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Chapter 271

“I grabbed the tickets for the stars’ concert when I went back last night, but they were all sold out. I was so furious, ahhhhh!

Wang Meina said crazy.

Not long after, Wang Osborne also came to work.

In contrast, Wang Osborne’s face is pretty good.

“Deputy Team Leader Wang, didn’t you also buy tickets for the concert? How is it? Have you grabbed it?”

Asked a group of colleagues.

“Hehe, luck is better, I got two, but they are in the last row!”

Wang Osborne smiled triumphantly.

“Ah? Really? Let me see, I’ll go, it’s true, Deputy Team Leader Wang, you are so amazing!”

The girls said with envy.

Some even deliberately rubbed Wang Osborne’s arm with their small breasts.

Maybe Wang Osborne was happy and gave the ticket to himself!

“Wang Osborne, since you grabbed two, can you sell me one? I really want to go!”

Wang Meina said with bright eyes.

Although this is an event prepared by the Dreamers Group.

But few employees actually get tickets.

After all, such big events are not for employees.

Many wealthy businessmen in Roston will come by then.

“This is not good for Mina, I have to give Rochelle one, and then we two will go together!”

Wang Osborne shook his head.

“Hmph, Rochelle doesn’t promise you, what are you eager to offer!”

Wang Meina came up impatiently again and shouted at Wang Osborne.

“What do you mean by being courteous, you know what a shit!”

The two didn’t agree with each other, and they were about to quarrel.

Hope came to persuade her.

After all, one wanted very much, and one didn’t want to give it. Both of them were impatient. They were so anxious that they would destroy harmony.

Fortunately, at this moment, Rochelle also came with a bag.

The scene immediately fell silent.

And Rochelle looked at everyone staring at herself, very embarrassed.

She turned her gaze to Sheldon.

Walked towards Sheldon.

“Sheldon, you said you want to give me a surprise today, hehe, surprise!”

Rochelle said softly.

After all, she feels that Sheldon is not good with most of his colleagues in the company, so come to Sheldon by herself, maybe she can let them look away.

When I thought of talking to Sheldon last night, Sheldon said that he would give himself a little surprise.

I just took the opportunity to come over and chat with Sheldon.

Wang Osborne watched the scene with jealousy.

“Give it now?”

Sheldon was also speechless.

He could hear clearly, why Wang Osborne and Wang Meina quarreled just now.

“Yeah, haha, you’re not lying to me, are you? Huh, someone was blowing last night and has tickets for the concert!”

Rochelle joked.

In fact, she also knew that Sheldon was playing with her.

But now, it is better to talk to Sheldongu than to look at them.

“Huh, it’s him? Still a ticket for the concert? He wants to get one, let me do what I do!”

Wang Osborne said angrily: “Rochelle, don’t pay attention to her. Come here and see what did I buy for you?”

Wang Osborne took out his own tickets.

As for Sheldon, he was angry when he heard this.

He didn’t want to take it out just now because he didn’t want to be too public.

But now, Wang Osborne, you are looking for death by yourself!

“Deputy Team Leader Wang, this is what you said, if I can take it out and ask you to do whatever it is? So many people can testify!”

“Hahaha, yes, the kid still wants to blow me up, but you can’t take it out? This bet can’t be done for nothing, just let you take off your pants and walk around the company!”

Wang Osborneyin said coldly.

“it is good!”

Sheldon smiled, took out a dozen tickets from his pocket, took out one of them and handed it directly to Rochelle.


And everyone in the entire office was shocked.

“Is this really fake?”

“No? Sheldon can actually get tickets!”

“No, I have to see if this is true or not?”

Some girls immediately surrounded Sheldon.

“Wow, this is the middle seat. At the top of the runway, the stars must go there to greet the fans. You can get in touch with the stars up close!”

When the girl saw it, she immediately exclaimed.

“This ticket is actually true!”

Wang Meina also looked at it, and after reading it, her heart felt cold.

This is like an enemy of yours, an enemy who has been trampled under your feet, bursting out with super power.

It makes you as uncomfortable as you feel.

“Sheldon, Sheldon, tell me, how did you get so many tickets? A dozen tickets!”

The girls looked at Sheldon with strange eyes and asked.

“Don’t worry about that. Anyway, I have the votes, Deputy Team Leader Wang, I want to know now, what you said just now counts?”

Sheldon looked at Wang Osbornedao.

Wang Osborne’s face turned green at once.

“What? What did I say?”

