.

As for the manager, he also went to the door and looked at him. What does this mean?

At this time, Sheldon’s cell phone rang.

It was from a subordinate.

“Sheldon, the money has been delivered to the door. It is all cash. Did we send someone to take it in, or did they come and move it?”

The subordinate asked directly.

Because when Sheldon called and asked for cash, the subordinate seemed to have guessed something.

So deliberately made a noise.

“What to move!” Sheldon continued on the phone while signing the purchase contract for the two buildings, and threw the pen away: “Get me down!”

“It’s Sheldon!”

After the man on the phone finished speaking.

I saw the back of the truck opened, and inside, there was a lot of money, full of money.

Then the body slowly raised, and finally, all the money for the whole car fell at the door of the sales center.


The manager was scared and sat directly on the ground.

As for Cohen, she couldn’t hold the folder in her hand.

As for the people at the front desk, as well as the people who bought the house, they all calmed down, staring at the scene.

Who? This is so awesome, right?

At this time, a man in a suit got out of the car and stepped on a pile of money directly at the door.

He walked to Sheldon’s ear and whispered softly, “Master Sheldon, it’s all done!”

“Yeah, yes, the next thing is left to you. I have selected the location and real estate of the house. You can hand it over to this lady named Zhang Meng!”

Sheldon patted Zhang Meng on the shoulder.

Zhang Meng swallowed in fright.

I really bought two buildings. How much did I get for this commission?

God, this is a direct counterattack!

Zhang Meng feels like in heaven.

As for Cohen, besides being afraid, he was full of regret.

He really bought it.

If I didn’t have that attitude just now, then all these are my own commissions.

He’s still doing his damn sales!

But just now, twenty minutes ago, I just signed the transfer contract…

Cohen’s face is almost green now.

Not to mention the group of staff who didn’t talk to Sheldon just now.

As for Boss Li and Mrs. Li, their heads were completely blank.


Sheldon, I wanted to be low-key today, even if Cohen expressed a few words of dissatisfaction with herself, Sheldon would not slap her in the face like this, right.

But this group of people is too much.

Really think I am a soft persimmon, squeezed to and fro!

And looking at the scene, so many people looked at him in amazement, Sheldonxu was embarrassed.

Just want to leave.

It would be embarrassing to be recognized by an acquaintance.

But just turned around.

Sheldon was startled.

Because there are a few people standing in the VIP area on the side.

And they are all acquaintances.

Arlene, Rosemarie, Li Mingyue, that Chandler, and a few high school classmates are all there at this moment.

They are all stunned now, their faces pale in fright.

“Sheldon…you you you!”

Rosemarie was trembling.

Because of Sheldon’s words and deeds just now, they all saw them in their eyes.

Especially when Sheldon said he wanted to buy two buildings and he called people to make money.

In fact, some of the girls also laughed.


When the scene before him happened, the consternation couldn’t be added.

Because they have known Sheldon for so many years, they have never seen such a domineering Sheldon.

It feels like Sheldon is a stranger.


Chandler’s phone was thrown on the ground without holding it.

Arlene gasped violently, and his heart was aching.

Although I have imagined countless times, the most terrible thing happened.

Arlene, Arlene, you are so to Sheldon, if he is very good in the future, will you regret it?

How could it happen? Sheldon won the lottery. He only knew a few people. What’s so great about him? It’s still incomparable with Ding Hao!

In the past, Arlene had always comforted herself like this.

But now, all her answers are like a piece of glass, hit by a falling stone from a high altitude, directly shattered.

“I’m going, when were you here?”

Sheldon originally had one hand in his pocket, but now he took it out embarrassedly.

Yes, just now Sheldon just pretended to be anxious.

But now, I don’t have to pretend in front of Rosemarie and the others.

After all, Sheldon hates the feeling of being forced…

“Brother Sheldon, we’ve always been there!” Chandler swallowed his saliva and changed his mouth directly.

Chapter 268

“Sheldon, we were going to have a party today because we wanted to call you!”

Rosemarie hurried to Sheldon and said.

At this moment, Sheldon was watched by everyone.

Whoever is by Sheldon’s side, and can talk to Sheldon, feels compelling.

Arlene looked at Sheldon with a complicated expression, not knowing what to say.

“Okay, then you guys have fun today, I have something to do, I have to take a trip!”

Sheldon smiled at Rosemarie and Li Mingxue.

Then he could not help but left.

Arlene stomped angrily. Sheldon didn’t look at her again this time, which made her feel uncomfortable…

Besides, after Sheldon left, he walked onto the highway and was about to take a taxi.

“Sheldon? Are you waiting for the bus here?”

At this time, a Toyota Camry stopped, the rear window dropped, and it was Rochelle.

And sitting next to Rochelle was Hope.

As for driving, it was a handsome boy who looked about his age.

Sheldon just remembered that Rochelle had originally invited herself to dinner, but as a result, Hope called her to go to dinner, and Hope didn’t even mean to call herself.

The sales center where Sheldoncai came.

It seems that they should have finished their meal.

“I am going back!”

Sheldon said.

She also looked at Hope in the car, but Hope had been playing with her mobile phone, pretending not to see herself.

Well, if you don’t say hello, Sheldon won’t take the initiative to greet you.

“O’ao, I’m sorry today Sheldon, waiting for tomorrow, find a time tomorrow, I will treat you to dinner!”

