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Chapter 313

The skin is quite white.

Sheldon nodded and smiled at her.

“Hey, Sheldon, this is my cousin who came to play with me. Isn’t it pretty?”

Wei Mengjiao said.

Sheldon nodded.

“Huh, but my cousin married a long time ago. She was a school flower at the beginning, but now she is also a beautiful rose, haha!”

Wei Mengjiao joked.

“This, should be Roston Sheldon? Hello, Sheldon. My name is Ouyang Ru. I am older than you. You can call me sister Ouyang!”

Ouyang Ru said with a smile.

“And Sheldon, do you know that my cousin’s family is also very good in Negston, and my cousin is now teaching at university!”

Wei Mengjiao said.

“Fortunately, sister Ouyang!”

After a brief greeting, Sheldon followed a few people in.

Soon after Sheldon left.

A luxurious car, less to say, had to start at a price of tens of millions, and stopped at the door of the hotel.

After that, the driver got out of the car, and first respectfully turned on the co-pilot. A rich and young man in a suit with that kind of expensive pocket watch came down.

“Young Dragon!”

The driver respectfully said.

This person is Long Shaoyun.

And the corner of Long Shaoyun’s mouth seemed to be holding that kind of malicious smile.

At this moment, he glanced into the hotel.

Then he smiled and opened the rear door.

“Sister Myla, here, come down?”

In the car, Myla was sitting.

Myla got out of the car without saying a word.

She just painted light makeup today, but it is still so beautiful and so temperamental.

Let Long Shaoyun look, his eyes are about to shine.

Because from the first moment he saw Myla, Long Shaoyun felt that this girl was different from other girls.

He has met many women, of all kinds.

But it was really the first time for someone with a temperament like Myla.

It’s a pity that when I met for the first time, I showed good wishes many times.

It stands to reason that the three young masters of the dignified Yanjinglong family, as long as they nod their heads, there will be countless girls swarming over.

Not to mention showing up.

But Myla didn’t pay attention to herself.

Later, I realized that she had a sweetheart.

Therefore, Long Shaojiao stepped up the pressure on the Qin family.

This forced Myla to come out to eat with herself today.

“Don’t be so unhappy, Sister Myla, in fact, don’t look at me, but I’m really nice, and although some people look good on the surface, they might hide deeply. What is there to be like me? What are you talking about, there are very few frank people!”

“Thank you, I will judge myself!”

Myla said coldly.

“OK, go, let’s go in!”

Long Shaoyun smiled.

After speaking, she stretched out her hand to hug Myla’s waist.

But Myla hurriedly avoided.

And gave Long Shaoyun a look.

“You can’t touch it? You are my fiancee!”

Long Shaoyun said.

“Who said that I am your fiancee, I did not promise to be engaged to you, Master Long, please respect yourself!”

Myla’s face tightened.

To be honest, she didn’t feel anything at all except for Long Shaoyun.

Of course, this kind of crisis is happening in the family, and my parents also persuade themselves to give up something for the family and for the family.

This Myla didn’t think about it, and tried to compromise with the Long Family, and then slowly accepted Long Shaoyun.

But in the end, they all failed.

She hated Long Shaoyun apart from disgust.

No feelings can be cultivated at all.

Even these days, Myla was so worried that she had some extreme thoughts.

Today, my father persuaded himself to come.

Myla didn’t know whether to take that step or not.

“Okay, it doesn’t matter. The engagement matters, isn’t it all sooner or later, haha, let’s not talk about it, let’s go in!”

Long Shaoyun also took Myla in.

Come back to Sheldon.

Sheldon has arrived in the box. Today, Wei Mengjiao invited a lot of people. Except for her cousin Ouyang Ru, most of them were young people of the same age.

There are locals in Roston and some from other places.

A group of people were very respectful and polite to Sheldon.

Especially Wei Mengjiao, who has been serving Sheldon all the time.

I also said that we will have fun together at night, and there will be a group of friends coming.

Originally, Sheldon planned to play for a while and then left, but when he went, Wei Mengjiao let someone serve food.

No way, I had to stay for a drink with them.

Everyone in this group can drink well.

Drinking and chatting, some people can’t stand the alcohol without knowing it.

It is Wei Mengjiao’s cousin Ouyang Ru.

“No way, no way, I’m dizzy, can you drink it? I want to go back to the car and sleep for a while!”

Ouyang Ru said.

“Ah? Cousin, this is not enough. I thought you were drinking too much. Besides, why do you sleep in the car? There is a room in this hotel. I will help you to rest in the room!”

“By the way, I have a bottle of soda. You will feel better if you drink some!”

Wei Mengjiao unscrewed Ouyang Ru to take a few sips.

