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Chapter 337

And when Sheldon returned from picking up the porridge for Lilla.

I took out my phone and looked at it, and I saw a text message from an unfamiliar number.

When he finished reading the content of the newsletter, Sheldon was shocked.

Lilla is going back to Los Angeles Island?

I haven’t had time to explain to her yet.

At the moment, hurriedly drove to the airport.

On the way, I kept calling Lilla.

As a result, Lilla didn’t answer at all.

Until I drove outside the airport and saw that the plane had slowly risen.

Sheldon was anxious to mobilize a helicopter to chase him.


At this time, a text message came from the mobile phone.

It was sent by Lilla.

“Sheldon, I’m going back to Los Angeles Island first. You don’t need to explain some things to me because I believe you. Before, I was just jealous and wanted to make you coax me more, without considering your feelings! Don’t come to me first, give me some time! Lilla who loves you forever!”

Looking at the text message, Sheldon scratched his head anxiously.

What does this mean.

How could Lilla say such a thing suddenly?

He smashed the steering wheel, Sheldon thought, he hadn’t seen him for so long, and he left without saying a word.

When Sheldon returned to the hospital, he was also a little depressed.

Can not help but let Su Qiangwei advise.

What does this newsletter mean, Lilla wants to break up with him or something?

Then Su Qiangwei smiled.

“This is not a breakup. Didn’t you see my sister-in-law afraid of you thinking too much, and added that you will always love you? This means that my sister-in-law just wants to be quiet for a short time!”

Alas, after all, I am still angry with myself.

If you didn’t help Myla, and this scene wouldn’t be seen by Lilla, nothing would happen!

But since Lilla said she wanted to be quiet for a while, she wouldn’t bother her.

After I go to Shuchuan to find Mengyu, I will go to Los Angeles Island to find her.

That’s it, the next day.

Sheldon, Su Qiangwei, of course, as well as the old man Tyrone, several people got on the high-speed train to Shuchuan.

This time, Sheldon was mainly looking for someone. In addition, in Shuchuan, there was also a small industry that his sister invested in at the beginning. I guess my sister had forgotten it.

Chapman said.

It just happened to be able to respond. Find a person, and start at the same time with the money connection. It shouldn’t take a few days.

“Grandpa Qin, eat some fruit! I’ll cut it for you!”

Su Qiangwei is still a little weak.

But obviously I am very grateful for Tyrone’s life-saving grace, and took care of Sheldon and Tyrone very carefully along the way.

“Old Uncle Qin, where is your home?”

“I forgot, I will look for it when I go to Shuchuan!”

Tyrone said.

Sheldon smiled silently.

“Sheldon? Why are you here?”

And when Sheldon was looking out the window thinking about things, a female voice suddenly asked in confusion.

Unexpectedly, he would meet acquaintances on the train, so Sheldon turned his head to look.

It’s Murphy!

And beside her, sitting the same Shen Junwen last time and a few other faces.

To Sheldon’s surprise, a few of them dressed up and changed their old styles.

Now it looks a bit like a student’s dress.

As for that girl, she also followed Murphy’s eyes towards Sheldon.

“I’m going to Shuchuan! Where are you going?”

Sheldon said lightly.

After all, Murphy is classmates with herself, and the captain of her high school.

So Sheldon asked.

“We are also going to Shuchuan, but you don’t have to ask what you are doing!”

Murphy said lightly.

I thought it was a coincidence.

You can meet him everywhere.

Moreover, Sheldon was really okay. Instead of riding on the green train, he got on the train instead.

After a simple greeting, Murphy spoke a few words against Sheldon, and did not speak any more.

As for Sheldon, he felt a bit hot and pressed against his cold ass.

But it doesn’t matter.

Sheldon doesn’t care about anything with her.

But it seems that Murphy should be going to Shuchuan to do something secret.

Sheldon is not interested either.

At this moment, Su Qiangwei cut another fruit.

Because Su Qiangwei could tell that Sheldon and Murphy knew each other.

Plus Murphy and the others are sitting close to Sheldon.

So Su Qiangwei smiled and asked Murphy: “Miss Hu, I just cut the fruit, would you eat one?”

Su Qiangwei is kind and enthusiastic.

Just let Murphy.

“Thanks, I don’t eat fruit!”

Murphy said lightly.

In her eyes, Sheldon himself is lowly, so naturally she doesn’t look down on Sheldon’s friends.

It’s like you are in a circle with no sense of existence, and everyone looks down on you.

Then you bring your friends into this circle, and others naturally look down on your friends.

On the contrary, if you are very good in this circle, the friends you introduce will also rush to please everyone.

Su Qiangwei wanted to make Sheldon some face in front of his friends, but unexpectedly, this beautiful Miss Hu didn’t seem to like herself very much.

Su Qiangwei’s face flushed, and she took the fruit back angrily.

“Huimin, this is a tangerine from my relatives in my hometown. It’s quite sweet. I’ll peel one for you to taste!”

Shen Junwen just gave a wry smile.

When they reach their status, there are more people who cheat, and they are not just individuals who can look down upon them and give you a chance to cheat.

Murphy nodded immediately.

“Your Roston tangerines are quite famous. We are often in the north and want to try them too!”

Opposite, there are also a few girls, jokingly at the moment.

Obviously several of them were formed from various places.

“Good job! Here you are!”

Shen Junwen said with a smile and gave them the oranges.

He stripped Murphy himself.

Murphy ate one, “Well, it’s so sweet!”

Then a few people chatted with each other about some homework.

Sheldon saw Su Qiangwei’s face full of embarrassment.

In fact, I was a little angry.

After all, Murphy didn’t take people seriously.

He smiled and patted Su Qiangwei on the shoulder, and also peeled an orange for Su Qiangwei to eat.