“Hmph, you said, if Sheldon takes out the ticket, you have to do whatever he asks you to do! We have all heard it, don’t want to deny it!”

The girls, regardless of their position, are all helping Sheldon at this moment.

“That’s right, Wang Osborne, you are still a man, and you don’t even admit what you say. It’s really despising!”

Wang Meina actually said at this moment.

Everyone was heading towards Wang Osborne at the moment.

“Okay, what do you want me to do?” Wang Osborne stared at Sheldon warningly.

“What are you doing? You told me to take off my pants and walk around the company, but I won’t let you take off my pants and walk around the company. After all, I am not as dirty as you!”

Cooper Family.

“Hmph, forgive you for not dare to!” Wang Osborne sneered.

“Then take off your pants and walk around in our marketing department!” Sheldon said again.

“Puff! Hahaha! Yes, yes, let’s go to our marketing department!”

The girls booed.

Wang Osborne’s face became purple.

He stood still and refused to take it off.

“Yeah! Deputy Team Leader Wang, are you not wearing it? Don’t you dare to take it off?”

“That’s right, I’m determined not to wear it, this old wretched man still wants to chase Rochelle!”

“Yeah, words don’t count, it’s still not a man!”

People are awesome.

The mocking Wang Osborne couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Okay, take it off, whoever is not a man, who is not wearing it, I will take it off for you to see!”

Wang Osborne took off his pants halfway in a fit of anger.

“Let me see if I wear it!?” Wang Osborne said angrily.

“Wang Osborne! What are you doing!”

Suddenly, there was a roar in his eyes behind Wang Osborne.

And a group of girls who were booing, after seeing this person, they all sat back quietly.

“Lee… Minister Lee!”

This middle-aged man is exactly the minister of the marketing department.

“Put on your pants and come to my office. It is shameful that you are the deputy team leader!”

Minister Li yelled and turned to the office.

After Wang Osborneti put on his pants, he cast a vicious look at Sheldon who was smirking, and then ran towards the office with a full face.


But soon after they left, Wang Meina blushed and came to Sheldon…

Chapter 272

“Sheldon, I’m sorry, please accept my apology!”

Wang Meina came to Sheldon with regret.

And bowed deeply to Sheldon.

In this scene, not only Sheldon was surprised, but even the colleagues in the entire marketing department were stunned.

“I really want to get a ticket, Sheldon, can you sell me one?”

Wang Meina looked at Sheldon.

Unexpectedly, Wang Meina became so obsessed with star chasing.

If it was before, Sheldon was quite angry with her, and of course he would not care about her.

But now, she actually made such a move.

If you don’t give her one, I’m really sorry.

“Okay, I’ll give you one, anyway, I have so many here!”

Sheldon gave Wang Meina a ticket.

Wang Meina glanced at Sheldon with gratitude, nodded and took it.

“Ah! Sheldon, Sheldon, I want me too!”

“Sheldon, I want it too!”

“Sheldon, we are all colleagues, can you sell it to us?”

In the company, there are still seven or eight star-chasers like Wang Meina, who walked over like a flash of gaze.

As for female colleagues, one, two, three, and four groups add up to 30 people.

Give it to her and not give it to her.

At the moment, Sheldon had to throw a dozen tickets on the table.

“Anyway, I don’t need so much. Anyone of you who wants to play, just take your tickets!”

Cooper Family.


The girls came over and snatched wildly.

As for Hope, she glanced at Sheldon with a complicated face.

These tickets alone, not to mention how Sheldon got them, are all worth a lot of money?

How much does it cost?

Does Sheldon care so much?

Could it be that Sheldon has made a fortune?

Don’t mention how uncomfortable Hope feels right now.

On the party list last night, when Wang Osborne asked himself to get rid of Sheldon, he agreed without thinking about it.

Of course she knew that Wang Osborne wanted to let everyone snub Sheldon, and then ran Sheldon away.

As a result, today, people’s hearts are moving towards Sheldon’s side.

Although Hope also wanted a ticket to play, but after thinking about it, let it go.

She really didn’t open her mouth to beg someone she had never looked up to!

As for Wang Osborne, today is the most unlucky.

Niu didn’t get established, and the position of deputy team leader was lost. Now she is an ordinary staff member.

Minister Li personally approved it, and it was still during the inspection period.

When it was time to eat at noon.

Because the third and fourth floor is the staff canteen.

The beauties in the marketing department all sat together to eat.

