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Chapter 331

Marcella originally thought about it today.

As long as he said that he was in danger of life and death, according to his previous understanding of Sheldon, Sheldon would definitely come.

After coming, he cried, made trouble and hanged himself, he would definitely not have the heart to comfort him.

In this case, I have the opportunity to reunite with Sheldon.

Don’t look at Marcella hating Sheldon.

But it was only limited to making Sheldon regret it.

Even if he really caught Sheldon that day, Marcella wouldn’t let his subordinates really hurt him seriously.

At most, it’s a mockery of him, how it feels to fall into his own hands.

In short, it just wants to make Sheldon feel uncomfortable.

It’s not bad now, Sheldon actually ignores himself.

“Ahhhhh! I’m so angry!”

Although the Long Family is also great, Marcella also understands that Sheldon is great!

“Sister, I just said it according to your words, but he is actually going to be married to someone else!”

Yang Lu said.

“Hmph, I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it, why did he really kiss Myla? I don’t believe it!”

Marcella became more and more anxious. Actually, when she learned the news last night, Marcella was very anxious.

After all, the Yanjing Qin family knew it, and the Yanjing Long family knew it, and the Long family knew that Marcella would know it again.


A vase was smashed to the ground, and Marcella sat on the sofa and stopped talking.

at the same time.

Roston Airport.

“Wow, Roston is really beautiful, even more beautiful than Los Angeles Island, haha!”

“Yeah, it really didn’t come in vain this time. By the way, Lilla, you have to play with your husband. This time we only have a few days of vacation. We didn’t even return home, so I wanted to come to Roston with you. Look, can’t let us down!”

Several girls came out with their suitcases and talked with each other excitedly.

“By the way, Lilla, you said that your boyfriend is amazing, but why don’t you let him pick us up?”

The one who has been talking excitedly is a cute girl with a mushroom head.

Mainly cute.

It’s the cute face with a little baby fat.

Of the six girls, she is the most innocent and cute.

“Ahhhhhhhhh, didn’t you listen to Lilla, her boyfriend is a straight steel man, who is straight and will not create surprises and romances. Two people are together, in fact, straight men are fine, but at least they will have the other half. It’s okay to create surprises and romance. Otherwise, how should this love be managed, so of course our family, Lilla, must give Sheldon a surprise!”

A girl with long hair reaching waist also smiled.

“O’ao, I understand. I remember that Sheldon celebrated his birthday some time ago. Lilla also called Sheldon specifically to tell Sheldon that he would have a short holiday in a few days. Lilla said that there might be something he couldn’t get back. Sheldon also said that I would go to see Lilla in the future. I was also drunk, and all hinted that he would take a small holiday and didn’t know to ask for it! Hahaha!”

Mengmeng said with a big smile.

“That’s right, at that time, Lilla couldn’t hold back and told Sheldon. I told him, don’t tell him about the long vacation. It’s best to come back and surprise him, but I think about it, such a straight man. If you don’t guide him well, he might be even more straight!”

Some girls also said.

Lilla listened to them as if it were something.

How can there be so many ideas?

When I said that, I just wanted to hear what will happen to Sheldon.

Well, although it is the same as always.

But Lilla had long wanted to come back.

Give Sheldon a surprise.

After all, Sheldon now is different from before.

If you want to be the woman behind him, you should spend more time, let him spend less time to manage this relationship.

“I think Lilla is bragging. She said that her husband is very good in Roston. I can’t find any information about Sheldon on the Internet! Humph!”

Another girl holding her shoulder spoke up.

The six of them were all roommates who were internships at the Los Angeles Island TV station.

Come and play in a group.

This girl who speaks sourly, her name is Wu Wenwen.

Similar to Lilla’s figure.

Look good, to be honest, it’s worse than Lilla.

Now on Los Angeles Island TV, if the selection of flowers is selected, then Lilla will be the number one. There is no doubt that she can barely be considered second.

With another dorm, there is a lot of communication in life, work, and study.

Girls, it is inevitable to have a little jealousy.

To say hatred is just nonsense, anyway, just to tear down your station, I still feel happy.

“Wenwen, don’t you say that, how could Lilla be such a person! Just look at Lilla’s infatuation with Sheldon!”

