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Chapter 303

I’m Sorry
Murphy hooked his finger at Sheldon.

According to Sheldon’s current identity, he didn’t want to pass away in such a decay.

After all, I didn’t need to let Murphy scream and drink.

This is the case. When I was still studying, I participated in several competitions.

Murphy may be used to it as the captain.

“Sheldon, have you moved a few boxes of mineral water?”

“Sheldon, go and help everyone with their luggage!”


In short, Murphy may be used to it.

After hearing this, Sheldon gave a wry smile, but he walked over.

“Haha, really, Sheldon listens to you!”

“Dare to be disobedient, don’t say that our sister Huimin was his captain before, but now Huimin is fu*king. If you disobey, we will take him away, haha!”

A girl joked.

“Sheldon, I remember you used to be poor and poor, why can’t you remember coming to a bar to drink? Why did you get rich?”

Murphy asked.

She was puzzled just now.

“Ah? Is Sheldon poor?” The girls were surprised.

“Yes, when we were in high school, Sheldon’s family was notoriously poor. He ate one meal a day. Sometimes he couldn’t even pay the tuition. In short, you couldn’t imagine being poor!”

Murphy said.

Her remarks had no other meaning.

It is also a straightforward and capable personality that has been cultivated since childhood, and he says what he has, without paying attention to Sheldon’s feelings.

It’s like that since high school.

Murphy said some embarrassing things in public.

Maybe in her eyes, there is nothing poor about it.

But this time, the girls’ eyes changed when they looked at Sheldon, turning into that kind of sympathetic look.

Because just now everyone felt that this is still a young man.

“That’s right, you should always focus on your studies. It’s better for you to study harder and focus on your studies and career!”

“Yes, I used to be a junior high school classmate. He had a high fever since he was a child, and his brain was not bright. Then he started his career early, and now he has a store of his own! So Sheldon, you too. Work hard!”

Without waiting for Sheldon to speak, they talked endlessly about the girls Balabala.

Sheldon didn’t explain anything, but nodded with a wry smile.

“Okay, Huimin, I think we’d better go for a drink first!”

Shen Junwen put a cigarette in his pocket, and in his eyes, there is no need to talk to Sheldon.

“Okay, OK, then Sheldon, are you going?”

Some girls gave in casually.

“What is he going to do, he can’t understand what we talk about!”

Murphy said.

By herself, she also knew that her colleagues might be polite.

But Murphy was quite afraid that Sheldon would really not be able to see what was polite if he didn’t work well, which was troublesome.

After all, in such an occasion, Murphy felt uncomfortable for him to follow.

Then after smiling and waving with Sheldon, several people left the bar.

As for the location of the door, Tianlong Earthhu seemed to have settled the matter. The two were smoking cigarettes and leaning against the wall, looking at Sheldon.

Obviously, Sheldon has been waiting for a while.

“Solved? Where is Yang Lu?”

Sheldon asked.

“Cry in there!”

Tianlong said with a smile.

Sheldon shook his head helplessly, and then the three of them came out together.

“Sheldon, who are your classmates?”

After coming out, Tianlong asked.

“One of them is classmates, high school classmates! What’s wrong?”

“It seems that these people are not graduates of police academies or military academies. Obviously they have received some military training!”

Earth Tiger said while smoking.

“You two are really amazing. You can tell from this. The one I was talking to was called Murphy, who graduated from the police academy. Now they are in the criminal police squad, which is amazing!”

“Since it’s your classmate, then I might as well say bluntly, Sheldon, your classmate, together with her colleagues, may have an accident tonight!”

After Tianlong asked some questions, he said.


Sheldon was taken aback.

“Just now when we saw them go out, two people followed them, and they both had guys on them, and those two had murderous people on them, and they had received certain military training. They must have killed people! “

Tianlong Road.

In fact, Sheldon wouldn’t believe it if these words weren’t uttered out of heaven and earth.

Just now Sheldon watched Murphy and the others walk out.

Did not notice these situations.

But who is he, how can he be compared with the world in this respect.

And these two people will never make jokes with themselves.

It stands to reason that I didn’t have much friendship with Murphy, that is, when I was in high school, I barely had a relationship between superiors and superiors.