“Let me go, do you think Sheldon is the rich second generation? Hidden rich second generation, and then come to our company to experience life?”

There was a girl who was holding the ticket in her hand and couldn’t help but said excitedly.

“Huh? What do you say?”

Girls just like to talk about gossip.

And Hope, who was eating, also raised her head, frowning and listening to them.

“Do you think, how much are these tickets? And most importantly, you can’t even buy the tickets for the last row. Sheldon actually took out ten or twenty tickets, and he didn’t care. In other words, Chen Chen Song definitely has more than these tickets!”

“What’s his background? And it’s definitely not as simple as it seems, you guys!”

The girl asked.

“Yeah, Sheldon is definitely not simple. It is definitely not as poor as someone said at dinner last night! Haha!”

A girl glanced faintly at Hope, who had an ugly face.

“That’s right, last night’s dinner, a meal, half of which was telling us about Sheldon’s embarrassment, it’s really slapped!”

Wang Meina also said.

It’s self-evident who they ridiculed.

Isn’t it Hope.

“He’s a shit rich second generation. I don’t know where he got these tickets. What’s so great, don’t eat them!”

Hope was immediately anxious, and left as soon as he dropped the dishes.

The girls didn’t care, they all discussed that they would treat Sheldon better in the future.

So in the afternoon.

Sheldon’s table was filled with milk tea and fruits.

“Comrades, I’m back!”

At this moment, a handsome boy in the marketing department came over.

He shouted excitedly as soon as he came in.

Also make a hug gesture.


“Sheldon, Sheldon, tell us how these tickets came, don’t you not tell us?”

However, the attention of the girls is all on Sheldon.

No one cares at all.

“Huh? Brother Junsheng, you came back from a business trip!”

But one girl stood up excitedly and looked at Wang Junsheng.

Who else could it be if it wasn’t Hope.

Who is Wang Junsheng?

He is the leader of the second group. This time he is going to Roston City for training. By the way, he will visit the group’s commercial layout in Los Angeles and other places.

As the name suggests, he is a handsome young man.

Not one year older than Sheldon.

When Hope first joined the investment company, she was led by Wang Junsheng.

Moreover, Hope has always had a crush on Wang Junsheng.

This is a secret that the company is not a secret.

But Wang Junsheng was a little arrogant and mad, so Hope showed his favor to him several times.

He turned a blind eye.

But Wang Junsheng is absolutely good for Hope and his little brother Wang Osborne.

“Yanan, who is this person? Haven’t seen it before?”

Wang Junsheng looked ugly now when he saw that his previous scenery was worshipped.

“Hmph, his name is Sheldon, one of my junior high school classmates, but don’t get me wrong, Junsheng, I never ignore him!”

Hope said.

“Sheldon? A newcomer who doesn’t have a good job and chats with colleagues during working hours. Is there any rule for this?”

Wang Junsheng said.

At the moment, watching Sheldon nodded coldly.

At the end of the afternoon.

Sheldon finally became quieter here.


A water glass was placed on Sheldon’s table.

“You, wait for the water to boil, go get me a cup of hot water!”

This person is Wang Junsheng.

“Receiving water? This doesn’t seem to be my scope of work?

Sheldon looked at people with noses not noses and mouths not mouths, and he was not used to him.

“I didn’t expect you to be a newcomer, so pretty!”

Wang Junsheng said coldly.

“Sheldon, Brother Junsheng asked you to pick up water for him. He can think of you, so you can pick it up. What are you talking about? You really think you are a rich second generation!”

Hope came over at this moment and saw Sheldon confront Wang Junsheng, she was even more angry than Wang Junsheng.

“Why should I answer? Give me a reason?” Sheldon sat still.

“Just because Junsheng is the business champion, hehe, Sheldon, don’t you know? The Ping An County project makes the company’s investment successful. Sixty percent of the companies are in the hands of Brother Junsheng. Why do you say it!”

“And do you know what the conditions of Junsheng’s house are? Ha ha, take a chicken feather as an arrow!”

Hope looked at Sheldon contemptuously.

At the same time, when Wang Junsheng was mentioned, Hope’s face was full of pride.

Just when Wang Meina and the others were too angry that Hope and Wang Junsheng bullied Sheldon and wanted to speak for Sheldon.

Wang Junsheng’s cell phone rang suddenly.

At the moment, Wang Junsheng answered.

“Yes, it’s me…huh? What did you say! How could it be possible! You say it again!!!”

Wang Junsheng suddenly roared, and the next moment his face turned pale…

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