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Chapter 321

As soon as I saw the sky, helicopters appeared, forming an encirclement over the house.

There are more than 30 frames.

Hou San was dumbfounded.

And Zhao Tongtong was even more surprised and covered his mouth.

I went, although Zhao Tongtong also grew up in the city, but he has never seen such a battle!

“Sheldon, you play Yin!”

Hou San shouted in horror.

I want to run when I get the money.

And there have long been bodyguards down the ladder.

Besieged Hou San.

“It’s really you, Hou San, I thought your kid would not have dared to come back long ago, but I didn’t expect that not only did you come back, but you dared to hit Sheldon’s attention. You are not afraid that Mr. Sheldon would know?”

Chapman walked down, surrounded by dragons and tigers.

At this moment, said with a sneer.

Obviously they all knew each other before.

And looking at the dragon and earth tiger, and Chapman are here.

Hou San also cancelled the idea of ​​running away.

Yes, it is too late to say anything. If Chapman tells Alicia about this, then Alicia will definitely not let him go, and the whole body will be difficult.

If you can’t catch it, maybe there is still a chance.

“Hey hey, isn’t it that after the eldest lady let me get out, I really have no way to survive? Besides, Brother Zhen Guo, even if I participated in the frame of Sheldon, I am very kind, and you don’t know that. Long Shaoyun, that day, not only was I planning to frame Sheldon, but I had to stun Sheldon to feed Sheldon*, so I directly refused, and now you see, I took the initiative to produce evidence to help Sheldon clarify !”

Hou San said with a smile on his face.

“Brother Zhenguo, you thought that the three of our brothers were all doing things for the eldest lady. I saved you at the beginning, so you can spare me? You see, I was a little kid at that time. Although it’s big, what kind of mix is ​​it?”

“Do you still know that you were Missy’s subordinate? I thought you forgot it. As for what to do with you, Sheldon has the final say!”

Chapman and the others came to Sheldon’s side.

“Hou San used to be my sister’s person?”

Sheldon was also surprised, no wonder Hou Santing was afraid of the old sister.

“Yes, Sheldon, when the eldest was in Roston, it was me, Zhao Zixing, and Hou Anping, that is, Hou San, the three of us. At that time, Hou San was in his early twenties. Once drunk, the belly of a female employee was enlarged, and the eldest lady was angry and let the beast get out!”

Chapman looked at Hou San with a cold smile.

“It turns out that there is still such a thing! Since he took out all the evidence, I won’t pursue it anymore!”

To be honest, at the very beginning, Sheldon wanted to find that person and give him a severe meal.

But now, Hou San smiled hippiely and was still smiling at Sheldon.

Sheldon didn’t want to pay attention to this shameless person.

“Hmph, luck, Hou San, leave the money and get out! I’ll spare you this time!”

While Chapman was angry, he was secretly relieved.

After all, it used to be one piece before, and this Hou San also saved himself once.

I was really afraid that Sheldonyi would be cruel and would directly kill this guy.

“I… I won’t go!”

Hou Sandao.

“What do you want to do?”

“Young Master Sheldon, you see that I have nowhere else to go. You will keep me. I promise you will not make any mistakes in the future. Young Master Sheldon, let me follow you!?”

Hou San said.

Yes, when he first met Sheldon in the hotel, he had already noticed that Sheldon was a kind of benevolent and generous character.

And what I just said was not as simple as a joke.

Indeed, Long Shaoyun once let himself use some means to harm Sheldon.

But how could Hou Sanyang really hurt him if he violated Yin’s behavior.

First, Alicia was afraid.

Secondly, what Alicia said is also kind to him.

He didn’t dare to come back, just thinking about blackmailing a sum of money, and then leaving this place of right and wrong.

In fact, this recording was also more careful when dealing with Long Shaoyun. If everything went smoothly and got the money, Sheldon would be misunderstood for seven or eight days at most. He hid in the end of the world, and he would give the recording to Chapman.

Looking at it now, I can’t run by myself.

Just ask Sheldon to take it in!


Sheldon couldn’t help but smiled bitterly, “Forget it, I will spare you today, and I won’t let my sister be held accountable in the future, you should go!”

With the look of Hou San’s sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks, Sheldon didn’t know that his words were true or that they were false.

“Don’t don’t don’t, Sheldon, I will give you a big gift and I will post it as a courtesy! Sheldon, you will love it!”

Hou Sandao.

Sheldon and Chapman glanced at each other, then nodded and said, “Well, it depends on what gift you brought!”

After that, I looked back at Myla and Zhao Tongtong: “Mr. Chapman, send a car to take them back!”

The tone and voice are a little cold.

