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Chapter 35

“What’s the solution?”

Sheldon couldn’t help but asked curiously.

When Charlton came here to look for Bren just now, Sheldon also noticed that although Charlton was polite on the surface, it was obvious that the two of them had something wrong.

Just fear of the strength of the Bai family.

“Hey, let you watch a video!”

After speaking, Bren took out his phone and let Sheldon watch a video they recorded.

This is in a big bed room box.

I saw Charlton walking in with a comatose woman. This woman was about 30 years old and very beautiful.

As for the next thing, I don’t have to think about what I did.

Unfortunately, the video is only three minutes long, and this Charlton is done.

Sheldon looked a little embarrassed.

“This will not ruin him? Isn’t this normal for you?”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

Bren was embarrassed for a while: “Sheldon, we do often pick up girls, but this Charlton is different. Do you know who this woman is? It’s his stepmother!”


Sheldon’s eyes widened.

That’s too much stimulation.

“You hate him so much, do you investigate him specifically?” Sheldon smiled helplessly.

Bren said: “Who let their dealer play the yin, Sheldon, originally the Taste Point auction, our Bai family originally wanted to buy, has also won the first prize through the final price, and often participates in such large-scale auctions. There is a tacit understanding. , That was the last three minutes, and no more bids were allowed. As a result, they stole the tower from the Bai family! I’ll go! Directly at the last minute, the fight went down!”

“He yin our house, I will yin him!”

Sheldon understood that they had not dared to do this before, because they were afraid that Chapman would pursue this matter. After all, he managed the infighting in the shop, but it was a taboo.

“So you want my acquiescence?”

“Yeah! As long as you tell Uncle Chapman not to blame, we will leave the rest to us!”

Sheldon was not talking, but took a sip from his wine glass.

Bren understood in an instant, and tried a wink at a little brother.

The little brother took his cellphone and said, “Come on, you’ll be okay later…”

After speaking, quietly ran towards the back of the ceremony.

Before Sheldon had no money, he was angry and bullied. Now that he has money, why is he still bullied by others?

Therefore, Sheldon was very willing to be able to reinforce this product.

Moreover, this behavior is so peculiar and contemptuous!

But also said that the ceremony has been ongoing.

It’s the final ribbon-cutting ceremony.

As the young owner of Taste Point, Lawrance naturally wants to play.

“Shelly, you can go up with me!”

Charlton gently grabbed Shelly’s hand.

It was envious of many people present.

Especially Marcella, wondering why her life was so bad, first she found a D wire like Sheldon, and then a rich second generation like Chad.

It would be great if you could find a boyfriend with the strength of Charlton!

Shelly would naturally not refuse.

In this way, Charlton held his hand, and the two of them walked to the front platform together.

When passing by Sheldon and their table.

Shelly couldn’t help but glance at Sheldon’s side.

It means telling him, have you seen it? No matter where you are, this is the gap.

And Charlton also looked at Sheldon triumphantly, and under the eyes of the public, he felt like stepping Sheldon under his feet.

Just because Charlton grew up, his only self-esteem was hurt, he actually came from a poor Sheldon, Sheldon!

“The days to come will grow. I will trample you on my feet, not just making you poor!”

Charlton thought to himself.

Sheldon was drinking here, and Bren’s younger brother had already returned, and he nodded to Sheldon, indicating that the matter has been completed, just wait for a good show.

Sheldon looked at Charlton, who was energetic on stage.

Both his parents and stepmother were there, and as expected, when Charlton held Shelly’s hand, a very abnormal look appeared on his stepmother’s face.

“Everyone, I want to introduce to you, this is my girlfriend, Shelly!”

At this moment, everyone in the stands looked at Shelly, who was holding their hands.

Then I introduced it to a crowd.

Shelly has a beautiful appearance. Even Sheldon, who is not dealing with her, admits in his heart that Charlton naturally feels worthy.

“Shelly, say hello to everyone!”

Charlton said softly.

Shelly said nervously, “Hello everyone, my name is Shelly!”

“Wow, beauty, how did you meet Shao Zhuang? Or, what time of looking back became the encounter of your life?”

“Yeah, talk about it quickly, so that we can learn from Young Master Zhuang’s experience!”

In the audience, there are also many second- and third-line rich second-generation generations. They know that they can’t be enough for a god like Bren.

Shelly cut the haircut, and said softly, “I have known Charlton a long time ago. Uncle Zhuang and my dad used to be comrades-in-arms. As for the relationship between my lover and Charlton, it is because Charlton did it for me after returning to America. One thing moved me deeply!”


“It turns out that it’s like this. Shao Zhuang is really a good method. The best way to pursue a girl is to move him!”

Listening to everyone’s whispering talks about you and me, I feel envious that Charlton has won a beauty.

