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Chapter 273

“Brother Junsheng, what’s the matter?”

Hope asked nervously.

“problem occurs!”

Wang Junsheng said with a pale face.

Then he hurried downstairs.

Hope hurriedly chased it out.

After Wang Junsheng downstairs finished the call, Hope dared to step forward.

“Brother Junsheng, what’s the matter? Don’t scare me!”

Hope asked.

Wang Jun grew up handsome, and at the same time, he had a house in Roston City, and his parents were even more of an institution.

Family conditions are very good.

In contrast, it is much better than other colleagues in the company.

This is one of the reasons why Hope likes Wang Junsheng.

Because in the future, I will be able to marry in Roston City, maybe even with the transfer of work, I will also be in Roston.

Since Hope’s father was the principal of a junior high school, Hope had taken these fame and fortune seriously since he was a child.

The simplest example is that the boys Hope has liked since childhood are the kind of wealthy and wealthy men at home.

“Broken Yanan, do you remember the company that I started with Deputy Yang last time? This time something went wrong!”

Hope knows.

That company was done by Wang Junsheng and Deputy Yang, following the instructions of another leader of the investment group. After all, now that dreamers are making big investments, many people are jealous.

It’s all money after all.

So the people who wanted to collude and got one.

Report to the headquarters by yourself, and then the headquarters approve the money.

This company has now received more than 50 million funds.

This matter was also known to Wang Junsheng’s henchmen like Hope and Wang Osborne.

And to be honest at the headquarters, the review and approval has been completed, so many investment companies, which one is to be checked.

Mainly, this company is also double-insured and is affiliated with another local company.

How could something happen?

“I really don’t know what the headquarter executives are crazy about. I actually started a spot check this time, and my luck was too bad. I spotted this company as soon as the spot check. And the people over there just told me that the headquarters seems The investigation was carried out with a purpose. It came up to check the accounts, but now it can be turned down. The accounts are not correct. Now the executives have serious doubts that it is the inner box operation!”

Wang Junsheng became more anxious.

This is a crime to get in.

“This is weird. This company is small in scale, and its investment is not large. It is still linked to other places by you. How can it be found out!”

“I don’t know, now the executives have started to investigate the leader of the Yang Department and the group, and it is estimated that I will be over soon. What should I do? What should I do? The group reports to the police and I must be arrested!”

Hope looked at Wang Junsheng anxious and she was anxious too.

He immediately patted his head and said, “I thought of a way, Brother Junsheng, or you can get a civet cat in exchange for the prince, let someone else go up, and then you get out, won’t it be all right?”

“fu*k, who are you looking for? This kind of thing is so serious!”

“Hmph, I have a way!”

Hope snapped his fingers.

Let’s talk about Sheldon.

I’m sorting out information in the office now.

Fang Heidi stared at Sheldon and smiled: “Sheldon, Sheldon, you work so hard. Seeing that you haven’t finished sorting out a company, you have to look up the company’s information!”

Sheldon smiled and said, “This is how I can understand the details, and I have learned a lot!”

Yes, that company was found out mainly because Hope said Wang Junsheng was too unusual.

I also heard that Wang Osborne and Wang Junsheng have a very good relationship.

So Sheldon deliberately checked the projects they submitted.

After checking it, I really found some tricks.

Because a company submitted by Wang Junsheng was actually owned by Li Wenyang’s father’s company.

Originally it was nothing.

Which better company does not have a subsidiary?

But Sheldon understands Li Wenyang’s family relatively well.

When did you start a company whose business was incompatible with their main business?

So Sheldon focused on the investigation.

The result is really problematic.

So I sent a text message to Chapman and asked him to take a look.

“Hurry up and talk about it, what’s the gain?” Fang Heidi smiled, thinking that it was just to make a file. What are you doing so grandly?

“You don’t understand, in short, it is a great harvest! Haha!

Sheldon smiled.

While talking, Hope suddenly called.

This surprised Sheldon.

“Sheldon? Do you have anything after get off work tonight?”

“What are you doing? Are you busy?” Sheldon asked lightly.

Although Sheldon was very kind to Hope at the beginning, but later, Hope’s cold ass also made Sheldon lost.