But, those who say ten thousand things are also classmates.

I know that something will happen, if I don’t save it, how can I feel at ease?

At the moment Sheldon does not want to expose his identity, because there are so many things he will do in the future!

At this time, there is already care in mind.

After arranging the dragon and earth tiger.

Sheldon went straight to the bar Murphy went to a little bit.

When they went, Murphy and the others had already started drinking, in front of a deck.

“Puff! Huimin, look, why is Sheldonre?”

A girl spit out a sip of wine and pointed at Sheldon in surprise.

And Sheldon also found them and walked over immediately.

“Why are you looking for it again?”

Murphy frowned this time.

Thought Sheldon was playing a rogue.

Disgusted now.

Really, just now I was just being polite with you, really when they invited you to come for a drink, let me go, who is this!

“I’m just here to tell you, don’t stay out too late today, it’s dangerous! Several people are watching you!”

Cooper Family.

I can only say so much, right to remind Murphy.

“Oh? Someone is looking at us? Who? Why didn’t I see? Ha ha, what are we doing, what are you doing, if someone is looking at us, I think you are looking at us!”

If the leaders said these words, Murphy and the others take it very seriously.

Murphy would also feel grateful if a better friend said it.

However, from Sheldon’s mouth, Murphy felt that it was an insult to his career.

This is like yourself, obviously all falcons and tigers, but at this time, a pig ran over to point out the areas you are good at.

Of course angry.

Murphy’s face was even more angry.

And when Sheldon came this time, he was naturally prepared for this.

After just nodding, he left.

“This person is really annoying, he thinks he is like something, what is he showing off!”

“Yeah, Hyemin, was he so annoying when he was in high school?”

The girls also think Sheldon is troubled.

“Oh, I’m too lazy to talk about him, what is he doing, Xiaomeng Oda, go, accompany me to the bathroom!”

Murphy said.

Chapter 304

Murphy came to the bathroom with the two of them

After going to the toilet to wash his hands, I suddenly looked through the front mirror and saw two women with curly hair walking towards him.

And the eyes of the two were cold and severe.

Murphy immediately noticed that something was wrong.

“What are you doing?”

Murphy asked the two girls in unison.

Suddenly, a girl named Otian shouted, “Huh? You guys are disguised as women. Look, Huimin, they all have Adam’s apples!”

“Very smart? But it’s too late, we are the ones who killed you!”

The two sneered.

Afterwards, he directly took out the pistol equipped with silencer.

Aimed at Murphy.


After all, the two girls are both police officers who have just joined the team. They are now facing a life-and-death crisis and are directly frightened.

Murphy was also sweating coldly.

She only remembered what Sheldon had just said, and she was being watched.

If you add a dike, it won’t be like this.

“Hmph, we have captured so many brothers, today I want to avenge them! Don’t talk nonsense, just kill!”

After speaking, the two directly pulled the trigger.

Murphy closed his eyes.

Waiting for the gun to fire.


However, just two sounds.

The two assassins suddenly covered their necks, the whole person’s body became stiff, and then they lay directly on the ground convulsing.

It didn’t take long for me to stop moving!

“Ah? How could this be?”

The two girls were reborn after the catastrophe, both surprised and happy.

Murphy looked outside nervously, where there were people.

And also at this time.

Suddenly there was a commotion outside.

The footsteps sounded quickly.

Not long after, Shen Junwen rushed towards the bathroom with a dozen police officers.

“Huimin, are you okay? Something happened, I rely on, I really made the poor boy a hit. The Wang team called me just now and said that there are overseas killers lurking here, and the goal is us!”

Shen Junwen said nervously.

As soon as he lowered his head, he was surprised to see the two guys lying on the ground.

Later, the captain and them all came over.

See two killers lying on the ground.

The captain’s eyes narrowed slightly: “That’s them! International A-level wanted criminal!”

“Hui Min, who subdued them?”

The captain asked curiously.

“I don’t know. Just now, the two of them were ready to shoot at us, but they covered their necks and stopped moving, just lying on the ground!”

Murphy’s brain is blank now.

Everything in front of me is too comedy.

