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Chapter 309

And this scene was also heard by many people around him.

In an instant, they all looked over here.

The middle-aged boss also forgot to look here, but said nothing.

Whoever runs a bar KTV, the boss is not backgrounded, there are too many troublemakers, and they are afraid of everything, but they are not afraid of trouble.

Because they ignored it.

at the same time.

Next to the deck on the other side of the bar.

“Huh? Is it him?”

A girl naturally heard the noise over there, and after seeing it at this moment, she suddenly a little surprised.

“Ah? Tian Fei, do you know that person?”

Beside the girls, there are many young men and women who come to the bar to play at the moment, there are as many as a dozen.

At this time, a girl asked the girl named Tian Fei.

“Yeah, I know!”

Tian Fei nodded.

“Ahem, Tian Fei’s family is now working in the police force. Who does not know anyone who travels north and south, Tian Fei, tell us, what’s the origin of that kid? Looks pretty hungry!”

Some boys said sourly.

After all, young people come out to play, especially in places full of handsome men and women like bars.

Everyone wants to attract the attention of others and pretend to be forced in public.

But, there are really very few who can really pretend to be here.

Seeing that someone is arrogant, it is natural to ask the details.

“Actually, I don’t know him well. I just met him once in the morning when handling a case. One of my colleagues and he was a high school classmate!”

Tian Fei said.

Tian Fei, not Murphy’s colleague, teased Sheldon this morning and asked if Sheldon has a girlfriend, just playing around.

What happened in the morning has now been suppressed.

But there are many mysteries.

Including Murphy, everyone is very curious about Sheldon.


Because when they came to remind them, Sheldon came to remind them, but no one cared at that time.

But I didn’t expect something really happened.

The rest of the matter is clear, that is, at the critical moment of life and death, several girls have been saved by masters.

Moreover, this master didn’t mean to show up, it was more like the posture of being entrusted by others to help.

So Murphy and Tian Fei were guessing.

Especially after returning, Tian Fei wondered if Sheldon had found someone to rescue them.

After all, Murphy and Sheldon are high school classmates, and he knows the situation, so he is most suspicious.

But when he came up, he was rejected by Murphy, saying it was impossible.

Sheldon doesn’t have that great ability.

Originally, Sheldon was to be announced, but the upper hand moved the matter to the case, and they couldn’t investigate later.

As for the celebration banquet to be held tomorrow, Tian Fei also thought that he did not have fun at the bar twice today. It happened to be invited by a friend tonight, so he came to the bar and wanted to have a quiet drink.

Unexpectedly, I saw Sheldon.

And he seems to be looking for something!

Tian Fei was even more curious.

“O’ao, then why is he so powerful? Three people came to look for things. Don’t you ask your classmate what his background is?”

Several girls asked.

“I know where he came from. He, he was a poor boy in high school. He was very poor. When I saw him today, he was drinking in a bar alone. I didn’t expect to come again at night. I thought He’s quite honest, but now he looks like a social rascal, huh! No future!”

Tian Fei said.

“So that’s it, I rub, the poor guys dare to come here to pretend to be coercive. Seeing that Li Hongfeng can’t abolish him this time, the boss Li Hongfeng is pretty awkward on this street!”

Said a boy.

“Isn’t it? Three months ago, someone made trouble in a bar, and Li Hongfeng killed him to death.”

A boy echoed.

A few of them are of course happy to watch the excitement.

As for Tian Fei.

It’s just that neither side of the heart is good, so fighting in the nest is good, so I don’t care, but I’m ready to call the police at any time.


At this moment, Sheldon accidentally knocked down a vase placed on the card table.

There was a clear, crisp sound.

It attracted the attention of everyone.

“Gentlemen, this is what’s wrong with you, right? When I came here, I didn’t have any drinks and broke one of our vases!”

The girl also knows that these three people are not good.

She sneered while holding her shoulders.

“Don’t you just break the vase, fu*k, say a price, and pay you!”

Shannon said.

“Okay, sir, it’s really fun, but the specific price has to be discussed with you by our boss!”

After speaking, the girl looked at Li Hongfeng at the bar.

And Li Hongfeng has already walked over here.

“what’s up?”

“Boss, these three people didn’t drink at all, and they broke our vase. It is estimated that they came to make trouble! But they said, they will pay for the vase!”

Said the girl.

