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Chapter 31 Driving School Registration Shelly Treats

The two were depressed and went to do the first round of maintenance for the Audi A6.

Storen is most proud of this car, but the Ferrari driven by his friend Sheldon makes Storen a little embarrassed.

The two thought in a tacit understanding that they must find out as soon as possible from the side, where exactly Sheldon knew his friends.

After that, in the 4S shop.

While Storen is here waiting for maintenance, he is chatting with the masters here, hoping to find some respect for himself from the respect that the masters see.

At this time, I listened to the master in charge of maintaining Storen’s vehicle said:

“Sir, it is very wise for you to choose our Audi series of high-end cars. Unlike other high-end brands, such as Lali sports cars, it just makes people feel that there is face. Those are the real rich people. To play.”

“Now, most ordinary wealthy businessmen still focus on the Audi BMW Big Ben series.”

“But, if it’s really good, it’s better than Ferrari! Wouldn’t it be better to drive out!?”

Nimra could not help but said sourly.

“Ahem, this is a bad word for a beautiful woman. There are some great things that depend on who uses it. If nothing else, let’s talk about the Lali sports car. This car is good enough. At least a few million starters…absolute car The luxury goods inside, although not comparable to those of Phantom, are also the label of the rich!”

“Just a few days ago, Ferrari wanted to stimulate the development of the junior and mid-level rich group market, and proposed a set of marketing plans. As long as you are willing to pay a deposit of 50,000, there will be dedicated personnel to take you to feel the atmosphere in the car. Deposit, you can test drive yourself!”

“As a result, wealthy groups like you, Mr. Wang, are not stimulated by these valuable vehicles. Instead, there are many greedy vanities. The family is not a big business, or even people with difficult family conditions. In order to satisfy the vanity, they spend money to test drive. of!”

Upon hearing this, Storen and Nimra looked at each other.

A big rock in my heart seemed to be overturned.

“Master, you mean, as long as you pay 50,000 dollar, someone can drive for you and let you feel the right to ride in these sports cars like Ferrari?”

Nimra asked in surprise.

“Yes, but this promotion, according to internal sources, will be cancelled in a few days, because it is useless at all, and it has been criticized by the news, saying something flashy!”

“Ah! I finally understand!”

Nimra let out a long breath.

It turned out that Sheldon was to satisfy vanity, even if he spent 50,000, he had to make himself a disgusting person.

Even Nimra was guessing that it was not that she happened to see Sheldon just now, but that Sheldon deliberately let herself see it.

This person is disgusting!

Pooh! ! !


However, he said that Sheldon just got out of the driving test registration center on the campus and walked out after signing up, and he sneezed.

This driving school directly cooperates with the campus, and the campus rents out part of the venue to run a driving school.

And Sheldon has already decided to buy a car, and just this month, these few days.

Because 20 million has to be spent.

But considering buying a car, how can you do without a driver’s license?

In the past, Sheldon didn’t even have the money to sign up for a driver’s license, but now he has this capital.

Sheldon was still full of expectations. just……

I don’t know who scolded me, why are you sneezing?


Just when Sheldon was about to return to the dorm to lie down.

The phone rang suddenly.

It was from the head of the house, Vern.

“Brother Vern, what’s the matter?”

“Sheldon, where are you? Go back to the dorm. Shelly suggested that we should go out and get together. No, go or not. I want to discuss with you, mainly Elma said, let Shelly call us, I …”

When Sheldon listened, he always felt that since Brother Vern fell in love with Elma, he had lost the masculinity he used to.

I can’t say that. When Sheldon fell in love, he was not like a wife.

Thinking about this for Marcella, thinking about that, considering her feelings, even Marcella is happy when he is happy, and Marcella is sad when he is sad. There is no reason.

Maybe love someone, that’s it.

“Hey! I won’t go, and Shelly doesn’t want to see me!”

Sheldon said.

“No, this is the reason why our brothers are looking for you to discuss, because Shelly even named you this time to take you to the party!”

Vern said.

“Huh?” Sheldon was taken aback.

It doesn’t make sense, isn’t Shelly the way to get bored when seeing himself?

How could you invite yourself to a party.

To be honest, Sheldon drank again at noon and ate a lot of food.

Not hungry at all.

Mainly because of socializing for most of the day, really tired.

I really don’t want to go.

