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Chapter 325

“Do you dare to hide? I will let you be honest and obedient, otherwise, I will let your Qin family disappear in Roston!”

Long Shaoyun was furious and grabbed Myla by the hair.

Just hug yourself.

“Let go of me, you crazy man! Let go of me!”


Myla struggled, subconsciously, a big mouth was drawn on Long Shaoyun’s face.

“Hit me? Do you dare to hit me?”

Long Shaoyun’s eyes were bleeding.

Everyone opened their mouths in surprise.

“Xiaoya, are you all right!”

And Zhao Tongtong and the others hurriedly pulled Myla aside to protect Myla.

“I want you to kneel in front of me immediately! Otherwise you will regret it!”

Long Shaoyun covered his face and said angrily.

And the people of the Long Family came here at this moment.

After all, smoking Shao Long’s mouth in public is equivalent to smoking Yanjing Long’s face in public.

“Young Master Long, I’m sorry, Xiaoya is too rude, I’m sorry Young Master Long!”

Griffin clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

After all, every father, seeing his daughter being treated like this, can’t stand it at all.

As for the people of the Qin family, they are afraid that things will get worse.

Third Uncle Myla walked up and laughed.


He was directly beaten to the ground by Long Shaoyun, “Get out of here!”

“Sanshu!” Myla cried.

The Qin family was also scared.

Look at Long Shaoyun, walking slowly towards Myla.


Suddenly, a small stone pill directly hit Long Shaoyun’s forehead.


Painful Long Shaoyun clutched his forehead and called.


Long Shaoyun cursed.

Then there was a bang, and another touch on the forehead.

Then he looked at the doorway outside the venue.

I saw a few boys and didn’t know when they entered the venue.

The leading boy, holding a toy gun in his hand, is aiming at Long Shaoyun.

“Hahaha, both shots!”

The boy laughed and threw the toy gun aside.

“Damn, it’s you again? Don’t you want to live anymore?”

Long Shaoyun saw that it was the few people who came to make trouble in the morning and then were beaten away by him?

Yes, it was Shannon and the others.

At this moment, Shannon walked towards Long Shaoyun with his hands in his pockets and a few people behind him.

“Yeah, I feel uncomfortable now, I want to be beaten!”

Shannon sneered.

“Come on, give me…”

Long Shaoyun will send a thug.

He was stopped by the housekeeper, “Long Shao Shaoan, take a look at what he wants to do!”

“I tell you Long Shaoyun, if you know each other, you will let my sister-in-law go, otherwise, you will be finished!”

Shannon suddenly pointed at Myla.


The audience was shocked.

“I’m going, Young Master Long, this is a prairie above his head!”

“Yes, the Long Family is really embarrassing this time!”

A crowd said one after another.

As for the injured Bren, he glanced at Shannon at this moment, reminding Shannon that he was playing and making jokes.

This is a big deal.

“It seems that the rumors are all true, what the young Master Long wants is left over from the family?”

Everyone said one after another.

Myla looked at Shannon: “What are you talking about, who… who is your sister-in-law!”

“Hey, I don’t care anyway, if we are here today, we will never hurt you!”

Shannon said.

And Long Shaoyun, his angry face was almost green.

“I see. No wonder Ivan and the others came to make trouble in the morning. They are feeling emotional. This is a bit of robbing the marriage. The two youngsters are jealous. Ivan is Chen Dashao’s god brother!”


Everyone is talking about writing.

“Hmph, you are so bold. You run here to make trouble. If there is any kind, let Sheldon come. Why should you send some of you? Let him come, and don’t just call someone else’s sister-in-law!”

Marcella said.

I don’t know why, but Marcella felt so uncomfortable when she heard Shannon call Marcella’s wife!

“fu*k, I think they just want to die, and make trouble at my birthday party twice and beat me to death!”

Long Shaoyun roared with red eyes.

The bodyguards that the Long family brought today all surrounded them.

There are hundreds of people.

The scene was so big that the wealthy businessmen and celebrities present were all taken aback.

“I’m going, so many people? I’m so scared, but how much better than people in Roston?”

Shannon smiled with his pockets in his pockets.

Then a whistle was blown.

“Boom boom boom!”

I saw a large number of people rushing in from outside the door.

Looking around, the whole mountainside of the Heaven Brick Residencia is full of people, all walking towards the top.

It would cost five or six hundred, and all of them were very powerful bodyguards of the Cooper Family.

The entire scene was surrounded by a tank.

