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Chapter 301

That incident really hit Marcella a lot, but it killed her?

Sheldon really didn’t expect this.

“Hmph, that day, it can be said that it was the darkest day in my sister’s life, because you used to be a tycoon who everyone knows, no one looks down on you, no one takes care of you, but my sister, Walking with you, on campus, holding your hand, shopping with you, and eating with you, do you know how people call my sister?”

“Look at it, isn’t that Marcella, our school’s poor girlfriend!”

“Have you heard, everyone calls her like that, taunts her, and then she thinks it’s nothing. But afterwards, a girl’s self-esteem is always necessary. My sister has had enough, and she feels that God is unfair. , Yeah, she abandoned you and broke up with you!”

“But dare you say that my sister did something wrong?”

Sheldon was silent, Marcella was certainly not wrong in this matter, who had no right to choose.

It was only the metamorphosis of Marcella in the later period that Sheldon was also unexpected.

“Do you remember how sad it was for my sister to beg you that day?”

Yang Lu said bitterly.

“As a result, you just ignore it. My sister feels that she has no face to study, and she has no face to meet your former classmates, so she chose to drop out. You must know that you will be graduating in a few months. My sister, from elementary school to university, all her cold windows for more than ten years are in vain!”

“After she left, she wanted to hide away from you and never hear from you again. She went to Yanjing alone! She was ready to find a job.”

“Unexpectedly, the wallet was stolen on the first day of the visit. Yanjing, what would you tell her to do where there is no money to move? She happened to see a bar recruiting at that time, so the sister who had no money to eat and live. , Go! Finally settled down temporarily.”

“But within a few days of good times, a boss saw that my sister was beautiful, and he thought it was wrong, and he was slapped with my sister. My sister was too angry and slapped him because of this. My sister almost lost her life, you know that big boss is so amazing!”

“Next, my sister offended him, and it was even more difficult to mix up. A decent job could not be found at all, and that person didn’t know what method was used to prevent my sister from going to Yanjing, even the ticket to go home. Can’t buy it! Forcing my sister to submit!”

“A girl, every day, how scared you know?”

“In the end, my sister went to wash the dishes for other people’s restaurants. She didn’t give money, she only provided food and lodging. But that’s it, she hasn’t been beaten by the boss, and the boss is bullied!”

“Just when my elder sister had suicidal thoughts, the miracle happened. It was the housekeeper of the Long family. I saw my elder sister. It happened that the second young master of the Long family used a maid and needed someone to wait. So my elder sister went, and then, What a blessing to my elder sister, the second young master of the Long Family fell in love with my elder sister, and the two of them married later. Haha!”

“Sheldon, I didn’t expect it, maybe the first half of my sister’s sad life is what you scumbag want to see, but you would never expect that my sister will have this day, and the second youngest of the Long Family, I am My brother-in-law listens to my sister’s words very much! In the past, everyone who bullied my sister was rich. The middle-aged boss who forced my sister was also miserable. Of course, this is not the main thing. My sister’s greatest enemy is you!”

Yang Lu said coldly.

Sheldon didn’t expect so many things to happen after Marcella left.

Speaking of it, he really almost killed her.

It’s just that, I didn’t expect Marcella to make a kiss with the second youngest of the Long Family. In this way, it is not difficult to understand the rights of Marcella brothers and sisters.

“Well, then tell me where she is now?” Sheldon asked.

“Okay, no problem, if you want to see my sister, then follow me!”

Yang Lu snapped her fingers.

Then he left with his hands behind his back.

Sheldon frowned slightly and followed her.

Yang Lu took Sheldon to the box of a bar.

After I went in, I found that there was no one in the box.

“Where is Marcella?”

Sheldon asked Yang Lu.

“Do you really want to see my sister? Okay, then I will let you see!”

After speaking, Yang Lu patted her palms.

Boom boom boom!

There was a rush of footsteps outside.

Then the box door opened and a group of black bodyguards rushed in.

More than a dozen people.

Surrounded by Sheldon.

“Hahaha, Sheldon, do you really think I will let you see my sister? I bah, my sister hates you so she won’t see you. You are so stupid, knowing that I want to deal with you, but I’m obediently sending it to the door!”

“Hmph, hold him down for me!”

Yang Lu said.

Immediately several black-clothed bodyguards moved and firmly grasped Sheldon’s arm.

“When will you retaliate?”

Sheldon asked calmly.

