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Chapter 269

“Who is she?”

Sheldon asked.

“Deputy team leader Wang is our investment company’s vice minister of marketing who recognizes the god sister. Anyway, you should understand what I mean!”

Fang Heidi said softly.


Sheldon thought to himself, that’s no wonder. When I saw her yesterday, she was either looking in the mirror or playing. Anyway, she didn’t see how she worked. It seemed that she had a backstage.

The next step is the movie Wang Meina wants to download.

After all, Sheldon has to work here for a short period of time as an undercover agent, so he can’t get too stiff with Wang Meina.

It will be downloaded.

“That who? From the logistics team, what are you doing?”

Because Sheldon’s location is in the hall, and there are people coming and going in the corridor next to the hall.

At this moment, a young man in his thirties with his hands behind his back suddenly said coldly.

Obviously, he saw Sheldon’s computer screen.

And behind this young man, there was still a person standing.

It was not someone else, but Wang Osborne, the deputy leader of Hope and his group, was looking at Sheldon with a sneer.

“Director Zhang, this employee actually downloads movies during work hours, haha, he is so courageous, just like that on the first day of formal work, I will pay it back later!”

Wang Osborne pointed to Cooper Family.

Minister Zhang had already walked to the computer desk of Sheldon, because when Sheldon downloaded the movie, he must be minimized.

I don’t know why Minister Zhang’s eyes are so sharp, so far away he can actually see himself downloading movies?

Sheldon wondered!

And Zhang Bu has already clicked on the content: “Who told you to watch the movie during work hours? What do you think of our work unit? What is your name?”

Zhang Bu shouted sternly.

At this moment, all the staff in the hall, as well as the people in the marketing department, came out, watching the scene.

Rochelle also stood by and watched them, and saw that Sheldon was being trained. To be honest, it was quite embarrassing.

“I didn’t download this movie!”

Cooper Family.

“You didn’t download it, who made you download it?”

Zhang Bu said coldly.

“It’s Deputy Team Leader Wang!”

Sheldon pointed to Wang Meina.

Originally, I didn’t come to work here because I came to work, and now there is no need to take the blame for employees like Wang Meina.

This is exactly what Sheldon meant to sue her in front of the leader to see what the results of Wang Meina’s treatment were!

As for Wang Meina, her face was full of anger at this moment.

He picked up the book shelf and threw it towards Sheldon: “Who did you say? Who asked you to download it?”

Wang Meina was furious.

But that’s not it. Although Wang Meina is wrong first, but such an arrogant girl makes her admit her mistake, which makes her feel more uncomfortable than hitting her in the face.

What’s more, Sheldon is still an ordinary employee.

So of course I can’t stand it.

Seeing Wang Meina went crazy, she rushed towards Sheldon.

The noise gets louder and louder.

Minister Wang frowned, “Okay, you Wang Mina, what are you doing, take your USB flash drive, I tell you, if there is another time, don’t blame me, you’re welcome!”

After speaking, Sheldon stared again, and then left.

Sheldon thought to himself, this special is over?

How can Wang Meina be given a warning for ignoring company discipline?

As for that Wang Osborne, after sneering at Sheldon, he left triumphantly.

Let’s say it’s a big deal.

But Wang Meina really hated Sheldon. After the leader left, she was still scolding Sheldon, and the sarcasm was how ugly and ugly.

No one from the entire marketing department responded, and they were obviously afraid of her.

Sheldon stayed a little depressed.

After a while, when I was in a urgency, I went to the bathroom.

As soon as I entered the bathroom, I smelled a lot of smoke.

Apparently several people were smoking inside.

“Brother Osborne, I guess this kid is over this time? After three months of getting regular, the minister will definitely not be able to approve him!

“Dare to offend our brother Osborne, so surely he won’t be able to hang on here!” said another.

“It’s alright, you will know when the time comes, I will kill him!”

Another person said: “By the way, Rochelle is what I am after, you two are fine to show your courtesy in front of him!

“Good Osborne!”

After several people talked for a while, they left.

Sheldonard clearly in the other baffle.

Leading Brother Na Osborne, who else could it be without Wang Osborne.

Sheldon had already guessed this guy.

It seems that Minister Li just now was deliberately called out by Wang Osborne.

As a deputy minister, Wang Osborne must be aware of some of Wang Meina’s habits.

He knew it by just looking at the USB flash drive on his computer.

So deliberately filed a complaint, embarrassed myself, and offended Wang Meina, who was the most difficult to provoke.

