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Chapter 315

“What? Sister Ouyang Ru?”

Long Shaoyun was taken aback.


After that, Wei Mengjiao talked about the cause and effect of the incident, and Ouyang Ru, at this moment, was also sober a lot, looking at Sheldon with resentment.

Although she was confused just now, she also knew that it was Sheldon and her cousin who helped them in.

After that, a person came up with his clothes. Who else could that person be if it wasn’t Sheldon?

Ouyang Ru’s eyes were wet and red.

“Okay, you boy is too bold. Our Long family and Negston Ouyang’s family are family friends. You dare to have sex with Sister Ouyang. I think you are impatient! With my Yanjinglong family, you No matter how powerful it is, it will cost you!”

Long Shaoyun said coldly.

“What? Yanjinglong family? I rub, this time the matter is so big, Ouyang family and Long family have both come in, then this person, it seems that Yanjinglong is missing!”

“I can’t go wrong. Although Roston Young Master Sheldon is powerful, can he carry the anger of the Long and Ouyang families? It’s really…”

A group of people talked.

“Well, Brother Sheldonyun, you have to be fair for my cousin. Just now you didn’t know, you almost got insulted by this beast!”

Wei Mengjiao said.

“Don’t worry, I won’t care about this!”

Long Shaoyun smiled gloomily.

Then he raised his leg and kicked to Sheldon.

“Damn, beat me to death, no matter what kind of shit he is, if you dare to insult the Ouyang family like this, beat me to death!”

Long Shaoyun shouted.

Several bodyguards got on immediately.

Sheldon is about to gang up.

The young men and women on the side saw that Shao Long was backed up.

I’m not afraid of Sheldon anymore.


At this moment, Myla suddenly shouted.

Then came forward with tears.

“Xiaoya, why are you here?”

When Sheldon saw Myla, he was slightly startled.

As for Myla, she glanced at Sheldon with disappointment.

Then he looked at Long Shaoyun and said:

“Master Long, can you let him go! Just take me to beg you!”

“Let him go? Haha, Sister Myla, it’s not that I don’t help you, this person is really hateful. If I don’t teach him a lesson, I will not face Uncle Ouyang and the others. Leave it alone!”

Long Shaoyun said coldly.

“Please, let him go!”

Myla begged.

Yes, Myla did not expect this.

Even at this moment, she felt a little desperate.

Think about it, the person you have always liked, suddenly found out one day that he was so disgusting and dirty.

Of course I can’t accept it.

However, Myla couldn’t accept that everyone beat Sheldon in front of him.

Looking at Myla, she almost cried.

Long Shaoyun only smiled slightly.

“Okay, sister Myla, since you pleaded for him on this matter, I don’t need to teach him, but if he has caused such a disaster, I don’t care if others teach me!”

After Long Shaoyun finished speaking, he waved to the group of men.

The group of subordinates returned.

“Xiaoya, I didn’t do this, you have to believe me!”

As for Sheldon, he seemed to have noticed something.

What a coincidence, why is there someone in the room?

And why did Long Shaoyun rush over at this time?

Sheldon felt that everything was directed at him.

But at the moment, it is hard to argue.

“I do not want to hear!”

As for Myla, after glancing at Sheldon, he rushed through the crowd and went downstairs.

“Sister Myla!”

As for Long Shaoyun, standing in the corner at this moment, a man with long hair and a pale face, dressed in black, winked.

He took the bodyguard and chased it down.

Wei Mengjiao shouted, “Sheldon, you can’t go, you must give my cousin an explanation for today’s affairs!”

A group of people blocked Sheldon.

Just when Sheldon was at a loss.

I felt a chill from the back.

Turning his head to see, it was a man with long hair like a woman who had already come to Sheldon’s side.

Give Sheldon a great deterrent.

And at this moment.

“Let me give in, what are you doing!”

Suddenly an old voice rang.

“fu*k, where’s the old man, what is going on rampage?”

The onlookers scolded.

“I’m here to find my grandson, what do I do!”

The old man snorted.

Then squeeze inside.

Some people saw that he was not well dressed and hurriedly avoided.

As for the long-haired young man, he glanced at the old man coldly at this moment, and then retracted his palm.

“What are you doing? Let go of my grandson!”

The old man came up and pushed Wei Mengjiao away.

And Sheldon saw that this old man was not someone else, but the old beggar who pestered him last night.

“What? Is he your grandson?”

Wei Mengjiao was taken aback.

“Huh, doesn’t it look like? Grandson, today I went to see you, but the group of people said that you were not there. I thought you left me behind and went to Shuchuan alone! Walk around, let’s go!”

The old man didn’t ask, he took Sheldon’s arm and left.

“Can’t go!”

At this time, Long Mao’s eyes were cold, and he went straight to grab Sheldon’s shoulder.

As for the old man, he raised his hand to block, and then lifted it up, and he saw Long Mao retreat directly to the wall!

