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Chapter 311

The Origin of Jade Pei
Sheldon took out his cell phone and took a look. It was Chapman who called.

“Sheldon, it’s Yupei’s business, there is news!”

Chapman said.

“Oh? Where are you now?”

Sheldon asked.

The master appraiser Wei Zhongdollar from Negston, Wei Lao, whom he met at the celebrity banquet before, Sheldon also offered him a glass of wine.

After that, because he had something to do, he asked Chapman to take Xu Lao to Wei Lao’s place. Now Xu Lao can only see that this jade pendant originated from Shuchuan in the southwest.

But the specific origin cannot be found for the time being.

Now Chapman is calling himself, and it seems that the result has come out.

“I and Xu Lao are in the manor of Wei’s home, Sheldon, are you coming over now?”

Chapman asked.

“Okay, wait, I’ll pass right away!”

After hung up the phone and greeted Shannon and the others, Sheldon went straight to the manor where Wei Lao now lives.

The Wei Lao family developed in Negston before, and they have a great reputation and reputation.

But I heard from Chapman that his hometown is in Roston.

Back then, it also developed from Roston.

Now Wei Lao is in his old age and only returned to his hometown of Roston.

At the celebrity banquet, the Wei family can be regarded as a respected family.

Sheldon naturally cannot neglect.

I went personally right now.

The Wei family is in a manor.

When Sheldon arrived, Wei Laozheng was drinking tea with Chapman and Xu Lao.


Chapman and Xu Lao stood up and respectfully said.

“Well, Wei Lao, thank you for this fact!”

Sheldon nodded, then looked at Wei Lao and said.

“Sheldon, you are polite, please sit down!”

After a short greeting.

Wei Lao stepped into the subject.

“Sheldon, I know this jade pendant. It should come from a family in Liangcheng, Shuchuan. This kind of jade is very rare. Fortunately, fifty years ago, I followed my master to Liangcheng, Shuchuan. I was fortunate to have seen a similar one once, but at that time, it was worn by a local teenager. This should be a symbol of their family!”

Wei Lao Dao.

“Then which family is this?”

Sheldon hurriedly asked.

To be honest, Sheldon didn’t have much interest in finding this dreamy woman for his father.

But when Su Qiangwei was almost exactly the same as the Mengyu Dad was looking for, Sheldon was very curious.

Is Su Qiangwei her half-sister?

Why is there an inexplicable intimacy in my heart every time I see Su Qiangwei?

There must be something in it.

Sheldon knew that he would not tell him the truth even when he asked his father, but he made Sheldon want to investigate it by himself.

Old Wei shook his head at this moment.

“I was discussing this with Mr. Xu and Mr. Chapman just now, because the boy was quite young at the time. I just glanced at it, so I was very impressed. I didn’t know which family he came from in Liangcheng. Mr. Chapman and I searched all the big families in Liangcheng, Shuchuan, but there was no such tradition in the family!”

Wei Lao Dao.

“Okay, but since this jade pendant comes from Liangcheng, I believe it won’t be difficult when it is checked!”

Sheldon smiled slightly.

Next, everyone just chatted about something else.

At this time, Xu Lao suddenly got up, walked to a pendulum clock in Wei Lao’s house, and said with some curiosity:

“Mr. Wei, this pendulum clock, if I read it right, is it from the Republic of America?”

Old Xu said.

Mr. Wei nodded: “Brother Xu is right. It is from the Republic of America, M national product, which was placed in the Presidential Palace of the Republic of America at that time!”

Old Xu was surprised.

“You can get it too!”

“Hehe, Brother Xu laughed, this is the birthday gift given to me by the Yanjinglong family!”

Wei Lao didn’t seem to know that the Long Family and Sheldon had some friction.

So I didn’t feel anything at the moment.

Sheldon smiled faintly, took a sip of tea.

“Grandpa, it’s so late, so many guests are here?”

At this time, on the second floor, a girl in pajamas came out.

Looking at Sheldon and them at this moment, he looked curious.

“Yeah, Zyra, come and meet Sheldon, aren’t you still very curious about Sheldon Roston before?”

Old Wei smiled.

“He is Sheldon Sheldon?”

Wei Mengjiao walked down slowly.

He raised his eyebrows slightly, staring at Sheldon up and down.

“Hey, hello, Sheldon, my name is Wei Mengjiao, you just call me Zyra!”

Wei Mengjiao said.

“Yeah, hello Zyra, just call me Sheldon!”