Behind Shannon, a crowd of people stood behind.

Long Shaoyun was also taken aback by this battle.

Marcella also shut up.

Yes, if you just talk about these, the Long Family really can’t ask for the slightest bargain.

And they are all from Sheldon.

When did Sheldon become like this?

Marcella thought to herself.

Some high-level members of the Long Family looked around and swallowed at this moment.

“Three young masters, don’t be impulsive, they are deliberately picking things up. If we do it first, they will have a tongue!”

A senior of the Long family said to Long Shaoyun at this moment.

“Shaoyun, be patient, I want to see what they can do!”

The other person is also a little jealous.

“Mr. Chapman is here!”

At this moment, I don’t know who shouted.

I saw the crowd automatically step away.

It was Chapman and Zhao Zixing who came over.

“Mr. Chapman, Mr. Zhao!”

Some wealthy businessmen on the side, who couldn’t see the form, hurriedly said hello.

The Long Family saw Chapman.

A middle-aged man walked over.

“Mr. Chapman, it’s been a long time since I saw you. Today is my Long Shao holding a birthday party at the Heaven Brick Residencia. What do you mean?”

Obviously, some senior members of the Long Family knew Chapman.

“It doesn’t mean much. I heard that Young Master Long is celebrating his birthday, so let’s join in the fun, Young Master Long, happy birthday!”

Chapman said with a smile.

“Then so many bodyguards, what happened to Mr. Chapman?”

The high-level Long Family said.

“You said they, they used to be bodyguards in Roston Business District, but they were very excited to hear that Young Master Long was going to celebrate his birthday at our hometown Heaven Brick Residencia before! They are all here too! Mr. Long, you are too sensitive, right? !”

“Furthermore, let’s come to congratulate, don’t you invite us in for a drink?”

Chapman National Road.

Long Shaoyun held back the fire in his stomach.

But he was not a fool, nor dared to move.

He just turned his head angrily to the side.

“Of course, our Long Family is very hospitable!”

The senior Long Family said lightly, “Mr. Chapman, please!”

Afterwards, Chapman, Shannon and the others sat at the table next to Long Shaoyun.

And Long Shaoyun, depressed, was about to drink a glass of red wine.


With a sound, I felt that something hit my cheek.

Looking up, it was Shannon and Bren who were throwing peanuts at him.

“Oh shit!”

Long Shaoyun gave Shannon and Bren a vicious look.

Clenched his fist.

Swallow this breath.


Another moment, this time, a piece of braised pork directly hit Long Shaoyun’s face.


Long Shaoyun stood up directly.

“Shaoyun, don’t be impulsive!”

I was directly pressed by the Long Family’s senior management…

Chapter 326

In the face of Shannon’s obvious provocation, the people of the Long Family were also daring not to speak.

“Mr. Chapman, there is no need to do that? Please Mr. Chapman to restrain the people under his hands!”

The Long Family senior said.

Chapman smiled slightly: “Shannon, don’t be rude!”

Shannon stopped now.

Come back to Sheldon.

However, Sheldon at this time has come to the large golf course behind the hotel.

Obviously still waiting for someone.

“Has the helicopter arrived?” Sheldon made a call.

“Sheldon soon!”

Tianlong Earthhu said.

Originally today, Sheldon didn’t want to use the helicopter team casually, but Chapman persuaded him to form a deterrent against the Long Family.

So it cannot be too low-key.

Well, now that he has decided to confront the Long Family, Sheldon doesn’t care about that much.

Taking advantage of this effort, Sheldon also looked around the stadium.

On the course, there are many scattered people playing golf.

“Gentlemen, I’m sorry, the stadium will be cleared soon. I’m really sorry to ask some gentlemen to leave.”

At this time, several staff members walked to the side of the players and told them.

“Ah? Why? We just played for a while!”

“That’s right, how can you do this? I’m still with the customer, how much does your manager call? I want to call your manager!”

“Yeah, we paid so much money, and we don’t even have this right. If we don’t go, we won’t go, and we won’t go!”

Many customers suddenly expressed great opinions.

“That is, we finally came to play with Teacher Zhang Ke, so let us go, how is it possible!”

A girl said unwillingly.

“Chen Chao Wang Xue, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, yes, so many tourists haven’t left anyway, let’s keep playing!”

Chen Chao also said.

There are three or four people in this line, men and women.

“Teacher Zhang Ke, your husband is too good to take us to a place like this! I dream of coming to the golf course!”

Said the girl.