Damn, this kid is really ugly!

Sheldon has also heard of some Aiyin colleagues in the workplace, but he did not expect to run into it.

It seems that he regards himself as a rival in love, and wants to make himself in the company unable to get rid of it!

Okay, then have fun!

Take your time and not hurry!

Sheldon spent this day at work in Wang Meina’s ridicule.

Wait until the end of the afternoon.

When Sheldon came back, he saw that his colleagues in the investment department were all downstairs and did not leave. They were playing with mobile phones and making calls, as if they were waiting for a car.

Because Sheldon went to deliver the documents, I don’t know what happened.

It happened to see that Fang Heidi and her colleague Xiaopang with glasses were also there.

“What are you waiting for?”

Sheldon asked with a smile.

“Ah? Really? Sheldon, haven’t you received the text message?” Fang Heidi asked in surprise.

“What text message?”

“That is tonight our entire marketing department is going to welcome the new year party. Didn’t this add your two new colleagues, so we are going to have a party! When I first came last month, the marketing department also held a welcome party for me. Anyway, it’s very lively and nice!”

Fang Heidi said with a smile.

“No? No one notified me?”

Sheldon looked at his mobile phone and did not receive any text messages.

“Let me see!”

Fang Heidi took Sheldon’s phone and looked for it, but she didn’t have a text message.

Then Fang Heidi asked Sheldon to read her newsletter.

“Marketing Department: Welcome party this month, Fang Heidi, Box 202!”

Sheldon said in his heart, this is too bullying, right? The entire marketing department goes, so you won’t call me?

Although not worthy of anger, Sheldon still had a hot face.

“Sheldon, which box are you in? Are we together?”

At this time, Rochelle came over and asked.

“Didn’t call me!”

Sheldon said lightly.

“Ah? How could it be? Could it be that Deputy Team Leader Wang Meina and Deputy Team Leader Wang Osborne forgot about you? I’ll find them and ask!” Rochelle said.

After all, Rochelle and Sheldon came together in the company.

They are all new, so it is easy to have friendship.

“No need, you go, I won’t go!”

When Sheldonard that Wang Osborne and Wang Meina did it, he knew what was going on.

At the moment, in the disdainful eyes of a group of female colleagues, Sheldon left lonely.

After returning to my hotel.

Just getting ready to take a bath.

At this time, there was a knock on the door.

“Sheldon, are you there? President Chapman asked me to come to you!”

Chapter 270

The person here is Chapman’s secretary.

I went to Sheldon because there was a contract to sign.

Recently, several projects in Ping’an County have been launched, so there are many places where contracts are needed.

“Huh? Wait, what’s this?”

When the secretary was about to leave, Sheldon saw the stack of envelopes the secretary had put on his desk.

When you open it, it is the admission ticket to the concert of various stars.

Apparently, it would take fifty to say less.

“This is Sheldon. We started seven projects at the same time, so the company arranged a large-scale concert. There were more than 30 celebrities invited, not including some large-scale well-known performance teams!”

“Mr. Chapman said that you have many classmates and friends in Ping’an County, so I asked me to send the tickets. If you still need it, Mr. Chapman can arrange it for you!”

The secretary said with a smile.

“No, these are almost the same, I don’t have many friends!”

Sheldon said lightly.

The secretary bowed deeply, exposing the two career lines.

But it did not attract Sheldon’s attention.

This made the secretary secretly regret.

Only then left.

“Who is this wad of tickets for? Hehe, Mr. Chapman is really going to happen, he is very considerate!”

Sheldon smiled in his heart and said, “By the way, Mullen will give him some photos, and tomorrow, I will give Fang Heidi some more photos!”

It’s been a day at work, and Fang Heidi takes care of herself the most in the company today.

Sheldon naturally wanted to express.

After washing, I went to bed and started a video chat with Lilla.

Counting the days, Lilla has left for two months, and should be back in less than a month.

The two talked for three hours.

Finally I hung up the video.

This night, Sheldon slept soundly.

By the next day, I arrived at the company early.

A lot of colleagues have come.

Obviously they all had a good time at the party last night, and they were still discussing passionately.

“Haha, last night was the happiest one, you all don’t know, when we went to KTV later, Xiao Zhang kissed Xiao Li and laughed at me!”

“Yes, there is also Xiao Tao, I still have to confess to Fang Heidi when he is too drunk, this dead boy, see Fang Heidi honestly, and desperately pulled Fang Heidi into his arms. As a result, Fang Heidi gave him one Mouth, seeing Xiao Tao’s bewilderment, I want to laugh even thinking about it!”