“Yeah, I want to treat you to a meal. You have been here for two days. I haven’t invited you to a meal. Come out for a meal at night?”

Hope said with a smile.

“Who is there?” Sheldon asked. I thought Hope seemed to have something to do.

Although he didn’t know what was going on, Sheldon knew that Hope had a good relationship with Wang Junsheng, so he wanted to find out more about it.

“Of course it’s only me, who else do you want to have!”

Hope said bitterly, and agreed on a time and place with Sheldon.

Then he hung up the phone.

After that, I didn’t see Hope coming back to work. After get off work, Sheldon also went.

Not far from the original.

In a small box in a pub next to the company.

Sheldon saw Hope, and she really looked at herself.

“Sheldon is here, sit down! How about it, isn’t this a good pub?” Hope smiled, opened a bottle of red wine and poured it on Sheldon.

“It’s not bad, what are you doing so grandly? Just bring me something to eat!”

Sheldon smiled faintly.

“Ahhhhhhh, how can I have something to eat? Actually, Sheldon, do you know that I have always wanted to talk to you for these two days in the company and have a good chat, but the company is too inconvenient. This does not happen to have a chance. We can be together, and we can relive our previous relationship, don’t you think so!”

While talking, Hope leaned against Sheldon.

Her arm slightly touched Sheldon’s arm.

Especially when Sheldon was picking vegetables, the little breasts rubbed against each other, which made Sheldon confused.

I wondered what this girl was up to.

But there was still a chat without a sentence.

However, Sheldon also discovered that Hope’s words were a bit ambiguous, and then he wanted to figure out how Sheldon bought those tickets.

But obviously this is not her main purpose.

In short, I drank a lot of wine while chatting.

Sheldon’s blush was flushing, and he was really drunk.

“Yanan, don’t drink it? If you drink more, you will drink too much!”

Sheldon shook his head.

“Hmm, then stop drinking, let’s go! Can you send me back!”


After Hope settled the account, Sheldon accompanied her back to where she lived.

Originally, Sheldon planned to follow Hope’s tone today, but she avoided talking and didn’t ask anything.

After arriving at her house.

So Sheldon wanted to leave.

“Sheldon, don’t go!”

Suddenly, Hope took Sheldon’s arm…

Chapter 274

Hope took Sheldon’s arm and looked at Sheldon with a confused expression.

This look is somewhat seductive.

“Hope, are you okay?” Sheldon was also taken aback.

“I have something, I want you to accompany me, okay?”

While talking, Hope fell to Sheldon.

He threw Sheldon onto the sofa.

He tore off his suspender skirt and fell directly.


Sheldon swallowed.

To be honest, Hope is pretty, with bright white skin and s*xy figure.

Now that it is like this, it has evoked an unknown fire from Sheldon.

The throat is almost dry.

But Hope was still going on, and she was about to expose her upper body.


The door slammed and was kicked open.

At the same time, Hope lay on the bed directly, covering herself with clothes and shouting.

“fu*k, take it, take it all!”

There are two people here.

One is Wang Osborne with that kind of camera.

Another person, this is Wang Junsheng.

“Help me, Brother Junsheng, save me!”

Hope cried.

“Don’t be afraid of Yanan, this beast can’t do anything with us here! I didn’t expect that Sheldon looked like a very honest person, but he is such a beast, even his old classmates count!”

“Neither did I expect that I wanted to invite Sheldon to dinner today, and after he finished the meal, he said he wanted to take me home, and it turned out to be…just to me, thank you for your timely arrival!”

Hope cried.

“Hmph, don’t worry, we have all recorded, and we will report to him directly!”

Wang Osborne sneered.

I thought you were not dead this time.

As for Sheldon, this was the reaction.

It turned out that this group of people jumped into the world.

In fact, when Hope half undressed and pounced on him, he already noticed something was wrong.

Because today’s Hope was too enthusiastic from the beginning.

Warm and scary.

Even after Sheldon was killed, Hope would actually give this old classmate a play.

Great dance?

Hope, I have known you for seven or eight years.

“Sheldon, what do you think about this?” Wang Junsheng said coldly at the moment.