“Hmph, I don’t know when, anyway, you don’t want to go back tonight!”

Yang Lu said with a sneer.

“Really? Yang Lu, didn’t your sister tell you that this street was originally called Roston Business District, and all the shop owners on the street knew me!”

“Of course I know, hehe, but this bar has been bought by my sister, and now the owner of this bar is just a dog of mine! This, you didn’t expect it?”

Yang Lu said proudly.

Then walked in front of Sheldon.


A slap on Sheldon’s face.

“Hmph, this slap was for my sister. You bastard made her suffer so much! Today, I will torture you to death!”

Yang Lu said viciously.

In fact, even if Sheldon didn’t find her today, she would definitely find Sheldon’s trouble.

“Unfortunately, you are going to torture me today, I’m afraid it won’t work!”

Sheldon said coldly.

“Boy, what are you talking about!”

A bodyguard said coldly.


Then he finished speaking, and immediately let out a scream.

He immediately lay on the ground, clutching his neck, and convulsed.

“what’s the situation?”

Yang Lu was also surprised.

She couldn’t see what was going on at all, she felt that a figure flashed by just now.

Was wondering.

His neck was choked.

It turned out that two people didn’t know when they rushed in.

One of them was holding that long silver needle in his hand, and in a blink of an eye, the two men holding Sheldon were already foaming on the ground.

“Sheldon, we are late!”

And the two of them, not bystanders, are naturally the dragons and earth tigers who have been protecting Sheldon.

At this moment, respectfully said.

Sheldon nodded.

He followed Yang Lu himself, so he naturally had to keep an eye on it. After all, he knew very well that Sister Marcella was different now.

If not, Sheldon would not go alone.

So before they came, they had already notified Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger, and the two of them naturally knew where Sheldon appeared through the family-specific communication equipment.

When Yang Lu was caught, those men naturally did not dare to move.

“It’s better to tell me where is Marcella, otherwise, do you want to taste foaming at the mouth while lying on the ground?”

Sheldon said coldly.

Chapter 302

“I… I don’t know where my sister is? After she came, she came to the school to visit me only once, and I communicated with her on the phone!”

Yang Lu cried.

“Then call her!”

Sheldon said.

I must see Marcella, I can’t let her toss like this.

I’m sorry to come to me!

Don’t do anything with people around me.

Sheldon can’t stand this the most.

Although Yang Lu kept winking at his subordinates, suggesting that his subordinates engage in Sheldon.

But none of these subordinates dared to move. After all, the strength of these two people has been seen by everyone, and they are definitely not easy to mess with.

I am afraid that only a person like a poisonous scorpion can contend with the two.

So the bodyguards did not dare to move.

Yang Lu had to take out her mobile phone to Sheldon.

Sheldon found Marcella’s phone and dialed it, but it was prompted that it had been shut down.

“Why turned it off?”

“I do not know either?”

Yang Lu said.

“It seems that without giving you a lesson, you can’t tell the truth, Earth Tiger, do it!”

“Yes! Sheldon!”

Take out a silver needle and insert it into Yang Lu’s neck.


Yang Lu was scared and cried, “I’m telling the truth, this is my sister’s phone number!”

Yang Lu cried.

No matter how scared the Earth Tiger was, she said so.

Earth Tiger glanced at Sheldon.

Sheldon frowned and waved his hand, motioning Hu to let her go.

Just now Sheldon scared Yang Lu, but it seemed that Yang Lu was also scared, and what he said should be the truth.

After all, Sheldon couldn’t do much to Yang Lu.

Disable her?

Or how?

As for the slap she slapped on herself just now, Quan should have paid Marcella’s love.

After saying a thousand words and ten thousand words, Marcella was forced to drop out of school, and he had an inseparable relationship with him.

Sheldon frowned and walked out of the box.

“Sheldon, what do these people do?” Tianlong pointed at several subordinates.

After Sheldon nodded, he went out.

Then, I heard the screams of killing pigs from the box.

This group of bodyguards has no reason to forgive.

Sheldon walked out, came to the bar, ordered a glass of beer, thinking about what to do with Marcella.

And beside Sheldon, there was a girl sitting right now.

At the moment, she is also drinking a glass of champagne.

Sheldon glanced at her, suddenly startled.

After thinking about it, I didn’t dare to recognize it.

But he couldn’t help but glanced at her one more time.

