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Chapter 333

Besides, Sheldon is almost the same as Myla.

As for Myla, she should have lied to their parents.

So at the moment, Sheldon would be embarrassed to perform it again, so he found an excuse to want to go around.

“Parents, I’ll see him off, sit down!”

Myla took Sheldon’s arm affectionately, and the two of them walked out together.

When walking to the door of the hotel.

Sheldon said, “Return the phone to me!”

Just now, Sheldon always looked at the phone and chatted. In order to show the closeness of the two people, the Qin family took Sheldon’s phone over.

Let him stop playing with his mobile phone and talk with his family.

Sheldon didn’t say anything.

After that, just chat and eat.

That’s about it.

“What’s your tone!”

Myla took Sheldon’s arm and said, and put the phone in Sheldon’s hand.

“Why shut me down?”

Sheldon was speechless and wanted to pull his arm out.

But Myla, still holding on desperately, did not let go, Qiao’s face was full of stubbornness and reluctance.

Although it has nothing to do with Sheldon in the future, and will only be ordinary friends in the future, how can Myla be willing to be willing!

And Sheldon didn’t want to be so unclear.

Therefore, the performance at this moment is also quite decisive.

“I’m not loose!”

Myla said.


At this moment, a voice suddenly rang next to him, and Sheldon looked up and his whole body shook suddenly.

“Lilla? You… when did you come back?”

Sheldon’s heart fell into the ice hole.

Seeing Lilla, he was of course surprised and happy, but the present scene made Sheldon extremely embarrassed.

“what are you doing?”

Lilla squeezed her palm vigorously, just hoping that the pain would stop the tears from streaming down at this moment.

As for Su Mengmeng and the others, they looked at Sheldon angrily.

On the way they were still persuading Lilla that Sheldon would not be like that.

Let Lilla also have confidence in Sheldon.

After all, when Sheldon and Lilla were talking on the phone, the sisters didn’t overhear that much. It was quite simple to listen to Sheldon.

Not that kind of sloppy boy brother at all.

But seeing you now, really, even Su Mengmeng and the others were taken aback.

Sheldon, such a scum!

“Lilla, don’t get me wrong!”

Sheldon hurriedly withdrew his hand.

“I heard people say that you are going to be engaged to someone else today? Is it true?”

Lilla asked.

“No, listen to me to explain!”

Sheldon was also anxious. If the relationship with Lilla was destroyed by such a small matter, then Sheldon would regret it.

“She is Lilla?”

Myla didn’t know what to say.

Yes, Lilla came too suddenly.

Moreover, Myla was looking at Lilla up and down.

It’s really beautiful, and the temperament is really good.

No wonder Sheldon will never forget her.

There was even a jealous look at Lilla in his eyes.

And Lilla’s mood has already risen.

“Sheldon, you disappointed me too much, disappointed me too much! I don’t want to see you again!”

After speaking, Lilla pushed Sheldon fiercely.

Then turned around and ran out, covering his mouth.

“Scumbag, so disgusting, rich is great!”

Even Wu Wenwen couldn’t help but cursed for Lilla.

After all, they are all girls, and they can be said to be the same enemy.

Sheldon’s face turned pale.

It was too late to think about why Lilla suddenly appeared here.

Just chased it.

Myla was in a complicated and ruthless mood. She was unwilling to get angry at the moment and turned around and went back.

Sheldon drove a car and went to stand outside Lilla’s house.

And Lilla’s friends are obviously there, at the moment in Lilla’s room on the second floor.

Su Mengmeng opened a little curtain and saw Sheldon standing below.

“Lilla, don’t cry, this person is still conscientious, he chased him, and he is standing downstairs in your house now!”

Lilla hugged her knees on the bed and cried, “Let him go, I don’t want to see him again!”

The sisters looked at each other.

While angry, she also felt that Lilla was very pitiful.

Yes, I was thinking of Sheldon all over my head, and I wanted to see Sheldon the first time I came back, but as a result, I encountered this side.

“Hmph, I’ll go down to find him, let him clarify!”

Su Mengmeng said anxiously, and then went downstairs.

“You are the scumbag Sheldon, right?”

Su Mengmeng pinched his waist and said coldly.

“It’s me, is Lilla okay? What happened just now was a misunderstanding!”

