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Chapter 323:

The Young Master Long Blocked In The Room

“It’s pretty, sister, why didn’t you see you just now?”

Long Shaoyun suddenly narrowed his eyes and asked.

“It may be that Young Master Long is too busy, and since there was a disturbance just now, Young Master Long certainly doesn’t care about me!”

The girl smiled slightly.

Smiles more beautiful.

The girl should continue to pour Long Shaoyun wine.

But Long Shaoyun grabbed his hand, “Look, you just touched my body with red wine. You can’t always apologize to me. You have to use a way to make me happy so that I don’t get angry. Row!”

“Then… Then Long, what is the way to make you happy?”

The girl said shyly.

“Haha, come, come, come with me! Go behind!”

Long Shaoyun saw that there was more than an hour left before the official start, and he happened to be busy.

“Young Master Long, now?”

The butler on the side reminded.

“I see, don’t worry, I will be back soon!”

Long Shaoyun said.

Then she led the beautiful woman back.

“Shaoyun, what are you doing?”

At this time, a girl stood in front of Long Shaoyun.

“Sister-in-law, I have something to do later, and I will be back soon, haha!”

The person in front of him was naturally Marcella, as well as Marcella’s younger sister Yang Lu, and several of Yang Lu’s classmates, who were also called by Yang Lu.

A look of contempt flashed in Marcella’s eyes.

Naturally, he knew what Long Shaoyun was going to do.

Even last night, Marcella had a quarrel with Long Shaoyun because of something.


That is today’s birthday party.

Marcella meant to call Sheldon.

The meaning is also very simple. Today is her day when Marcella will show up, she must let Sheldon come.

And where is this place?

The Heaven Brick Residencia was here to make yourself the darkest.

But here, it couldn’t be better to hit Sheldon in the face.

In fact, to put it bluntly, it is not enough to slap Sheldon once or twice. Marcella just wants to make Sheldon shame in front of him, and look at his crazy moments now, so that he can regret it and make him feel uncomfortable.

Have you seen it, what about Sheldon if you leave you? I’m not the same scenery, you can regret it.

It’s that simple.

Marcella didn’t think about anything else.

But Long Shaoyun is different, because this birthday party is here for Sheldon.

So the two confided a few words.

Of course, he couldn’t help Long Shaoyun.

Right now, Marcella took his younger sister and left without paying attention to him.

“Oh, Master Long, what are you going to do? Why do you bring me to the guest room area? Are there many of your guests ahead?”

Said the girl.


“You said why I brought you here, go in!”

Long Shaoyun grinned a few times, then took the girl’s hand and pushed her into a room.

“what are you doing!”

The girl shouted in horror, “Come on, help!”

“Damn, today the entire villa is from Abron, who dares to…”


Suddenly, the door was kicked open.

Just saw three or five people pouring in directly.

“Sister, shit, you dare to move my sister, have you recorded it? I think you don’t want to live anymore!”

A man came over and said viciously.

Several people on the side took out their phones and recorded them.

“Ah! Brother, you are here, I was so scared just now!”

The girl immediately walked to the man’s side.

As for Long Shaoyun, he was taken aback, and hurriedly stood up. When he saw the man’s face, his pupils jumped involuntarily.

“Hou… Hou San? Why are you? How did you come in?”

Long Shaoyun’s cold sweat came out directly.

“It’s such a coincidence, it turned out to be Long Shao, okay, you dare to insult my beloved sister like this, I fu*king killed you!”

After speaking, Hou San jumped up and hit Long Shaoyun’s chest.

Long Shaoyun flew directly to the other side from the other side of the bed.

He clutched his chest and felt the blood was about to kick out.

“Hold him down for me!”

Hou San ordered his men.

A few people immediately held down Long Shaoyun.

Long Shaoyun paled with fright: “Come here, come here!!!”

At this moment, he shouted hoarsely.

“Scream, shout vigorously, in this room, even if you yell your throat, no one will hear you. You sent someone to kill me first, and now you are doing this to my sister, Long Shaoyun, I am at odds with you!”

After speaking, he slapped again.

“San…San Ye, I was wrong, I was wrong, when did you have a sister? I don’t know!”

Long Shaoyun immediately became soft.


A heavy slap was slapped on his face, “You dare to ask me back, you have treated my sister like this, you still have reason to you!”

“I was wrong and I was wrong! Hou San, although we have grievances, I know you want to retaliate against me. To put it bluntly, you just want money, don’t you? Today is my birthday, and the elders of our Long family have come, we If you have something to discuss, I will give you how much you want!”

