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Chapter 281

“My brother is Liu Yang. He was in the first middle school. Why are you scared? If you’re afraid, let me go quickly, or else my brother will come back and kill you all!”

Liu Fei stretched his neck domineeringly.

“I’m going to your mother!”

Sheldon’s eyes reddened, and he kicked Liu Fei’s stomach directly when he raised his leg. He threw himself directly on the ground and wailed.

Sheldon, even though he doesn’t look too strong, he has strength. In the past, he and Mullen were both good at fighting.

It’s just that Mullen fought a lot, Sheldon only fought for Mullen once.

Anyway, the hands, arms and legs are very strong.

When he heard that his brother was Liu Yang from No. 1 Middle School, Sheldon became angry.

Plus now Sheldon doesn’t care at all.

Touched the guy, and smashed at the two.

All three of them belonged to the skin and bones, so they were naturally beaten madly by Sheldon.

Wang Xiao was almost dumbfounded.

At the same time, I feel that Sheldon is a little handsome at this moment!

“Sheldon, help me kill them!”

Wang Xiao shouted.

As for Shelly, there was a fight between the two sides.

He directly touched a vase on the side and smashed it towards Wang Xiao.

The two girls also fought each other.

Sheldon’s shot this time was really cruel.

The eyes are almost red.

Who is that Liu Yang?

It can be said that it is the devil in Sheldon’s heart. It is hard to eliminate the self-blame in Sheldon’s heart for many years.

Yes, Liu Yang was the one who called for a girl to stop Sheldon and beat him when he was in junior high school.

Relying on the wealth and power of the family and many younger brothers,

After school, he beat Sheldon.

That afternoon, Mullen ran over, and then Sheldon and Mullen beat a dozen of them.

They all hold stool legs or something.

Smashed Sheldon into the corner.

At that time, Mullen took out the knife…

After that incident, if it were to be forgotten, Sheldon would not hate it so much.

Afterwards, Mullen’s home was smashed by Liu Yang’s father. Mullen’s father was originally the driver of the big car, but because of impulsiveness, the group of people broke his leg when he smashed the house. Up.

Later, Mullen went to the vocational school and was beaten by someone led by Liu Yang, who was in the vocational school.

Fortunately, Li laughed when the society recognized a brother, and learned how to repair a car for that person, before he had a back.

That’s why Sheldon’s eyes reddened.

This kid wants Liu Yang to come back and kill someone, he is looking for him!

As soon as the nameless fire comes up, it doesn’t matter how many things are going on!

“Oh, my legs!”

At this time, I heard Wang Xiao shout.

It turned out that she kicked the broken vase standing on the ground and cut her calf.

As for Shelly, as soon as the movement became louder, Dicos’ manager also called the police.

Don’t dare to do it.

Then they ran away with Liu Fei, who was holding his stomach.

As for the classmates of Wang Xiao just now, I didn’t know where they had slipped.

“Sheldon, you can help me go to the hospital to get a bag. If you leave a scar, it will be over!”

At this time, Wang Xiao could only ask Sheldon for help.

After all, she still felt that Sheldon was helping her fight.

What a trouble!

Sheldon cursed secretly in his heart.

I used to help Wang Xiao and went to a clinic next to him to bandage.

Fortunately, the injury was not too serious, it was just a stroke.

As for Wang Xiao, lying halfway on the hospital bed at the moment, the corners of his mouth curled up and looked at Sheldon, with a hint of curiosity in his eyes.


Wang Xiao suddenly smiled.

“What are you laughing at?” Sheldon said lightly.

“Oh, I really missed you today. I asked. When you were in junior high school, you were often bullied. And when I see you now, I feel like you are a very honest, even stupid person, you know. Huh!”

“Hehe, but I didn’t expect that you were so anxious. The three of them didn’t even have the power to fight back, and you didn’t know how ruthless you were just now, that expression was so manly!”

Wang Xiao also touched Sheldon with his foot.

Yes, Wang Xiao really took a look at Sheldon, and at this moment there was a touch of emotion in his heart.

Girls, I like guys who are very manly, especially those who become manly to protect themselves.

Isn’t Sheldon that way?

“There are things you don’t understand, I don’t usually do this!”

Sheldon said.

“I know, I can see it!”

Wang Xiao pouted.

“Okay, you can go home by yourself when you are alright, I have to go back again!”

Sheldon turned and wanted to leave.

“Why are you going back?”

Wang Xiao said hurriedly.

“Smashed so many tables and chairs, no compensation!”

Cooper Family.

“Hey, wait for Sheldon! I have something to say!”

“What else do you have?”

“I want to say, Sheldon, you are very nice!”

