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Chapter 319

Myla Is Kidnapped
Myla family villa.

At this moment, the little sisters were drinking karaoke together and having fun.

Everyone worked hard to make Myla forget the unhappiness with Sheldon today.

As for Myla’s parents, they have all gone to Yanjing today.

So at night, Zhao Tongtong and the others would definitely not leave, but would accompany Myla.

“Tongtong, let me go to the bathroom, will you accompany me?”

Myla said.


Then the two girls went to the bathroom upstairs together.

But it didn’t take long.


There was a scream from upstairs.

Started everyone.

Now they ran up one after another.

But I went to the bathroom to see where there are Zhao Tongtong and Myla.

I saw that the bathroom window was open, and I looked downstairs, but there was no sign.

“Tongtong, Xiaoya? Don’t be kidding, where are you?”

Several girls shouted.

But after searching for a long time, it was confirmed that Myla was really not joking, but really disappeared.

They were about to cry in a hurry.

“How to do?”

“What else? Hurry up and call **!”


“Let us go, who are you?”

As for Myla and Zhao Tongtong, when they went to the bathroom just now, a black shadow flashed in front of them, and they passed out immediately after they were sore.

When I woke up again, I was tied to this place.

It seems to be in a broken house in the wilderness.

At the moment, said in horror.

“Yeah, let us go and tell you, Myla knows many rich and young people. If you don’t let us go, you’re done!”

Zhao Tongtong said.

“Hahaha, I’m so scared, I know, Miss Myla, you are Long Shao’s fiancée, and Long Shaoyun is said to like you very much. Actually, I tied you here today, and I have no other meaning, just want to borrow Qin. Miss, let the bastard Long Shaoyun give me my money. After taking the money, I will leave immediately without hurting Miss Qin’s hair!”

And this person is Hou San.

This guy is unprofitable and can’t afford to be early. Give money and do everything.

At this moment, it is precisely because of the money that he wants to threaten Long Shaoyun.

After all, before the last moment, he didn’t want to tear his face, telling the story about Long Shaoyun and Ouyang Ru who almost insulted Ouyang Ru.

Because of that, I offended the three families of Chen Long and Ouyang.

He is a smart man.

This is the idea.

“Hey, Miss Myla, you are really beautiful, I believe that Long Shaoyun will definitely give me money for his beautiful fiancee!”

Hou San squeezed Myla’s chin.

“Hmph, not only Long Shaoyun, but also a young man. If you let him know that you kidnapped Xiaoya, you will be done. He is Roston Sheldon Sheldon!”

Zhao Tongtong said again.

“What? Sheldon?”

Hou San’s face tightened.

If it hadn’t been for Sheldon, he wouldn’t be reduced to hiding in the wilderness.

Really, the power of the Chen clan in Roston cannot be underestimated.

“Tongtong, don’t tell me, I have nothing to do with that person! And we are also broken, how can he help me!”

Myla looked at Tongtong and said.

“Hmph, even if it’s broken, Sheldon will come to save you, I don’t believe it!”

Zhao Tongtong said.

“From now on, I will never want to see this scumbag again!”

Myla said indifferently.

“Hey hey hey! I said you two are endless, why am I kidnapping you! What are you doing? When I don’t exist!”

Hou San listened to the conversation between the two and became angry.

Zhao Tongtong was so scared that he shut up.

Hou San rubbed his nose and took Myla’s phone.

“I don’t care about the little ones, I only need money!”

After speaking, he used Myla’s cell phone to dial Long Shaoyun’s number.

“Sister Xiaoya, why did you suddenly remember to call me?”

On the other side of the phone, Long Shaoyun’s petting voice came immediately.

“fu*k your mother, don’t talk nonsense, Myla is in my hands. If you don’t want your sister Xiaoya to have an accident, bring me the money! I will let them go immediately!”

Hou San cursed directly.

“Huh? Hou San? You are so brave. I have spared your life. Do you dare to kidnap Myla?”

Long Shaoyun’s tone suddenly became cold.

“Hehe, spare my life, let me tell you Long Shaoyun, today we two new enemies and old accounts are calculated together, and that amount of money, I want to triple now, it is the mental loss fee you gave me! And, I have recordings of the little mess you did before. You send the money yourself, and I give you these things all at once, and we’ll be billed!”

Hou San sneered.

Now that he has suffered a loss once, Hou San naturally will not eat a second time.

Although Long Shaoyun’s group is very powerful, but want to arrest Hou San? Haha!

I believe Long Shaoyun also understands this.