Long Shaoyun is not stupid, why can’t he see that this is a jumped god.

Deliberately pit yourself.

At this moment, I really regret that I just couldn’t hold back.

“In addition, Hou San, you know my identity. It doesn’t benefit me to offend, isn’t it? And I heard that the entire villa has security monitoring facilities. If you don’t stay here long, you will be caught by my people. If you find it, they will rush over when the time comes, and you will not end well, just like that, if you take the money, you will leave!”

Long Shaoyun hurriedly said.

“Okay, Young Master Long, it’s this time, don’t forget to scare me, besides, we came in through the back door, and do you know who the supervisor installed this set of surveillance security equipment back then?”

Hou San sneered coldly.


“It’s me!”

Hou Sanyi roared and slapped again.

Long Shaoyun swallowed his saliva.

“What do you want?”

“I think, it’s simple. You insulted my sister today and asked me to catch a current. Well, I don’t want your bad money. You kneel down and call me grandpa three times, and add me to the end. It’s a beast, what if I forgive you?”

Hou San sneered.

“Don’t think about it!”


It was another slap in the face, and his mouth was stiff, “Today I, Hou San, will give up, and the big deal will die with you. Anyway, you bastard can’t spare me!”

After speaking, Hou San wanted to take a knife.

And seeing Hou San’s eyes were red, he also knew that he and Hou San were enemies of life and death, and he could really do anything.

“Don’t don’t don’t, I shout, San Ye, I shout!”

At the moment, Long Shaoyun knelt down in fright: “Grandpa, I am a beast!”


Shouted three times in succession.

And this scene was also recorded by the others.

And when Long Shaoyun shouted for the third time.

He suddenly raised his head suddenly, pulled the sheet from the side, and threw it towards Hou San.

Then he got up, opened the window, and jumped out.

“Damn, don’t let this kid run away!”

Hou San was also taken aback and hurried to chase.

But Long Shaoyun yelled while running, naturally letting the bodyguard in front of him hear the movement.

“Young Dragon!”

I saw Changmao running over with a large group of bodyguards…

Chapter 324

“San Ye, they are here!”

A little brother coldly reminded.

“There is no need to face them head-on, shit, let’s withdraw first!”

Hou San said, and then took a few girls away from Houshan.

“Chasing! Chase me, kill them!”

Long Shaoyun shouted angrily.

Since childhood, really, he suffered such humiliation for the first time and was treated like this for the first time. Long Shaoyun naturally couldn’t bear it.

A group of people caught up.

“Young Master Long, are you okay?”

The butler asked worriedly.

“fu*k! It’s okay, depending on the good place you chose, how come Hou San and the others run up, I almost died!”

The butler was 50 or 60 years old, and Long Shaoyun’s big mouth was directly on his face.

She said with shame and angrily: “It’s me who is not good, it’s me who is not good, Long Young!”

“But it’s your birthday now, and there are a lot of people with good looks, Young Master Long, let’s go back first!”

The housekeeper advised.

Long Shaoyun straightened his tie angrily, and then moved forward.

“Look, that is Young Master Long’s fiancee, Miss Mylaqin, right?”

“Tsk tusk tusk, it is rumored that Ms. Mylaqin is very temperamental, and she is even more beautiful. When I see it now, it’s really unusual!”

In front of the venue, many wealthy businessmen and celebrities at the moment looked at Myla’s family who had been respectfully invited and couldn’t help but discuss.

“By the way, have you heard that, Miss Myla, seems to have a very close relationship with Sheldon, but also very ambiguous, almost became Sheldon’s girlfriend!”

“What is almost, what I heard is that Myla is already Sheldon’s woman, and she is pregnant with Sheldon’s child! This is no secret!”

“Ah? Really? There is such a thing!”

“Stop talking nonsense, be careful to let the people of Long Shao hear. Anyway, I have heard about Miss Myla and Sheldon. Anyway, it is not clear, but now, Miss Myla is obviously Long Shao’s woman! “

The crowd discussed in low voices.

As for Myla, in addition to her family, Myla called her best friend.

Let Zhao Tongtong accompany them.

Myla naturally heard everyone’s whispered discussion.

There was a blush on his face.

If it weren’t for the occasion, she would have cursed the people who talked badly.

And some discussions were also passed into Marcella’s ears.

Now he is even more angry.

Originally, I thought it well, but today I am also the protagonist.

