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Chapter 29

“I… I don’t know…”

Danna was ashamed and angry.

I felt like I had knocked over the five flavor bottle.

She would never have thought that this wretched and disgusting man was actually the famous Sheldon.

This is the rich second generation in absolute real meaning!

“Sheldon, I apologize for the offense of the little girl just now, I hope you can punish the little girl!”

Mable bent over, never daring to straighten up.

To be honest, seeing Danna and Mable doing this, Sheldon’s anger has been mostly gone.

Because in the final analysis, Sheldon was indeed a bit wretched just now, who made her daughter so beautiful.

But being surrounded by women, this is the first time in his life.

According to Sheldon’s character, it should be the big things at this time, and the small things should be turned into small things.

And Chapman saw this idea of ​​Sheldon.

Climbed up and said in a low voice: “Young Master Sheldon, they must be punished, because your Cooper Family’s traditions, if you are offended, you have to report it. If you don’t punish them now, let your sister know that in the future. The revenge is not as simple as imagined!”

Looking at Mable, who was not daring to straighten up.

Sheldon is somewhat clear, it seems that if he doesn’t punish Danna and the others.

These big bosses all have to fear.

Okay, then punish it.

Sheldon looked at Danna and the beauties with a cold smile: “Brother Zhenguo, please find a bigger room and bring them all into the room!”

Chapman went to handle it immediately.

Danna bit her lip lightly.

It seems that he already knows his fate next.

Shame and indignation.

But Mable and the others as fathers breathed a long breath after hearing this.

Everyone has understood what Sheldon meant.

But such punishment? Is it still punishment?

It is simply a reward.

Once her daughter emerged from the service and was favored by Sheldon, their Lin family would be transferred.

It might even take the upper hand to replace Chapman and obtain control of Roston Business District.

Obviously, the fathers of the other girls thought so.

Constantly winking at his daughter.

At this time, Chapman’s box had been found.

Sheldon took Danna and the five girls to the box.

Chapman naturally waited outside the door.

“Sheldon…you…what do you want?”

A beautiful woman said with shame.

“Hehe, what do you want? The five of you beat me like this, and you asked me what I want?”

Since you have to get angry, just let it out.

“Five of you, lie down on the bed for me and get fu*ked up!”


Danna clenched his fist slightly.

This Young Master Sheldon is really nasty, if it weren’t for worrying about the family’s collapse.

Even if it was Sheldon, Danna would die with him.

Haha, Danna couldn’t even dream of it. He who always despised those nasty things, was actually forced to do nasty things with others!

But still gritted his teeth and obeyed Sheldon’s instructions.

The girls are good one by one.


Sheldon directly slapped the girl’s pussy.

Then draw them one after another.

It made them blush and hurt, but they had to endure it.

Danna was almost assaulted and cried by Sheldon.

“I want you to beat me, see if you still beat me!”

A slap followed by another slap.

Sheldon finally took a sigh of relief in his heart.

If you really want to do anything ashamed, it must be Danna.

But Sheldon really isn’t that kind of character in his bones.

But they had to be punished, so Sheldon thought of such a nasty punishment to make them more memorable.


After half an hour, the girls walked out of the room.

They were all clutching their arms, looking unbearable pain.

Seeing all the rich boys are stunned.


Sheldon is really amazing.

In half an hour, five beauties have been punished like this, and they are almost unsteady in walking!

The young man in white also secretly admires.

Since Sheldon was interested in Danna and the others, he certainly did not dare to have other ideas.

Today’s meal is very interesting.

When those wealthy businessmen, such as Mable, finally learned that their daughter hadn’t got sex, their faces were full of disappointment.

“Sheldon, I will send you a car to take you back?”

Today’s wind reception banquet ended perfectly, and Chapman and his party followed Sheldon, and he asked hurriedly.

Sheldon was about to nod.

At this time, a middle-aged man with a big belly squeezed over and said, “Sheldon, why don’t you let the child take you back. This is my son, Bren, who is studying at Carolina University, not far from your Roston University. !”

The middle-aged person doesn’t care what car Sheldon should ride in.

In fact, the middle-aged people never thought about Sheldon’s existence, being able to ride in his son’s car.

