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Chapter 283

The two boys greeted.

Wu Qian and Lin Yue led Sheldon with a big bag and a small bag.

“Why did you come here? Qianqian, yes, I really found a good person, okay, it seems we can have a good time today, brother, thanks for your hard work!”

A boy went up and hugged Wu Qian’s waist, then looked at Sheldon and smiled.

The other one took out a Xiaosu and wanted to pass it to Sheldon.

“Yu Qiang, what are you doing for him? He doesn’t smoke. Besides, even if he smokes, he can’t smoke so well!”

Wu Qian said.

“His name is Sheldon, the guy I mentioned to you before. Let him take the bag for us today, and just give him a meal at noon!”

Wu Qian took the boy’s hand again and said, “Sheldon, the one who gave you the cigarette is Yu Qiang. Both parents work at the county water conservancy bureau. This is my boyfriend Wang Hao. The family is a factory owner!”

Especially after introducing Wang Hao.

Wu Qian paid special attention to Sheldon’s expression.

I want to see how he looks when I find such a capable boyfriend.

Unexpectedly, Sheldon just nodded.

As for Wang Haoyuqiang and the two of them, it was obvious that they were simply polite to Sheldon just now.

To be honest, both of them are pretty dull and defiant.

How did you get it?

Because after they gave Sheldon a backpack, they went to buy water.

Only four bottles were bought.

Obviously he didn’t take himself seriously.

But think about it and forget it. Today, I’m going out to enjoy the mountains and water by myself, when the four of them don’t exist.

Besides, Wu Qian is here, what can I do?

“Hey Wang Hao, why are there so many people in the hot spring scenic spot today? And there are so many lights and festoons, what are you doing?”

Wu Qian asked curiously.

“I just discussed this with Yu Qiang. There are so many people today. It seems that the staff are busy inside. This battle seems to be a big event, especially the hot spring hotel inside. I just asked I got a security guard. It’s said that some big bosses in Roston have taken the big hotel to a big event tomorrow! Many big people are here! Why, you Xiaogu Town is so close to Xiaoquan Town, haven’t you heard?”

Wang Hao said.

“I haven’t heard of it! But don’t care, let’s go in and play with us!”

“That’s OK, let’s go!”

After a few people discussed it.

We went to buy tickets together.

The fare at this township level is not too expensive. Fifty sheets.

When Sheldon and the others arrived at the ticket gate, they saw several people cursing there.

Obviously arguing with the conductor.

“Why are today’s tickets not sold anymore? Four or five of us are here. You said that if you don’t sell them, you won’t sell them?”

A headed girl said coldly.

This team consists of three women and two men.

“Yes, your official website only publishes news now, we are all here, okay!”

“I’m really sorry, we also received a temporary notice 15 minutes ago. Starting today and tomorrow, the scenic spot will no longer be open to tourists, because there are many activities to be arranged on site!”

The staff explained patiently.

“The tourists who went in just now, I haven’t seen you chase them out, anyway, I don’t care, just 15 minutes of things, you can let us in too!”

“Really sorry……”

It was so stalemate.

“Let me clean, the scenic spot was closed just now, damn, I knew that I had bought the tickets when Yu Qiang and I came here!”

“Then Wang Hao, what should we do now?”

Wu Qian said disappointedly.

“Hehe, let’s do it, I’ll call my dad and let him start a relationship to try!”

Wang Hao took out his cell phone and said.

And Yu Qiang also said: “Let me call my dad too, my dad knows the deputy manager here!”

“Hmm, Yu Qiang, I believe you!”

After speaking, both of them called.

Wu Qian took a tissue and wiped the sweat from Wang Hao’s forehead.

“Give me my bag!”

Lin Yue took a look and hurried over to find Sheldon to get the bag.

“You are really, hurry up, why are you so inked!”

Sheldon put down the big bag and looked for her little bag.

Lin Yue directly scolded him.

“found it!”

“Give it to me, ink!”

As soon as Sheldon took it out, Lin Yue escaped and cursed and walked towards Yu Qiang.

She also wanted to wipe Yu Qiang with a tissue.

Damn, who are these people!

Sheldon back his anger.

This Lin Yue seemed to like Yu Qiang, so he discussed with Wu Qian and came out to play.

The two brought together Lin Yue and Yu Qiang.

That’s it.

Unexpectedly, this Lin Yue is quite strong.

It seems that except for Yu Qiang, no one else in the world can enter her eyes.

However, Sheldon couldn’t make anger for her when they met Pingshui.

“How is Wang Hao? What did uncle say?” Wu Qian asked.

“Hey, my dad said he can’t do anything. He can’t get in touch with people here. Ask Yu Qiang, right?”

Yu Qiang also finished playing here.

“Yu Qiang, how is it?”

Wu Qian said.

After all, people don’t buy tickets anymore. If they can buy tickets in, it would be very honorable.

“My dad asked me to wait, he is contacting the deputy manager here!”

Yu Qiangdao.

Sheldon panicked for them as he watched from the sidelines, this hot spring mountain was not developed by others, it must have been developed by his own group.

But, Sheldon looked at it, and none of the people in it knew him.

