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Chapter 275

“Wait and you will know!”

Sheldon said with a smile.

And at the moment the group is downstairs.

Several cars stopped.

Li Wenyang’s father Li Dahai, Yang Dong, deputy minister at the moment, and Li Nian, deputy manager of the investment company, and others.

All got off a RV honestly.

And Chapman and Zhao Zixing naturally arrived.

At the moment, the faces of both of them are a little ugly.

If it weren’t for Sheldon’s briefing yesterday that revealed some of the company’s current problems, the two would still not know the specific situation.

The interests of these people, as well as several other departments of the company, are all involved.

After Chapman received the call last night, he called all these people.

Asked all night.

Today, I only listened to Sheldon’s instructions and brought them all to the company.

And the door of the company.

Still waiting for two people, a man and a woman.

“Li Wenyang, what do you call me out to do? How can I know where your father is? I don’t know what happened to the company!”

The woman didn’t get bored.

“Xueqing, why are you doing this, you help me…I’ll go, isn’t that my dad, he is here!”

This man is naturally Li Wenyang.

No, after the father was taken away last night, he didn’t come back all night.

I was urged by his mother to come to the group early this morning to ask.

He can’t find the way.

I heard that Jiang Xueqing had been to the group headquarters several times, so she called her to come and accompany her.

When I was discussing it, I saw my father.

“Dad, what’s wrong with you?”

After running over, seeing Dad’s face extremely ugly, he immediately asked.

“Son, you go home first. It’s nothing to do with you. It’s Young Master Sheldon who wants to see us. Go back first!”

Li Dahai said bitterly.

“Huh? Sheldon? Sheldon came to our Ping An County?”

As soon as this remark came out, Li Wenyang and Jiang Xueqing were both surprised.


Li Dahai nodded.

“Let’s go, don’t let Young Master Sheldon wait for a long time!”

Chapman said lightly.

“Yes, it’s President Chapman.” A group of people said pale.

Then went up.

“My dad must be something, I have never seen him like this! No, I have to go up and see!”

Li Wenyang said.

As for Jiang Xueqing, since the last time Xu Xin’s mother invited her to dinner, she didn’t want to talk to Li Wenyang, but at this moment, she wanted to see what Sheldon looked like.

So I agreed to go up and have a look with Li Wenyang.

Let’s talk about the investment marketing department.

It is already very lively at the moment.

Almost all the staff stood up.

Just watched the people coming and going in the whole corridor.

Moreover, all the big figures of the group, as well as all the executives, are full of standing in the corridor at this moment.

No one knows what happened?

No one dared to ask what’s going on?

All in all they looked at in surprise.

At this time the elevator door opened.

Chapman and the others led a few people towards the printing room.

“Look, look, he is General Manager Chapman, the second in command of the group, next to him is Zhao Zixing, who is also the second in command of the group, they are all here!”

“Yeah, aren’t Deputy Manager Yang and Deputy Manager Chapman behind them? What’s the matter? That seems to be Li Dahai from Hometown!”

“What happened to the company? With so many executives gathered, even the boss has come!”

“There must be something wrong, but I don’t know what happened!”

Everyone talked a lot.

Wang Meina stood watching while drinking tea.

At this time, I saw an acquaintance coming up from the elevator.

He hurriedly waved his hand softly to say hello: “Xueqing, here and here!”

“Sister Na!”

Jiang Xueqing and Li Wenyang came over.

“Why are you here? Do you know what happened? Huh? Xueqing, is this your boyfriend?”

Wang Meina smiled after seeing Li Wenyang.

“He is not my boyfriend. As for the matter, I still want to ask you guys. The executives in the headquarters have all convened. I don’t know what to do!”

“Oh, I can only wait and see!”

Wang Meina also shook her head.


Let’s talk about Sheldon’s side.

There was a knock on the door outside.

Sheldon tilted Erlang’s legs and shouted, come in.

The door opened, and Chapman, Zhao Zixing, and Li Dahai came in with them.

“Huh? What?” Wang Junsheng was taken aback.

These people in front of them are not others, they are all people involved in this incident.

Li Dahai was called.

And the leader, isn’t the boss Li and Zhao?

“This…” Wang Junsheng, Wang Osborne and Hope were dumbfounded.

“Mr. Zhao, Mr. Chapman!”

They are busy.

“Sheldon, everyone is here!”

Chapman stepped forward and said in a deep voice.


“I’m going, he is Sheldon?”

This time, the audience was shocked.

What are the expressions of Wang Junsheng and Hope who are being mentioned at the moment.

“Sheldon?” Hope’s breathing suddenly rose.

“O’ao, now that everyone is here, then Team Leader Wang, tell me, how can I sign this contract?”

Sheldon smiled faintly.


