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Chapter 317

“These people… are they from Young Master Long?”

The other side of the video is in a house in a village.

Four or five people in black are tied up in the house.

The beating Piqing face was swollen, and Sheldon’s people watched.

And this group of people obviously knew President Chapmanu, they were Long Shaoyun’s people.

“President Chapmanu, that kid Long Shaoyun is vicious and vicious. He is afraid of your tricks. He sent someone to arrest your daughter this afternoon. Fortunately, we got one step early!”

Chapman smiled.

President Chapmanu suddenly realized.

“Well, Long Shaoyun, I was almost played by you! Sheldon, I am sorry for you!”

President Chapmanu bowed and apologized repeatedly.

Yes, now anyway, Sheldon can be regarded as saving her daughter indirectly, and Long Shaoyun himself is also clear about what he is, and he will do whatever it takes to achieve his goal.

If the daughter falls into his hands and doesn’t follow his instructions, something will happen.

Therefore, while President Chapmanu regrets and fears, he also expresses gratitude to Sheldon for his guilt.

Moreover, he immediately lowered his voice, pretending to be mysterious and said: “Sheldon, I have a recording here, I believe you will be very interested!”

Sheldon and Chapman looked at each other, nodded immediately, and asked President Chapmanu to take out the recording…

Regarding this matter, Sheldon doesn’t need to worry about it.

The President Chapmanu also knew what to do.

As for Long Shaoyun, Sheldon naturally had to deal with it.

It was also at this time that Sheldon suddenly received a call, and he saw that it was Zhao Tongtong.

Zhao Tongtong and Myla are good girlfriends. Speaking of which, he hasn’t seen Zhao Tongtong for a while.

It is probably because of what happened between Myla and herself today.

Myla must have misunderstood herself today.

Connect now.

Zhao Tongtong’s dissatisfied voice came:

“Sheldon, what do you mean? What did you do to Xiaoya? She has been crying and crying since she came back. It was a very happy day today. Xiaoya was first in the semester and she was also awarded an excellent student The quota, we are going to give her a celebration banquet, and that’s it!”

“There are some misunderstandings, I didn’t have time to explain to her!”

Sheldon said lightly.

Originally, Sheldon still cared about Myla’s opinion, because Myla was his friend.

Sheldon also wanted to explain clearly to her.

After all, for now, it is not difficult to explain.

However, at that time Sheldon saw Myla eating with his enemies.

There was an unspeakable anger in my heart.

Yes, I take Myla as my friend.

But Myla will be with Long Shaoyun in the future, and now, Myla has obviously tried to be with Long Shaoyun.

They are a couple.

What can I explain myself!

“What’s the misunderstanding? I asked her and she didn’t say it. If you ask you, you see you hesitating. If you have a misunderstanding, please explain clearly. We are all in Xiaoya’s house now!”

Although Zhao Tongtong knew that Sheldon had a relationship with Lilla and Myla.

However, it is Sheldon that can make Myla sad now.

As a good girlfriend, I can’t stand it anymore.

Otherwise, she would not come out secretly to call Sheldon.

“I won’t go!”

Sheldon said lightly.

What are you still entangled with?

First of all, because of Marcella, he confronted the people of Long Family.

Now there is Myla again.

Especially Myla, caught in the middle, made Sheldon extremely uncomfortable.

“Why don’t you come? I know, you have Lilla, but please, even if you don’t want to be friends with Xiaoya, can you make it clear to Xiaoya! After all, it’s all because of misunderstandings. If you didn’t give that jade bracelet blindly, how could Myla become interested in you and then fall in love with you? I understand that you are now Sheldon, you are amazing, but you play with someone’s heart like this, do you think Is it appropriate?”

Zhao Tongtong said anxiously.

“I didn’t play it!”

Sheldon said.

But these words also came to Sheldon’s heart.

Yes, the beginning with Myla was not because of some misunderstandings.

I was unintentional at the time.


Go there now.

Speak clearly and tell her what kind of person Long Shaoyun is!

“Okay, I will pass now!”

Sheldon said.

It is already six o’clock in the afternoon.

Sheldon did not walk alone this time.

It was followed by Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger.

When it came to Myla’s door.

Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger are waiting outside.

Sheldon walked in.

“Okay, Xiaoya, don’t be sad. Although I don’t know what happened between you and Sheldon, today is the day of successful delivery. Isn’t it to be happy?”

Zhao Tongtong said.