It’s okay to have all sorts of parties every day, and I am ready to take a driver’s license.

Perhaps it is God’s will in the dark.

Most of the lives of the rich second generation started with gatherings.

Although he has never revealed his identity, all kinds of party entertainment have already revolved around him.

Although they refused, Vern didn’t want to go if Sheldon didn’t go.

Sheldon is quite entangled.

Finally, he reluctantly agreed.

Back to the dorm and changed clothes.

Sheldon and the others went downstairs and gathered at the school gate.

“Shelly, why did you suddenly entertain you, where are we going to play?”

Kristine was naturally there, and asked curiously.

“Haha, let’s be honest, it’s not my treat tonight, but Charlton! Their restaurant on Roston Business District is about to open. After the approval this afternoon, Taste Point, from now on, has returned to the house. Hosted!”

A look of arrogance flashed across Shelly’s face, and he raised his eyes to look at Sheldon’s expression at this time.


You Sheldonniu, you Sheldon are great, and can invite everyone to dinner in the most luxurious place in the villa.

Make Charlton and her Shelly all embarrassed.

But… what will happen in the future?

You Sheldon are still as poor.

Can you take everyone to the villa again?

But Charlton is different. Not only does he have a factory at home, he also has a site in Roston Business District.

With Roston tycoon Chapman, the future development is already very clear.

Shelly invited Sheldon out.

Just want to see Sheldon, when he learned that he was incomparable with Charlton’s embarrassed expression.

However, Shelly was a little disappointed.

Because Sheldon was just like a stuffy fart, expressionless on his face, and he was very indifferent to it.

When you cry! Just wait and see.

Shelly thought to himself.

“Then Shelly, since it is the opening of the Charltonjia restaurant, it would not be nice for you to take many of us there. After all, we are not familiar with him…”

At this time, Kristine said worriedly.

Zyra on the side was patching up her makeup. At this moment, she announced to everyone mysteriously and excitedly:

“Haha, how could it be bad? Today Shelly invites you to dinner. I also want to announce an important news to everyone. You should remember that we were at the Emperor KTV last week. In fact, the last time Charlton entrusted his dad to Shelly will help us all. This incident has already tempted Big Beauty Shelly!”

“So in the past few days, Shao Zhuang has launched a fierce pursuit of our Shelly beauties. Shelly Beauty has decided to go with Charlton for a try. Now, the first love of Shelly Beauty has come!”


Unexpectedly, after hearing this, others have not recovered.

Sheldon screamed first…

Oh shit! Was cut off?

Chapter 32 The Opening of Taste Point

Hearing this news, Sheldon felt uneasy.

Shelly’s matter was clearly resolved by himself.

Indeed, Sheldon didn’t want to have much overlap with Shelly. He planned to do it a favor, and it was still up to Kristine’s face.

But at the moment, Shelly obviously misunderstood. She thought it was Charlton who helped her. Charlton was very good.

Finally, they walked with Charlton.

Shelly is very beautiful, has never been in love, and is an absolute goddess Fan.

To say that I don’t like this beautiful girl at all is a lie.

Is it better to find an opportunity to tell Shelly the truth? Even if she doesn’t thank herself, it is better than her being with others because of a misunderstanding!

Sheldon thought to himself.

The group of people had also been talking and laughing, each got on a taxi, and went to the Taste Point on Roston Business District.

The opening ceremony of Taste Point is naturally very lively thanks to the contacts of the dealer and his son.

The entire lobby on the first floor was already overcrowded.

The ins and outs are all expensive.

“Young Master Zhuang is too good! Shelly, does it mean that Taste Point on Roston Business District will belong to the dealer in the future? Can we come and play often?”

Zyra said.

“Of course, I don’t look at who our Shelly is. I definitely won’t forget about us just because we have brother Charlton. Is it Shelly?”

After the girls came in, they looked around and were so excited.

“Well, we are all sisters, of course we can!” Shelly nodded slightly:

“In fact, you may not know some news. This Taste Point is not entirely owned by the dealer!”

Shelly and the others were walking around at the reception, she said.

“What? Didn’t the ZIvan family buy it?”

“No, the Charlton family just bought the agency rights of Taste Point. The real moneymaker is the big boss behind the Roston Business District! Because the whole Business District belongs to this big boss!”

Shelly said, his expression also changed.

“All by one person? Not organized by the Roston Chamber of Commerce?”