Wang Xiao said seriously.

Ha ha.

With a wry smile, Sheldon left directly.

“This guy, when I first met him, he didn’t feel that way, but now, how can he give people a sense of aura?”

Wang Xiao looked at Sheldon’s back and muttered.

But thinking of the scene where Sheldonlped him fight just now, Wang Xiao smiled sweetly.

It was almost noon when Wang Xiao returned home.

Fortunately, the parents are not at home.

Only sister is here.

“Why didn’t it take so long to come back? I called you and turned it off. Didn’t it take 20 minutes?”

Sister Wang Min asked immediately.

But seeing my sister limping, with gauze still tied to her calf, she was taken aback for an instant:

“Sister, what’s the matter with you? Did you fight with someone?”

“Yeah, sister, with that Shelly, she led someone to stop me!”

Wang Mindao.

“Huh, that little bitch, what is it, then… what about that poor dick? Have you seen it?”

Wang Min asked about Sheldon again.

“Sister, why are you calling Sheldon to be so cruel? You haven’t contacted them before, why are you so mean?”

Wang Xiao was a little uncomfortable.

It is really uncomfortable.

Because when she thinks that a person is good, others insult him, even her sister, will make Wang Xiao feel bad.

“I’m going, what’s the matter with you? Did you see him? How is he? Isn’t he handsome? Isn’t he low? Isn’t he an ugly monster?”

Wang Mindao.

“I don’t know, I’m tired, I want to go back to my room to rest, I will never take care of your affairs in the future!”

Wang Xiao went back to the room unhappy.

“What’s wrong? This is?”

Wang Min looked at his sister’s attitude towards him, and was really puzzled.

Let’s talk about Sheldon.

Go back to Dicos and clean the tail.

It happened that Uncle Wu called to ask how the talk was going.

Sheldon went back and said, and then went back to Uncle Wu’s house.

But just arrived at the door.

I saw Wu Qian standing at the door, as if waiting for someone.

After seeing Sheldon, she walked towards Sheldon:

“Damn, waited so long for you to come back, come here, I will tell you something…”

Chapter 282

“What’s the matter?”

Sheldon asked.

Wu Qian said, “Do you have time tomorrow?”

“What are you doing? I might go shopping for groceries tomorrow!”

The day after tomorrow is my birthday. Let Auntie Wu cook, she can’t let Auntie Wu pay to buy it again. Sheldon wants to buy it himself.

“Hmph, you have eaten my grandparents’ house these days. What kind of food do you buy? Oo, yes, the day after tomorrow, right? I forgot about your birthday, right? Now, there is a good thing waiting for you, you put other things aside!”

“You still have good things waiting for me?” Sheldon gave a wry smile.

Although she grew up with Wu Qian, it is precisely because of this that Wu Qian has been unfriendly to Sheldon since she was a child.

This is true even now.

Their brothers and sisters played tricks on Sheldon.

But Sheldon, when I was young, I hated Wu Qian and the others. Now, even if Wu Qian is sometimes ridiculed, she is only a little angry.

Generally, I don’t care too much about Wu Qian.

It’s all the face of Uncle Wu and Aunt Wu.

“Huh, what do you mean? I don’t know what is good or bad. I tell you, tomorrow we are going to the hot spring scenic spot in Xiaoquan Town, and I want to call you a piece! After you come back, I haven’t taken you to play well. Well, now Koizumi Town has developed tourism, and it’s fine over there now!”

Wu Qian said.

“So good? Take me to play?”

Koizumi Town is the town of Rochelle.

Surrounded by mountains and rivers, there are indeed hot springs.

And it is also one of the focuses of this development.

Sheldon wanted to play too.

But Wu Qian’s sudden invitation made Sheldon quite surprised.

“Nonsense, just say whether you want to go or not? It’s up to you to eat and drink!”

Wu Qian hugged her shoulders proudly.

Sheldon shook his head: “Forget it, thank you, I’m not going!”

“Ah? What are you?” Wu Qian didn’t expect Sheldon to reject her.

According to Sheldon’s nature, shouldn’t he be honoured and frightened?

“Xiaoqian, is Sheldonre? Huh? Why don’t you go in when you come back, hurry up, lunch is ready, come over for dinner, and talk about the progress of this incident by the way?”

Uncle Wu came out at this time and greeted Sheldon and Wu Qian to go in.

As a result, Wu Qian was cold and still.

“What’s the matter, Xiaoqian? Who provokes you little aunt and grandma again!” Uncle Wu smiled bitterly.

“Huh, who else can it be, Sheldon!”

“Nonsense, how could Sheldon mess with you?”