In an instant, the long-haired forehead was covered with sweat, looking at the old man in surprise.

At the moment, Sheldon had to rely on the old man to get away.

He didn’t say a word and just left with the old man.

“Hey, grandson, are you okay?”

The old man took Sheldon to the riverside of a park and said with a smile at the moment.

“It’s okay, thank you, old… old man!”

If it wasn’t for the old man’s entanglement just now, maybe I would have to stay there to explain to them, and it seemed that I would not be able to leave!

At the moment, he said with some gratitude in his heart.

At the same time, Sheldon was also full of doubts.

Why does this old man always show up inadvertently when something happened to him, and indirectly help himself?

Take today, how did this old man find it?

Right now he asked, “By the way, old man, how did you find me? No, you keep following me?”

The old man was embarrassed now.

“Yeah, I did follow you today, oh, who asked you to help me last time, this time I know that you have something wrong, I have to help you!”

The old man smiled, “So, you didn’t suffer at all if you invited me to take a bath and eat yesterday!”

“I’m in trouble, how did you know?”

Sheldon felt that the old man became more mysterious.

“Huh, it wasn’t last night. When I was sleeping in the garage, I heard a few people talking about hurting you today, and then I went to find you. As expected, you really got caught!”

Said the old man.

Right now, I told Sheldon.

It turned out that when the old man was looking for a place to rest in the underground garage, he happened to hear Long Shaoyun making a call, and he was talking about framing himself with Wei Mengjiao today.

Sure enough, there was no love for no reason, no hate for no reason, Wei Mengjiao tried her best to invite herself to participate in what she called today’s party, which itself was a conspiracy united with Long Shaoyun.

They even calculated every step.

Sheldon thought of this just now, because it wouldn’t be so coincidental.

But Sheldon just couldn’t understand why Wei Mengjiao harmed herself, that she has no grievances and no grudges against her!

“Hmph, silly boy, although you have more financial resources than them, your boy is also kind. Someone wants to harm you, do you need a reason?”

The old man looked at Sheldon and shook his head and smiled.

“Moreover, this matter is more serious than you think. If it weren’t for the old man to pull you away, it is estimated that your current hands and hamstrings can be picked by others, and they are famous as teachers! The long hair behind you has been more than once. I want to hit you!”

The old man told Sheldon what he had just seen.

When Sheldon finished listening, he also felt a wave of fear.

In the past, most of the troubles I encountered were related to interests, and I didn’t want to care about more with others, so I didn’t deal with things harshly.

And now, Sheldon finally knew what her sister meant when she said that people are not standing firm.

Regardless of whether you are big or young, rich or young, as long as you don’t have that aura and are tough, someone can easily knock you down!

Sheldon let out a long breath, then his eyes became slightly cold…

Chapter 316

And the other side.

“Young Master Long, I missed!”

“What? You will miss the poisonous scorpion. Can’t you even deal with Sheldon?”

On the phone, Long Shaoyun in the bathroom said in surprise.

“No, there is a master who is helping him. If I hadn’t recovered my strength in time just now, my arm would have been useless!”

Inside the car, the poisonous scorpion is making a phone call with one hand, while the other is lying flat.

At this moment, on that arm, blood-red muscles bulged out, just like strips of bright red earthworms crawling all over his arm.

It can’t move even more.

The forehead of the poisonous scorpion was full of sweat.

“Damn, this stinky guy is really lucky, huh, but this is a good start. When the headline is published tomorrow, this guy is also notorious. Ouyang’s family will not let him go. The two will join forces. Kill him for minutes!”

“As for the poisonous scorpion, go back and recuperate first!”

After speaking, Long Shaoyun hung up the phone.

Just hung up.

At this time, Wei Mengjiao called again.

“Brother Sheldonyun, is this too much trouble today? You just told me to choke him into the room to prevent my cousin Ouyang from suffering. What happened to you?”

Wei Mengjiao said anxiously.

“This didn’t make Ouyang Ru suffer, she was not insulted, and the effect we wanted was achieved, isn’t it great?”

Long Shaoyun persuaded.

“Hmph, it’s still not being insulted. My cousin is *like that! After all, my cousin is from Ouyang’s family. This matter must be taken seriously, otherwise our two families will not be able to explain!”

Wei Mengjiao said.

“Hey, I really regret helping you. You don’t know. I have been with that Sheldon since last night until now. I am afraid that he will refuse me and will not come out. Then I will have to find other ways to cheat him out!”

“And I offended a rich or young man in Roston for you. The combined financial resources of him and her sister are not worse than that of your Long family! I missed the opportunity to make a young man!”

“Hahaha, what regret is this? With the support of our Yanjinglong family, you will only be able to climb high branches in the future. You can do everything in America, and there are our Yanjinglong family’s forces, and Sheldon Well, it’s just in Roston! Anyway, I promise you that if you help me get Myla this time, I will also let you realize a wish!”