A group of girls all smiled and trembled.

At this time, a girl suddenly lowered her voice and said mysteriously:

“In fact, one thing happened last night, I saw it when I was in the bathroom!”

Said a girl.

“Ah? Tell me what?”

“Ahem, it’s Wang Osborne, the deputy leader of the fourth group. It seems to have confessed to Rochelle, the newcomer to their group. Moreover, he bought a bunch of flowers. Hope is here, so he can match the two of them!”

“I’ll go, this is amazing, what happened then? Did Rochelle agree?”

The crowd asked gossiping.

“I don’t know this. I just wanted to go in and have a look, but I was pushed out by the people in their group! But it seems that I didn’t agree!”

“Ahem, how did you know?”

“Because Wang Osborne is really persistent, do you know what he said later? He knows that Rochelle likes the singer Lan Ting. Isn’t Lan Ting coming to our Ping An County? There are many big-name stars who have concerts, Wang Osborne said Can you buy her concert tickets for Rochelle?”

“Ah? This is real? I heard that tickets for the Hikari concert, even for the last position, start at 2,000 dollar, and you may not be able to buy it! It’s too hard to grab!”

The girls said regretfully.

About the concert, in the Ping An County media, social networks, and news street bus stop signs these days, everyone knows the publicity, not to mention the first ticket, even the middle ticket. The prices are all very speculative.

Two thousand dollar is just a starting point, a very common position, in fact, it has already been speculated to five or six thousand, and it is not necessarily available!

There are all the stars who came this time, and there are many small fresh meats that girls like crazy. Everyone will be excited.

But I can only enjoy watching the live broadcast from the Internet.

“If he can really grab it, I guess Rochelle has to promise him? And I believe Wang Meina has to grab the ticket too. Wait and see, she will never come to work that day! She is a loyal fan of the star Shelly’s brother, she The movies and entertainment shows on the phone are all about Shelly! She will definitely grab the ticket!”

Everyone discussed it.

Before long, more and more people went to work.

Fang Heidi also came.

“Sheldon early!”

Fang Heidi’s face was a little ugly, but she still greeted Sheldon with a smile.

“Morning, Fang Heidi!”

Sheldon smiled, knowing that Fang Heidi was upset last night, Sheldon did not ask.

“By the way, Sheldon, this is the bun I bought. I bought too much and can’t eat it. Have you eaten? How many can you eat for me?” Fang Heidi asked.

“Okay, I didn’t have breakfast!”

Sheldon was not welcome, so he pinched a few dumplings and threw them into his mouth.

And watched Fang Heidi turn on the computer.

On her computer screen is the background of a female star.

Sheldon asked, “Fang Heidi, you like this star. I heard that she is coming to a concert with stars!”

Fang Heidi nodded fiercely, took a sip of soy milk and said, “Yeah, I’m really excited. When I was in school, my biggest dream was to wait until I earn money in the future. I must go to one of her concerts and listen to it live. He sang, but now she is close to me, but I can’t go anymore. Alas, it’s too expensive without a ticket. I didn’t queue up for six thousand dollars. No matter how much money I have, I will have no money! “

Fang Heidi said lost.

Sheldon squeezed a few dumplings and threw them into his mouth and said, “That’s easy, I have a way, I will give you a ticket!”

It seems that Fang Heidi is really good, and now she has eaten other dumplings.

With so many votes for Sheldon, it would be a waste not to give it away.

“Huh? Are you serious?”

Fang Heidi was pleasantly surprised, but was disappointed: “Sheldon, you can just make fun of me, how can the ticket be so easy!”


While talking, Sheldon took out a ticket from his bag and handed it to Fang Heidi.

“Here you are, it’s still the front position in the middle! This position has a high platform and is not crowded. You can see it most clearly by taking pictures or something!”


Fang Heidi took the ticket dumbfounded, and couldn’t believe it was true.

“Sheldon, I don’t know how to thank you!”

Fang Heidi’s hands were shaking.

Still have to give Sheldon money, Sheldon didn’t want it.

After eating the buns, Sheldon was thirsty, so he went to the drinking fountain to get water.

At this time, another group of colleagues came.

“I’m so angry, I’m so angry! I’m so angry!”

A girl came over angrily and threw her bag on the table, looking very angry.

“Deputy Team Leader Wang, what’s the matter?”

Someone asked.

This girl is naturally Wang Meina.

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