Sheldon has long been not a feeling in his heart.

“The so-called Lang Cai match female appearance, today is almost double happiness, and then, the Taste Point officially begins the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Next, I will record a message from the CEOs from all over the world to our Taste Point, everyone Please look at the big screen!”

The host was very active, and in order to save time, he immediately grabbed the topic.

The lights dimmed immediately.

Shelly also looked at Sheldon with the same smile.

It’s just that Sheldon’s smile is defined by her as a bitter smile.

Go with envy and jealousy, huh!

However, with the beginning of the screen.

What was exposed in front of everyone was not a message from the bosses, but a scene from a hotel.


Everyone in the audience watched.

“This is…I rely on!”

I saw the picture of Charlton holding a woman into the room, and that woman was not someone else, but actually his stepmother.


The audience exploded at once.

On the stage, Charlton’s face was hard to look at, and then it turned pale.

In the same way, Shelly was also confused.

The most exciting is Charlton’s father and his coquettish stepmother.

“This…you! Beast! Beast!”

Zhuang’s father vomited blood.

“No! This is not me! Who played the video?”

Charlton began to tremble when he spoke.

Although he roared, the fragrant scene continued.


Shelly shook his head with disappointment on his face, not only disappointed, but what she received today is even more insulting.

She had just introduced her as Charlton’s girlfriend on the stage, but now, there has been such a perverted and disgusting scene of Charlton.

Besides, there are reporters from local media news below.

She, Shelly, is completely famous!

The proud look that emerged just now, no one saw half a point.

“You bastard!”


Shelly hardly slapped Charlton.

This simply touched her to the sky, and then threw her to the ground.

Shelly covered his mouth and ran out crying.

“One sail, one sail!”

Kristine didn’t expect the situation to develop into this way. She knew that Shelly must be seriously injured today, and she hurriedly chased her out for fear of an accident.

On the stage, Father Zhuang had already beaten Charlton with shame on his face.

The people in the audience are all watching the excitement.


Bren chuckled, “Sheldon, don’t you? This kid actually dared to tease you in public just now, and deliberately embarrassed you. I didn’t expect us to have such a hand!”

Sheldon just gave a wry smile.

He glanced at Charlton, who covered his face on the stage and dared not let the reporter shoot.

He said: “Okay, there is no excitement to watch, it’s time to withdraw!”

Sheldon really hasn’t experienced such a whole person.

But think about it, this Charlton has two words: deserve it!

After talking to Bren and the others, Sheldon returned to Vern and the others.

It doesn’t make sense to stay any longer, just leave the restaurant and prepare to take a taxi back.

At this time, Chad was passing by the roadside with Marcella, and he deliberately slowed down in front of Sheldon:

“Yeah, it’s not easy to hit the car this night?”

Chad said coldly. He originally wanted to come here to pretend to be 13, but he didn’t pretend to be anything.

He was almost beaten by Sheldon.

Because Sheldon was actually invited by Young Master Bai.

If it were not for Charlton’s explanation later, Marcella and Chad would probably not be able to sleep again tonight!

After speaking, the two left shamelessly.

“Damn, what is it!” Vern scolded angrily.

“Hey, I heard that Chad has money again. Didn’t he have to raise 20,000 dollar that day? I heard that today I don’t know where the money came from, so I bought this and that for Marcella!” Liyan was helpless. Sigh.

After being signaled by Vern, Liyan realized that Chad had snatched Sheldon’s female ticket. This did not go on.

In fact, Sheldon is also a little curious, but it doesn’t matter to Sheldon.

At this moment, Sheldon’s cell phone rang suddenly, and it was Kristine.

“Sheldon, where are you? Come to Emperor KTV, Shelly has something wrong here!!!”

Chapter 36 Sheldon is Sheldon

“Is there something wrong with Shelly?! That’s great, this woman hasn’t been aiming at Sheldon for a day or two. It’s a godly eye for an accident!”

The roommates are gloating.

Vern scratched his head: “But, the ones who chased out just now, besides Kristine, there are Elma and others!”

“Then Sheldon, what should I do?”

Liyan looked at Sheldon and asked.

Since Kristine made the call, Sheldon had to go.

What’s more, it happened in his own Emperor KTV.

“Let’s go check it out, after all, it came out together!”

Sheldon really didn’t want to care about Shelly, but he was helpless.

The crowd drove two cars and went to the Emperor KTV.

At this time, in a box.

In front of Shelly, several bottles of red wine were broken on the ground.

And Shelly madly poured wine into his mouth.

“Why? Why is Charlton such a person? I always thought he was a gentleman returned from overseas. He has a very good temperament and a very stable work. I always think he is the best and the most loyal to me!”

“But why? Why is he so perverted and sick!”


Shelly raised his head to pour a few sips of red wine, and then fell to the ground suddenly!