“Hehe, it’s good if you are willing to lose money. I said, brother, you are really too ambitious and dare to provoke me Li Hongfeng. Then, I don’t need more of this vase, just accompany me three million!”

Li Hongfeng smoked a cigarette and smiled coldly at the moment.

At this time, the whole audience looked over here.

After all, there was a conflict, and everyone was holding on to the excitement.

The sound engineer turned off the sound at this moment.

At the same time, many boys who often play here in bars and have dyed red and willow green hair surrounded Sheldon.

“Brother Feng, what’s the matter?”

A boy asked.

“It’s all right, just broke a vase, and I want him to lose money to me!”

Li Hongfeng smiled: “Did you see, brother, if you don’t pay me three million today, I’m afraid you can’t go out!”

Many ruffian boys behind him shook their necks, ready to do it at any time.

And Sheldon faintly smiled: “Li Hongfeng, I didn’t expect you to be so overbearing. You would dare to ask for three million for a broken vase. Who gave you the courage? Besides, do you remember me? We have seen it before. of!”

“Huh? Have you seen it?”

Li Hongfeng was startled slightly, and then suddenly remembered: “I said you are so familiar with your boy, you are the boyfriend of the girl of the Yang family? fu*k, who did I think it was? Boy, you are impatient. Didn’t teach you enough last time?”

“I’m telling you, if your kid can pay me 3 million today, it’s okay, if you can’t get it, you can think about the consequences!”

Sheldon smiled faintly.

And Bren stood up at this time: “Okay, then I’ll go raise money for him, and I’ll be back later!”

“Boss, it looks like I want to call someone!”

A subordinate said.

“Just let him call, let me see who he can call!”

Li Hongfeng smiled contemptuously.

“fuk, fuk, it’s a big trouble, this kid directly challenged Li Hongfeng, don’t you know that Li Hongfeng’s bar is also part of the big brother? Do these boys still want to hang out in Roston?”

Several boys in the deck of Tian Fei said excitedly.

“Tian Fei, didn’t you say that he and your colleague are high school classmates, do you want to help him?”

A girl asked.

“Hmph, what do you do for him? Praying Mani as a car and not self-reliant. Although this Li Hongfeng is notorious, Sheldon doesn’t look at it. Is he something he can afford?”

Tian Fei hugged her shoulders and said.

And not after a while.

Suddenly someone in the bar shouted, “Look, isn’t that big head brother? Big head brother is here!”

Chapter 310

“Huh? That’s not right, why is the big brother following that kid, fu*king, isn’t that the kid who went out?”

“That’s right, that kid called someone, and he called big brother, doesn’t it look like it?”

Some people talked.

Then, everyone’s eyes widened, as if the scene before them was incredible.


I heard the sound of footsteps.

A large team of bodyguards in black, as well as many young men dressed up as rich and young, all walked in.

In short, the momentum is huge.

And Li Hongfeng was also stunned.

Not to mention the black-clothed bodyguards with different temperaments, the young man in the brigade in front of him, it seemed that he could not afford to provoke him.

“Sheldon, this big head is Li Hongfeng’s backstage, let me bring it!”

Bren stepped forward, sat beside Sheldon and said.

“Chen… Sheldon! It’s me who has eyes and no beads, and believes in the wrong people to cooperate. I hope your sir will have a lot and spare me!”

The head is over forty years old, and now sweating nervously, he hurriedly bowed and said.

It seems that he already knows the stakes.

“Brother, why are you so polite to this kid?”

Li Hongfeng wondered.


The big head raised his hand is just a mouth: “fu*k, look at the good things you did and provoke Sheldon. I don’t think you can eat and walk around! Looking back, I won’t kill you!”

“What’s the matter? Did you guys see it? Just now Big Brother seemed to be bowing to Sheldon?”

Said the boy next to Tian Fei.

“Yeah, what’s the situation, and do you understand what the big head called Sheldon just now? It’s too noisy, I didn’t hear a word clearly!”

Some girls also said in surprise.

“Inaudible, I don’t know what’s going on!”

After that, Tian Fei couldn’t hear what Sheldon said.

He saw Sheldon stretch out his hand to pat the head of Li Hongfeng who was lying on the ground, apparently not knowing what was going on, so he was almost half-dead. Then he left with one hand in his pocket and a large group of people left.