They should all be used locally, as well as the original crew of the hot spring scenic spot.

Otherwise, the security guards would not be stunned when they saw themselves standing here.

But, today the sun is quite poisonous, so I took so many things.

Sheldon became impatient: “Hey, are we going in or not? I’ve been standing for a long time!”

“fu*k, you’re still in a hurry, wait and see, Yu Qiang is looking for a relationship, shut your mouth!”

Wu Qian said with annoyance.

But after waiting for more than ten minutes, Sheldon was hot and thirsty, and there was no shade here yet.

Wu Qian didn’t let herself wait in the car.

Damn it!

Sheldon was anxious, so he sent a text message to Chapman, asking someone to pick them in.

Don’t waste it here.

Chapman immediately responded and received it.

“Yeah, good dad! I get it!”

Over there, Yu Qiang hung up again.

“What did Uncle say this time?” Wang Hao asked.

“My dad contacted the deputy manager Wang here, but the deputy manager Wang and the manager are not here. They said he went out to purchase in person. But my dad said, whether we can go in or not depends on how the deputy manager Wang arranges. If I can’t get in, I can’t help it!”

Yu Qiangdao.

And the other group of people who are going to travel are all looking at Yu Qiang.

The staff looked at them and apologized: “Don’t hold on to it. It’s so hot or go back first. I’m sure today…”

Before the voice was over, the telephone in the ticket office rang.

“Yes! Hmm, yes yes yes, I know!”

Putting down the phone, the staff turned to look at Yu Qiang respectfully and said: “A few gentlemen, the manager personally called and said to invite you in. Today, all expenses are free for you!”

The staff did not expect that Yu Qiang’s phone is really so useful? After all, just now Yu Qiang and Wang Hao threatened to trust the relationship.

Unexpectedly, the relationship was so hard that the manager spoke in person.

“Wow! It was the manager who spoke in person!”

Both Wu Qian and Lin Yue were excited. Lin Yue even looked at Yu Qiang’s admiration.

And also at this time.

The other team, the girl headed by Yu Qiang, walked up to Yu Qiang and said, “Handsome guy, can you say something to let us in too? We will get the tickets!”

That girl also admires Yu Qiang.

“It’s okay beauties, you guys go in too!” Yu Qiang was very happy today, but he didn’t expect his father to be so powerful.

I was looking for Deputy Manager Wang, and in the end, Deputy Manager Wang called the manager again, which was simply too shameful.

At the moment, a group of dozens of talents entered the scenic spot.

Ticket Office.

A female receptionist asked the staff who called: “What’s the matter, is it really the manager who spoke in person?”

“It’s not so bad, saying that there are distinguished guests who are blocked by us and are not allowed in. Let us receive them well and don’t make any mistakes!”

“ok, I get it!”

Chapter 284

Sheldon was almost helpless after following them.

Well, every time I help, the credit seems to be taken by others.

I thought it would not be this time.

What’s so special about Yu Qiang, you don’t even think about it. If you ask Deputy Manager Wang, will the manager call to make arrangements?

After much deliberation, it is also the reason why I am too low-key.

But no way, Sheldon really doesn’t want to be too public, especially now to Wu Qian and the others.

It just feels a bit bitter and unspeakable.

When I entered, the two teams had merged into one team.

Especially for Yu Qiang’s help this time, the girl over there was extremely grateful, mainly because she had a feeling of admiration for Qiang.

This gave Lin Yue a strong sense of crisis.

Because that girl is also very beautiful, when she came to talk to Yu Qiang, Lin Yue was of course uncomfortable.

Always staring at that girl.

“Give me the bag back!”

Walking to Sheldon’s side, throwing the bag on Sheldon, Lin Yue walked to Yu Qiang too lonely.

“Yu Qiang, where are we going to have fun today? Aren’t you going to take me to the hot springs, and take me to eat delicious food!”

Lin Yue came to Yu Qiang and said coquettishly.

Decided to take the initiative, if you don’t take the initiative, I am afraid that the boyfriend who is about to get it will be snatched away.

Because these days, Wang Hao and Wu Qian have been matching Yu Qiang.

In addition, Lin Yue himself was very beautiful, and the two of them had become ambiguous.

Just the layer of window paper.

“Okay, it’s okay!”

Yu Qiang smiled.

“Yu Qiang, is this your girlfriend?”

And the girl over there also smiled: “It’s so beautiful!”

Lin Yue didn’t speak, but looked at Yu Qiang blankly.

Yu Qiang smiled bitterly, “No, this is my good friend!”

“By the way, beauty, don’t you know what your name is?”

This girl is really beautiful and temperamental.

“My name is Wang Min, haha, thank you so much for today, why not make a friend?”

Wang Min said with a smile.


Then Yu Qiang came to Instagram to join Wang Min.

Lin Yue’s angry face turned green.

As for Sheldon, she looked at this woman as if she looked like Wang Xiao, but when she heard her name, it became clear.

I thought it wouldn’t be this coincidence?

As for Wu Qian, she was taken aback, but she was not sure, she just asked: “By the way, do you know Grandpa Wang Hongfei?”

