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Chapter 279:

Dirk’s Embarrassment
the next day.

Because there was also a blind date arranged by Uncle Wu, although Sheldonming knew that there would be no results, since he had already agreed to Uncle Wu, Sheldon still prepared a bit, and then went to the Dicos early.

Unexpectedly when I went.

I saw a girl sitting in a position, drinking Coke, with chicken wings and french fries in front of her eyes, with her white legs dangling, as if waiting for someone.

Isn’t it her?

Sheldon secretly said in his heart.

After that, just watch the girl put down the French fries, tsk tsk tsk mouth, hold the phone and press.

At the same time, Sheldon sent a text message from Wang Min:

“Are you here yet?”

Sheldon said in his heart that she was indeed this girl.

At first glance, it looks pretty pretty.

So Sheldon walked over and sat down.

“You…what are you doing?” The girl was obviously taken aback.

Looked at Sheldon blankly.

“Are you here for a blind date?” Sheldon asked.

“Dear friends, you are sick, this one!” The girl looked at Sheldon with some fear.

“Ah? You are not Wang Min? Didn’t you just send me the text message?” Sheldon was also a little confused.

“I don’t know Wang Min. I was sending a Instagram message to my boyfriend just now, OK?” the girl said.

“Sorry, I made a mistake!”

Sheldon stood up with embarrassment.

I wiped it out, I knew it would be nice to make a phone call.

Also preparing to make a call.

He was patted on the shoulder.

Looking back, she was a beautiful woman with the same delicate appearance.

Looking at Sheldon with big eyes blinking: “Are you Sheldon? Come to meet you?”

The girl asked slightly contemptuously.

“Hmm, I am. Are you?”

“Wang Xiao!”


“Wang Xiao’s sister, Wang Min, is me!”

Wang Xiao hurried to cover.

“Hmph, did you admit to the wrong person just now?” Wang Xiao said with a sneer.

Really, when she came in just now, she happened to see that scene.

It’s really broken.

Therefore, Wang Xiao just watched by the side and didn’t say hello in the past. It felt so embarrassing.

I thought this person could really do it.

But, after thinking about it, I would dismiss this guy in less than five minutes, so Wang Xiao wanted to hurry up and finish the sister’s affairs.

Sheldon and Wang Xiao sat face to face.

Sheldon just glanced at Wang Xiao, and felt that this girl was nothing but pretty.

Wang Xiao was staring at Sheldon and looking up and down.

I thought this Sheldon was handsome and handsome, and if his family conditions were better, he could really be his own brother-in-law.

But it’s a pity that he is so poor, how could his sister deserve it.

In fact, if it weren’t for the forced marriage of grandpa, do you really think your sister is worried about finding someone?

There are more people chasing my sister Wang Min, but Wang Min looks down on it!

“Well, I know your situation too. You haven’t found a job yet, right? That means you have no source of income! Also, I heard that you bought a house in Ping’an County, but my job has been transferred to Roston. The city is gone. In other words, it won’t be long before I go to work in Roston City. How do you plan on housing?”

Wang Xiao asked.

I thought it would be better to go directly to the topic.

“O’ao, in the case of Roston, I have a house!”

“What? Do you have a house in Roston? How big?”

Wang Xiao asked curiously.

“I really don’t know how old it is, and I haven’t lived there once or twice, haha!” Sheldon laughed.

Sheldon, look at this girl, she doesn’t seem to be on a blind date at all.

Plus I don’t want to go on a blind date.

So now he was provocative, thinking about fooling the matter over.

“Bah, what’s the pretense? If you really have a house, don’t you want to live in it?” Wang Xiao said coldly.

“I really do, but I just don’t have time to live. Besides, I am not used to living alone on the top of a mountain. It is for me and my future wife!”

Sheldon said with a smile.

“fu*k, on the top of the mountain, wouldn’t you show people the woods? They gave you a small house?”

Wang Xiao was even more contemptuous.

“Do you have a car? I tell you, I’m going to work in Roston. I won’t take a car with less than 300,000 dollar!” Wang Xiao said again.

“There are cars too, but they are parked under the mountain!”

“Under the mountain, what car?”

“A Lamborghini!” Sheldon said.

“Bah! Damn, are you sick? Sheldon!” Wang Xiao couldn’t stand it anymore.

Originally, Wang Xiao thought that Sheldon would not really have a car and a house in Roston.

As a result, this guy was bragging.

I’m afraid he doesn’t know his own sister and his sister, right?