“And Xiaoya, maybe Sheldon will think of you one day!”

“Hehe, Tongtong, don’t persuade you. It’s not because of other things between me and him, but… Forget it, I don’t want to say, I feel sick when I think of him now!”

Myla took a deep breath.

She is already panicking about boys now, because no matter how good a guy looks, he is actually a scumbag behind his back.

Like this one I like.

If you hadn’t seen it with your own eyes, you wouldn’t believe it if you killed Myla.

“Alright, let’s not talk about it, but Xiaoya is your happy day, and I will surprise you later!”

Zhao Tongtong’s eyes moved.

Take a sip of red wine.

Just when everyone was wondering what kind of surprise Zhao Tongtong said.

Ding Dong!

A doorbell rang outside.

“Come here, here comes my surprise!”

Zhao Tongtong was happy and went straight to open the door.

As for Myla, no longer giving everyone negative emotions, she looked towards the door with a smile on her face.

But when I saw someone coming.

The smile on Myla’s face gradually faded.

The person here is Sheldon.

“Hahaha, Xiaoya, you still have to tie the bell to untie the bell. I called him. If there is any unhappy misunderstanding, you two can make it clear!”

Zhao Tongtong said.

“What are you doing?”

Myla’s face was cold.

“I came to explain what happened today, you misunderstood me!”

Cooper Family.

“I don’t want to listen, you don’t need to explain, Master Sheldon, if there is nothing else, please leave! I don’t want to see a dirty person in front of me and dirty my eyes!”

Myla said coldly.

“I just want to explain the misunderstanding clearly…”

Sheldon took a deep breath.

“There is no need for this, Sheldon, why don’t you explain to me what is there? If you have this energy, let’s explain it to others!”

“Besides, it’s night now. We are all girls. It is too inconvenient for you to be here, and I don’t want Shaoyun to know that I have something to do with you!”

Myla said coldly, “So except for this, there is nothing else, you can leave!”

After Sheldonard this, he also understood.

It’s really ridiculous to think about myself, and what else to explain, it’s just unnecessary.

Now she has called Long Shaoyun Shaoyun.

Maybe she has found what she really likes.

“Okay, then I won’t bother you!”

After speaking, Sheldon smiled bitterly and turned and left.

“Wait a minute!”

At this time, Myla called Sheldon again.

“I have something to return to you…”

Chapter 318

The thing Myla said was naturally the jade bracelet that Sheldon gave her before.

“From now on, the two of us will have nothing to do with each other. Ha ha, I still keep this jade pendant. I thought that the two of us won’t be together anymore. I hold it, but it’s also a thought. , It’s no longer necessary, give it back!”

With a cold face, Myla handed the jade bracelet to Sheldon.

“fair enough!”

“In addition, Sheldon, I hope you delete all my contact information. You now have Lilla, and I also have Shaoyun. After deleting this way, the two of us are completely unrelated!”


And Sheldon didn’t say much. After taking the jade bracelet, nodding to Zhao Tongtong and the others, he left the Qin family.

“Why, Myla? You let Sheldon go like this? What happened to you?”

Zhao Tongtong said puzzledly.

“It’s nothing, don’t ask. By the way, Shaoyun just gave me a very expensive gift this afternoon. I will show it to you!”

As he said, Myla wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes, and worked hard to squeeze out a cheerful smile, “You wait, I’ll get it for you!”

And seeing Myla’s strong face smiling.

Zhao Tongtong and the others couldn’t eat and drink anymore.

“Xiaoya, don’t you do this? Since you don’t want to say it, we won’t ask you what happened, but don’t torture yourself like this. We know that you don’t like Long Shaoyun, but you like Sheldon. What are you deceiving yourself for?”

Zhao Tongtong said.

“Puff! No, you really think too much. I just understand it now. I don’t like Sheldon at all. Maybe I thought he was poor and pitiful before, so I felt compassion for him. That kind of feeling, now, I realized that it is not him that I love at all!”

“Moreover, I’m really happy now. It’s so easy. Do you know that from now on I don’t have to worry about missing someone. I can also be with Master Long Shaoyun and become the third grandmother of the Long family. To be honest, are you jealous of me?”

Myla smiled.

And Zhao Tongtong looked at each other and stopped talking.

As for Sheldon, he finally broke off with Myla.

To be honest, I didn’t know what it was like.

Hi can not be said to be hi.

Worry is not enough.

In short, it was like knocking over a five-flavored bottle.