Sheldon hurriedly said.

“Misunderstanding? We can all see clearly, that woman came out holding your arm, and you still say that this is a misunderstanding? Is it a fake engagement with someone?”

Su Mengmeng said.

“Are you Lilla’s colleague on Los Angeles Island? This is true. Can you help me persuade Lilla and tell her about it!?”

“I won’t help you to persuade you, who knows if what you said is true or false, I see too many scumbags like you, eating from the bowl, and watching what is in the pot!”

“I don’t care if you are true or not. Do you know Sheldon, how did Lilla treat you? Lilla is so beautiful, and it’s not that no one is chasing her on our TV station, and it’s a lot of chasing her in the sea, you know what Lilla is What did you do to you?”

“Because she is so content with you, she pays special attention to those boys, and in the face of their pursuit, she refuses directly and unceremoniously!”

“You also know that you two live apart. If Lilla plays ambiguously with other boys behind your back, you don’t know, but Lilla is not moved at all. He is particularly cold towards those boys. Now Lilla Han is on our TV station, and there is no male friend! Do you know!”

Su Mengmeng airway.

Yes, she could have not said these things, but why not.

She is simply worthless for Lilla.

“I know I know!”

Sheldon nodded.

Of course, Sheldon knows Lilla’s feelings for him, but when he listened to it, he was deeply moved and blamed himself.

Yes, Lilla treats herself as always.

But for myself, in order to help my friends, some things are really too much.

And every time is more than once.

Just ask, Lilla can do it for herself, and she doesn’t have a male friend, so why can’t she reduce the communication with some girls for her.

It’s a thousand words, Sheldon’s guilt is inevitable, and now I just want to be able to explain clearly to Lilla so that she can forgive herself.

“But I’m really assuming that, that girl, is a friend of mine…”

Then, Sheldon explained the ins and outs of the matter.

Su Mengmeng kept staring at Sheldon’s eyes, and found that he didn’t lie. Could it be that what he said was true?

“No, there is one more thing, how can I explain it to you?”

Chapter 334

“What? You said you lent that girl to the house?”

Sheldon told Su Mengmeng about Marcella.

As for Marcella’s saying that she is pregnant, Sheldon is not clear about it.

However, it is not difficult to imagine that Marcella must not be at ease, and this account will be calculated later.

Now Sheldon just doesn’t want Lilla to misunderstand.

“Okay, okay, you don’t seem to be lying. I’ll try to persuade Lilla, you’d better not lie, you know, Lilla hates others for lying to her!”

With such a simple exchange, Su Mengmeng also noticed that Sheldon didn’t look like that kind of heartless brother-in-law.

It feels very easy-going.

If he really didn’t do that, Su Mengmeng would of course be willing to help him.

So Sheldon waited downstairs.

Su Mengmeng went back.

But it didn’t take long before she hurried out.

“Oh, Sheldon, I can’t help you anymore. Lilla doesn’t listen to persuasion and doesn’t want to see you. You really hurt her this time. You should go back…”

Su Mengmeng said, she went in after speaking.


Sheldon felt very uncomfortable.

Finally, looking forward to Lilla’s return, looking forward to the result, it just came back at this juncture.

at this time.

Sheldon’s cell phone rang suddenly.

Take it out and see that it is Su Qiangwei’s phone number.

“Qianwei, what’s the matter?”

Sheldon smiled gently. From the very beginning, Sheldon treated Su Qiangwei as his sister.

“Sheldon, I am not Qiangwei, I am her colleague Wei Lin, we met last time!”

Said the female voice on the phone. Listening to her tone, there seemed to be something, very anxious.

“I remember! What happened?”

Sheldon asked hurriedly.

“It’s Qiangwei, she has an accident, and she has gone to the hospital now!”

Wei Lin said anxiously.


Sheldon was taken aback.

He glanced upstairs at the moment, and wanted to call Lilla to hear it, but was afraid that she would be disturbed.

After all, she hates herself quite a bit now, and after confirming Qiangwei’s situation, come to Lilla again.

So Sheldon asked while running back.

“What the hell is going on? You make it clear!”

Wei Lin said, “It was fine at noon today, but when she was in class in the afternoon, Qiangwei suddenly said that she was not feeling well. Originally, I took hot water for her and thought she had a cold. Unexpectedly, she passed out after a while! She came to the hospital! But Qiangwei is awake now, but very weak.”