“Shelly, don’t fall anymore. These are all expensive red wines you ordered. We don’t have enough money!”

Kristine had already moved the remaining unopened red wine aside with Elma and others.

Today’s events have had too great an impact on Shelly, especially when broadcasted in public, Shelly’s dignity can’t stand it.

Just one person went to the Emperor KTV to get drunk. She fell in love with Charlton from here, she felt, just forget it from here.

Then he ordered the most expensive box of red wine like a puff.

Just take a few sips and fall!

“Hehe, this is the site of my boyfriend Shelly. With a word from my boyfriend, the emperor and boss can bow to us. What if I drop a few bottles of wine, I have to smash it!”

Shelly didn’t believe that his first boyfriend would be like this.

She is incredible!

I touched something and wanted to hit the song station.

“I think it’s like this, Kristine, or call Charlton. I saw this wine. It was more than 20,000 bottles. Now that four bottles are broken, we don’t have enough money!” Zyra said.

“Yeah, call my boyfriend, how good my boyfriend is!”

Shelly shouted mockingly.

At this moment, the door of the box opened.

Sheldon and Vern came in.

Sheldon was slightly startled when he saw the drinks on the floor.

This woman is really crazy when she is sad.

“Sheldon, you are here!”

Kristine said hurriedly. She was really worried and lost her backbone for a while.

“Hehe, you came to see me making a joke, right?”

Sheldon hadn’t spoken yet. At this time, Shelly, who was sitting on the sofa, stared at Sheldon coldly.

“Yes, it must be like this, Sheldon, you must hate me for always targeting you. Now that something like this has happened to me, you must be the happiest person, right?”

“Shelly, you misunderstood Sheldon too deeply. I called just now and said that if something happened to you, he would come right away!”

Kristine explained hurriedly.

“He came to see me joke in a hurry!”

If Kristine were not here, Sheldon really wanted to leave, regardless of her.

And at this moment.

The door of the box was pushed open.

A bodyguard heard the sound of collision inside and walked in.

“What is your situation?”

The bodyguard asked coldly.

It’s also a coincidence that this bodyguard is the same bodyguard that was the last time the emperor had an accident.

Shelly recognized it too, “What do you care about, get out of me and call your boss over!”

Shelly went crazy directly.

“Haha, call us the boss?” The bodyguard looked at the red wine bottles on the floor and sneered: “Call us the boss too, a few, you guys first knot the bills, I think the floor is worn out! In our emperor There is not much to play like this…”

The bodyguard subconsciously thought, did this group deliberately make trouble?

“You’d better call your boss, or else you will be negligent and you can’t eat and walk around. Do you know who she is? She is Charlton’s boyfriend, Roston dealer, don’t I need to remind you?”

Zyra was also afraid of losing money.

Before he could take into account Shelly’s feelings, he moved out the scumbag Charlton directly.

Unexpectedly, the bodyguard still looks cold:

“The dealer, I do know, the business is not small, but what does it have to do with my inability to eat? Just rely on the dealer to come to the emperor to look for things? Why doesn’t he inquire about Fredrick’s name!”

Zyra didn’t expect that moving out of the dealer would be of no use to her.

“Last time, Charlton made a call and asked Fredrick to come over and apologize. I remember you were there at the time!”

Zyra suddenly felt something wrong.

“What is it? Miss, I think you made a mistake, you said that the dealer made the last call? The dealer is with us, it’s a fart, but he can make Fredrick bow down?”

After Zyra’s reminder, the bodyguard finally remembered that this group was the one who smashed the Brovane fish tank last time.

At the moment, his tone eased a bit.

After listening to this passage, Shelly’s drinking spirit was already half sober.

The meaning of this bodyguard is obvious, the dealer, it is nothing to this bodyguard.

Not to mention in front of Fredrick.

Although the dealer is strong, it obviously can’t beat Fredrick.

How could Fredrick bend his knees?

“Several beauties, I think you made a mistake. Let me tell you the truth. The call was made by a mysterious boss calling us President Chapman. It is not a dealer at all, hehe…”

“Mysterious boss?”

Shelly took a deep breath.

It seems that she has been wrong all the time, and even this time, she became the girlfriend of Charlton because she was moved?

Do not! how could this be.

She immediately took out her mobile phone, called Charlton, and waited a long time for Charlton to answer. There was still a lot of noise over there.

“Shelly, I was wrong, I did wrong, you forgive me…”

“Charlton, I’ll just ask you a word, at the beginning of the Emperor KTV, did you ask your dad to call Fredrick to apologize to us and bow to us?”

Shelly asked coldly.

“Ah? President Chapman? He bowed to apologize? How could it be possible! Fredrick is a cron of Mr. Chapman! Our dealer…”

“I understand!”

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