After returning to the hotel with the dragon and earth tiger.

Chapman called.

It’s about looking for the person hiding in the hotel today.

As guessed, the man had some skills, was good at rock climbing, and was very cunning.

Chapman used a lot of power, but he did not find him.

Although Sheldon was framed this time, with President Chapmanu’s clarification, there is not much.

But Sheldon must also find that person.

Seeing Chapman blaming himself, Sheldon persuaded him to let him not be too anxious.

That night, Sheldon took a rest early.

And it was this night, although it seemed calm, it was choppy.

On a riverside, a person is sitting at the moment.

“Master Long, I have already taken care of the matter, but the money you promised to be in place hasn’t come?”

Said a somewhat sly eye.

“Hmph, why are you in a hurry? Didn’t I ask you to find a place to hide? Don’t worry, you won’t lose your money!”

On the phone, a voice hummed coldly.

“The problem is that I don’t worry, Master Long, this time for you, I not only offended Ouyang’s family, but also provoke Chen Dashao. Today, Chen Dashao’s people almost turned Roston over to find me, in case Miss Ouyang Ru in the future When I think about it and turned the case, I’m over!”

The man continued, “I, Hou San, did it for you this time, so I have to give the money quickly. I have to leave this place of right and wrong. Otherwise, I believe the Ouyang family will know who made Ouyang Ru in the near future. Hey, it was really lively at that time, your Long family and Ouyang family had so many business dealings!”

“Damn, Hou San, how dare you threaten me?”

Long Shaoyun snorted coldly.

Indeed, in order to find a capable helper to bring Sheldon down, Long Shaoyun indeed moved Ouyang Ru’s idea. After all, the power of the Ouyang family was similar to that of the Long family. In this way, Sheldon fell.

It’s not just a matter of embracing beauty.

It can also help the family and regain the industry in Roston.

For the family, he was driven out of the Roston market by Alicia.

Pave the way for future inheritance.

Obviously, the relationship between Hou San and Hou San is very clear.

Long Shaoyun’s ability to gather so many helpers in Roston in a short period of time was precisely because the Long family had set foot in Roston before, and it had a certain relationship.

“It’s not a threat. There is no way. If you don’t give me money, I won’t be able to live! And Chen Dashao’s sister hasn’t come back, hum, if her sister comes back, knowing that you are colluding with me to get her brother, you Long Family Why did Alicia play to death in Roston? I don’t need to remind you, right?”

Hou San said.

“Okay, where are you? I will send someone to send you the money. If I take the money, I will shut up and get out as soon as possible!”

Long Shaoyun said coldly.

At the moment, Hou San talked about the location.

It didn’t take long for the two Maybachs to stop on the shore.

From the car, an old man got out, plus a few black bodyguards.

The old man carried a box in his hand.

Walked in front of Hou San.

“Hey, that’s right, it’s okay to frame this kind of thing, it’s okay to find my ghost, Hou San, sure they don’t have any evidence at all, haha, let me count!”

Hou San smiled and took the money.

“It’s right to find you. You Hou San has great skills, but your mouth is also too big. This incident was for the Cooper Family’s elder brother and brother, which implicated Ouyang’s family, so my young master is very worried that you can’t control your mouth. !”

The old man who looked like a housekeeper smiled faintly.

“Don’t worry, my mouth is very strict!”

Hou San smiled.

As for the housekeeper, he winked at several of his subordinates, especially the Long-haired Venomous Scorpion.

In an instant, several of his men moved.

Pounced inside and caught Hou San.

“fu*k, you guys want to kill people, damn it!”

“Hehe, I’m sorry, Hou San, in order for the Ouyang family and the Long family to work together to deal with the Cooper Family, they can only sacrifice you! Also, you should never threaten Master Long! Do it!”

After speaking, a bandaged scorpion struck Hou San’s neck with his hand.

“I’m going to your mother!”

Hou San lifted his leg and kicked away the scorpion’s hand.

Then he slammed away, ran away quickly, and jumped directly into the river.

“Damn, why are you so careless, this kid is a loach, if you can’t catch him, don’t think about having this kind of opportunity again!”

The housekeeper scolded.

And Hou San stayed in the water for a long time before going ashore.

He cursed fiercely at the moment: “fu*k, this Long Shaoyun is really not a good bird. He almost fell into his hands, but it made Hou San make no money. Don’t even think about it. If you move me, I will Move your woman!”

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