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Chapter 305

And Sheldon was walking with Myla.

Suddenly I received a call from Chapman.

“Sheldon, there is a celebrity banquet tonight. I hope you will go there. It happened that a master appraiser came from Negston. You can ask him to appraise the jade pendant by the way. And this time, some celebrities in Roston City and the province are also Will come!”

Chapman is now helping himself to find out the whereabouts of Marcella.

This time, Chapman had mentioned this celebrity meeting to himself a few days ago.

Roston City holds a celebrity banquet every year.

Celebrities from all walks of life will be there.

It is not good for Sheldon not to go to this kind of thing.

So he agreed.

In the evening, Sheldon came to the venue.

Sure enough, many people came.

Naturally, Shannon and Bren were the ones who came with Sheldon.

The place of the banquet is called Shanshui Manor.

Apart from Heaven Brick Residencia, another large manor gathering place in Roston City.

The owner of the Villa Manor is called Qi Wei.

He is a middle-aged man in his forties who has seen him several times before.

Because he was too glib, Sheldon had a bad impression of him.

“Yeah, it turns out that Sheldon is here!”

When Qi Wei saw Sheldon and Shannon’s group, he hurried over.

In the manor, many wealthy merchants also walked towards Sheldon.

Say hello.

“Hello, President Qi!”

Sheldon smiled faintly.

Say hello.

Then Shannon found the first seat of the round table in the manor and sat down as if he was familiar with the road.

As a result, I just sat down.

Qi Wei trot over: “Hey, Young Master Huang, Young Master Bai, you can’t sit here today!”

“Huh? Qi Wei, what do you mean?”

Shannon was taken aback.

Shannon attended such celebrity banquets a lot.

In the usual this position, my sister Alicia sits.

As the god brother, of course he sat with his god sister.

Brother Sheldon is now the richest man in Roston, and this position is naturally Sheldon’s. Of course, some of them have to sit with Sheldon.

“Hey, it’s not interesting. In previous years, you could sit in this position, but this year, the pattern has changed. Of course you can’t sit anymore!”

Qi Wei sneered.

There are celebrities from all over the province this year.

At this moment, seeing the situation here, many big bosses and wealthy businessmen who belonged to Sheldon’s camp came over.

“Hmph, don’t sit if you don’t sit, look at your face, Xiao Fei, let’s sit in another position, Sheldon, sit here!”

Shannon naturally has to consider his brother Qian.

Sheldon nodded.

Just about to sit down.

“Wait a minute!”

Qi Wei spoke again.

“What’s wrong?” At this time, Chapman and Zhao Zixing, who came first, also walked over.

“This year’s first seat, I’m afraid Sheldon can’t sit!”

Qi Wei smiled.

“Damn, Qi Wei, have you eaten the bear heart and leopard gall, what are you talking about? Tell me one more if you have it!”

Shannon grabbed Qi Wei by the collar.

This grandson is too annoying today.

Qi Wei still looked at Shannon with a sneer on his face, “Ivan, don’t be so impulsive. Let me say it again, Sheldon can’t sit in this position!”

“What do you mean?”

The wealthy businessmen on Sheldon stopped doing it and asked directly.

“It’s not interesting, but today, there will be more important guests coming. I want to keep this position for these distinguished guests!”

Qi Wei shook off Shannon’s hand.

And this scene also made everyone in the audience stunned.

Because of the location of the first seat, it must be very conspicuous.

“what happened?”

“It looks like Sheldon wanted to take the first seat, but was driven by Qi Wei!”

“fu*k, Qi Wei is so bold? That position was used by President Alicia in previous years. Sheldon is the younger brother of President Alicia and inherited from President Alicia. Why is Qi Wei so bold? “

“Hmph, who knows, Sheldon is embarrassed today!”

Everyone talked.

And also at this time.

Outside the manor, suddenly came a fleet of seven or eight extended Rolls-Royce Phantoms.

Afterwards, a dozen bodyguards in black walked down and consciously stood in two rows.

This huge battle immediately attracted the attention of most people.

Even Sheldon looked out of the manor.

Naturally, the driver got out of the car and respectfully opened the door of Mirage.

I saw a rich or young man, wearing a small suit, getting out of the car with his pockets in his hands.

The bodyguards in black immediately all bend over ninety degrees.

“Who is he? What a big show!”

Everyone was shocked.