“That’s right, I kindly asked him to go to Koizumi Town to play today. As a result, Sheldon didn’t appreciate it at all. He said he would not go!”

Wu Qian said.

“Haha, Sheldon, if it’s true, you can go play with Xiaoqian, Xiaoqian may want to play with you, the hot spring scenic spot over there is very nice, you can go and chant!”

Uncle Wu didn’t think there was anything, he felt that his granddaughter was opening up.

Seeing them live in harmony, Uncle Wu was too happy to be too late.

“Well, I will go tomorrow!”

Sheldonard Uncle Wu say so, so he didn’t say anything.


Wu Qianbai took a look at Sheldon and then went in.

Because I was going out to play tomorrow, I might not have time to buy some vegetables, so Sheldon went to the town supermarket to buy a batch that afternoon.

Waited until early the next morning.

Wu Qian led him out to play again.

Wu Qian drove a Passat, which was his father’s.

Carrying Sheldon and heading towards Xiaoquan Town.

Of course Sheldon would not take the co-pilot.

I feel a little bored in the car.

So I opened the window to get some breath.

Unexpectedly, the window just dropped and rose again.

At first glance, it was Wu Qian who lifted the car window there.

Oh shit! This damn girl!

Sheldon cursed inwardly, this time only a little bit.

Then let Wu Qian rise up again.

“What are you doing?”

Sheldon was speechless.

“Hmph, I still want to ask you, I have a car window open in front of me, why do I have to open it!? What if dust comes in? Have you ever been in a car?”

Wu Qian contemptuously said.

At this time, Wu Qian’s cell phone rang.

“Okay, Lin Yue, I will drive over to pick you up right away. You are waiting for me, um, didn’t you tell you last night? The person is ready, and when we go to the mountain to go hiking, he will help us with our luggage. Just keep going, you can concentrate on chasing your brother Yu Qiang, see the ignorant guy!”

“Okay, see you later, my boyfriend, my boyfriend has a car, he has already set off, and we will make a good match between you and Yu Qiang later, see you later, okay!”

After speaking, Wu Qian hung up the phone.

Sheldon finally knows what happened to Wu Qian?

“You said to take me to play, is to let me get your backpack? I rely on!”

Sheldon said angrily.

“Ah, what are you in a hurry? What’s wrong with taking a backpack? I won’t die. Besides, what are you afraid of if you are invited to dinner today? In addition, I will tell you Sheldon, my girlfriend is chasing the person she likes today, you Pay attention to your attitude. Today, we are all supporting actors. My best friend and Yu Qiang are the protagonists!”

Wu Qian said again.

If it weren’t for getting in the car, Uncle Wu took the two out, and Sheldon would want to leave.

But since I agreed, it’s not good not to.

So there was no answer.

Wu Qian glanced at the rearview mirror and smiled triumphantly: “Sheldon, you look angry. You wouldn’t be angry if you asked you to carry more things before. I know why you are angry now. When I was in elementary school, I told you that it’s impossible for us! Don’t even think about it!”

When they were in elementary school, Wu Qian and Wu Feng and their siblings were all from their hometown.

They only went to the county when they were in junior high school.

At that time they were very young, of course it was Sheldon, Mullen and Wu Qian who went to school together.

Wu Qian, she looks pretty good, anyway, she was the goddess in the eyes of a few boys at the time, and when she played house, she rushed to be Wu Qian’s husband.

For this reason, Mullen has not yet been fighting with Sheldon for Wu Qian.

Of course those are very small things, know what a shit!

And Wu Qian obviously still feels that Sheldon has always liked herself.

He felt that he had found a boyfriend when he said it, and he must be unhappy in his heart.

She knew Sheldon’s temperament.

And Sheldon turned his head out of the window, too lazy to talk to her.

Soon, Wu Qian went to pick up her best friend Lin Yue.

Lin Yue is also very beautiful.

I seemed to have met since elementary school.

Unexpectedly, I haven’t seen each other for so long, and they are all so beautiful.

Tall and thin, with excellent build.

As soon as she got into the car, she glanced at Sheldon, and obviously felt that Sheldon was familiar.

But he didn’t say hello, and handed his bag to Sheldon:

“Hey, I have sunscreen and cosmetics in my bag. I have to use it anytime. When I play, you have to help me get it!”


Sheldon nodded impatiently.

Then I heard Wu Qian and Lin Yue chatting on the road.

It was all about Lin Yue and Yu Qiang that she wanted to pursue today.

Soon, the car came to the door of the hot spring tourist attraction.

At this moment, there are already two handsome boys waiting.

“Qianqian, Lin Yue, here and here!”

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