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Chapter 335

Old Man Qin’s Rejuvenation

“What are you doing?”

Sheldon was taken aback.

I don’t know what’s going on with this old man, look at it, he is skinny and old.

But the five fingers are like five steel forks, slapped on Sheldon, and Sheldon can’t even move it.

Why is it so powerful!

“Why not, let me ask you, did you meet someone today? I think there is something unusual about you?”

Old man Qin asked with a smile.

“What unusual breath?”

Sheldon was shocked when he saw the old man. It was so mysterious. It is estimated that he was confused again!

“Gu poison!”

Old man Qin suddenly lowered his voice.

“The person you came into contact with today is poisoned by Gu poison! So after you come into contact, I can feel this kind of Gu breath on your body!”

Old Man Qin said.

“I’m going, have you watched too many Thai movies?”

Sheldon was speechless.

I want to go now.

But on second thoughts, what Old Man Qin said was mysterious and mysterious.

But looking at Su Qiangwei’s current situation, no cause can be found.

This does illustrate some problems.

Sheldon had heard of such things as Gu poison. To put it bluntly, it was similar to disease D, disease J.

Parasitic in the human body.

At the moment when he is unable to do anything, and this old man Qin said something like that, what if he really has a way?

Sheldon said: “I can’t find a doctor anyway, can you see?”

“Of course, I can do everything, I said, I’m not a beggar, I was pretty good before!”

Old Man Qin said.

“Hehe, right, how good were you before?”

“How powerful it is! If you don’t believe me, let me try it!”

Old man Qin said.

If it weren’t for this now, Sheldon wouldn’t have talked so much with this old man.

Old Uncle Qin’s home is from the southwest, maybe he really knows him.

It was with this idea that Sheldon agreed.

Really took the old man to go.

When Sheldon returned to the ward again.

An old American doctor in his medical team still stays here to take care of it.

At this moment, Su Qiangwei is undergoing acupuncture.

On the side, many American medicine practitioners in hospitals stood by and learned respectfully.

And the dragons and earth tigers are also there.

“Take two broken needles and stick them there. It’s useless at all!”

Sheldon brought old man Qin in.

After a glance, Old Man Qin sneered.

“Who are you? The genius doctor Hu is what you can say nonsense, come here, blow me out!”

The dean-level person on the side was instantly upset when he heard this.

Doctor Hu has been famous for how many years, and now that he can see his medical skills with his own eyes, it is too late for them to be happy.

How can you allow others to insult.

And Doctor Hu frowned at the moment.

But seeing that this old man was brought by Sheldon, he had to endure it if he was angry.

“Listen to what you mean, do you know medical skills?”

Doctor Hu sneered, “I’m so old and disrespectful!”

“Whoever disrespects the old, go aside!”

Old Man Qin pushed Doctor Hu a bit and pulled out the silver needles that Doctor Hu had inserted into Su Qiangwei’s arm.

“you you you!”

Hu Shenyiqi’s face was almost green.

“What are you? This is Gu in her. You put the needle indiscriminately, and it seems that the blood circulation is speeding up, but didn’t you let her Gu worms stray in her body?”

Old man Qin said.

“I ask you, did you have this symptom when you were eight years old, but at that time it should just be dizziness? When it was twelve years old, it appeared again, it was barely dizzy, but when it was sixteen years old, it was severe. It’s one point, I guess dizzy and suddenly weakened limbs? Now you are twenty-two years old, needless to say, you must have been unconscious on the spot!”

Old man Qin suddenly looked at Su Qiangwei and asked.

Su Qiangwei lying on the hospital bed was obviously taken aback, “How did you know?”

As for Sheldon, he looked at Old Man Qin in surprise.

This old guy really has two things, can this also be seen?

But then I thought about it, I remember when I saw him for the first time, he was not so wise, and when his leg was injured, I took him to see.

But at the moment, it is not convenient for Sheldon to ask Old Man Qin where he came from.

But if he can really cure it, this is the best.

“Okay, you are a good friend of my eldest grandson, so I will treat you and help you pull out this Gu!”

“Thank you grandpa!”

Su Qiangwei thanked.

“No thanks, that’s okay, you can all go out. Next, I will administer acupuncture and remove Gu, ordinary people can’t watch it!”

Old Man Qin said.