As for Qi Wei, he quickly ran over: “Young Master Long, your arrival has made our landscape manor splendid!”

After that, Qi Wei also bent over ninety degrees with excitement on his face.

“What? Long Shao? He is Yanjing Long Family Long Shao! Long family inherited for hundreds of years!”

“I’m going, no wonder, this Qi Wei has eaten Xiongxin Leopard’s courage today!”

“So Long Shao gave him the confidence!”

The crowd discussed in a low voice.

At the same time.

Many people in the venue suddenly and spontaneously all moved to Long Shao’s side.

“I have seen Young Master Long!”

The group shouted in unison.

“Hello, uncles and elders! Haha, I really praised my Long Shaoyun today!”

“It’s also the first time I’ve come to Roston this formally, and it’s the first time I’ve come to Roston’s celebrity banquet. I didn’t expect everyone to be so enthusiastic to me!”

Long Shaoyun smiled.

“Where to speak, Shao Long, please take the seat!”

“Yes, Young Master Long, it’s perfect for you to sit in the first seat!”

Many wealthy businessmen, including those in Roston, have also changed their true colors and agreed with them.

Although there are some families in Roston who call the Liu Family Wang Family, none of them can be compared with the Yanjing Long Family.

It is said that the Long Family has occupied a strong position since the Qing Dynasty.

Not to mention now.

“Everyone is too polite, but today, it is obviously not my protagonist. I just accompany my sister-in-law to join in the fun, haha!”

Long Shaoyun smiled.

“Sister-in-law? But the fiancée of Master Long Shaofeng? I heard some time ago that Master Long Shaofeng has a fiancée and has already decided a marriage!?

Qi Wei ran forward and asked with a smile.

“Exactly, President Qi, I really trouble you!”

Long Shaoyun smiled faintly.

Immediately moved away.

Then a driver naturally opened the door.

From another car, a girl dressed like a lady walked off.

She also held a cute puppy in her arms.

And beside her, there were two little girls standing beside her, just like maids.

“Sister-in-law, please!”

Long Shaoyun said with a smile.

As for the girl, she walked slowly towards the first seat just in full view.

Bren and the others, when they saw this girl, their eyes widened for a moment.

Then they all looked at Sheldon.

As for Sheldon, he was already stunned.

This girl is not someone else, it is Marcella she has been looking for…

Chapter 306

Sheldon has been looking for Marcella for two days.

In the past two days, Sheldon is also thinking about what Marcella has become.

Yes, even if Marcella did so many excessive things against herself.

But it only made Sheldon angry, but if you want to say hate, you can’t hate it.

I remind myself time and time again that she is no longer the same Marcella she was in her freshman year and sophomore year. She has changed.

There is no need to be polite to her.

However, at this time, every time Sheldon wanted to be cruel to Marcella, he always couldn’t get up.

I can always think of the days when she was with herself, when she was so poor, she didn’t dislike it.

After all, Sheldon’s strength now makes it really too easy to retaliate against their sisters.

Take Yang Lu as an example, I can teach her a severe lesson today, and even crippling her is not a problem.

But Sheldon couldn’t do it.

As for Marcella, he also obviously saw Sheldon.

At this moment, a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth, and after a slight glance at Sheldon, he withdrew his gaze.

Under Qi Wei’s guidance, he came to the first seat.

“What do I say you guys are still doing? Where is your place? Of course, if you have to sit here, Sheldon, I can’t stop you, haha!”

Qi Wei looked at Sheldon with a sneer, and pointed to the foil seat next to the first seat.

If that position is nothing for others, it is an honor.

But for Sheldon, the meaning is different. Obviously, Sheldon is not in his eyes.

This made Sheldon’s people all gearing up.

Other wealthy businessmen and celebrities in Roston and other places watched the scene with a sneer.

Sheldon is not stupid, and today’s things are obviously easy to see.

For themselves, many people have taken refuge in the Long Family.

Even those people who greeted themselves warmly just now were for the sake of the present!

But Marcella and Long Shaoyun had already sat down at this moment.

Marcella looked at Sheldon with a smile.

The look in his eyes is like saying, is it easy to be humiliated?

“The surname is Qi, I see you!”

Shannon’s face turned pale, and he wanted to fight right now.

Sheldon stopped him.

Sheldon didn’t want to deal with today’s affairs too rashly.

Then he was going to the side of the foil table.

“Hmph, still want to hit me! Some people are really skinless!”