And Myla also hoped that Sheldon could say more to herself, such as words of concern.

However, there is not a single sentence.

After the car drove over, Sheldon got in the car and left.

He did it on purpose.

It’s good to show your attitude so as not to have any misunderstandings in the future.

And Myla looked at Sheldon’s leaving back, and her heart suddenly became sore. Will this be the case for herself and Sheldon in the future? Is he really chilling with himself?

Even the love of friends is gone?

Oh, yes, it must be.

Sheldon just wanted to get evidence. It was just by the way to save himself. What did he want to do?

Who are you? I also want Sheldon to take risks for himself.

Myla, why are you so stupid, you are even moved by this little thing?

There is only Lilla in his heart. Isn’t it obvious that he is separated from himself by this opportunity?

Myla reminded herself bitterly.

I originally thought that there are really boys who are willing to give up their lives for themselves, which is a lie! Deceptive!

Myla returned this night and began to toss and turn.

Didn’t go to bed until early morning.

After nine o’clock the next day, Myla was awakened by a noise outside.

“I said Xiang Nan, you have to come up with a way to deal with this matter, when we ran out of Qin’s house with you, you have to be responsible to us, and the family will not be able to continue!”

It was Myla’s parents, Griffin, who came back.

There are also some uncles and uncles.

I was discussing with Griffin how to deal with the Long Family and the Yanjing Qin Family.

Griffin led people away from home in a rage because of some things, but now, the company they founded together can no longer sustain.

Naturally, I must be responsible to everyone.

“Xiaoya still has no results with the Third Young Master of the Long Family. This is not okay. Today, Long Shaoyun held a birthday party at the Hot Spring Resort and called Xiaoya to accompany him. This is already very clear. Ya promised his marriage request!”


“Okay, okay, something happened to Xiaoya last night. You guys don’t know what that Young Master Long did for my daughter. Now Xiaoya is resting. Alas, it’s really a crime!”

In the early hours of the morning, Griffin and the others rushed back. After all, the fact that his daughter was almost kidnapped was too serious.

Just when everyone was in a hurry to discuss.

The door opened.

Myla walked out with an ugly expression: “Dad, Mom, don’t worry, I will go today!”

Chapter 322

Young Master Long’s Birthday Banquet

“Xiaoya, why don’t you rest in the room?”

Griffin said distressedly.

“Ahem, Xiaoya is really a good boy, good boy, you must know that we can’t afford to offend a family like the Long family. Besides, Long Shao doesn’t really love you. Didn’t you say that you were kidnapped At that time, Young Master Long was still willing to spend millions to save you!”

The fellow said.

Myla naturally told Griffin who was worried about the matter last night, and Griffin told all these people.

“Ha ha!”

Myla smiled bitterly.

Of course she knows what the same people mean.

Myla was not angry even if he could say such a thing.

After all, the joint pressure of the Long Family and the Yanjing Qin Family made their father and the others out of breath.

Several uncles and uncles, they also have family members, and they have to eat.

So Myla didn’t blame them.

Besides, Myla didn’t take herself too seriously now.

What can be done.

Now Sheldon doesn’t care about himself at all, he has his Lilla.

Before Myla thought there was hope for the two of them, but now…Forget it, I don’t want to mention it anymore.

In short, Myla now feels that she still has something to use, which is to turn the family crisis into peace!

“Dad, mom, I will clean up later, and then we will go to the Heaven Brick Residencia to attend the birthday party of Young Master Long!”

After Myla took a deep breath, smiled.

Then he entered the room.

Seeing his daughter like this, Griffin’s heart was unspeakably bitter…

“Sheldon, this is the gift I gave you, hehe, you must be very interested?”

Let’s talk about Sheldon.

Hou San ran over and took a USB flash drive.

A video was broadcast to Sheldon.

Sheldon looked at it and couldn’t help but smiled coldly, “Is this the one you ran to record last night?”

“Hey yeah, I don’t have any other skills, but if you want to talk about flying over the wall, no one can compare to me!”

Hou Sanyi patted his chest.

“Okay, don’t panic!”

Chapman smiled bitterly from the side, “With these, plus the previous recordings, we can count on it!”


Sheldon nodded and smiled.

Just then.

Sheldon’s cell phone rang.

At first glance, it was the god brother Shannon calling.

“What’s wrong with Shannon?”

Sheldon asked.

“Brother, we were beaten, Xiao Fei was the worst!”

“What! Who is so bold?” Sheldon said angrily.

“Who else, Long Shaoyun, today he gave a big birthday banquet. Almost all the characters in Roston have gone. Then, except for people from the Chen clan, I will think about it with Xiao Fei and take someone there. make trouble……”

Shannon talked about the matter.

