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Chapter 33

Marcella intimately held Steven’s arm.

She looked at Sheldon, Kristine and others in surprise.

Unexpectedly, they can also come to this high-end occasion?

Sheldon looked at Marcella wearing gold and silver, and his feelings came across the things Chad bought for Chen Xue this morning to participate in the opening of Taste Point tonight.

Seeing Marcella happy and proud.

Sheldon thought: Maybe Marcella and Chad are in love.

The previous self was just a tool for Marcella to relieve her boredom.

Thinking about it, I feel ridiculous. I was worried about Marcella last night, and Sheldon is worried about him where he is now.

“Young Master Zhuang, did you think you and Sheldon still know each other?”

Chad said respectfully.

The profit of Chad’s factory is actually not even the fur of Charlton’s family.

He was able to come because Chad’s mother and Charlton’s mother were college roommates and good sisters.

Plus there is always contact.

So this time Emperor Ming opened his business, Chad mentioned to his mother, and he was qualified to bring Marcella.

“Hehe, they are all friends of Shelly, Chad, are these also your classmates?”

Charlton said lightly.

“Yes, Young Master, they are from my next class!”

“Brother Charlton, this Sheldon is just a D silk. At such high-end occasions as Taste Point, didn’t you let him come to lower sense of grade? Did you see him wearing it?”

Marcella looked at Cooper Family contemptuously.

She held Chad’s hands but became more intimate.

Marcella is here to show you Sheldon. Now, her development after Marcella leaves you is eligible to participate in the opening of Taste Point.

Yes, you Sheldon was lucky and won 200,000 dollar, but you are a hammer Austrian compared to others!

However, Charlton was obviously very useful to Marcella’s words. He smiled with his hands in his pockets:

“Lower the grade, just lower the grade, the elegance and the common appreciation, not all high-end…”

“Hahaha, Young Master Zhuang is Young Master Zhuang, and his speech is unusual!”

“That’s right, who is Shao Zhuang? But it makes sense. There is no low-grade one. Where is the high-grade one?”

“Okay, okay, is it really good to say that Sheldon? Although it is correct, hahaha…”

This time, Marcella had a tacit understanding with Zyra and the other girls and agreed with what Charlton said.

Sheldon listened to the side, and his anger was not light.

I thought to myself, don’t you love money? When I look back, I will cry you with money.

Keke, it’s bad!

At this time, Charlton looked at Sheldon with a smile: “Brother Sheldon, don’t get me wrong. I just said that I was just making a joke. You won’t be angry? I know, Brother Sheldon will definitely not be angry. What about people who can’t make jokes?”

Sheldon said coldly, “Charlton, did you deliberately find something today?”

Sheldon thought that Shelly came to him to adjust his relationship with Charlton.

He got on well with Charlton, but after all he invited them to the best place in the villa for dinner.

This is the minimum.

But now Sheldon understands it, this is deliberately taunting himself!

“Yeyee, I’m still angry! Young Master Zhuang is worthy of you. It’s your greatest favor to let you come. You still have a temper? Haha…”

Marcella saw that everyone belittle Sheldon and found it enjoyable, and she saw that Charlton disliked Sheldon a bit.

Begin to show yourself, at least to leave a good impression in ZIvan’s heart.

“Stop it, Charlton, where did you arrange the location?”

Shelly asked at this time.

After all, she brought people, and Marcella’s ridicule made Shelly very shameless.

After all, even if it’s a dog hitting, it depends on the owner, right?

“Just stay here, just because Chad and Marcella belong to the same school as you, so let’s sit together!”

Charlton took Sheldon and them to a place.

Assign them so that they can sit down.

Chad and Marcella didn’t refuse, on the contrary, sitting with them, Marcella was willing to show off.

However, as soon as Chad and Marcella arrived, the seats that could accommodate fifteen people suddenly became slightly crowded.

There are six in Shelly’s dorm, five in Vern’s dorm, and Kristine, a total of twelve people. At this moment, you have to add Marcella, Steven and Charlton to sit here temporarily, just right!

So at the end of the line, Sheldon’s position is missing.

“Yeah! This is embarrassing. Brother Sheldon has no place?”

Charlton smiled coldly, behaving very apologetically.

Vern hurriedly said at this time, “Sheldon, why don’t you come to us, let’s squeeze!”

“It’s not good to be crowded. After all, this is a store in the lobby, where many valuables are there. When crowded, what will it look like…”

Charlton scratched his head tangledly, and sighed, “I think it’s not the case. I originally thought, I’ll sit here, talk and chat with everyone, and then go to the stage to participate in the ceremony. If you don’t eat, I’ll just go to the stage and let Sheldon take my seat!”

