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Chapter 277

“Old man, what do you mean? What do you mean by their family? I’m telling you, I have consulted a lawyer. If a lawsuit is really filed, the contract you signed will not count. Anyway, the real estate certificate belongs to our family!”

Sun Yvonne said anxiously.

It seems that during this period of time there has been no less noise because of this incident, Sheldon thought.

He said that when he called Uncle Wu before, Uncle Wu was in a bad mood.

There was a quarrel.

Ha ha.

How can Sheldon fight with you even if the real estate certificate belongs to Sheldon’s house.

“Furthermore, didn’t Sheldon win the lottery? He cares about what the house is doing! Besides, I don’t know where I left the key to the door lock!”

Sun Yvonne said again.


Uncle Wu gave a cold snort and touched a big rock from the side.

“What are you doing?” Sun Yvonne ran back in shock.

Uncle Wu came to the door of the room and took a stone and slammed it.

The lock was broken directly.

He took out a new piece from his pocket.

“Sheldon uses this. I see the three of them. Who would dare to take turns to lock your house! Okay, I will go home and clean up later, come over to eat, your aunt will cook for you!”

Uncle Wu said.

“I know!”

Sheldon took it and smiled bitterly in his heart. It turns out that the second sister-in-law was not the first to lock up, and the first sister-in-law and third sister-in-law were also involved.

Sheldon smiled helplessly.

Sun Yvonne obviously flushed, and she was crying and ran back to call.

And Sheldon went home to clean up, and went to Uncle Wu’s house for dinner.

As soon as I went out, I saw several new cars parked in front of Uncle Wu’s house, the best one was a black Passat.

They are all just bought.

It seems that the eldest brother, the second elder brother, and the third elder brother are all here.

In previous years, there were a lot of dinners like this.

But this year’s taste is obviously different.

When Sheldon entered, the noise of knocking on the table inside could be heard outside the door.

“Why? This is our house, why should I give it to them?”

“Yeah, mother, I have heard that this time not only the houses to be demolished, but also the demolition funds, each of them cost hundreds of thousands. The roads have also begun to be repaired. There are mountains and other things here. Maybe You have to engage in tourism, film and television bases, etc. After this time, houses can also be worth a lot of money. They are all money!”

Wu Feng said.

“Yeah, mom, a friend of mine is also engaged in tourism investment in the town, and their home has also been demolished, and one house has changed to at least two!”

Wu Qian also said.

“That’s right, how much advantage did his Cooper Family take to our house? Besides, Sheldon won hundreds of thousands of lottery tickets. After a big deal, he divided the house and gave him a small house, but we must Take it back!”

The boss knocked on the table and said, “Wait tomorrow, I will find a relationship, and I will take the house first!”

“Big Brother, why are you looking for it, I’m not okay!”

“Yeah, I have it too, will you take it back into your name?”

The family quarreled.

At this time, Sheldon couldn’t listen anymore, so he walked in.

“Don’t fight, everyone, if you want this house, I will give it to you!”

Sheldon said.

“Sheldon, it’s okay for you, don’t talk nonsense, give it to someone, this is your house!”

Uncle Wu said coldly.

Sheldon really couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Humph, Sheldon said so, sir, don’t worry about it!”

Sister-in-law said at this time.

And Wu Qian Wu Feng them.

He glanced at Sheldon coldly.

Last time in the hospital, Sheldon accidentally slapped them all in the face.

This tone has always made the brothers and sisters very angry.

“It’s all right, Sheldon finally came back once, let’s eat first!”

The boss saw Sheldon relieved and also said.

The family just sat down.

Looking at the house affairs, the old man’s face looked terribly ugly, for fear that he would go into the hospital again.

No one mentioned it yet.

“Sheldon, did you have an internship this time, how are your work problems resolved?”

Asked the third child.

“Hmph, it seems that I haven’t found a good job. How can I find a job so easy now. If it wasn’t for my third child to drag the relationship, Wu Feng would not be able to work in the unit. Five social insurance and one housing fund were paid, and the office was squatting. , How great!”

Third sister-in-law said proudly.

“My Qianqian’s work is easier. Speaking of which, although Qianqian’s work is a bit tiring now, the potential for future development will be infinite. It is not a good thing for Wu Feng to be so comfortable at a young age!”

The second sister-in-law is also Tao.

“I didn’t find a job!”

Cooper Family.

“If you don’t find a job, you can’t do it. With the little money in your lottery, you can sit and eat? Sooner or later, you will starve to death. Besides, there is no decent job. Who looks at you!”