Sheldon shook hands with her.

This woman grows so beautiful.

She is definitely a rare beauty.

After chatting for a while, I thought she was very generous to others.

Sheldon had a good first impression of her.

And very talkative, chatting with Sheldon about this and that.

“Sheldon, you are Master Sheldon, what kind of entertainment do you usually participate in?”

Wei Mengjiao said.

“I, I don’t usually participate in many activities!”

Sheldon shook his head.

“Hmph, why don’t I believe it, you must be very open, haha!”

Wei Mengjiao said.

Suddenly something sounded like: “By the way, some Roston friends I know at noon tomorrow, I want to invite them out for dinner and get together, Sheldon, if you are fine, can you come?”

Wei Mengjiao said.

Sheldon remained silent.

“Zyra, rude! How could Sheldon play foolishly with you bear kids!”

When Mr. Wei heard this, he couldn’t help but said with a wry smile.


Wei Mengjiao glanced at her mouth.

As for Sheldon, Wei Lao also helped him a lot. At this moment, it would be very embarrassing to reject the granddaughter directly.

He nodded and smiled: “Well, if I have time tomorrow, I will go!”

“Okay, then this is the Austrian you said!”

Wei Mengjiao smiled.

Not long after, Sheldon and Chapman left the Weijia Manor.

Originally, Sheldon wanted to go back to the Genting Villa to rest.

But when I think about it, Genting Villa has now lent it to Marcella.

So let Chapman arrange a self-operated hotel to stay.

“Smelly beggar, get out of here, do you hear me!”

When Sheldon arrives.

Several security guards at the entrance of the hotel were pushing an old man with mud all over his body and a weed-like hair.

“Who is begging for food, I don’t want food, I just want to take a shower in the place to pick you up,” the old man said.

“Wash you a big-headed ghost, don’t you look at where this is in Roston?”

The security sneered.

“Hmph, let me tell you, in fact, I am not someone else. I am the grandfather of Roston Young Master Sheldon. You Young Master Sheldon is my grandson. Hurry up and let me in!”

“fu*k! You smelly old man, I think you are going to die!”

The security is about to move.

As for Sheldon, he didn’t care when he saw someone making troubles.

Sheldon didn’t care about what the old man said.

But after Sheldon glanced at the old man.

It just stopped…


Sheldon said.

Chapter 312

Sheldon looked at this old man, isn’t it the one who blackmailed himself the last time Myla disappeared?

Unexpectedly, now I am looking for the door again.

“you again?”

Sheldon frowned slightly.

“Ahhhhh! Grandson, I ran into you again, huh, these little security guards won’t let me in. Tell them, let me in!”

The old man stuck his waist.

“Why are you going in? I tell you, the last time I helped you and healed your leg injury, you still depend on me this time. Do you really treat me like a temper?”

Sheldon said impatiently.

Occasionally, seeing you are pitiful, Sheldon will help.

But it’s too much to repeat it again and again!

“Grandson, why do you say that? What is it that I am dependent on you? I think you look so much like my grandson who is separated from me. If he doesn’t die, you should be as old this year!”

The old man looked sad suddenly.

Bowed his head.

“You old man, full of rumors, watch me not fight!”

The security will hit him.

Sheldon is also pitiful to see this old man.

He raised his hand.

“Yes! Sheldon!”

The security immediately stepped aside.

The old man sat down on the doorway with a sad look at this moment.

As for Sheldon, maybe he couldn’t bear it, so he took out his wallet.

Give him a thousand dollar.

“Okay, I know you want money too, right? This is the last time. I’ll give you the money. Go!”

Sheldon also knew that always giving money would form his bad habit.

But no way, this old man is so old that he can’t really be beaten.

“I don’t need money, grandson, I just want to go in and take a bath, look at my clothes torn!”

The old man laughed.

Sheldon put a finger on his nose: “I warn you, don’t call me grandson again!”

“As for you want to take a bath, there is a bathroom next to it. Go there to wash it!”

After speaking, Sheldon handed the money to the security guard, then turned and left.

The security guard naturally knows what it means, “Damn old man, our Young Master Sheldon is kind, let you go to the side to wash, fu*k, I will take you there!”

The security guard took the old man away.

“Thank you, grandson!”

“Return Nima!”

This incident is an episode.

After Sheldon returned to the opened room, he was ready to wash and rest.

Not long after washing, there was a knock on the door.

Sheldon opened the door and took a look.