“No way, no way, absolutely no way!”

Zyra and the others yelled, “In that case, Sheldon will not be caught between me and Shelly, absolutely not! Moreover, you can’t leave whoever goes, Brother Charlton, we still want to hear you, and gain insight. Yeah!”

Everyone, you and me, made Sheldon a little bit unable to get off the stage.

Oh shit!

Let’s talk about this account later.

Sheldon had a bit of hatred in his heart, and he was about to leave, lest he see their faces and a bad mood.

At this moment, the host’s voice sounded on the stage:

“Quiet, everyone, be quiet, tonight…”

The opening ceremony began, and the host began to give a speech. Many people sat down and the atmosphere was quiet.

And Sheldon hadn’t got a seat yet, he was standing alone, like a group of chickens.

Naturally, it also attracted the attention of many people.

“I’m going, who do you see that person? Why do you always stand?”

“Waiter? It doesn’t look like it. This is dressed up and the dirt is scumming. Couldn’t it be mixed in to eat and drink?”

“Hahaha, it’s embarrassing. There is no seat. This dealer is also funny. It’s such a serious business as the opening of the business, and this kind of person actually got in…”

Quite a few people started to talk with each other.

At the same time, on a wine table closest to the ceremony table.

A row of young men and women are sitting.

This position is usually reserved for people with distinguished status and family background.

The ceremony hall of Taste Point is very large, like Shelly and the others, even though Charlton personally arranged it, it could only be arranged in the middle position.

It can be seen that this group of young men and women are extremely powerful at home.

One of the young men smiled at a white-clothed young man and said, “Brother Fei, Sister Danna, look at it, Taste Point is ashamed today! Haha! He actually came in to beg for food!”

The boy in white immediately raised his face and glanced at him. If Taste Point can be ashamed today, he is still very happy.

As a result, at this sight, the white-clothed boy was shocked.

He rubbed his eyes casually, “Damn it, it’s Sheldon!”

And heard the word Sheldon.

Danna, who had always looked cold and indifferent, also raised her head, and she was also shocked. Sheldon’s face was completely left in Danna’s heart.

“It’s really him!”

Danna muttered to himself.

Chapter 34: Bren’s Strategy

“It’s Sheldon, I’ll go!”

The other brothers and the girls in the room all recognized Sheldon at a glance.

Suddenly I was nervous and unclear.

“Ah? What Sheldon? Brother Fei, this beggar, could it be that you said…”


The boy in white is naturally Bren. Seeing that he called Young Master Sheldon beggar, he pulled a mouth up.

“Damn, who is calling for food, you don’t want to live until tomorrow?”

The young man covered his face and suddenly looked aggrieved.

“Sheldon is here, Brother Fei, let’s go see you together?”

Several brothers hurriedly said.

Sheldon, one of the bosses behind the entire Business District.

The strength of the family is even harder to imagine.

Who can get acquainted, who can soar into the sky, life will not be exhausted.

Moreover, Sheldon is Bren’s boss.

The cow 13 is very.

“Wait a minute! It seems that things are not right!”

Bren was still calm, and he looked over there carefully.

Seeing Sheldon standing alone, and being laughed at by several girls on the table beside him.

It suddenly became clear.

Because by sending Sheldon back to school yesterday, Bren already knew some of Sheldon’s situation.

Sheldon’s identity has not yet been exposed.

Because once exposed, Sheldon cannot be so low-key, and in the school, there must be a lot of bodyguards to protect the entrance and exit.

Even Sheldon would not stay in a university like Roston.

If I now lead people to rashly break Sheldon’s identity.

Will undoubtedly push Sheldon to the cusp of the storm.

It may even cause Sheldon a lot of trouble.

When the time comes, I just can’t eat and walk around.

Bren’s father is good at greet, and Bren is not bad at all.

“What the hell, Brother Fei, shit, now Sheldon is being ridiculed. This is our chance to show! Sheldon is low-key and is mocked by these scumbags, but we can’t just watch it?”

A rich second generation said anxiously.

“Of course not, but you must remember that you must not expose Sheldon’s identity. As for the next step, you just listen to my arrangements!”

Bren already had cares in his mind, and even talked about various reasons to a group of people.

They knew it now, and obviously felt that if they had rushed to recognize Sheldon just now, they would have been too aggressive.

As for Sheldon, he really wanted to leave.