“What I said is true. I didn’t lie to you at all. I can’t help you if you don’t believe me!”

Sheldon shrugged helplessly.

This is not a serious blind date. Uncle Wu asks later and he has something to answer.

“Let me tell you directly, you are like this, our family will not look at you. I thought you were honest with no money, but you can consider giving you a chance to show it, but now, forget it, you Trash!”

Wang Xiao cursed.

I immediately thought of getting up and going.

But once I thought, shit, I came early today and put on makeup.

After the result came, he drank a sip of water, and Sheldon left with anger.

This is too bad.

Mainly, I have to understand my sister’s affairs.

If you let Grandpa know, listen to him say a few words, and walk away by himself, you will definitely be angry with Grandpa.

What’s more, grandpa didn’t even know that he was replacing his sister.

So I was afraid that Sheldon would talk nonsense to his Uncle Wu after he returned.

The intention is still to let Sheldon retreat when he is in trouble.

“Are you not leaving?” Sheldon asked in surprise as she watched her sit down again.

“Who said I’m leaving? I haven’t eaten early in the morning. I want to eat. Besides, we met for the first time today. Are you not allowed to treat me?”

Wang Xiao said with her arms folded.

“Oh, that’s okay!” Sheldon secretly said, why is it so difficult.

“I want to eat hamburgers, I want to eat French fries, chicken wings, and fried chicken pizza. I want to eat these!” Wang Xiao said.

“You eat so much?”

Sheldon was shocked.

“Just say you please do not please?”

“Okay, please!”

I ordered these things and brought them to Wang Xiao.

Watching her eating.

Sheldon was thinking about how to make her hate herself and walk away.

It’s also good to go back for business.

It can be said that now they both have their own ideas.

And it is exactly this time.

“Hey, it’s really you? I was outside just now and looked like you!”

Two boys and two girls came from outside and took a picture of Wang Xiao who was eating a burger.

Wang Xiao was taken aback.

“You… why are you here?”

Wang Xiao blushed and said hurriedly.

Chapter 280

“Isn’t it a coincidence that I also came over to eat, Alexandrao, who is this person?”

A boy suddenly looked at Cooper Family.

“O’ao, he is my friend, if you have something, go eat first!”

When Wang Xiao heard it, he called out his name.

Terribly nervous.

These people are not bystanders, they are all their own junior high school classmates, and they are all studying in the same place. I didn’t expect to be afraid of meeting or encountering them today. I actually met them.

“Don’t tell me Alexandrao, you can tell us quickly, what kind of friend is this? And, I have ordered so many delicious foods for you, we must know!”

Several people said excitedly.

“Xiao Xiao? Isn’t your name Wang Min?” Sheldon asked suspiciously.

“Wang Min? That’s Xiao Xiao’s sister. Hmm? What’s the matter? You don’t know Wang Xiao, so what are you doing?”

Afterwards, these people were all a little dazed.

“Sheldon, shut up!”

Wang Xiao stood up nervously.

Then he took a few people aside.

It seemed to explain to them.

As for Sheldon, he also understood something later.

I remember Uncle Wu said that Wang Min has a younger sister who is two or three years younger than her.

Is it possible that this Wang Xiao is Wang Min’s younger sister?

Today, Wang Min did not come for a blind date, but sent her sister?

Wipe, I said, she doesn’t have any sincerity on the blind date.

Come up and ask these tricky questions about the RV.

Afterwards, Wang Xiao came back with them.

At this moment, Wang Xiao’s face was dark: “Yes, Sheldon, my name is Wang Xiao, and Wang Min is my sister, but do you know why my sister asked me to come? That is deliberately let me test you, because since my grandfather and After my sister said it, my sister was very serious, but you disappointed me too much today, and you are full of nonsense. Just now, I have told my friends what you said to me, and they can all testify , You brag!”

“Moreover, the conditions in your family are more difficult than we thought, right?”

Wang Xiao put the blame on Sheldon and said.

“That’s right, it turned out to be on a blind date. Hey, I said this brother, do you know how beautiful our sister Wang Min is? You still want to be with our sister Wang Min!?”

A boy said coldly.

“Huh, Sister Wang Min at that time was directly the school girl of our second high school. What about you, you are just a joke in the first high school. Look at it now. You play the emotional card of the older generation and let the elders of both sides be the matchmaker, but you Have you ever thought, if Sister Wang Min really stayed with you, what would you do to feed her?”

A girl also said: “Don’t talk about anything else, just talk about the bag I am carrying now. There are thousands of them. Sister Wang Min must be better. How do you buy it?”