Everyone looked at Sheldon in unison.

Therefore, no doubt about employing people, no doubts.

Since Sheldon brought him here, he naturally trusted him.

Seeing what he said was correct.

Sheldon nodded, and then a few people went out.

Doctor Hu naturally wouldn’t say anything, and after shaking his head and sighing, he went out with him.

“Wait a minute!”

Old man Qin called to psychiatrist Hu: “Seeing you are quite skilled, stay and help me!”

“May I help you?” Doctor Hu couldn’t set the way.

Tyrone looked at Sheldon.

“Alright, Dr. Hu, you stay here, so I can rest assured!”

Cooper Family.

This is equivalent to double insurance.

Then Sheldon went out.

The two brothers Tianlong and Earthhu held their shoulders and looked at Tyrone coldly.

The old man pretended to be a fool, and the two brothers were a bit uncomfortable, not to mention that the doctor Hu and his two brothers were colleagues, and it was even more irritating to be teased by this old man.

So the last two people who stared at him were preparing to leave the room.

“Hi…you can’t use these silver needles?”

Old man Qin looked at Doctor Hu’s silver needle bag and threw it silently.

“You, you, you… deceive people too much, too much!!!”

Hu Shenyiqi’s hands almost shook.

“Hmph, what I said is true, you are all rubbish, you have to use these two brothers, take out your silver needles!”

Old man Qin suddenly glanced at the Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger who was about to leave.

Asking the brothers to look at each other directly, the expression of Old Man Qin changed.

“What do you see, don’t hide it in your sleeves, I will return it to you after I use it up!”

After speaking, Old Man Qin moved, flicked his hands, pinched his fingers, and before the Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger could react, the silver needle bags of the two had been pulled over.


“Little brother!”

With cold sweat on Tianlong’s forehead, he hurriedly stopped the Earth Tiger who was about to do it.

Because the old man looks bad, but he moves too fast.

Even just now, it was almost enough to make Tianlong feel his heart palpitations.

This feeling is something Tianlong has never had before.

At the moment, he looked at Old Man Qin with an unbelievable look, and took the earth tiger and walked out.

Doctor Hu stood with his hands behind his back, and he really didn’t believe what this stinky beggar could do.

However, when I saw Old Man Qin’s extremely skillful needle placement, and this dazzling needle placement technique.

Doctor Hu’s lips were shaking.

“This is… the ghost stitch?”

Chapter 336

Sheldon waited anxiously outside

After a while, I saw Old Man Qin and Doctor Hu come out.

But what made Sheldon a little surprised this time was that Doctor Hu seemed to respect Old Man Qin, so he had to support him.

“how about it?”

Sheldon asked.

“Hey, it’s almost there, go in and see!”

Old Man Qin said.

Sheldon walked in and saw that the complexion on Su Qiangwei’s face really improved a lot, and also ruddy.

“Sheldon, don’t worry, Grandpa Qin is really good at medicine!”

Su Qiangwei was also afraid that Sheldon missed herself.

“That’s good!”

Sheldon let out a long sigh.

Only then did he relax.

“Old Uncle Qin, trouble you!”

Sheldon nodded and thanked Tyrone.

I helped myself again and again. Although I was bored with the old man at first, now, Sheldon is sincerely grateful.

“No trouble, grandson, if there is nothing else, let’s go?”

Tyrone was talking about taking him back to his hometown in Shuchuan.

Said to go to Shuchuan.

Sheldon’s face dimmed a little.

There is one thing he hasn’t solved yet. Lilla has misunderstood him now, and is angrily not listening to his explanation. What can I do?

“Wait, I’ll finish this matter, let’s go!”

After speaking, Sheldon asked Su Qiangwei to rest first.

Then I went out and called.

But after a few fights, Lilla directly died.


“Lilla, pick it up, why not pick it up? Maybe he changed his mind again!”

Su family.

Su Mengmeng and the others sat together, watching TV watching TV, and snacking on snacks. Seeing Lilla angrily hung up the phone, Su Mengmeng ate potato chips and couldn’t help but persuade.

“No answer!”

Lilla threw the phone aside.

Kung fu being angry.

Ding Dong…

The doorbell rang suddenly.

Lilla sat up.

Yes, my parents are not at home, who can come now, who else can?

It must be Sheldon.