But it was obvious that when Myla came, the protagonist became hers, and she was unhappy herself.

Now, saying that Myla and Sheldon are getting better, Marcella feels a little uncomfortable.

In everyone’s eyes, Myla was better than herself and prettier than herself.

But Myla, a girl who was better than herself, was friendly with her ex-boy, and she was uncomfortable.

Marcella was a little irritable, so the gaze at Myla was full of hostility.

At this moment Long Shaoyun also came back.

I saw Myla at a glance.

I was also a little bit angry.

This girl, no matter how she pursues, is like this, now she is celebrating her birthday with a cold face.

In addition, I was irritated by being insulted.

Long Shaoyun sat over with an atmosphere.

“Young Dragon!”

Some people from the Qin family hurriedly said hello.

Long Shaoyun didn’t say a word, and sat on the main seat.

Marcella said sourly at this time: “Shaoyun, your birthday is today, but I think your fiancee seems quite upset, and do you know what everyone said just now?”

“Say what?”

“Everyone said that the person Myla likes is Sheldon, and being with you was forced by you. You dismantled the pair of Sheldon and Myla!” Marcella said.

“Fart! Who the hell said! I killed him!”

Long Shaoyun said angrily.

A sudden slap on the table shocked everyone in the room.

In the entire venue, no one dared to speak.

Yes, today I said that I came to celebrate Long Shaoyun’s birthday, but everyone knows that it is not Tian Long Shaoyun yet.

At this time, Long Shaoyun looked at Myla coldly and said, “Myla, come and sit next to me! I want them to see that it is my Long Shaoyun’s woman, and this is my Long Shaoyun’s!”

Myla frowned.

Glancing his head to the side.

And many people in the venue smiled with the mentality of watching the excitement.

Obviously, Myla is a face-slapped Shao Long, and he won’t give him any face!

Long Shaoyun was unhappy today, and Myla’s always cold attitude made Long Shaoyun feel depressed.

Coupled with the excitement of Marcella’s words just now, and the expressions of everyone now looking at them.

Long Shaoyun was really angry.

“I told you to come over, can’t you hear me!”

After finishing speaking, she stood up and took Marcella’s arm, and slammed it to her side.

“What are you doing! Why are you like this!”

And Zhao Tongtong and the others looked at Long Shaoyun angrily.

I thought that Myla and Sheldon were out of play.

If this young Yanjinglong is really good, it would be nice to be with Xiaoya.

But now, I saw that this dragon was young, and he was even worse than a scumbag.

“She is my fiancee. Whatever I want her to do, she has to come over! Stay by my side and pour me wine. The shit Sheldon is just a shit in my eyes!”

Long Shaoyun clutched Myla’s arm domineeringly.

The Qin family looked at it. Although their faces were not pretty, no one dared to say anything.

Marcella looked at the scene triumphantly.

Myla sat down holding her arm that was sore.

“Today is my birthday, can you please stop being cold, I want you to smile, smile and pour me wine!”

Long Shaoyun roared again.

Everyone didn’t know why Long Shaoyun suddenly lost control of his emotions, but they all watched the scene before him because of the excitement.

The bitterness in Myla’s heart seemed to have become more intense at this moment.

With a faint smile, he poured wine for Long Shaoyun.

“it is good!”

Everyone shouted and applauded.

Marcella also smiled faintly: “Haha, my younger siblings are really good, and you guys are true, too, according to hearsay, how could it be possible that my younger siblings like that Sheldon? I think, my younger siblings love our family, Shaoyun. If you don’t believe me, Shaoyun, you two kiss each other, hahaha, this is Shaoyun’s biggest birthday present today!”

“Yes, kisses! Kisses!”

After listening to Marcella’s words, everyone applauded again.

Long Shaoyun threatened Myla, so naturally he didn’t put Myla in his eyes.


“Q is q!”

Having said that, Long Shaoyun wanted to hug Mylaqiang Wen with a sneer.

But Myla hurriedly avoided.

“What are you doing? Are you sick!”

Myla couldn’t help it anymore and cursed directly.

“Ah? What’s the situation?”

Everyone was surprised.

Marcella also looked at the scene pretendingly in surprise.

“Sister, this is wrong with you. Shaoyun is celebrating his birthday today. You made it clear that you won’t give him any face. Humph, is it possible that Chengdu has reached this point? Sheldon is still full of your heart?”

Marcella said.

And it was this sentence that provoked Long Shaoyun’s anger.

Long Shaoyun stared at Myla angrily…

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