Wang Junsheng swallowed his saliva.

The brain is a little blank at the moment.

Originally, today’s things were calculated well, but what made him dream of it was that it was Sheldon who was calculated by himself.

Maybe it was all right, this calculation, the calculation has come.

Damn, who would have thought that this person was actually Sheldon?

Wang Junsheng looked at Hope in shock.

But in Hope’s eyes, how could Wang Junsheng take care of him at this moment.

Surprised: “Mr. Chapman, what do you call him? You call Sheldon, Sheldon?”

“Humph, nonsense! Go while standing!”

Chapman snorted coldly.

“Sheldon, what should I do next? This printing room is a little small for meetings!”

Zhao Zixing also came over and said.

“It’s a bit small, take them to the conference room and check this out!”

Sheldon finished.

Chapman took a group of people and left.

When she reached the door, Hope still looked at Sheldon with a complicated expression, obviously she felt incredible.

But Sheldon is not looking at her anymore.

Also got up and walked outside.

“Come out!”

The people outside immediately calmed down.

When I saw Sheldon coming out last.

Wang Meina and the others were all taken aback.

“Sheldon, come here!”

Wang Meina waved softly at Sheldon. After all, there was ticket friendship, Wang Meina and Sheldon were already pretty good.

Sheldon walked over.

At the same time, what Sheldon did not expect was that Jiang Xueqing and Li Wenyang actually came to the company.

“Sheldon? Why are you here?”

Jiang Xueqing said in surprise.

“Ah? You know, Sheldon is our colleague, he just came to work with us!”

Wang Meina said with a smile.

“Sheldon, so you worked here!”

When Jiang Xueqing saw Sheldon, apart from surprise, there was also a different kind of little emotion.

As for Li Wenyang, he was full of hatred.

“Hmph, Sister Na, then you have to let Sheldon take care of you from now on. Sheldon is our high school classmate and he has great skills!”

Li Wenyang said sourly.

“So your classmates, yes, Sheldon is indeed very capable, haha!”

“Sheldon, Sheldon, tell me, what happened inside, what happened to Wang Junsheng and the others?”

All the girls also surrounded Sheldon.

“Also, Xueqing said, Sheldon is here today, but we haven’t seen Sheldon, which one is Sheldon?” Wang Meina said.

Everyone was puzzled.

“Sheldon, everyone has gone to the meeting room? Are you there now?”

Chapman’s voice rang from behind Sheldon…

Chapter 276


Jiang Xueqing and Li Wenyang were stunned.

The staff of the entire marketing department were all dumbfounded.

“Okay, I’ll pass now!”

Sheldon responded.

“Sheldon, you, you, you are Sheldon?” Jiang Xueqing asked in surprise.

Although the last time Xu Xin’s family invited her to dinner, Xu Xin’s mother joked that Sheldon was Roston Sheldon, right?

Jiang Xueqing was shocked at the time.

But when I thought about it, how could he be so familiar with Sheldon, how could he be the top magnate Sheldon?

But now… when Chapman and President Chapman called out this name himself.

Jiang Xueqing’s brain is almost blank.

God, Sheldon is actually Sheldon?

“Hmm!” At Jiang Xueqing, he smiled and nodded.

Afterwards, Sheldon left directly in the eyes of everyone in amazement.

As for Li Wenyang, Jiang Xueqing was originally brought in to see his father. At the moment, his eyes were blank and he slumped directly on the chair.

“Let me go, Sheldon is really a rich second generation, or our boss, no wonder, he actually has so many tickets, let me just say, Sheldon’s identity is not simple, my God, but he did not expect him It’s our chairman!”

After Sheldon left, everyone in the marketing department went crazy.

“Fortunately, we didn’t offend the chairman!” Some girls were secretly afraid.

In short, the atmosphere is weird.

Everyone’s shock is beyond addtion.

The matter of Wang Junsheng and the others is naturally not a big problem.

At the moment, not only did he recruit all the things he did, but also several other department managers who had not been discovered were also confessed by them.

Most of the people from Ping’an County of Roston are making trouble.

The result of the treatment is also very simple, that is, everything is handed over to the police.

It was just that when they were captured, Hope shifted his eyes to Sheldon several times with complicated eyes, and wanted to seek help from Sheldon, but Sheldon did not respond.

The opportunity has already been given.

Since you lie to yourself by playing the emotional card, don’t blame yourself for not showing friendship!

This matter has come to an end.

“Sheldon, your birthday is four days away. How do you plan to arrange it? Mr. Sheldon also called me and said that this is your first birthday after the end of poverty. Let us spend it for you!”

Downstairs, Chapman said.

“How can I arrange it? In previous years, I celebrated my birthday by Uncle Wu and Aunt Wu. This year is no exception. I’ll still go back to my hometown. But when the time comes, you will come together. There will be more than 20 of us. It’s lively, huh!”