The girls scolded one after another.

“My dear, I like the watch you wear better. This watch costs more than 10,000, so you can have a face when you go out!”

The other girl intimately took the arm of the other boy.

The watch on his wrist was revealed.

Then he looked at Sheldon and said, “Sheldon, don’t you wear a watch when you go out? Don’t you know that nowadays boys wearing watches are a sign of maturity? Even if you can’t afford such a good one, you’re worth tens of dollars. Can you always wear one?”

“That’s right, you want to go on a blind date with Sister Minmin just like that?”

They seem to have discussed it well.

All came for Sheldon.

All that was said was some money worship.

Sheldon didn’t know how many of these little kids, this way of showing off their wealth, Sheldon had encountered.

But it’s not enough to slap them in the face.

At the moment, since people deliberately didn’t want them to deal with Wang Min, they just responded to their own wishes.

Sheldon just wanted to slip away.

But this time.

The boys and girls who were mocking Sheldon stopped talking, but all looked outside with a little astonishment.

Because two WISP motorcycles stopped, three men and a woman got out of the car.

It seems that I came to Dicos to eat too.

“fu*k, Wang Xiao, look at it, it’s that bitch Xie Li!”

“Damn, Shelly didn’t deal with you when we were in junior high school, and it was a coincidence that you two entered the same university, and you beat her again some time ago and told her to see you. “

“That tall guy is her boyfriend, who is a social gangster, so awesome! Alexandrao, you hurry up and hide!”

Several people were nervous at the same time.

“Hmph, why should I hide, why should I be afraid of her, I don’t believe she dares to do to me!”

At the moment, Wang Xiao didn’t have the time to pay attention to Sheldon, but instead looked at Xie Li who came in at the door with a hug on his shoulders.

Does Wang Xiao have a grudge with that girl?

It seems that there will be a fight later, what are you doing here? It’s embarrassing!

So Sheldon wanted to leave.

“Damn, it’s really a narrow road, Wang Xiao, you are here!”

Xie Li also saw Wang Xiao at a glance.

At the moment, he said smugly.

“Brother Fei, it’s this woman, did you know that in college, she was backed by a man who liked her, and when I quarreled with her, she actually slapped me!”

Shelly told the whole story immediately.

As for Wang Xiao, he didn’t give too much, and was extremely jealous when he saw Xie Li.

There was a quarrel.

Sheldon can be regarded as listening almost.

It seems that when Xie Li and Wang Xiao were in junior high school, the relationship was quite good, but because of the junior high school, the two girls also liked a boy who studied well in the class.

At that time in junior high school, everyone knew that in the rebellious period, if you rob a boyfriend, girls are more cruel than boys.

Because Wang Xiao was the teacher’s daughter, she was quite famous, and she was not too good-behaved, so she recognized a lot of brothers and sisters.

Xie Li also knows many god sisters in society.

So the original girlfriends turned their backs, and made appointments through the live webcast platform.

Since then, this Liangzi has been settled.

Until at the university, Wang Xiao had a very strong rich second generation chasing her.

So I found the fault and beat Shelly, and bullied Shelly.

When I returned home this summer vacation, Xie Li obviously wanted to retaliate against Wang Xiao.

“Don’t worry Lily, it’s this woman, huh, you slap him now, I see who dares to move! My name, Liu Fei, should you all have heard of it?”

Liu Fei laughed.

These three little ruffians are two or three years younger than Sheldon. Then, their hairstyles and dressing are also very personal. In short, they are very social.

But everyone is skinny like something.

Sheldon didn’t have the time to mix things up with them.

So he was ready to go.

“I tell you, you dare to hit me, believe it or not I call Yang Qiang?”

Wang Xiao cursed.

Then I saw that Sheldon wanted to leave, and even cursed: “fu*k, Sheldon, I really persuaded you. I am not afraid of a girl. What are you afraid of? They are beating me and not beating you. !”

The contempt in my heart now becomes more intense.

“I have something to do, I have no time to accompany you!” Who counsels, just don’t want to care.

“Okay, then you call for Liu Fei’s insight. I also tell you that my brother is also a gangster in Roston, so he ganged out from our town. His name is Liu Yang. You can try if you have the kind. Try, who is afraid of whom? In addition, if you have nothing to do with you, you can get me off!” Liu Fei sneered.

But when Sheldon walked to the door, he suddenly stopped when he heard the words.

Then he turned around with one hand in his pocket and patted Liu Fei on the shoulder: “Brother, who did you say your brother is?”

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