“Ah? That’s my grandfather!” Wang Min said.

“I’ll go, what a coincidence, my grandpa’s name is Wu Baihua! Do you know Sister Wang Min?”

“Puff!” Wang Min was also shocked. How could he not know him? Diao Si Sheldon was introduced to him by his grandfather’s old buddy Wu Baihua.

“I see, your name is Wu Qian? Grandpa Wu’s granddaughter! I remember how many times we met when we were very young!”

Wang Min also got in touch immediately.

Sheldon was a little embarrassed, what a coincidence.

Fortunately, when Uncle Wu called to go back to dinner at noon yesterday, he did not mention the blind date.

Because Wu Qian obviously drove to Uncle Wu’s house after Uncle Wu called herself.

Then in front of Wu Qian, although Uncle Wu wanted to ask, he didn’t ask, nor did Sheldon take the initiative to say.

After eating dinner, in the afternoon, I had a chat with Uncle Wu.

After all, there is a good girl introduced to Sheldon, but not to Wu Feng. I am afraid that Wu Feng will think about it. If Wu Qian knows about it, Wu Feng must know too.

Something else to save.

fu*k, this is Wang Xiao’s sister, who should have been on a blind date with him.

It is indeed very temperamental.

Sheldon couldn’t help but glanced at Wang Min more.

But the current situation is, Wang Min, maybe because of what Yu Qiang helped her just now, she was quite curious about Qiang.

In addition, when I chat now, I also know Wu Qian, so I will talk a little more naturally.

As for Lin Yue, he was jealous.

In the process of speaking, I did not lose my temper.

Also relying on the ambiguous relationship with Yu Qiang, Yu Qiang didn’t say anything.

As for Sheldon, he has long been ignored until he does not know where he is.

After shopping for more than two hours, it was just after 11 o’clock.

There are many restaurants in the scenic area.

So Yu Qiang proposed, or else everyone should go to the restaurant together.

Have a good chat or something.

Of course Wang Min and the others will not refuse.

So I sat down to eat together.

Sheldon sat down as soon as he put his things away.

“Who told you to sit down!”

Unexpectedly, he suddenly yelled at Sheldon at this time.

“Eating? Why can’t I sit down?”

Sheldon looked at Lin Yuedao angrily.

Lin Yue became jealous and saw that Yu Qiang had been chatting with that Wang Min.

My own sense of existence is too low.

So she played with her temper.

Scolding Sheldon, looking for a sense of existence.

“Sheldon, don’t you look at your virtues, we sit down to eat, and you sit down to eat too, who do you think you are? Are you worthy? Are you really embarrassed? Is it okay to have a face?”

Lin Yue scolded.

Obviously, there is something to blame.

“Why am I shameless?” Sheldon was also anxious.

“Okay, Sheldon, what are you and Lin Yue anxious about? She said two words to you, you are still not a man, and you are anxious with a girl, huh!”

Wu Qian saw that Lin Yue was at a loss today, so she helped Sheldon.


Wang Min stared at Sheldon with wide eyes.

Because the blind date with him is not Sheldon!

It’s him?

“Oh, hehe, you may not know him, Sister Wang Min. He is my grandfather’s neighbor. Of course, the house is rented from our house. Today, I asked him to carry the bag for us. I promised him. , I took care of him a good meal at noon today.”

Wu Qian was afraid that Lin Yue would quarrel with Wang Min, so she took the opportunity to change the subject.

“O’ao, I know!”

Wang Min flushed and looked at Sheldon, very embarrassed.

For her, she also imagined what Sheldon looked like, thinking that although Sheldon was poor, he should look good or have a good temperament.

But now, he actually moved packages for a meal.

Even though it looks pretty, it’s too low.

Looking at Wu Qian’s appearance, I don’t seem to know about the blind date with him yesterday.

But Wu Qian and Sheldon didn’t talk about it, and Wang Min wouldn’t take the initiative to mention it because he was killed.

“Please let my lady, serve!”

At this time, the waiter came.

Holding a tray reminded Lin Yue who was standing to serve.

As a result, Lin Yue turned around and just happened to bump into the dish, and almost knocked over the tray, and the dish soup splashed a little on her arm.

“Sorry miss, are you okay?” The waiter hurriedly said respectfully.


Unexpectedly, when Lin Yue raised his hand, a mouth was drawn on the waiter’s face.

“Damn, you don’t have eyes! Dare to splash the vegetable soup on me?”

Lin Yue was jealous and wanted to find a sense of existence, but now, he felt ashamed of being in front of Qiang, and angered the waiter.

This little waiter looks like he just graduated from high school, young and tender.

This slap slapped her directly.

Sheldon and the others were also dumbfounded, and they didn’t expect Lin Yue to dare to beat others.

“Jun Yue, what’s the matter? Who beat you?”

At this time, the female manager in the lobby ran over with a few waiters.

Very respectful and scared, he supported the beaten waiter, and the lobby manager turned pale in fright.

“It’s her, she beat me!”

Jun Yue cried, covering his face.

“How dare you hit someone? Do you know who she is?”

The lobby manager shouted at Lin Yue.

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