“Awesome, this is the technique of the silver needle to seal the veins, it has long been lost!”

The captain looked at the necks covered by the two at the moment, and suddenly said in surprise.

“Silver needle sealing technique? Is this a master who saved Huimin and the others?”

Shen Junwen asked.

“Hehe, they are more than masters, they are simply masters of masters. When I was a special troop in the army, I once heard the instructor say that in the American military career, there were two great abilities, and later they were all masters in the West. , And their skill is to seal the veins with silver needles!”

“In the West, they are called dragons and earth tigers!”

The captain’s eyes suddenly flashed with respect.

“It’s just that I heard that after a great war, the Dragon and Earth Tigers had disappeared in the West. It was not until these two years that news was released that they had been invested in a very mysterious family. However, these two A criminals were subdued. It’s like their methods, my God, why did they appear in Roston?”

The captain said.

And the rest of the players, after listening to the description of the captain, all looked incredible.

Especially Murphy, she should have heard of the prestige of Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger, so at this moment, there was a look of excitement on her pretty face.

“Huimin, who have you been in contact with recently, who would be able to help you like this? At first, when we received the police call, we were also surprised. Now it seems that someone knew the news in advance and rescued them. you!”

The captain asked.

“Ah? I…I haven’t contacted anyone, if you say yes, that’s… Sheldon?”

But how is this possible?

How could Sheldon know such a powerful person?

However, it is Sheldon who told me that I learned the news in advance and reminded myself!

“Sheldon must know something!”

Murphy thought.

Come back to Sheldon.

It must be Tianlong who subdued the two gangsters, but Sheldon didn’t let him show up.

After all, this incident is just an episode.

I won’t happen to meet Murphy again!

Now Sheldon’s sadness is still Marcella’s business.

In the afternoon, Sheldon went back to school.

As soon as I arrived at the door, I saw an acquaintance.

Also walking towards the school.

And this girl, who else could be Myla.

Myla looked pretty ugly, and a little slouched.

But when she walked to Sheldon’s side, Myla saw Sheldon and immediately raised her face.

“Sheldon? When did you come back?”

Myla was obviously surprised.

“I just came back today too!”

Sheldon smiled.

“Sorry Sheldon, I was going to go for your birthday, but something happened and I didn’t go there!”

Myla said.

Myla still feels that kind of sentiment towards Sheldon, and still thinks Sheldon is a very good person.

So at the moment, I have a lot of things I want to talk to Sheldon.

However, Sheldon knew what he meant. He always avoided himself.

“Are you doing something?”

Sheldon also wanted to leave, but when he thought about it, this seemed too unconscionable, so he asked immediately.

“I’m fine, by the way, Sheldon, can you walk with me? Just walk with me, okay?”

Myla looked at Sheldon.


Sheldon paused.

At the same time, the other side.

A Maybach was parked at the moment.

Inside the car, a man dressed as a rich or young man was sitting in the back seat of the car, looking at Myla and Sheldon who were walking together.

In the eyes, a fierce look could not help.

“Master Long, that’s the person. Miss Myla hid in this person’s house last time. He is Sheldon, Roston Master Sheldon!”

The driver who was driving said at this time.

“That’s Sheldon that the second sister-in-law is going to deal with? Humph, really damn it. Not only did I offend the second younger sister, but at this moment, even my woman dared to move. I was much more fierce than the second sister-in-law. See how I killed this Kid!”

Long Shao said.

This Young Master Long is not a fool, he has already inquired about Myla’s affairs clearly.

“But Long Shao, although our Yanjing Dragon family is powerful, Sheldon’s sister and brother are also a master in Roston. Can’t you do too much?”

The driver was jealous.

“fu*k you, I don’t care about Roston Yiba, in front of my Long Family, all are scumbags!”

Long Shao slapped the driver.

“Young Master Long, I will help you solve him now!”

At this moment, in the passenger seat, a man with long hair, pale face, and a cold voice like a piece of ice said.

“You don’t need a scorpion, you don’t need to act now. Old Liu is right. Sheldon’s sister Alicia is very powerful in Roston. It’s too stupid to act on the bright side. Don’t worry, I have a clever plan!”

Long Shao sneered.

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