His purpose in doing this was to make his son Bren’s name appear in Sheldon’s ears, that was enough!

And this person named Bren is naturally the former rich man, the young man in white.

At this moment, he stood in front of Sheldon a little shyly, still holding his hands down.

After all, Sheldon’s family is too strong!

How can we not be nervous.

And Sheldon didn’t say anything, nodded: “Sure, then I will trouble you buddy!”

“What! No trouble, no trouble!”

Bren’s father was pleasantly surprised.

And Bren was also excited.

Picked up a car immediately.

It’s a Ferrari, about five million dollar.

“I said Fatty Bai, do you let Sheldon ride this kind of car?”

Others stopped doing it as soon as they saw it: “Young Master Sheldon, I have a Rolls-Royce. Let’s take mine!”

“Yes, Master Sheldon, you can’t ride in this kind of car!”

Other bosses competed.

“No, this car is fine, I’ll go back to school first, let’s get together again later!”

Sheldon actually couldn’t move his eyes when he saw this Ferrari.

He dreams of buying a car, but Ferrari, he dare not even dream.

I just collected a lot of posters of this kind of car, but I have never had a chance to get in and sit.

Sheldon was almost unable to move his eyes.

When he got into the car directly, Bren yelled and drove away.

Looking at Sheldon’s leaving figure, Danna blushed with a complicated expression.

The other shop owners are full of admiration:

“Unexpectedly, Sheldon is so kind to others, and so low-key, his future is limitless, limitless!”

However, although Bren is quite dull, he is very low-key in front of Sheldon.

Sheldon did not let him drive into the campus. After all, a five million Ferrari is too high-profile to drive in.

This is not in line with Sheldon’s low-key and introverted character.

Let him put himself at the school gate.

At the same time, Sheldon sat in this car very well, envious of him.

My sister, this month, just let me spend 20 million shopping card, or buy a car?

While thinking this way, Sheldon walked towards the school.

But he didn’t realize that his eyes were already fixed on Sheldon.

“Sheldon, you, you…stop me!!!”

Chapter 30

Sheldonard a girl calling him.

Looking back now, it was not someone else, but Nimra, the chairman of the department.

Obviously, the scene where Sheldon got off Ferrari was just seen by Nimra.

At this moment, she was looking at Sheldon in disbelief.

That look is as shocking as it is.

“What’s the matter?”

Sheldon didn’t expect that even though Bren put himself down a long way from the school, he was still seen by an acquaintance.

Although knowing what Nimra was calling to stop her, she definitely wanted to ask herself why she got off Ferrari.

But Sheldon still pretended to be confused.


“You, you… why do you have a Ferrari to give you?”

Nimra asked directly.

These few encounters with Sheldon, the reversal of the shock he brought Nimra was simply too great.

First of all, Sheldon won the lottery in the kitchen of his home last night and splurge.

Moreover, Nimra was not idle at all last night, and went to ask the classmates in Sheldon’s class what was going on.

The answer was that Sheldon won the lottery and won the 200,000 prize.

However, many students are already speculating that Sheldon has received more than 200,000 dollar of news about Sheldon.

This made Nimra feel uncomfortable for a while.

Sheldon is 13 poor, how could he have such good luck? Is God blind?

This emotion is normal.

A person you often bully suddenly becomes better, and no one feels uncomfortable.

Nimra always wanted to find Sheldon and ask.

How much did he hit?

But I didn’t expect that I just ran into him as soon as I left school today, and he was on Ferrari.

“Oh, my little friend’s car just brought me here!”

Sheldon said lightly.

“Haha, your friend’s car? Who is your friend? Just you, Sheldon, can actually make friends with rich people? I don’t believe you killed them!”

Nimra was not convinced.

“Believe it or not, don’t care about me! Besides, I don’t know if I know rich friends or not, it has nothing to do with you?”

Sheldon was speechless.

This woman is simply unreasonable.

And Sheldon also discovered that as he became rich during this period of time, his personality was also subtly changing.

Before, Sheldon had the courage to talk to Nimra like this.

Nimra was also really broken by Sheldon’s tone.