As for the girl, she seemed to pay attention to Dao Sheldon’s gaze, and could not help but feel a touch of disgust in her eyes.

Turned his head and glanced at Sheldon.



Both of them were surprised.



Same voice at the moment.

“Why are you here?”

Murphy looked at Sheldon and asked.

“I came to drink, I didn’t expect it to be such a coincidence!”

Sheldon said unexpectedly.

Murphy is a high school classmate of Sheldon, but he is not in the same class. Why did he meet him?

In high school, Sheldon had excellent academic performance.

Often represent the school’s competition team in competitions.

Murphy is also a member of the competition team and the captain of the competition team.

Sheldon was also happiest when he was playing in the province.

Why? First, there is a sense of honor, and secondly, eating well and living well.

A line of 24 people, twelve men and twelve women.

I can also make many friends.

But at that time, although I knew Murphy.

But Murphy was the captain, and his family was local to the county seat. After the college entrance examination was over, his family moved to Roston City.

Murphy’s grandfather is very relevant in the army.

Parents are also in politics.

She naturally lived in a very good family environment since she was a child.

Although Sheldon had good academic performance, he still couldn’t enter Murphy’s eyes, that is, every time he participated in a competition, he would talk to Sheldon as a captain.

There is no friendship in private.

Why is Sheldon so impressed with her.

That is, in addition to having a very high vision, Murphy is also very capable, and belongs to the kind of very capable girl.

And it looks very beautiful.

It was the goddess level that Sheldon didn’t even dare to dream of.

Many boys want to be friends with her, but all of her true male friends are very distinctive. Either the family has a strong background or the family has strong financial resources.

In short, it is the existence that ordinary people don’t want to get close to.

Sheldon was satisfied at that time to be able to say a few words to her.

There is even more inertial tension at the moment:

“I haven’t seen each other for many years. I heard that you were admitted to the police academy. Are you doing an internship now?”

Cooper Family.

Murphy didn’t talk much, nodded lightly, then glanced at Sheldon and said:

“Why do you still come to a place like a bar, shouldn’t you go to work?”

Murphy chatted without a word.

Just attention, it seems to be elsewhere.

“I haven’t found a job yet. By the way, what are you looking at?”

Sheldon asked.

At the same time, he looked around with Murphy’s eyes.

“Don’t look around, just talk to me!”

Murphy still had that temper, and at the moment said in a commanding tone.

Sheldon didn’t know what was going on, but just nodded.

And Murphy didn’t know what was going on, so she held Xiangji while drinking while smiling at Sheldon.

Sheldon’s face was red.

Suddenly, Murphy didn’t know what he saw.

He took out the walkie-talkie from his pocket: “Action!”

Then he immediately flew out and rushed towards a young man on the deck.

And Sheldon looked at it, and several young people quickly walked towards the young man.

Formed a trend of encirclement.

Just like it was on TV.

The young man who was drinking was immediately blinded.

Several people were directly pressed to the ground.


People around screamed.

“Don’t move! Police!”

Soon, the man was tortured.

I wipe it!

It turns out that she is already a policeman and is handling the case.

I said, why did you chat with me so warmly just now and smile at me.

It turned out to be acting.

Sheldon gave a bitter smile in his heart.

But then I thought, Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger were beating the group of bodyguards inside.

Wouldn’t it happen to be caught by Murphy? This is embarrassing.

“Huh, brat, I’ve been staring at him for a few days, and I can finally call it a day! Huimin, it’s really hard for you today. How about I have a drink with you!”

Tall and handsome boys looked at Murphy with a smile at the moment.

As for the suspect, someone will naturally escort him away.

And beside Murphy, a few young female plainclothes police officers also came around.

“Wow, Brother Junwen, we want to have a drink too, why don’t we invite us?”

The girls said with envy.

“Well, please, let’s change to a bar to drink!”

Shen Junwen said with a smile.

“By the way, Sister Huimin, do you know that boy? I saw you two talking just now!”

A girl secretly pointed to Sheldon sitting in front of the bar.

“Yeah, yes, count as my high school classmate. At that time, I was the captain of the competition team and he was my player!”

“Haha, what do I say! Tell him to come over for a chat, look at him, he looks pretty handsome, what does he do?” some girls asked.

“I don’t know, I just want to ask him!”

Murphy shook his head and smiled bitterly.

Then he looked at Sheldon, and said indifferently, “Sheldon! Come here!”

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