The second sister-in-law said coldly.

“That’s right, but mom, like Sheldon, I’m afraid it’s difficult to find a good job, but our company lacks a toilet cleaner. Last time, Aunt Li who cleaned the corridor said that their cleaning company lacked people and asked us to help find them. Looking for it, although it’s not decent, it’s a job anyway!”

Wu Qian said.

“Yeah, Qianqian was right, Sheldon, if you want to find a job, I can ask Qianqian to give some gifts to the cleaning aunt Li, so you can do some work!”

The second sister-in-law said.

“Yeah, this is absolutely fine!”

Wu Feng also agreed with a smile.

When I first met some time ago, Wu Feng and Wu Qian’s work was in preparation.

So when Sheldon used hundreds of thousands to beat them in the face, the beat still hurt.

But now, they are all engaged in work, and their knowledge is broad.

A small nouveau riche who has won some money naturally doesn’t pay attention to it.

Everyone is talking with each other.

Sheldon was sullenly eating.

At the end, I said, “My birthday will be three or four days away, and my friends will come by then. I’ll treat, let’s have a meal together!”

Sheldon invited.

“Oh, Sheldon, it’s not that we said you, just your little money, and you still learn how to celebrate other people’s birthdays. Are you comparable to them!”

“Let’s take a look at that time, and come back if we have time!”

“Yeah, I’m busy now, how can I have time for your birthday!”

“By the way, our leaders said at the meeting today, saying that there will be a big event in a few days. It is said that the leaders of the province are all here, and we all have to be responsible for the following tasks. There must be no time!”

Wu Feng said.

Wu Qian is naturally busy with things.

In short, Sheldon understands what everyone means, who has the energy to spend his birthday with him.

“Okay, come here if you are not busy and have a meal, nothing else!”

Sheldon said.

Everyone stopped talking now.

Uncle Wu Aunt Wu said: “Little Sheldon, just let your friends come, or we will give it to you, let your aunty cook!”

After hearing this, Sheldon’s heart warmed: “Okay, just let them taste Aunt Wu’s cooking skills! I’ll buy the dishes!”

Next, I have a brief chat.

The boss, the second and the third, all drove back.

Sheldon was also about to go back to sleep. At this time, Uncle Wu called out Sheldon: “Alicia, wait a minute. Uncle has something to tell you!”

Chapter 278

“Huh? Uncle Wu, what’s the matter?”

Sheldon was pulled by Uncle Wu and sat down.

“Of course it’s a good thing. When you called today, I wanted to tell you, but it’s better to tell you specifically, but it’s not easy to let your three big brothers know!”

“Huh? Then you say Uncle Wu!”

“I, when I was doing mines, there was a mine friend who has been walking around for so many years. I went to town some time ago and just happened to meet him, so I started to chat. This chat, his granddaughter About your age, you are the same age as Xiaofeng!”

“She graduated from university a year earlier than you guys, and now the family is anxious to introduce someone to her. They have good family conditions and money, so they don’t have any special requirements. They just want people to be sensible!”

“I just wanted to introduce her to you, that doll is two sisters, she is the boss!”

“So I want to discuss with you and arrange to see you two tomorrow! As for Xiaofeng, I won’t let him know! Don’t say anything!”

Uncle Wu’s thoughts Sheldon understands.

Seeing that it is difficult for me to work now, I think about finding someone for myself.

It is entirely for myself.

Just like Mullen last time.

But, Sheldon had Lilla, and the last blind date was quite unpleasant, Sheldon was all overshadowed by those two women, so he was very repelled!

“Uncle Wu, no need, I have something to talk about, thank you!”

Sheldon smiled.

“What’s the matter? You talk about you. If you should meet, you will meet, and it may not be possible. Just know a girl!”

Uncle Wu said.

This scene is almost the same as when Mullen last time.

That’s it for you.

Sheldon can’t say that I have money, so don’t introduce this to me.

It’s not to refuse, nor is it to promise.

But in any case, whether it is Mullen or Wu Uncle, they are really good for themselves, Sheldon is sure.

I really don’t want to disappoint Uncle Wu.

Sheldon nodded and agreed, “Okay, I will check it out tomorrow!”

“Okay, I’ll call him now!”

Uncle Wu happily went to call, and came back happily before long.

“Okay, okay, the girl over there happens to be fine tomorrow, so she said she was going to meet and no one followed. This is the phone number. You will call someone in a while, specifically where you two will go to play tomorrow. It’s up to you, her mouth is sweeter! Her name is Wang Min, and her parents are teachers, so her character must be correct!”