When someone looks at me like this, I feel hot on my face.

Just about to turn around.

“Friends, please stay!”

Bren and the crowd stood up.

Everyone looked towards Bren.

“Friend, if you don’t dislike it, come over to the bar for a drink?”

“Yes, my friend, come over for a drink! We have a place here!”

The rich second generations with Bren all stood up.

One of them was sweating on his head.

“Huh? What’s the situation?”

“Imperial Treasure Pavilion’s young boss, Young Master Bai, would actually invite this beggar?”

“And that table, but Young Master Bai and the others represent the nine supreme shops in Roston Business District. It is very noble!”

“Besides, you see, the sons and daughters of the Bai family and Lin family are all here, this this…”

No one knew why.

The Baijialin Family, and even the Everette family of the former Taste Point, started entirely on Roston Business District, thus making a fortune and creating a huge industry.

Very close to Chapman.

Their youngest son is even more distinguished.

Don’t talk about them, Marcella, Steven, Shelly and the others are all startled at this moment.

Obviously, every one of the young people at that table knows and has heard of them, but they have never met.

Very surprised, what did they invite Sheldon to do?

And Sheldon was also surprised that it was Bren and Danna who had beaten him up.

I really didn’t pay attention.

Hear the invitation now.

Sheldon said in his heart that if he walked out in full view of the public, wouldn’t it be even more contemptible, he really thought he was here to beg!

It would be better to sit with Bren and the others, at least to make some dogs shut up.

Nodded immediately: “Okay!”

After speaking, Sheldon walked towards the front of the stage step by step under the gaze of a group of people with amazement, and then sat down on the empty seat between Bren and Danna.


“I don’t know what it is!”

“How dare he really sit down, what is his identity!”

“Moreover, being so close to the goddess Danna!”

There are already many young rich second generations who are jealous and hated.

Shelly, Chad and Marcella all looked at Charlton in a bit of astonishment and asked him what’s going on?

Moreover, he was indignant at Sheldon sitting there directly. You must know that they are still sitting in the lower position, and Sheldon actually went to the top seat.

“Does someone invite you to sit down, don’t you pee and see yourself?”

Charlton is even more uncomfortable. Whose home is it today?

He walked over and looked at Bren and the others: “Young Master Bai, what do you mean, how can this person do this position?”

“Can’t you sit? If this friend can’t sit here, then we’re all gone!”

Bren snorted and stood up directly.

Including the audience, some bosses who conformed to Bren’s family all stood up, Bren left, and they naturally had to go.


Charlton’s face was ugly.

Today is the opening ceremony, Bai Jialin’s family, he must not be offended.

Just wondering how Bren, who has always been arrogant, was so polite to Sheldon.

“Able to sit, since Shao Bai has spoken, naturally I can sit!”

Charlton stared at Sheldon coldly, turned angrily and returned to his original position.

“Young Master Zhuang, what’s the situation? Why did Young Master Bai invite Sheldon’s D wire?”

“I don’t know, but I guess it was to deliberately fight against our dealer. Originally, this Taste Point was to be obtained by the Bai family. My father took a lot of effort to obtain it. Then Bren I hold my grudge! But today, our house is open, so you can’t ask for it. After all, the Bai family is in Roston and it is a big family!”

“That’s it!”

Everyone knew it.

Shelly breathed a sigh of relief, and Marcella also stabilized slightly.

If Sheldon had a very good relationship with this Young Master Bai, it would make Marcella extremely uncomfortable.

Chad doesn’t even have the right to know people, so why does Sheldon know him?

On the other hand, Sheldon didn’t bother to care what Marcella and the others thought.

After sitting down, it was interesting to look at the beauties who were already blushing.

Especially Danna.

“Unexpectedly we met so soon?”

Sheldon smiled.

“Yes, Sheldon, this may be fate in the legend!”

The beauties turned their mouths at Sheldon, very cute.

Danna was very entangled in her heart, but when she thought of this afternoon, her father told her very much.

It was also following their way, and nodded to Sheldon.

“Sheldon, you don’t have a good relationship with Charlton, right?”

At this time, Bren narrowed his eyes towards Charlton and asked.

Although it can be seen that Charlton has a bad relationship with Sheldon, he must hear Sheldon’s answer in person.

“not good!”

Sheldon said truthfully.

“That’s great, Sheldon, today we have a way to make this Charlton publicly embarrassed and destroy their family’s reputation, but we are afraid of Uncle Zhenguo, so I dare not use it. If you are willing to support us, we can do it today. Charlton was ruined…hehe!”

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