“I won’t go. Besides, I will let someone send you the money. Where are you?”

Long Shaoyun said coldly.

“Don’t, you have to come. I have to explain some things to you face to face. If you don’t come by yourself, I can guarantee you will regret it later. Moreover, you are the one who came to Austria by yourself!”

Hou Sanyin sneered.

“Whatever you say, I won’t go if you don’t, you can try to move me!”

Long Shaoyun smiled.

“Damn, you really won’t come, if you want to come, I’d rather not pay, I’ll take your fiancee Huo Huo, believe it or not? She is so beautiful anyway!”

“Just give you three million, you release people, keep your recordings, other than that, everything is free! Besides, you consider your fate!”

After speaking, Long Shaoyun hung up directly.

“Hey! Hey! Damn, what a brute, he doesn’t even care about his own woman!”

Hou Sanqi’s face was almost green.

As for Myla, even though she had never liked Long Shaoyun a little bit, she had heard everything just now, and she felt a chill in her heart.

Sure enough, no matter how good a scum man pretends, he is also a scum man.

At the moment of real crisis, their nature will be exposed.

“Hehe, your wishful thinking is wrong, and Long Shaoyun and I are not as good as you thought. Use me to blackmail him, you dream!”

Myla gave a wry smile.

“What can I do? The thief doesn’t go empty, and offends three big families in a row. I can’t just take three million!”

Hou San anxiously scratched his head.

Suddenly, he patted his thigh.

Suddenly aroused.

“I wiped it, why I forgot, it really can’t work, I will make a fortune from Chen Dashao, Long Family gives me 3 million, Chen Dashao has more money, how can I blackmail a four to five million, this It’s worth buying and selling! And I also have the information that Young Master Sheldon wants! Hehe!”

Hou Sanyi smiled.

He walked to Myla and said, “Miss Qin, please give me Chen Dashao’s contact information.”

“Sorry, I don’t have anything to do with him anymore, and I don’t have any contact information for him, and use me to threaten him, don’t you think you are more ridiculous?”

Myla sneered coldly.

“Hey, what’s ridiculous, I have the news he wants in my hand, even if you are not worth money in his eyes, my news is worth money, after all, Long Shaoyun and I cheated him this time and insulted the Ouyang people , He can’t clean up even after jumping into the Yellow River! He is anxious to find me to prove his excuse!”

Hou San wouldn’t stay in the country anyway, these secrets are no longer secrets, and no one is afraid of offending them.

When Myla heard this, she suddenly raised her head: “What did you say?”

Chapter 320

“Hey, it’s okay to tell you this little girl’s film. It also allows you to recognize what kind of person your unmarried fee Long Shaoyun is. This Sheldon is really, and he never brought any entourage, so that day, Long Shaoyun Find me and discuss something with me…”

Hou San finished speaking.

As for Myla, her breathing was rapid.

“It turns out that Sheldon really didn’t do anything, you did it! Why did you frame him like this!”

Myla’s eyes were red, and an unspeakable feeling emerged in her heart.

Yeah, why am I so stupid.

I have known Sheldon for a while, how could he be that kind of person?

Moreover, Sheldon also defended himself, saying that he had not done it.

He thought of himself as a good friend before saying this to himself.

But he didn’t trust him at all, and even scolded him as a scumbag.

At that time, how disappointed he was!

So many people don’t trust him, only my friend is there, but I don’t trust him!

Just now, Sheldon came to visit himself, wanting to explain clearly to himself.

But why.

Why can’t I listen to him explain? Why should I drive him away!

“Sheldon, I blamed you, sorry!”

Myla’s tears suddenly flowed out.

“Okay, no misunderstanding. I don’t care about anything anymore. When I get the money, I will disappear. No one can find me. Just fight, haha!”

Hou San said.

“Hurry up, call him!”

“I haven’t, I will never let you hurt him!”

“What is it to harm him? I want him to clarify the misunderstanding. I won’t harm him. Give it to me quickly. Otherwise, don’t think I am a gentleman. ?”

Hou San said that he was about to untie his belt.

“Ah! Don’t stop!”

Zhao Tongtong yelled in fright.

“Xiaoya, it seems that he really has no other intentions. Let Sheldon save us, okay?”

Zhao Tongtong cried.

“Hehe, you are wrong Tongtong. If you really call Sheldon to save us, he won’t come. I broke his heart this time, and we can’t even be friends!”

Myla said with red eyes, “If he comes, he will do it for his business too!”