As for Ouyang Ru, he couldn’t hold it anymore, so he nodded.

Wei Mengjiao has asked the service to open the room, and Ouyang Ru seems to be really weak.

It’s almost untenable.

“Hey, Mengjiao, let me help you help Sister Ouyang up!”

A boy immediately volunteered.

Yes, Wei Mengjiao is very beautiful, not to mention Ouyang Ru, mainly because of the good temperament and the beauty.

Bigger than everyone, but it looks particularly charming.

Which boy is not tempted.

“Get out of here, don’t think I don’t know what you are thinking, there is no good thing, I tell you, my cousin is from Negston Ouyang, and I have to change someone to eat tofu!”

Wei Mengjiao didn’t have a good air.

But it was a little laborious for her to support herself.

Looking at Sheldon at the moment, “Sheldon, I can trust you. Will you help my cousin up with me?”


Sheldon nodded.

Although it is not convenient for me, since Wei Mengjiao has said it, it is hard to refuse.

Mainly because I don’t have any messy thoughts in my heart.

Then he helped Ouyang Ru into the room on the seventh floor.

Ouyang Ru supported his forehead, lay on the bed, and fell asleep directly.

“Oh, let my cousin take a break, she, she doesn’t drink too much! Sheldon, are you drinking too much?”

Wei Mengjiao said.



At this time, Ouyang Ru suddenly retched violently, looking very uncomfortable.

“Ah? Cousin, are you okay? I’ll buy you a sober medicine immediately, Young Master Sheldon, you help me see my cousin here for a while, and I’ll be back soon!”

Wei Mengjiao said.

After speaking, he went out in a hurry.

As for Sheldon, he didn’t know how to look at it!

Seeing Ouyang Ru right now, she didn’t vomit, but fell asleep in a daze.

Sheldon felt that it was not the case that he stayed in the room.

So he took the room card and went outside the door to wait for Wei Mengjiao to return.

But after a while, I heard Ouyang Ru’s struggling sound inside.

It seems to be struggling hard.

At first, Sheldon didn’t take it seriously, but thought that Ouyang Ru was drunk.

But the more I listened, the more I felt something was wrong, because there was something else inside!

Chapter 314

The more Sheldon thought about it, he felt something was wrong

He swiped the door directly, and his eyes widened in surprise.

I saw a strange man in the room.

At this moment, I was going to * Ouyang Ru’s clothes.

No wonder Ouyang Ru struggled so hard, tears all over his face.

And that man, after seeing Sheldon, he smiled coldly at Sheldon.

Then he jumped out of the bed and jumped out of the window.

This is the seventh floor!

Sheldon hurriedly rushed over to take a look, only to see downstairs, where was the slightest shadow?

Where did you go?

Sheldon was stunned for an instant.

Looking back at Ouyang Ru again, Sheldon’s face was almost red.

I was about to cover her.

As a result, I heard a sound of footsteps outside.

“Oh, do you bother me, my cousin is taking care of Sheldon, you guys are really, nothing to do!”

Wei Mengjiao’s voice followed.

And the group of people who just drank.

Obviously, when Wei Mengjiao went out to buy sober pills, these people had to follow him.

Damn it!

What can I do?

Sheldon was a little confused.

You must know that Ouyang Ruyi’s clothes are not correct now, and you will definitely misunderstand.

Sheldon wanted to put clothes on Ouyang Ru, but Ouyang Ru slightly opened his tearful eyes at the moment, and asked for help.

It means don’t come over and call for help.

I rub!

“Boom boom boom!”

At this time there was a knock on the door.

“Sheldon, are you inside? Open the door?”

Wei Mengjiao shouted.

“Huh? Cousin? What’s wrong with you?”

Obviously, Wei Mengjiao outside heard the cousin’s cry for help, and asked in surprise at this moment, “Sheldon, Sheldon? Are you inside?”

Sheldon hurriedly shouted: “Here!”

Come over and open the door.

“Master Sheldon, why did you open the door so long? You wouldn’t be…ah!”

Wei Mengjiao was jokingly trying to say something.

But when he saw the scene before him, he screamed in fright.

And many students who came in later.

Some also exclaimed.

They all looked at Sheldon in disbelief.

This Sheldon looked very refined, but he didn’t expect to be so dirty.

“Master Sheldon, you…what did you do to my cousin?”

Wei Mengjiao shouted.

“I… don’t get me wrong, it’s not me!”

“It’s not you. Could it be that my cousin* became like this?” Wei Mengjiao said.

“There is a person, there is a person in this room, and he jumped out of the window!”

Really, now Sheldon is really hard to argue.

“This is the seventh floor!”