“Yeah, Wenwen, look at our TV station, how many people pursue Lilla, but what did Lilla do? He resolutely rejected them, thinking of the straight man Sheldon in my heart! That’s it, Lilla It’s great!”

Said the two girls.


Wu Wenwen stopped talking.

Indeed, this is another point that makes Wu Wenwen jealous.

Everyone can understand that even if a girl is outside, even if she has a boyfriend, it is common to play ambiguously with other boys.

Wu Wenwen is also separated from her boyfriend.

But sometimes, Wu Wenwen does not refuse or accept some boys’ gestures, and just hangs them like this.

But Lilla is different, even if the boys are so courteous, Lilla just said: Sorry, I have a boyfriend!

Wu Wenwen feels that Lilla is a bit perfect!


“If I don’t say anything, I won’t say anything, Lilla, where do you arrange our stay?”

Wu Wenwen said again.

“I don’t have enough rooms in my house, so let me have a good place to live in Sheldon’s house. His house is very big and there are many rooms!”

Su Lilla said.

“Hahaha, I think you want to see Sheldon sooner. You don’t want to go back to your home at the first time. You want to go to Sheldon’s house. Okay, it’s boring to stay in a hotel anyway. Let’s accompany Lilla to find Sheldon!”

Everyone suggested.

Then he happily took a taxi and went directly to the Genting Villa.

“Wow! Look at it, this, this… such a luxurious villa is actually built on the top of a mountain, and it seems to be in the clouds, Lilla Lilla, this is the home of Sheldon you mentioned? We live here. ?”

Su Mengmeng with a cute face said at the moment.

On the taxi, I heard what the driver said about 800 million dollar in Genting Villa.

Everyone was already very excited, but I didn’t expect it to be even more surprising after coming.

And Wu Wenwen was even more jealous.

It turns out that Lilla’s husband is actually such a rich second generation.

Why is she so lucky!

“Let’s go, let’s go up together!”

Lilla took the sisters by the hand and went to the villa together.

When it comes to the door.

Lilla was also a little excited, after all, he hadn’t seen Sheldon for three months, in case he was at home.

Ding dong.

Lilla had the key, but still rang the doorbell.

And when the sound of footsteps coming and opening the door sounded inside.

Lilla was even more excited…

Chapter 332

Marcella’s Scheming


It was a maid who came to open the door.

When she saw Lilla, she was obviously taken aback, thinking that there is such a beautiful girl.

“You…who are you looking for?”

The maid asked.

“Is Sheldon at home? I’m looking for him!”

Lilla smiled.

“Xiaohong, who is it?”

At this time, Marcella’s impatient voice came.

“Miss, I’m here to find Sheldon!”

Said the maid.


Marcella came over.

When she saw Lilla, Marcella was directly surprised.

Lilla was also surprised when he saw Marcella.



The two said almost in unison.

As Sheldon’s ex-girlfriend, Lilla naturally knew her, and how could Marcella not know Lilla.

In fact, before Marcella was so sure that Sheldon would not have anything to do with Myla, it was a rumor at best.

Because Marcella knew that Sheldon had a girlfriend.

Humph, damn it, and Marcella also knows that Sheldon loves her very much, at least very much at the beginning.

So Marcella was really surprised to hear that Sheldon and Myla had made a kiss.

Looking at it now, Sheldon and Lilla have already separated. After all, Marcella knows that Sheldon is not the kind of person who steps on two boats.

On the contrary, Sheldon takes his feelings seriously.

Only in this way can Sheldon go to make a wedding with Myla.

However, since they are divided, why did Lilla come to Sheldon?

Lying, is it the same as your own thoughts, trying to reconcile with Sheldon?

Wouldn’t he have another opponent who was stronger than Myla?

After all, Lilla looks so beautiful.

With the two of them, I have no competitiveness at all. Besides being able to play the old cards with Sheldon, what else do I have?

No, let her go! Right now, Marcella already had a care in her heart.

“Why are you here?”

Lilla frowned.

“Of course I am here, haha, Sheldon and I have been reconciled, I am pregnant, and I will have a baby here!”

Marcella said.

“You bullshit!”

Lilla paled with fright.

But since it was nonsense, why did Marcella live in Sheldon’s house?

“Whatever you say, we are about to get married, but you, why are you looking for him? Give up your idea as soon as possible!”