Rochelle apologized.

“alright, no worries!”

Sheldon smiled.

“Then let’s go first!”

This is someone’s car, and Rochelle is too embarrassed to let Sheldon come up.

Just said something.

The driver who drove looked at Sheldon and snorted contemptuously, and then left the accelerator with a kick.

“Rochelle, who is that person? Are you a friend?”

The driver asked jealously at this time.

In fact, why did Hope invite Rochelle to dinner today? It is because Hope’s deputy team leader fell in love with Rochelle.

So I made an appointment to get to know each other for a meal.

But, today’s meal, it is obvious that some heat can not afford to come, so that the deputy team leader failed to show superiority.

And Rochelle was a little ignorant of herself.

This made him secretly unhappy.

But now, seeing a kid who greets so kindly, Wang Osborne, the deputy team leader, feels even more uncomfortable.

“He is my new colleague Sheldon, Deputy Team Leader Wang!”

Rochelle said lightly.

“Haha, haven’t I told you about this person before, Sheldon, one of my junior high school classmates!”

Hope said coldly at the moment.

“O’ao, I remember, Na Yanan, why didn’t you say hello to him just now?”

Thinking of what Hope said about Sheldon, Wang Osborne felt a lot more comfortable, and asked immediately.

“It’s not at the same level. What do you say to him, and Rochelle, don’t say you are a colleague with him in the future. He is not a staff member of the marketing team, but an administrative logistics staff of the marketing team!”

Hope reminded Rochelle.

“Puff, shit, I want to ask him how many teams he went to. It turned out to be a fu*king logistics player, haha! Rochelle, stay away from this kind of person in the future! You are not in the same class as you, you are White-collar workers know?”

Wang Osborne sneered.

The entire investment management department, whose full name is Dreamer Investment Management Company, is directly under the group. Among them, the company is divided into several departments such as market research department and audit department.

And Hope is the leader and supervisor of the fourth group of the marketing department.

There are several other groups.

Responsible for market research and development of investment projects.

In her eyes, logistics is just a job in the marketing department, so it’s useless.

A crowd discussed and left.

By the next day, Sheldon came to work at the company early.

As a result, as soon as he entered the elevator, there was also a person carrying a briefcase inside.

The two looked at each other.

This man is not the same man who pulled Rochelle yesterday.

At this moment, Wang Osborne glanced at Sheldon contemptuously.

There were two people in the elevator, and Wang Osborne said:

“Hey, you work in logistics, did you and Rochelle just meet?”

“Yeah, I met yesterday!”

Sheldon looked at this person, and since yesterday he was in the car with a disdainful expression. Therefore, he did not smile like others, but just replied faintly.

“Hehe, I advise you to stay away from others. They say that inviting you to dinner is just a courtesy. You really think that they want to invite you and don’t look at what you are doing. Are you in the same class as others?”

Wang Osborne sneered.

This is to remind Sheldon, meaning, take a piss and take a picture of yourself, Rochelle has herself here, your kid stay away from her.

“Isn’t there a class of people who don’t need to worry about you, who are you? Use you to be more nosy?”

Sheldon said coldly.

At this time the elevator door opened, and Sheldon left without looking at him.

“fu*k, kid, wait for me, I won’t play you to death!”

Wang Osborne’s face was green and white. No one in the company had ever said anything to him.

And Sheldon came to work here in the lobby.

“Morning Sheldon!”

A girl greeted Sheldon.


While smiling, Sheldon went to his desk and turned on the computer.

There are three people in the administrative and logistics department of the marketing department.

One is a little fat man.

As for the other person in the logistics team, it is a girl.

And the moment I saw her.

Sheldon was slightly overjoyed: “Fang Heidi, is that you?”

Isn’t this girl the same girl that Sheldon met at the elevator entrance yesterday when Sheldon first came for an interview.

But when Sheldon came yesterday, Fang Heidi seemed to have a task to go out.

“Hey, Sheldon, right? I knew it was you when I saw our colleague’s name. Yesterday I went out to deliver documents. When I came back from work, you all left, haha! I didn’t expect that we two would really become colleagues! “

“Yeah, I didn’t expect it either!”

Sheldon was a little surprised.

I just talked a few words.

A woman came over.

“Newcomer, you do me a favor. This is a USB flash drive. You can download 20 movies in it! Download it for me before noon today!”

Sheldon glanced at the woman.

It can be considered a half-knowledge.

Yesterday, when I went up the elevator, she was pretty, but she was very cold, and she said she must not play the job.

Sheldon also knew her yesterday.

Her name is Wang Meina, and she is the deputy leader of the third group.

A native of Pingan County.

It stands to reason that people in the marketing department require themselves to do things as their duties.

But what about this movie?

Sheldon said, “Leader Wang, is it inappropriate to download movies during work hours? Do I still have to work?”

“What do you mean? Your broken job is also called work? Ask you to do something to see how you are chirping, I tell you, if I delay watching a movie in the afternoon, you will wait for me!”

Unexpectedly, when Sheldon said, Wang Meina was immediately anxious.

Tap the USB flash drive on the table, turn around and walk away.

“Sheldon, Sheldon!”

Fang Heidi pulled Sheldon’s sleeves.

“Sheldon, there are a few people in our company that can’t be offended. Do you know who she is?”

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