“Haha, my husband is going to accompany an important client today. They come to play golf. I think we are fine. Just come together. Don’t look at the junior high school. You were my students. But these years, we have been keeping Contact, I treat you as my younger brothers and sisters!”

Zhang Ke said.

The staff on the side refused to leave after seeing persuasion, so they went back.

After all, they did not receive any strict orders, just to keep too many people off the court and remind them to clear the court.

If it were to be strictly cleared, they would not be sent.

“Hmph, they are finally gone, really annoying! By the way, Wang Xue and Chen Chao, you are about to get married. If you get married then, it would be nice if you can take wedding photos here. Look at this, how beautiful it is, my mood It’s all better!”

A female student said excitedly.

While talking, he took out his mobile phone to take pictures.

“I shoot, hey, I shoot!”

The girl is patting.

Suddenly screamed.


Then stared at the photo taken and stopped moving.

“What’s wrong, Xiaoli?”

Both Zhang Ke and Wang Xue and Chen Chao looked at Xiaoli.

Then Xiaoli pointed in a certain direction in surprise: “Teacher Zhang Ke, Chen ChaoMarcella, look at him, that person… why is that person so like Sheldon?”


Everyone was shocked and looked around.

as predicted.

The man standing in the corner of the golf course with his hands in his pockets is not Sheldon.

“Why is he? Why is he here?”

Xiaoli was surprised.

“Who knows, huh, I heard that he knows a lot of people, it is probably here…Haha, picking up the ball for others?” Zhang Ke said suddenly.

“Puff, I think so, last time when our classmates reunion, he said he was going to start his own business, so he laughed.”

Xiaoli said contemptuously.

A few of them are not the same junior high school classmates Sheldon met when he returned to his hometown for his birthday last time.

That day was Chen Chao’s birthday, and then Sheldon learned that Wang Xue, who was once ambiguous in junior high school, was already with Chen Chao.

Since there was no common language at the time, Sheldon rushed to celebrate his birthday.

Did not continue to stay there.

And after Sheldon left, Chen Chao and the others asked for a visit to the hot spring scenic spot, but when they drove past after dinner.

The big scene has passed long ago, and nothing happened.

And it was at that time.

Zhang Ke said, “What’s the matter? When her husband receives clients later, he can take them to a five-star golf course.

This is not the case now.

“The teacher Zhang Ke, can we see him yet?”

Xiaoli asked.

“Why didn’t you see him? Hehe, look at it, it’s really picking up balls for others!”

Zhang Ke suddenly covered his mouth and smiled.

“Who, can’t see, help us pick the ball!”

Just now, Sheldon had just finished the phone call when a ball ran next to him.

There is no one anymore, a female student who actually hit the wrong ball.

Then a man pointed at Sheldon and asked Sheldon to pick up the ball.

This is nothing, Sheldon walked over and picked it up.

“Really, what kind of staff is this!”

The man gave Sheldon a glance.

“Oh dear, don’t be so cruel to this guy! Don’t scare people!”

“For this kind of person, you have to call it often, not often call it or scold it often, but he will be itchy all day long!”

Sheldon just shook his head and gave a wry smile.

Naturally it is not guilty of general knowledge with them.

Then he was about to go back and stand, quiet for a while.

“Hahaha, Sheldon, what a coincidence!”

At this moment, Xiaoli and the others came over.

The scene of Sheldon picking up a ball just now happened to be seen thoroughly by them, and was scolded for picking it up slowly.


Originally thought Sheldon really had to be a little bit worse.

Therefore, everyone is very happy.

“Huh? Why are you?”

Sheldon was a little surprised.

Isn’t that his junior high school classmate.

Even Wang Xue, the former ambiguous object, was there.

“Why? I’m afraid we will see it? I know, bragging that I started my own business, but as a result, is this what you created? Haha, pick up the ball for others!”

Zhang Ke said sourly.

Wang Xue looked at Sheldon and shook her head.

People who have no future are indeed people who have no future!

“Xiao Ke, so you are here, I am looking for you!”

At this time, a young man in a suit came over and said to Zhang Ke.

“What’s wrong, husband?”

“Oh, this is the case. I am missing a ball picker over there. You help me go to the front desk and ask, how did it happen?”

Said the young man in a suit.

“Ah? Missing the ball? Haha, husband, you can find the right person. No, one of my D-Si students is here to pick up the ball for someone, let him go…”


The young man nodded: “Okay, come with me!”

Sheldon shook his head helplessly: “Sorry, I don’t have time…”

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