Some boys hurried to the window and said, “fu*k, if you jump out at this height, you have to be disabled if you don’t die?”

And Wei Mengjiao had already covered Ouyang Ru with the quilt.

“Young Master Sheldon, I believe you so much. I didn’t expect you to be such a nasty person. Fortunately, my grandpa always praised you for your good conduct. You are too nasty and disgusting!”

Wei Mengjiao shouted.

“Yeah, I didn’t expect Sheldon to be like this. The other rich and young are going straight. I didn’t expect him to pretend to be so good!”

Some girls contempt.

“It’s really not me. You have misunderstood. If you don’t believe it, just look at the monitoring. I have been outside just now!”

Sheldon said.

Then, someone immediately notified the manager, and the manager came immediately.

“I want you to adjust this level of monitoring immediately!”

Sheldon said.

“Ah? This level of monitoring, Sheldon, is really embarrassed. Our monitoring broke yesterday. No, I am in a hurry. I haven’t fixed it yet!”

Said the manager.

“How do you know me?”

Sheldon looked at this manager.

The manager hurriedly said with a smile: “Hey Sheldon, I met you in a chamber of commerce, and your sister Alicia paid attention to me before. Of course I know you!”

“Huh, Sheldon, don’t act anymore. Who doesn’t know in Roston, who does business can’t give you a bit of face? You are all in the same group. Why the monitoring was not bad before, but now it needs to be overhauled!”

Wei Mengjiao said angrily.

Wei Mengjiao’s voice is quite loud.

At this moment, all the customers in other guest rooms also came out.

Many people surrounded the entire floor.

“What’s the situation?”

Some people gossip.

“It seems like a woman who is rich or young sees a woman who got drunk and dragged her into the room. The result was an unsuccessful attempt. She was discovered by the woman’s cousin. fu*k, this beast!”

“Oh my god, I thought I could only see this kind of thing on TV, but I didn’t expect it to happen in reality, is it so disgusting!”

Everyone talked a lot.

Those who have more good news directly dialed the news hotline.

Brilliant Hotel is a grand hotel integrating entertainment, leisure and dining.

At this moment, on the third floor, in the magnificent restaurant.

Long Shaoyun is having dinner with Myla.

Myla only took a few bites.

“Hey, have you heard that something happened to the guest room on the seventh floor upstairs!”

At this time, another table of new guests came, and they sat down beside Long Shaoyun, and they discussed.

So I told about what happened upstairs.

“There are such nasty people!”

Long Shaoyun took a sip of red wine and smiled when he heard it.

Myla also frowned.

“What happened then? Are you still making trouble now? Who is that rich or young? It’s too dull!”

“fu*k, when it comes to the rich and young, it seems to have a background. Some people say it is Roston Young Master Sheldon!”

The man was surprised.

“What? Young Master Roston Chen? Impossible, right?”

“Of course it’s impossible, he wouldn’t do such a thing!”

Myla shouted directly at the person next to her at this time.

“Oh, why are you anxious for us? We are also chatting. If you go up and take a look, you will know!”

Said a man.

“So what does Young Master Sheldon look like? Isn’t he handsome? Alas, he is so mysterious that he has never seen him before!”

“He looks pretty handsome, but he doesn’t do personnel affairs. I heard people call him Sheldon or something, but Sheldon couldn’t be wrong!”


And hearing this, Myla’s body trembled slightly.

“What do you say his name is?”

Myla stood up at once.

“Chen… Sheldon!”

People on the side were startled.

“Impossible, how is this possible!”

Myla had difficulty setting up a passage.

Later, I saw someone want to go to the seventh floor to watch the excitement.

Myla ran up too.

Long Shaoyun took a sip of red wine with a wry smile.

Then he took out his mobile phone and made a call: “You can come up!”

Also got up and walked up.

“Let’s let us be reporters!”

At the moment, the seventh floor is very lively.

Reporters from the Roston Times flooded in. If nothing else, today’s affairs will be on the headlines of tomorrow.

And Sheldon was also blocked by others, and it was hard to argue.

As for Myla, she stood by and watched the scene before her. When she saw that it was really Sheldon, Myla took a step backwards in disbelief.

“Impossible, impossible, Sheldon is not such a person!”

Myla whispered.

“Isn’t such a person? I have been arrested and tried to commit a crime while he was drunk. Now the parties have identified him!”

A tenant on the side heard Myla’s mutter and immediately retorted.

“Sister Zyra, why are you? What’s the situation?”

At this time, Long Shaoyun came over with a group of bodyguards.

After seeing Wei Mengjiao.

Long Shaoyun asked.

“Ah? Brother Sheldonyun, you are so kind, it’s not me, it’s my cousin Ouyang!”

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