“You! Wow, Sheldon, you simply don’t know good people. I’m afraid you will be scammed by an MLM organization. Did you know that an MLM organization scams someone. First of all, it’s to draw people’s pie, and then use various methods to please you, let You have become so vain that you can no longer be vain, and then you will be abandoned in your life!”

“Furthermore, as the chairman of our department, don’t I have the right to intervene? If you really join an MLM organization, you will discredit our department. You must know that you are poor and short-sighted. Outside, you don’t know anything! “

Listening to Nimra’s high-sounding sarcasm.

Sheldon smiled bitterly and shook his head: “I have told you what I can tell you, this is really a kid of mine!”

“Okay! Let’s not talk about it for the time being, I will ask you, what happened to your lottery last night? I heard people say that you spent more than 150,000 last night? Didn’t you win 200,000? You actually spent 150,000 in one breath…”

Nimra asked.

“Two hundred thousand? Who said that I won two hundred thousand, that’s all they guessed. I just took two hundred thousand cash, but I won two hundred thousand?”

Sheldon looked confident.

Nimra saw this expression, and her heart was already itchy.

Sure enough, I guessed it, and spent 150,000 in one go. Sheldon won the lottery, definitely more than 200,000.

“How much is that?”

“It’s not convenient for me to say, in short, it’s not too much! It’s not too much! Okay, Chairman Nimra, if there is nothing else, I will go back!”

Sheldon looked indifferent.

Nimra was about to explode.

“Huh, what a cow, the money you won in the lottery is just that you are lucky. How can you compare to the real rich second generation like Storen!”

Nimra stomped angrily as she looked at Sheldon’s current attitude towards herself.

Storen is also a rich second-generation and has no real skills, but in Nimra’s eyes, this rich second-generation is much better than Sheldon who won the lottery.


At this time, an Audi A6 stopped in front of Nimra.

When the car window fell, Storen poked out his slick head.

“Nimra, look at your complexion, are you uncomfortable? Or, you don’t want to accompany me to maintain the Audi?”

Storen said quietly.

“No, Storen, I’m just a little depressed. Oh, I’m a little confused now, and even some inexplicably depressed, I, I, I… Why am I depressed?”

Nimra couldn’t tell what she felt at this time.

Seeing Nimra feeling down, Storen knew that his opportunity had come, and hurriedly comforted:

“Vivi, get in the car first, tell me what happened, maybe I can help you…”

Nimra nodded.

Especially now that there are more and more people coming out to play at the school gate. It is still very good to get an Audi in public.

After she got in, the car stopped at the school gate and didn’t mean to drive.

And Nimra also told Sheldon these things.


Storen sneered for a while: “Nimra, why are you still worried about it? So what can you do if you win the lottery? I got the news that now Sheldon has become a pauper again! Haha, I wanted to tell you about it today!”

Last night, Storen was slapped in the face by Sheldon’s high-priced box, and Storen has been stubborn about Sheldon winning the lottery.

Therefore, I asked someone to inquire.

“What? Sheldon has become a pauper again? Who do you hear? According to my student union secretary in their class, Sheldon won more than 200,000 dollar. Yesterday’s consumption has reached 150,000 dollar. !”

Nimra asked in surprise.

“Hehe, I won 200,000 dollar. As for the consumption of 150,000 dollar, it is because this kid is fighting his love rival Chad for wealth, and the two are AA, who can spend more money than anyone else. Sheldon foolishly spent all of the 150,000 dollar. Yes, of course, Chad was also embarrassed last night! It can be said that both lose out!”

“Ah! It turned out to be like this, so let me just say that things like the millions of millions in this kind of thing will definitely not reach Sheldon. But…” Nimra said again, “But Storen, do you know? Just now, Sheldon It actually got off in a Ferrari! That Ferrari is an international limited edition, at least five or six million! I asked him, and he said that the driver is his friend!”

“Oh? Is there such a thing? You can see clearly, is it a Ferrari International limited edition?”

“You can see clearly!”

“Damn, isn’t it, Sheldon can actually know a friend who drives a Ferrari?”

Storen also muttered to himself.

The two were depressed together.

Because of this, Sheldon’s interpersonal relationship is stronger than the two of them combined.

How can you do this?

No, absolutely not!

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