Generally speaking, Long Shaoyun clearly targeted the Cooper Family’s Sheldon this time, and was not convinced.

The Long Family is very powerful. This time Long Shaoyun chose Roston for his birthday.

And I picked the Heaven Brick Residencia run by my sister Alicia.

The pertinence is self-evident.

Many people from the Long family came this time, and Xiao Fei and Yong Hao went to make trouble without saying hello. It must have suffered a lot.

“You come to me first!”

Sheldon said.

Bren, Shannon, and Sheldon also treated them as brothers.

“We’re downstairs, supporting Xiao Fei!”

Shannon said.

“I will go down now!”

Sheldon led Hou San and the others downstairs.

Sure enough, Bren’s face was bruised and swollen, and Shannon’s face was also colored.

“Young Master Sheldon! I’m sorry, I was ashamed of you today!”

Bren said dejectedly as if he had lost a battle.

“It’s okay, let’s go in first!”

Sheldon patted Bren and Shannon on the shoulders, about to go in with everyone.

“Sheldon! Sheldon!”

Suddenly, a female voice called Sheldon outside.

Sheldon turned his head and saw that the person here was not someone else, but Elsa.

I haven’t seen this girl for at least a while.

I didn’t expect to see you now, it’s a lot more beautiful.

“Elsa, what are you doing here?”

Sheldon asked.

“Hmph, I said, I didn’t see you when I returned to school, so I want to see you!”

Elsa said.

Since Sheldon’s identity was exposed, Elsa struggled for a short time.

Sheldon has undergone a radical change in his heart.

For example, before Sheldon, when Elsa suspected that Sheldon was Sheldon, her heart was always in decline. Do you love Sheldon or not?

It wasn’t until the last time in that community that when I saw Sheldon being bowed by so many people, Elsa finally didn’t worry.

“Just want to come and meet me? Okay, see!”

Sheldon couldn’t help but smile.

“Puff! Why have you become like this now? Well, I know that there are many girls around you with you. I have forgotten our classmates a long time ago. I came to you, but there is actually one more thing!”

Elsa said.

Sheldon didn’t know how Elsa found herself, but it was no secret where she lived.

Just nodded to her and said it was all right.

“That’s the case. I’ve started an internet celebrity company and brought the anchor myself. So, I thought it was owned by your company. We can go to Yunmeng Mountain to live broadcast to attract popularity, but over there People are not allowed in!”

Elsa said.

“Well, I’ll help with this, you can go there later!”

Sheldon smiled.

Elsa narrowed her mouth and saw that Sheldon was so kind to herself.

There is really joy and sorrow in my heart.

Of course, Sheldon did not blame himself for being rude before, and he considered himself a classmate and friend.

The sad thing is that when I think of it before, when the university just started, Sheldon always peeked at herself. As a girl, she certainly understood.

Sheldon likes himself.

However, at that time, how could I have such a D wire. To put it bluntly, I regret it a bit.

If I was with Sheldon at that time, that would be great!

“By the way, do you do me a favor?”

Sheldon suddenly said something.

“Ah? What’s your favor? Can I help you?” Elsa said in surprise.

“Yes, you come in with me first, let’s go in and discuss!”

Sheldon said with a smile.

at the same time.

Roston Hot Spring Resort is already crowded with people, and today is quite lively.

Since his sister Alicia disbanded and auctioned off the original Roston Commercial Group in order to allow Sheldon to start his own business.

The Heaven Brick Residencia was auctioned off to others.

And Long Shaoyun inexplicably put the birthday party here today, and everyone who came here knew what it meant.

To put it bluntly, the Long Family will plant flags here in the future, and get up from wherever they fall!

“Young Master Long, there are so many people who come to show you today!”

The servant looked at the pomp and praised.

“Hehe, nonsense, by the way, have Myla and his family come?”

Long Shaoyun asked.

“I’ve asked, I’m on the way, hehe, even if Miss Myla is stubborn, she still can’t escape the palm of Long Shao!”

“Huh, Myla, this woman, Ben Shao treats her so well, so lowly, she actually likes that damn Sheldon wholeheartedly, it seems that I don’t want to put any pressure on her, as if I don’t exist Long Shaoyun! The more! That’s right, Ben Shao wants to get her! I won’t talk about it anymore, it just provokes me*!”


At this moment, a waitress walked over respectfully. She wanted to lick tea for Long Shaoyun, but she accidentally knocked over the cup.

“Damn, you are not long…”

Long Shaoyun was about to start cursing. After seeing the girl’s appearance, he suddenly swallowed the curse…

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