Qi Wei sneered.

But to say that this person has a thick skin.

Now he looked at Sheldon and said, “Young Master Sheldon, come and come, I will lead you over!”

Sheldon and the others came to the foil table.

Sheldongang is ready to take his seat.

Suddenly, Qi Wei said loudly, “Sorry Sheldon, I reserved this place for another wealthy businessman, you can’t sit!”


Some wealthy businessmen laughed.

Sheldon took a deep breath and was about to sit down next to him.

“Sorry, Sheldon, unfortunately, I reserved this position for a wealthy businessman!”

Sheldon gave Qi Wei a fierce look and had to sit close.

“Sorry Sheldon, this position…”


However, Sheldon raised his hand with a mouth, and drew it directly on Qi Wei’s face, using a lot of strength. Anyway, Sheldon’s hand was shaking fiercely.

I saw Qi Wei covering his face and sitting directly on the ground.

It can be seen how much energy has been used.

And this loud slap in the face naturally attracted the attention of everyone in the audience.

“You…do you dare to hit me?”

Qi Wei clutched his face swollen into a pig’s head, making it difficult to pass.

After all, he is backed by Shao Long.

“Excuse me, Mr. Qi, my hands are itchy today. I can’t help it, so I hit you!”

Sheldon sneered.

After hearing this, Qi Wei stood up awkwardly, Nima! It looks like he still wants to fight back.


Sheldon looked at him with one hand in his pocket and didn’t move.

And Qi Wei also reacted at once.

Let me grieve, he is also the richest man in Roston no matter what, his sister is even better, except for the background, not much worse than the Long family.

If I really fight back.

Even the two Long Clan can’t protect themselves!

Besides, it is impossible for the Long Family to quarrel with Sister Sheldon to the point of being irrelevant for the sake of being alone?

After thinking about it this way, Qi Wei couldn’t help but shudder.

Today I took Ling Jian to deliberately make Sheldon embarrassed.

But in any case, I can’t afford Sheldon.

“President Qi, I’ll just sit here, right?”

Sheldon smiled coldly, shook his slightly swollen wrist, and sat down directly in the previous position.

“No problem, Sheldon, no problem, sit down!”

Qi Wei is honest now.

As for Marcella, she looked at Sheldon in surprise.

In fact, Marcella had always thought that Sheldon was still just as conscientious and low-key as before.

But unexpectedly, he has changed too much now than before.

He slapped Qi Wei just now, which really surprised Marcella.

Of course, but it doesn’t affect anything!

The celebrity will continue to be held, of course, many people who were bought out, at this moment, are going to toast to Long Shaoyun.

Deliberately neglect Sheldon.

This Sheldon can see it naturally.

“Shannon Bren, accompany me to the bathroom!”

Sheldon gave a wry smile.

Then Shannon and Bren were called to the bathroom.

“fu*k, I’m so angry, one by one, they all went to the Long Family, Sheldon, I feel that Long Shaoyun, and your ex-girlfriend Marcella, are deliberately targeting you!”

After washing his hands, Bren hammered the wall fiercely.

“That’s right, when my sister was here, like this kind of celebrity club, as long as my sister came, one by one, I didn’t dare to breathe, and Qi Wei, remember that there was a year of celebrity club, Qi Wei was not careful I knocked over a cup in front of my goddamn sister. Damn, this guy just knelt and knocked my goddamn sister! Master Sheldon, you are so kind to people!”

Shannon said.

In fact, the two brothers also knew that Sheldon was kind-hearted, so that’s why the two brothers thought about Sheldon everywhere, because Sheldon was really good to them.

Although I grew up with my sister.

But Sheldon and his sister are two personalities.

“Forget it, I’ll talk about this later, I want to…”

Sheldon took out a tissue and wiped his hands as he said, but before he finished speaking, Sheldon paused.

Because it’s at the door of the bathroom.

At this moment, a girl is holding her shoulders with her hands, leaning on a wall on the side.

I don’t know how long they have been watching Sheldon.

At this moment, he was looking at Sheldon with a sneer.

Originally, Sheldon wanted to say that Marcella should be resolved in advance.

Unexpectedly, Marcella was watching them at the door right now.

So Sheldon didn’t go on.

Shannon and Bren also saw Marcella, and at the moment they forgot Sheldon.

Then he said: “Young Master Sheldon, let’s go out and wait for you!”

After speaking, the two left.

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