I was shocked directly.

It was the old man.

“fu*k, what are you doing? How did you come up?”

Sheldon looked dazed.

The elevator in this hotel requires a room card.

And the floor where I live is even the VIP floor.

If you want to get in, you have to go through the security gate first.

This old man found this place unexpectedly.

“Hey, I’m looking for you, grandson, can you arrange a place to live for me?”

The old man smiled and said, “And don’t forget your grandson, I helped you how to say it. Last time you looked for a female doll, I still gave you the clue!”

“I want to know how you got here now?”

Sheldon scratched his head silently.

The old man is indeed much cleaner now.

But when he grinned, Sheldon felt that he was not a good person.

“O’ao, do you mean those glass doors? Hey, simple, I poke with my finger, those machines will fail, and I will find them!”

Old man said.

The voice just fell.


I saw the glass door opened.

A dozen bodyguards rushed up with electric batons in their hands.

Obviously, this group of bodyguards came up after watching the surveillance.

“Smelly old man, it’s here!”

The bodyguards gathered around, “Young Master Sheldon, after taking a shower, this old man sneaked into the lobby without paying attention. I heard that the lady at the front desk said your room number, so we broke our machine and found it! Beat him away!”

Sheldon didn’t speak this time, the old man felt strange to him.

It is also this stall.

Sheldon’s cell phone rang.

It’s Su Qiangwei.

Today’s discovery, Sheldon sent a Instagram message to tell Su Qiangwei. Now that she saw it, she called Sheldon.

Sheldon glanced at the old man.

Then clicked to connect.

“Qianwei, have you finished reading the news?”

“Hmm, then Sheldon, what should I do next? I… can I really find my mother?”

Su Qiangwei said excitedly.

“Hmm, don’t worry, I will find this woman too, and after a few days, I will accompany you to handle these things! Besides, I don’t worry about going to Shuchuan alone!”

Sheldon smiled slightly.

“Okay, then I feel relieved!”

After a few brief conversations, Sheldon hung up.

At this time, several security guards were carrying the old man out.

“Shuchuan? Grandson, I also want to go to Shuchuan. That’s my hometown. Take me! Grandson!”

Shouted the old man.

He broke free of the security guard and rushed to Sheldon, begging.

“That’s my hometown, grandson, will you take me home?”

Said the old man.

Sheldon looked at him again and again.

Seeing his eyes seemed to be eager to go back, very excited.

Speaking of this old man, Sheldon’s impression of him is not too bad. It was the rogue Poppi that made Sheldon uncomfortable.

“Okay, I will find someone to take you back!”

“I listen to you, it seems that you are going to Shuchuan with the girl to find someone, I tell you, I am looking for me, grandson, I know that place, I can lead you to find the person you want, and you help me like that , I have to help you again!”

Old man said.

When Sheldonard it, he finally vomited a decent sentence.

“You dead old man, we Young Master Sheldon will use you to help and let us go!”

The security shouted.

“Hmph, if you don’t believe me, ask him, if I told him the place where the girl doll appeared last time, could he find the whereabouts of the girl doll so quickly?”


“Okay, okay, let’s take him down first, besides, go to arrange another hotel for the old man, buy him some food, and wait for tomorrow, find someone to send him back to Shuchuan!”

Sheldon shook his head helplessly.

As for what the old man said to help, Sheldon just gave a wry smile.

Then he returned to the room.

One night is nothing.

Waited until the next morning.

Sheldon received another call.

The one who called was the granddaughter of Mr. Wei, Wei Mengjiao.

Sheldon just remembered that Wei Mengjiao invited to the party she organized.

At first, I didn’t know Wei Mengjiao too well, so after answering the phone, Sheldon wanted to find a reason to refuse.

“Sheldon, my grandfather is very happy to know that you are coming to my party, he said let me entertain you well!”

Wei Mengjiao said this.

Sheldon was a little embarrassed. Wei Lao also knew about this, and Wei Mengjiao’s Yi Quan, he really couldn’t get rid of it.

So I agreed.

Then, I drove to the meeting place.

Prepare to get to the scene and leave.

“Sheldon Sheldon, we have been waiting for you for a while!”

The location was chosen in Roston Brilliant Hotel.

At the door, Wei Mengjiao was waiting for Sheldon.

And beside Wei Mengjiao, there was still a mature and s*xy woman standing next to her. She looked like she was about 30 years old, but with long hair to the waist, slender figure, and very temperament…

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