Long Shaoyun smiled helplessly.

This coaxed Wei Mengjiao over.

Besides, Sheldon has already returned to the hotel at this moment.

Unlike the past, the hotel has been closed.

And Chapman, Zhao Zixing, Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger, they all arrived.

Chapman and the others have heard some news about today’s affairs, and they all attach great importance to it now.

At first, everyone thought that the Long Family would be hesitant and would not dare to directly attack Sheldon.

But looking at it now, everyone’s judgment is wrong.

“Sheldon, the president has been arrested. Damn, I’m setting up tomorrow’s news headline at home!”

At this moment, Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger walked into the box and said.

“Bring him in!”

Sheldon sat in the boss chair and said coldly.

No way, since Long Shaoyun had spent so much time calculating himself.

You have to continue.

And tomorrow, the slandered news must not be sent out.

“What are you doing? What are you doing? Let me out!”

Soon, a middle-aged man was escorted in by several bodyguards.

The middle-aged man is just the president bought by Long Shaoyun, whose surname is Liu.

“Hello, President Chapmanu, I think you know what I mean by looking for you now, what did your people photograph today?”

Sheldon asked.

“Sheldon, I don’t know what you are talking about, and if you think about what you are doing now, it’s justified, fair and just for my people to shoot things! These, no matter what you do, I won’t hand them over!”

President Chapmanu said coldly.

“Fair and fair? Hehe, as far as I know, your people seem to be waiting in the car downstairs two hours earlier? Is it possible to predict what will happen in two hours?”

“Although the monitoring of that hotel is broken today, the monitoring elsewhere is not bad! What’s the matter, President Chapmanu, you know better than me?”

Sheldon said.

Yes, this is the first time Sheldon has been calculated this way since he was a child.

My sister used to say that doing business is an assessment of you and an experience of you. Sheldon still thinks it’s nothing, but now it’s finally a lesson.

And Sheldon’s words came out.

The President Chapmanu didn’t speak, and instead glanced aside indifferently.

In his eyes, Sheldon is no matter how powerful, but his siblings are also famous, but the Yanjinglong family is different, it is the whole family.

He would rather offend Young Master Sheldon than Young Master Long of the Long Family.

“Since you are silent, then I can almost conclude that you deliberately engaged me. If so, I don’t have to be polite to you! Come!”

Sheldon said.

“Huh, I know what you want to do? But I tell you, before I came, I had already notified my subordinates. If I can’t go back within an hour, they will expose the whole incident in advance and also report* !”

President Chapmanu said.

“Really? But you think too much. I invited you this time just to ask you. I didn’t plan to do anything with you. Let’s go…”

Sheldon smiled faintly.

And President Chapmanu was let go.

He was wondering to leave.

Just watch Sheldon took out his phone and started a video with someone.

“Dad! Daddy! Save me! Save me!”

As soon as the video opened, a little girl screamed in horror.

When President Chapmanu heard this voice, he ran back from the door.

“What are you doing? Is this my daughter’s voice?”

President Chapmanu was anxious.

“Hehe, President Chapmanu, don’t worry. Your daughter is now in her home country. By coincidence, the film and television department of our group is going there to shoot a safety education video. Your daughter is so beautiful, so naturally you want to take her on camera! She is playing , A little girl kidnapped, the robber wants his father to compromise, or he will tear up the ticket!”

Chapman smiled.

He took the phone from Sheldon and let President Chapmanu look at it.

At first glance, it turned out that a group of people were shooting in the village.

But President Chapmanu swallowed sharply.

What this means is already clear.

There is no need to be thorough.

Moreover, this matter was indeed arranged by Shao Long deliberately to blacken Sheldon.

President Chapmanu doesn’t make sense at all.

After being retaliated, he couldn’t say anything.

Now my daughter is okay, and she is still happily playing with the staff over there. It is already Sheldon who has given herself a lot of face.

“Sheldon, there is a big misunderstanding in this. At the beginning, I said that you are strong against that woman. I definitely didn’t believe it. I think this is a misunderstanding, a big misunderstanding!”

President Chapmanu paled.

“President Chapmanu, this doesn’t care about your business. Besides, we are not Long Shaoyun. We can’t do this kind of threatening others. Just tell me what to do? If you want to mess with me on purpose, I am definitely not happy!”

Sheldon said.

“Yes, yes, I’m telling the truth. Long Shaoyun arranged for us to modify the P picture in the photos I took, just to discredit you and let you make enemies with Ouyang’s family too! I know, Sheldon, you definitely can’t do that kind of dirty thing. !”

President Chapmanu said in a cold sweat.

See President Chapmanu said.

Sheldon looked at Chapman, and then nodded, letting President Chapmanu watch another video shot.

And seeing this video, President Chapmanu widened his eyes, his face was unbelievable, and then his angry face turned white…

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