“What to do? Hehe, shouldn’t you say this? What do you want me to do?” Sheldon smiled faintly.

“Damn, your kid is so happy!”

Wang Osborne sneered.

“It’s also simple, you sign a change agreement, give you a company for nothing, and you act as a human, that’s it!”

After speaking, Wang Junsheng took out a contract.

Looked at the contract and the name of the company above.

Sheldon is completely clear.

It was the company that had problems that he asked Chapman to investigate.

It seems that my guess is correct. Wang Junsheng really has a problem, and he has an unclear relationship with Li Wenyang’s company.

It must have been revealed, this is a rush to throw the pot.

You know, this is the operation of squatting in.

Then, as long as he signs it himself, when Chapman finds out, he is the one who eats inside and out of the company, and he is the one who calls the police.

This is playing civet cat for prince!

Sheldon smiled faintly.

I am afraid they would never have imagined that the group is their own, right?

Right now I just looked at Hope playfully, “Yanan, we are good classmates in junior high school and high school classmates, why do you want this? How did you become like this?”

“Huh! Don’t make friendships with me, bastard, tonight you are so stubborn, haha, and, when you gave the tickets today, you were so prestigious, why didn’t you miss our friendship at that time? What about one?”

“The most annoying thing is that you are too self-aware, right? Do you think my performance today likes you? I really want to give you that? Are you dreaming!”

Now I don’t record anymore, Hope naturally has no scruples.

Especially for Sheldon.

Because she knew Sheldon incomparably and knew that Sheldon was a poor dick with no money and background, so Hope didn’t have any pressure to perform this strategy.

Not afraid at all.

“Okay, I see, it seems I really think a little too much!” Sheldon gave a wry smile.

“Even though I don’t believe it, I really want to think that today you are looking at our previous friendship and invited me to dinner. In the future, we will still be good classmates. In that case, even if you have something to do, I cannot help. What about you!”

Cooper Family.

From the beginning of the call, Sheldon knew that Hope had something to do.

But when chatting about the previous friendship at the dinner table, Sheldon still felt very warm in his heart.

Only then returned home with Hope.

And also secretly decided, if Hope really encountered any difficulties, even if the relationship is not as good as before, why not help yourself.

But now, Sheldon’s heart is completely cold.

She can actually do such a thing.

“Help me? Just you, what qualifications do you have to help me? Hurry up and sign, let alone take care of you, huh, such a company will give you directly!”

“Let me sign it. Tomorrow, it will definitely not work today, because I didn’t have my ID card, and I didn’t remember my ID number!”

Sheldon randomly found a reason.

“Well, I can’t remember my ID number?”

Wang Junsheng cursed.

But after thinking about it, I couldn’t run away. After all, I already got the video.

Sign tomorrow and sign tomorrow.

“Well, when you go to the company tomorrow, you sign the contract. Besides, you are not allowed to tell anyone about this. If you say a word, I will call the police immediately! **The attempted crime is safe! “

Wang Junsheng said.

“Okay, then tomorrow!”

Sheldon said.

In this way, they let Sheldon leave.

After arriving downstairs, Sheldon immediately called Chapman and said all these things.

To be honest, Sheldon was quite unhappy in his heart.

It was for Hope to feel sorry.

This time, as long as you uncover one of your undercover agents, you will surely be able to draw a large piece.

But I didn’t expect that he had a great relationship with his old classmates.

Waited until the next day.

When Sheldon arrived at the company, he just sat down.

Wang Junsheng and Hope came.

“Sheldon, come with us to the office!”

Wang Junsheng winked at Sheldon.

Remind Sheldon to bring his ID card.

“Oao, good!”

Sheldon followed them, and Wang Osborne was already waiting inside.

This office is a printing room, and there is usually no one in it.

“Hurry up and sign, and go through other procedures after signing, hurry up!”

Wang Junsheng pulled out the contract and said.

Then, just as Sheldon was sitting with Erlang’s legs raised, he didn’t mean to move at all.

“Damn, what are you stupefied? Sign it quickly!” Wang Junsheng warned.

Sheldon looked at his watch and said, “Wait a little longer, a sign will come in a while, lest you have to look for people one by one when you go through other procedures later!”

“What do you mean?”

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