“How did that happen!”

Sheldon is also a little worried.

After hitting a car, after asking questions, I went straight to the hospital.

“Mengmeng, what did that scumbag say?”

As soon as they came up, several girls asked.

“He didn’t say anything, but it seems that he has been waiting for Lilla to see him!”

“Ah, can he be so infatuated? I don’t believe it!”

Wu Wenwen sneered.

After speaking, walk to the window and open the curtain to look down.

The result happened to see Sheldon taking a taxi.

“Hmph, let me just say, he absolutely can’t do it, how long will it take, he just took a taxi and left, look at Lilla!”

Wu Wenwen pointed outside.

Lilla glanced out the window.

After seeing Sheldon really gone, Lilla grabbed the sheets anxiously.

Yes, I’m really angry, although I don’t want to hear your explanation.

But how can Lilla really want to hear your explanation!

Even if you don’t explain, you have to wait downstairs for a while to prove that your heart for yourself has not changed.

But now?

Lilla felt extremely uncomfortable for a while…

At this moment, Sheldon has arrived at the hospital.

In the ward, I saw Su Qiangwei who was very weak and pale as paper.

Fortunately, Su Qiangwei had already woke up.

“how about it?”

Sheldon came to the hospital bed and said.

“I don’t know what’s going on. I suddenly felt like my blood was taken away, and I fainted when my eyes went dark…”

Su Qiangwei said softly.

“What did the doctor say?”

“Anxious is anxious here. Several doctors have discussed it several times, and they can’t even determine the cause. So now, I don’t dare to proceed with the next treatment!”

Wei Lin was talking.

Su Qiangwei’s eyes were red, after all, she was also a little scared.

Even if she is usually strong, she can hardly face this situation now.

“I know!”

Sheldon nodded, then looked at Su Qiangwei distressedly.

At the moment, he went out to call Tianlongdihu, asking him to send a team of medical experts from the base!

Naturally, it didn’t take a long time.

The expert team is here.

The people inside are very famous.

The hospital naturally cooperates in all directions.

It took more than two hours to check it.

This group of talents came to Sheldon.

A look of depression.

“Sheldon, this symptom of Miss Su Qiangwei is simply rare. At least I have never seen it before. No matter using Western methods or American medical techniques, I can’t find the cause of Miss Su Qiangwei!”

The group shook their heads secretly.

“What? Even you can’t help it?”

When Sheldonard it, he was disappointed.

“Sorry young master, but if you can, you can call the medical team in the family. The medical skills of their members are higher than ours!”

An old American doctor headed ashamed said.

“Okay, I get it! Go back first!”

Sheldon nodded.

I and Qiangwei are good friends in their own right, and now, I haven’t confirmed the relationship with Qiangwei, anyway, I have treated her as a younger sister.

She has something, how could Sheldon let it go!

“Wei Lin, can you help me take care of Qiangwei first, I will think of a way!”

Cooper Family.

“I know Sheldon!”

Then Sheldon was going back to the hotel to arrange for Chapman and the others.

Let Chapman be responsible for finding the famous family doctor.

I have to call my dad and talk about it.

As soon as I arrived at the door, I saw a person squatting at the door.

She was also holding a sack, and it looked like it was the luggage inside.

Not by others, it was Tyrone, the old man Qin.

“Grandson, why did you go? Didn’t you mean to go home today?”

When Old Man Qin saw Sheldon, he smiled happily and walked over with the sack.

Sheldon glanced at him. He had cleaned up the Bei Luquan in the hotel.

“Old Uncle Qin, I don’t have time to take you home now, I have a lot of things, so, you really want to go back, I will send someone to drive you back to Shuchuan.”

Sheldon said impatiently.

Now Sheldon is indeed exhausted.

If something happens to Su Qiangwei, even if she goes to find that woman, her heart will not be at ease.

“No, you said you took me home yourself!”

Old man Qin shook his head.

“Well, wait a few more days, my good friend has an accident, I have no intention of going!”

Cooper Family.

Just about to leave, snap it.

Sheldon’s shoulder was suddenly snapped by Old Man Qin.

“Huh? What’s wrong? Grandson, who did you see today?”

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