Uncle Wu said happily.

“Okay, I’ll fight when I go back!”

Sheldon nodded.

After chatting with Uncle Wu for a while.

Sheldon went home.

After thinking about it, I made a call.

“Hey, who are you looking for?”

A girl came over there.

“My name is Sheldon, are you Wang Min? Uncle Wu introduced me to call you!”

This is the first time Sheldon called someone like this. He wanted to be more open and generous, but he was still a little cautious.

“O’ao, I know.”

Wang Min said, and then waited for Sheldon to speak.

“Are you busy?” Sheldon asked.

“I’m fine, just say it!”

“Where did you go to junior high school? One or two?”

Sheldon frantically looked for topics.

“I’m in the second middle school, how about you?”

“I’m in a middle school! Well, do you have time tomorrow? There is a new dico in town. Let’s meet there and have a chat?”

Sheldon didn’t know what he was talking about, so he just ordered directly.


“Well, you rest early!”


Then both sides hung up the phone.

After hanging up the phone, Sheldon still felt a little guilty.

I feel a little sorry for Lilla.

But then I thought about it again, I didn’t take it seriously, it was okay to see each other!

And the other side.

In the room, Wang Min hung up the phone and was removing makeup.

Her sister Wang Xiao was lying on the bed and eavesdropping: “Hey, sister, you are going to meet tomorrow! By the way, what is his name? Do you know him?”

“His name is Sheldon, and he can read it in Junior High, but I always feel familiar with this name, as if I have heard it somewhere!”

Wang Min said while removing his makeup.

Both sisters belong to the kind of pretty good ones.

Wang Xiao said, “You stupid sister, he is one grade younger than you, and then he is in No. 1 Middle School. You can ask someone to ask the younger students in No. 1 Middle School, don’t you know?”

“That’s right, let me find out!”

Then Wang Min started calling.

I made several telephone consultations with school girls.

After the result of the consultation.

Wang Min’s face turned pale.

“I’ll go, what kind of person did Grandpa introduce me to!”

Wang Min was anxious.

“Ah? Sister, what’s the matter?”

“Sister, you don’t know. This Sheldon is a famously poor student in No. 1 High School. His family is too poor. Both his parents and sisters have gone out to work. Moreover, when he was in junior high school, Sheldon was always bullied. No wonder he has graduated from university now, and I heard that he hasn’t found a job yet. His family is poor and he will definitely not find a good job!”

Wang Min said.

“I’m going, what can I do then? You promised everyone? And you can’t get past Grandpa!”

My sister also said.

“I don’t care. Even if I don’t find someone, I will never talk to this person. My god, if my classmates and girlfriends know that I am in love with this famous poor student, I guess they can laugh to death!”

Wang Min worried.

After all, little girls are very important to public opinion.

Everyone wants to find a boyfriend that everyone praises. The more you praise the girl, the sweeter the heart.

But Sheldon is like this…Oh, let’s not talk about it!

You have to find your mother quickly.

Then Wang Min called his mother.

Let’s talk about Sheldon’s situation.

Her mother is also a little embarrassed.

“Oh, this can’t work. I’m dealing with someone else. Isn’t this saying that my daughter can’t get married and just find someone? This is not good, just refuse it!”

Mother said.

“But Mom, you know the temper of grandpa. Grandpa loves face the most. If he loses face in front of his friends, grandpa probably can’t afford to eat and sleep. Why can’t my father worry about you again?”

Wang Xiao said.

“Oh, it’s so good, or Minmin, you will meet him tomorrow, and you will come back if you refuse him directly!”

Mother said.

“But, I’m afraid to see my classmates!” Wang Min said.

Before, Wang Min hadn’t thought of this, but now, Wang Min is very concerned, what if he is seen by friends and classmates?

“What about this? You don’t want to go!”

Mom is also anxious.

“But Mom, I have a way. Let my sister go. My sister will be two years younger than her, and my sister has a very hearty personality. It’s better to refuse!”

My mother said, “That’s fine, Wang Xiao, you can go there for your sister. Anyway, your mother can’t talk about you!”

Wang Xiao said: “It’s alright, but you can give me a little bit more for my sister’s pocket money after school starts!”

“no problem!”

The family said with a smile and agreed.

Wang Xiao secretly said, “Hmph, the toad wants to eat swan meat. Looking at tomorrow, I won’t let him die ashamed of himself. I am not Wang Xiao! Hmph!”

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