And the big head trot behind him.

Many customers are all following behind, wanting to go out to see this battle.

Because this reversal is almost unexpected to everyone.

In particular, everyone wants to know who this awesome boss is.

So the boys and girls all chased out.

“Tian Fei, Tian Fei, shall we go out and have a look? Hurry up, listen, everyone outside is screaming, don’t know what’s going on?”

The girls can’t help it anymore.

Tian Fei paused, then nodded.

She is also curious.

The scene just now almost shocked her jaw.

Think about it, a first impression is that of a poor boy, and you never even take him seriously in your heart.

But suddenly it was so powerful.

A girl will be surprised.

Especially when combined with the previous few things, Tian Fei became even more uncomfortable.

Several people also ran out.

After I went out, I understood why the people who came out would exclaim.

Because even Tian Fei herself covered her mouth with a scream.

There are many cool sports cars, Ferraris, and Maybach luxury cars.

The entrance to the entire bar was blocked.

Luxury car!

Not many people can resist this temptation.

And I saw so many cars at once, such a big scene.

Tian Fei blushed in shock.

Quickly search among a group of people at this moment.

Sure enough, the most luxurious is a Lamborghini cool sports car.

Sheldon is next to that sports car.

Naturally, a bodyguard opened the door for him himself.

I saw Sheldon sitting in the sports car and then left.

“Ah? What’s the matter? Tian Fei, you lied to us, didn’t you… didn’t you mean he was just a dick? How could it be possible?”

Several girls swallowed in surprise.


“How could I lie to you, really, he…really just one…”

Tian Fei was also nervous and didn’t know what to say at the moment.

Recall carefully the scene where I saw Sheldon today.

Yes, when I first met Sheldon for the first time, I thought Sheldon was handsome and very temperamental.

I also asked him if he has a girlfriend.

After all, I don’t have a boyfriend. If I meet a handsome guy, I’ll meet him.

When did I change my mind about Sheldon?

Yes, it was after Murphy introduced Sheldon that she felt a little disgust with him.

Feeling poor, he came to the bar without much promise.

But now Tian Fei remembered a detail.

That is, Sheldon didn’t seem to say much from beginning to end.

On the contrary, after knowing that they were in danger, they came to remind them specifically.

It was just being mocked by everyone at that time.


That said, my previous conjecture can be established.

Sheldon is not what Murphy said, on the contrary, he is very powerful.

Even the masters who saved themselves as the captain said, may be Sheldonrang’s help!

“Sheldon, who are you?”

Tian Fei said anxiously.

Right now, I was going to tell Murphy of this great discovery.

But after another thought, she put down the phone again. This matter should not be told to her. After all, it is an immature performance that lies in whether she can keep some secrets.

Why do I have to show my heart to Murphy everywhere!

Let’s talk about Sheldon.

“This is the key to Genting Villa. Here you are. I can let you stay temporarily for a month. Now, I will help you with Li Hongfeng’s affairs. I hope you can understand that if it comes true, you will not be able to hold me back. After the key is given to you, our previous things are completely written off!”

Sheldon found Marcella, threw the key to her, and was about to turn around and leave.

“Huh, what do you mean? Wow, do you hate me so much? Are you not even interested in talking to me?” Marcella said anxiously.


Sheldon said lightly.

“I know, you now have a new girlfriend, and I have heard about your relationship with Myla. You have a good relationship with her, but after all, the two of us had a better time before, so I had to Just to remind you, you’d better not interfere with Myla’s affairs!”

“Really, you don’t know the inside story of the Long Family, let alone what kind of person Long Shaoyun is. Although your Roston Group is powerful, but if the Long Family wants to destroy you, they will kill the bigger one. Do you know about ants?”

Marcella said after taking the key.

“I have no plans to intervene in Myla’s affairs anymore. Of course, even if I intervene, I’m not afraid of Long Family. You don’t have to scare me!”

Sheldon said lightly.

“Hmph, kindly treat it as a donkey’s liver and lungs, anyway, I have reminded you, stay away from that Myla in the future, lest you regret it when you get it!”

Marcella glanced at Sheldon and left.

Sheldon really didn’t want to care about Myla’s affairs. Since he was not with Myla, he helped her too much, and besides, Long Family was justified by her.

What can I do?

And also at this moment, Sheldon’s cell phone rang suddenly…

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