Some things turned angry, but how could Lilla not want to see Sheldon.

But the person who opened the door was Su Mengmeng.

“Huh, you still know…huh? Why are you?”

After Su Mengmeng opened the door.

He said with an ugly expression.

“Is Miss Lilla here? I want to talk to her about something!”

Outside the door, a beautiful female voice sounded.

And this girl is not someone else, but Myla.

“What are you doing?”

For Myla, Lilla certainly doesn’t have the slightest affection.

Yes, it’s all hate.

Even if Sheldon really has no other relationship with her, why does she take Sheldon’s arm, and why does she have to make Sheldon be married to her?

“Miss Lilla, I think we two will talk separately, can you?”

Myla said.

She went back today and felt uneasy.

Therefore, she wanted to have a good talk with Lilla.

“What are you talking about?”

The two came to the side of a park.

“I’ll just say it straight. Although, starting from my original intention, if you and Sheldon really broke up, it would be a good thing for me. I don’t hide it from you. Indeed, I like Sheldon and have pursued it. he!”

Myla said.

Lilla turned his head to the side and said nothing.

“But because I like him, I can see how dedicated he is to you. Really, from the beginning to the end, his heart for you has never changed. No matter how I treat him well, he is all Turn a blind eye, I think, if the two of you broke up because of our misunderstanding, he would definitely be sad and painful, because he is kind-hearted and likes to help others. This time, he is really just helping me! No Do what you are sorry for!”

Myla looked up at Lilla and said.

Then I told Lilla about some of Sheldon’s experiences with himself during this period of time.

And Lilla didn’t expect that so many things happened to Sheldon during this period.

But to be honest, Sheldonlped Myla many times, and Lilla was still a little jealous.

But after thinking about it, Sheldon didn’t do anything.

“I understand what you mean. You have experienced more with Sheldon, but have I experienced less with Sheldon?”

Lilla asked again.

“I didn’t mean it, but since you said that, you can also think about it, what have you done for Sheldon since you were with Sheldon? Where were you when he was in trouble?”

Myla didn’t mean anything else, just wanted to talk about it all.

What have you done for Sheldon?

Where are you when he is in trouble?

These two sentences made Lilla speechless.

Yes, I just felt that I was in a relationship with Sheldon and the two would have to travel a long way, but Lilla never wanted to do anything for Sheldon in the past.

Sheldon has been helping and caring for himself.

He never gave him anything, and when I came back this time, I misunderstood him indiscriminately.

He must be busy, but he has to distract him.

After talking with Myla, Lilla went back.

Throughout the afternoon, Lilla didn’t chat with her little friend anymore, but was unhappy in the room.

But Su Mengmeng and the others worry about it.

“What happened to Lilla? Did that woman tell Lilla? After all, they talked for more than an hour, something must have happened!”

“Yeah, that’s it since I came back!”

Su Mengmeng ate potato chips.

“Hmph, let’s go and ask, if something really happens, let’s go find the Myla afterwards!”

The roommates all came to the door of Lilla’s room.

“Lilla, you open the door, open the door!”

Su Mengmeng said worriedly.

Soon, the door opened.

But after everyone saw it, they were a little confused.

Because Lilla has packed his luggage.

“Lilla, what are you doing, we only came back less than a day, what are you?”

Wu Wenwen asked.

“Well, let’s go back to Los Angeles Island!”

Lilla said.

“Huh? Now?”

Everyone was surprised and said, “But Lilla, what should Sheldon do? You finally came back, just want to see him and talk with him. Now although you two have misunderstood, I feel that Sheldon is not that kind of scumbag. Thing!”

“I know, I know Sheldon won’t, but I want to go back to Los Angeles Island!”

Lilla said with wet red eyes.

She was thinking about it a lot just now.

Yes, I didn’t really hate Sheldon this time. I just wanted him to coax me. It was that simple.

But what Myla said was not something Lilla had never thought of.

I couldn’t do much for Sheldon. Following him would only support him, so Lilla wanted to go back and work hard to enrich himself.

Only in this way can this relationship be balanced.

The sisters didn’t say anything, and quickly packed up and went back with Lilla.

Only Su Mengmeng quietly took out his mobile phone and sent a text message to Sheldon.

“Hurry up to the airport, Lilla is leaving!”

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