Marcella rolled her eyes and said.

“Lilla, what’s the matter? Who is she?”

At this time, Su Meng was out of anger and said directly.

“She is Sheldon’s ex-girlfriend!”

Lilla burst into tears.


“I’ll go, damn scumbag!”

Everyone knew what was going on right away.

“Let’s go to Lilla! Don’t cry to such a person!”

Su Mengmeng stared at Marcella and said.

“It turns out that Sheldon has been lying to you. While calling you and contacting you, on the other hand, he is about to get married. Boys really don’t have a good thing!”

Su Mengmeng said again.

Lilla took a deep breath, “I’m calling Sheldon now, and I want him to tell me in person what’s going on!”

After speaking, Lilla took out the key to the Genting Villa and threw it directly in front of Marcella.

And Marcella was also dumbfounded.

I went, and it seemed that Sheldon didn’t break up with Lilla, and the two were still in love.

What is going on here?

Is Sheldon really a scumbag?

As for Lilla, he made several calls to Sheldon, but no one answered.

“Why doesn’t he answer my call!”

Lilla said anxiously, “Before, he always answered my calls immediately!”

But Marcella finally confirmed that Sheldon was indeed pedaling two boats and kept telling Lilla.


Suddenly another flash in Marcella’s heart.

Seeing that Lilla was about to leave at this moment.

Marcella hurriedly shouted, “Lilla, wait a minute!”

“What else do you want to do?”

Su Mengmeng shouted coldly.

Marcella bit her lip, tears in her eyes rolling, “Lilla, although we haven’t communicated before, I know you are a good girl. I treated you like that just now. I just can’t bear to tell you the truth. You will be disappointed. of!”

“Hehe, the cat cries and the mouse fakes mercy, don’t listen to her!”

Su Mengmeng said.

“Lilla, do you think I am good? Yes, although I live in Genting Villa now, Sheldon has given me a lot of glory and wealth, but do you know how bad he is? He said, good horses don’t eat Looking back, even if I had his child, he would not be with me!”

“And Lilla, I will tell you a big secret!”

Marcella said.

Lilla asked, “What’s the secret?”

Marcella lowered her voice and said, “It turns out that Sheldon is Roston Young Master Sheldon. He has a lot of money and is a super hero! He told me that I had his child. I wonder if you don’t know?”

Lilla looked at Marcella, had a little bit of faith, and nodded immediately.

Yes, Sheldon said that his identity should not be exposed.

Now, Marcella already knows it, and has moved into the Genting Villa, which explains the problem.

“By the way, if you can find this, you must know the identity of Sheldon! Yes, he is different from before. He becomes so rich, and if a man becomes rich, he will become bad. Now I have his My child, I just hope he can reunite with me, but it is impossible, because he is already with another girl!”

Marcella cried.

“The other girl?” Lilla almost had no energy to speak.

“Yes, if Sheldon is willing to be with other girls, I will give up, but he, on the one hand, lied to me to want to keep me, on the other hand, he went to be with other girls. Today, it is him and that The girl’s engagement day! I didn’t dare to stop, because he would hit me!”

Marcella cried.

Lilla felt like a bolt from the blue sky.

“Where is he engaged to someone else? I will find him!”

Lilla said coldly.

“he is……”

Marcella said about the location of the engagement. She originally planned to make trouble, but thought that if she went to make trouble by herself, it would be counterproductive, so she gave up the idea of ​​sleeping in the room.

Unexpectedly, Lilla would come back suddenly. This is no coincidence.

“But you have to promise me, don’t tell me, or he will kill me!”

“I know!”

After speaking, Lilla and the sisters left directly.

On the way, Lilla felt very unbelievable. She had always had confidence in Sheldon and felt that she would not misunderstand people.

Of course, he would not misunderstand Sheldon just by relying on Marcella’s one-sided words.

Therefore, she wanted to see in person whether what Marcella said was true or false.

“Hmph, it’s ridiculous. I still have to talk about it seven or eight times a day. I don’t even have you in my heart!”

Wu Wenwen sneered.

“Alright, ask, Lilla is already confused enough now, can you stop talking?”

Su Mengmeng said.

The driver drove for a while, and the car stopped in front of a hotel.

“Lilla, this should be it!”

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