“My god, who didn’t know that the money in Roston Business District is a flood, and there is an endless stream of floods. Didn’t the news say that the total amount of water on the whole street has reached 100 million every day? Billions of running water!”

“Of course, just a Taste Point can account for tens of millions in a month, and hundreds of millions in a year. Although the owner’s business is strong, this kind of money is simply made in vain!”

Zyra and the others almost exploded when they heard the news.

It turned out that Roston Business District was not organized by the Roston Chamber of Commerce, but by a big boss himself.

I go, how much is this worth?

“No way, I’m going crazy. I don’t know if this big boss has a son. If he does, I wish I could marry him!”

Zyra and all the girls are almost obsessed.

Shelly smiled bitterly and shook his head: “I heard Charlton tell me at noon today that this big boss behind the scenes is a pair of siblings. Among them, the whole street’s name industry, this male boss, occupies 7 percent. Ten! I heard people call him Sheldon! He seems to have come to Roston at noon today! Very young, but very dull! It is a pity that the dealer won the agency only in the afternoon, and there is no chance to see his deity!”

She said in her heart.

Who is this sacred hero, how can he be attracted to an ordinary girl?

Is it true that Shelly also yearned for this god-hao, and wanted to check it, but there was no news about him on the Internet.


Sheldon listened to the side, and couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed.

Especially what Shelly said, that Sheldon was very young and dull.

Are you dude?

Could it be that they beat Danna and the others and got misunderstood?

At the same time Sheldon also felt a little funny.

I don’t know how Shelly and Zyra would react if they knew that the goddess was themselves, ha ha…

“Shelly, why don’t you call me when you come!”

While everyone was discussing eagerly, Charlton, dressed in formal clothes and combed hair, brought Chandler towards this side.

Today’s Charlton is so handsome.

At least in front of a group of girls!

“Didn’t I watch your busy socializing… Tired?”

Shelly smiled softly. She hadn’t been in a relationship yet, so if she had been ambiguous with all kinds of boys like her roommate Zyra, Shelly would really not be able to do it.

She said shyly.

“It’s okay! Today, some uncles in the Business District came to join us. I just arranged their seats! Shelly, now I will arrange you!”

Charlton smiled vigorously.

At this time, his eyes suddenly caught Sheldon standing at the end.

At this time, Sheldon was touching a small wooden horse on a shelf.

The Trojan horse was very delicate, and it was made of sandalwood, and Sheldon was immediately attracted.

Curiosity arose for a while.

“Hehe, this thing is very crisp, Brother Sheldon, you have to be careful!”

Charlton smiled sarcastically.

At this moment, there was still a little bit of haze on his face when Sheldon slapped him in the hot spring mountain.

To say yes, it was Sheldon who was able to save Chapman’s daughter and felt a little jealous.

But now it’s alright, and his family can be regarded as climbing Chapman.

And the love between Chapman and Sheldon has been wiped out, after all, people will not thank you forever.

What’s more, this Sheldon is a silly fork who loves vanity!

“Huh! It’s a drop in price, Sheldon, what are you touching randomly? What if the little wooden horse is damaged by you again like the oil painting last time? Doesn’t Master Zhuang owe you anything?”

“That’s it, the soil is falling off, Grandma Liu enters the Grand View Garden and wants to see everything!”

“I really don’t know why Shelly called Sheldon to come today, making everyone so uncomfortable!”

For a while, Zyra and the other girls directly confessed their dissatisfaction.

In fact, the reason why they are ridiculing Sheldon on the face is not because they all know that Shao Zhuang is not dealing with Sheldon.

If Sheldon can make Charlton’s eyes pleasing to the eye, Sheldon invited everyone to play in the villa last time, Zyra and the others still remember this friendship.

But now, people don’t see you as unpleasant, and they still install 13 in front of them.

It’s not bad now, how can you compare with others?

Therefore, in order to show their position, they all came to Sheldon.

Shelly just shook his head.

At first she did have a hint of revenge against Sheldon, but now, she thought she was so funny.

It’s ridiculous to be so sad about such a person!

“Kristine, Chen Hui, why are you here? Damn, Sheldon, you can come too?”

At this moment, a female voice rang, sounding surprised, very surprised.

And heard this female voice.

Sheldon suddenly raised his head, and he looked like Marcella!

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