“Okay, okay, give it to me quickly so I can take the money and run away!”

Hou San said helplessly.

Zhao Tongtong said, “I have, I will give it to you!”

Later, Hou San called.

“What’s wrong with Zhao Tongtong?”

Sheldon was quickly connected.

“Hey, Sheldon, I’m Hou San! Hello!”

“Hou San?”

“You may have forgotten that at noon today, at the hotel, we met up!”

“It’s you!”

Sheldon sat up from the bed.

“Yes, now I invite Ms. Myla and Ms. Zhao Tongtong to come to me. I also know that you turned Roston over to find me, don’t I want to negotiate a deal with you!”

Hou Sandao.

“You dare to kidnap Myla, what do you want to do?”

Sheldon said coldly.

“That’s it, I know you have been wronged, because Miss Chen has taken care of me before, so I don’t feel good about it. In this way, I have recorded the ins and outs of the incident. You give a small sum of money. Then I will get out of you, and I will pay you back!”

“I’m asking you, why did you kidnap Myla?”

Cooper Family.

“Ao, don’t worry, Miss Myla must be fine. But you need to send the money to me personally. I don’t accept payment or let your hands down. I know that your two men are very powerful. , So…hehe!”

As for Myla, bit her lip slightly and listened carefully to the voice on the phone.

“Well, I will go over and let them go immediately!”

Sheldon said without hesitation.

If it was because of his own incident that caused Myla to be burdened, Sheldon’s heart would be overwhelmed.

Although Myla made herself a little bit cold.

Feeling that she helped her so much, she shouldn’t distrust herself.

However, it is not an enmity.

I don’t want to hurt her anymore.

Anyway, now there is nothing to do with her, there is no need for her to suffer for herself.

“Young Master Sheldon, you are really refreshed, I regret that I framed you, well, I’m…”

After Hou San said a few words.

Sheldon hung up the phone.

As for Myla, tears have already flowed out.

“He still doesn’t hate himself, and is willing to take risks alone for himself!” Myla’s heart melted completely.

After explaining some things to Tianlongdihu, Sheldon drove by himself.

Arrived at the location.

Sheldon carried a bag of money.

Standing in this wilderness.

“Master Sheldon, I saw you, and I didn’t bring anyone here!”

Hou San looked at the other place with the telescope.

After confirming that it is correct.

Just said the second location.

Let Sheldon rush over.

Damn, this kid is a thief.

Sheldon felt helpless.

I had to listen to his instructions, and after a few circles, I saw Hou San with a sharp-mouthed monkey cheek.

“I have seen Sheldon!”

Hou San bowed slightly.

“Stop talking nonsense, let them go, and what about the recording I want?”

Sheldon threw the money in front of Hou San.

“It’s here, it’s all here, with this recording, you can clarify that it is absolutely fine!”

Hou San said with a smile.

And Sheldon walked to Myla and Zhao Tongtong and helped them loosen the tie.

Because they were afraid that Myla and the others would make a noise, Hou San had already blocked their mouths just now.


After Myla loosened her tie, she threw herself into Sheldon’s arms and started crying.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I shouldn’t believe you! I even said that I was with Long Shaoyun to piss you off, I’m sorry!”

Myla cried.

And Sheldon’s hand was hanging, and he didn’t know what to do.

“You are fine, let’s go!”

Sheldon didn’t use it to hug Myla, gently pushed Myla away, and then smiled.

“Wait for Young Master Sheldon!”

“I have one more condition!”

Hou San said again.

“What do you want?” Sheldon frowned.

“That is, although I will get out of here in the future, if the eldest lady asks in the future, you must not say that I did it. You must keep it secret for me. Sheldon, you are kind and generous, but Miss Alicia is different. I You will be cut by thousands of swords, so, please see Sheldon, because I don’t mean much, and spare my life! Let Miss Alicia go to the Long Family’s trouble, they let I did it!”

Hou San swallowed and said.

Sheldon nodded.

Then took Zhao Tongtong and Myla out.

As for Hou San, in the window of the house, he looked at with a telescope.

Obviously, this man was afraid that Sheldon would find someone to run him.

After Sheldon came out, he also smiled faintly.

“Hou San, you don’t have to look in all directions with your binoculars, otherwise, the field of vision is easy to be incomplete!”

Sheldon shouted.

“fu*k, Sheldon, what do you mean?”

The sensitive Hou San suddenly felt something was wrong.

At this time, I heard a buzzing sound from above my head.

When I looked up, I was dumbfounded…

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