Sheldon smiled.

Sheldon, except for Mullen, a good brother who has grown up since childhood, to be honest, there are not many close friends.

After all, you have no money or power. Who wants to play with you?

Therefore, not many people were invited by Sheldon for this birthday party.

Chapman, Zhao Zixing and others, then Bren, Danna and others, and Mullensu Ting.

These people who often play together are also very good.

It is too public, and Sheldon is not willing.

After the agreement was made, Sheldon packed his things and was about to return to town.

As for Zhao Zixing, his face was very ugly.

Chapman had seen it a long time ago, and now he asked, “Old Zhao, did you have something that you didn’t tell Sheldon?”

Zhao Zixing scratched his head anxiously: “I told you about Sheldon’s birthday in four days! But Sheldon said he should keep it low-key?”

“What? Did you notify me all too?” Chapman was also taken aback…

At five o’clock in the afternoon, Sheldon took a taxi and headed back to the town.

The current Sheldon can indeed go back swaggering and sending off the team is not a problem.

However, it is not clear to Uncle Wu and his family that he is Sheldon.

If you go back in this way, the first one is too public, and Sheldon doesn’t like this feeling very much.

The second thing is to make it clear to Uncle Wu’s family that the money he paid for the treatment of Uncle Wu last time, as well as his own identity, after all, now there is nothing to hide from the two elderly people!

So now when he returns to his hometown, Sheldon should keep a low profile.

I saw that paving stones were being carried out all the way.

Sheldon knew that his town would also start to develop.

“Boy, is your home in this town?”

The driver is a middle-aged person, chatting very enthusiastically, so he smiled.

Sheldon nodded.

“Congratulations, young man, your entire township is going to develop and run factories. Almost all of you will be able to take up land. Not only do you have to allocate houses, you also pay for the demolition and relocation, and how many job opportunities are provided! You look like a man. College students, there are so many opportunities to go back to their hometown for development!”

“Yes, that’s good!”

Talking all the way, Sheldon’s hometown soon arrived.

Said to be in the town, in fact, Sheldon’s home is in a small village in the town.

Belongs to the village in the town.

In the village, many households open mills, doing business such as tofu skin and tofu.

In the past, when I visited the village, the most attractive thing was the fragrance of beans everywhere in the air.

But when I returned to the village this time, it was obvious that the long-lost bean fragrance was much less.

“Yeah, the college students are back!”

“Why didn’t you bring your girlfriend back?”

“Sheldon, have you found a job? A college student like you can definitely find a good job, right?”

As soon as he entered the village, villagers came up to ask.

“not yet!”

Sheldon said with a smile.

“Hmph, I see, the university he went to is 80% useless! Not as good as those who drop out of school early to work!”

Some women also said contemptuously.

People are awesome.

Sheldon didn’t talk much.

Then came to the door of the house.

When I took out the key to open the door, I found out that my home lock was returned and I couldn’t open it.

“What’s the situation?”

Sheldon wondered for a while.

“Hehe, it turned out to be Sheldon, he’s back!”

At this time, a woman walked out of Uncle Wu’s house next door. It was Uncle Wu’s second daughter-in-law, Sun Yvonne.

At this moment, while eating melon seeds, he walked towards Sheldon.

“Second sister-in-law, how did someone change my lock?”

Sheldon asked with a wry smile.

Sun Yvonne, I’ve also dealt with in the hospital some time ago.

People who are very greedy for money can only take advantage, not lose money.

“O’ao, I asked me to change it, what’s wrong?”

Sun Yvonne said.

“What about the keys to my house?”

Sheldon asked.

“Hehe, what is your house? Sheldon, didn’t you know who owns this house? Hmph, I know what you are doing when you come back. Didn’t it just hear that you are going to be demolished and want to come back and share the money? I tell you, don’t think about it. Now, this house belongs to my family, and the real estate certificate is clearly written!”

Sun Yvonne’s face changed.

Of course Sheldon knew what she was talking about.

I heard my father say before.

When my parents moved here, Uncle Wu has two houses, one is their own house and the other is this one.

My parents paid for it.

Twenty years ago, to tell the truth, there was no real estate certificate in the countryside.

A simple contract was signed at that time.

Dad signed it when he was drinking with Uncle Wu.

After so many years, I didn’t know where I was put by my father.

Because no one thought that Uncle Wu’s family would think of forcibly taking the house back.

That’s it.

Sun Yvonne also heard that the house was demolished, so she wanted to hold this house into her own hands, too.

“Sheldon, you are back! Don’t listen to your second sister-in-law, this house belongs to yours, no one can take it away!”

At this time, Uncle Wu walked out after hearing the sound…

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