“Sheldon, how do we get to Liangcheng?”

Su Qiangwei asked at this time.

“Let’s find a car when the time comes. There is nothing special. For the time being, we won’t need the help of Shuchuan’s industry! Look at it then!”

Sheldon said.

After all, the matter that my father explained was to be investigated secretly, and now, Chapman knew about it alone.

As for the others, they thought Sheldon was going to travel to Shuchuan.

Therefore, Sheldon has no demand now, and has not notified her sister of the industry in Shuchuan.

It is said that the industry is not too big, and it is far from Roston.

In a blink of an eye, more than four hours passed.

Approaching evening.

At this moment, outside the Shuchuan moving station.

A dozen luxury cars are waiting in person.

“Why haven’t you come yet? The stations are a little tired, Mr. Zhu, you have been dispatched, who are you going to pick up?”

“Shut up and stand for me. Once your ignorance offends this one, you can’t eat it!”

Zhu is always a middle-aged person, and now shouts at one of his female managers with a serious face.

Chapter 338

The capital of Shu Chuan is the central city

Naturally very prosperous.

And this line of convoys, especially at the exit of the crowded station, are particularly eye-catching.


Sheldon stood up and moved his waist, leading Su Qiangwei and the old man Qin to get out of the car.

But when passing by Murphy and the others this time, Sheldon passed by indifferently.

Did not say hello.

“Huh, virtue, who will take care of you!”

Murphy didn’t expect Sheldon to be so tough that he would dare not take the initiative to say hello to him.

Yes, because Murphy has a strong sense of superiority, I can ignore you when you say hello, but you don’t fight, especially for people like Sheldon, it’s as humiliating and uncomfortable as if you have been overtaken by a pig.

But it didn’t matter, they got out of the car one after another.

“Junwen, didn’t you say that when we arrived, someone would pick it up?”

Murphy asked.

Several people came out together and looked around.


Just then, a big Land Rover drove over and honked the horn.

Then the car window rolled down, and a handsome young man greeted Shen Junwen.

“Junwen, this!”

“Wang Jian!”

Shen Junwen also waved his hand.

“Wow, Land Rover, Brother Junwen, what does your friend do?”

Several girls on the side couldn’t help but say.

“At the beginning, I was both classmates at the police academy, but after he graduated, he didn’t take this path and was called back by his father to inherit the company, haha!”

Shen Junwendao.

The girls on the side couldn’t help but cast some admiring glances at Shen Junwen.

Why are good people always like this? They are all people with extraordinary identities.

“By the way, Huimin, didn’t you say that there are still a lot of high school classmates you want in Shu, and you also said to pick us up! If some of us go by car now, your classmates will not run away!”

Said a girl.

“Huimin, how did your high school classmates mix up at that time? Didn’t you say you started your own business?”

Shen Junwen asked as he walked toward the car.

“Yeah, we were both on the high school competition team at the time. Many of our classmates came to Shudu for the exam, and they were all very capable. Anyway, our mission is still a few days away. I want to play with them too! However, not as good as your friend Wang Jian!”

Murphy said sourly.

At the moment, when they came to the car, they introduced each other.


At this moment, there was another horn sound.

A BMW 5 Series drove over.

The window fell, and this time a man and a woman were sitting in the co-pilot.

He waved his hand to Murphy: “Hi! Huimin!”

“Bell and Silvia!”

Murphy also smiled happily.

Seeing Murphy’s classmates, they all drove luxury cars to pick them up.

The two girls next to them are very envious.

After all, they don’t have so many classmates and friends, and they have long since stopped contacting them.

There was another round of greetings and introductions.

There are many mutual languages ​​among successful people.

“Huimin, I haven’t seen you for many years, I’m almost dying of you! This time I just got together!”

Bell is also pretty, and now she is holding Murphy’s hand warmly.


Suddenly, Bell looked behind Murphy for a moment.

“That… isn’t that Sheldon? No?”

Bell looked at Sheldon and the others who came out of the exit.

One by one, big burdens and small burdens.

“Huh, why not, it’s him!”

Murphy was speechless.


Bell suddenly shouted at this moment.

Sheldon was also taken aback, why was someone calling his name?

Turning around, I saw Bell and Silvia clearly.

Although I wasn’t too familiar with it in high school, apart from competitions, I didn’t have any contact in private.

But speaking, Sheldon had a good relationship with Bell.

As for Silvia, they belong to the rich family, and they don’t talk to Sheldon much.

But it’s better with Murphy and others.

At the moment, he walked over with a bit of surprise.

“Bell and Silvia, are you?”

After all the classmates met, Sheldon was still very enthusiastic.

Silvia looked at Sheldon up and down, nodding contemptuously as a hello.

Bell jumped and patted Sheldon’s shoulder.

“Hey, Sheldon, it’s been a long time since I saw you, and neither are you, don’t contact us!”

At the time of the competition, in the group stage, Sheldon and Bell were in the same group and won the rankings at the same time, so the two people had a feeling of comrade-in-arms.

“Yeah, we haven’t seen each other for a long time!”

Sheldon also said.

“By the way, Sheldon, is that beautiful girl your girlfriend and family? Let’s go, where do you go, I will let Silvia take you there together!”

Bell said.

“I have to pick up people later!”

Silvia said suddenly.

Bell smiled awkwardly, and hurriedly turned away from the subject: “By the way, Huimin Sheldon, you don’t know yet, Silvia and I are about to get married, and we have been pregnant for three months!”

“Yes, then congratulations!”

Murphy smiled in surprise.

I don’t know what Nizi thought, but at this moment he actually looked at Sheldon’s expression.

It seemed that she had to be happy to see from Sheldon’s face that she was not as good as others.

“Huh? I didn’t pay attention just now. I’ll go, look at the team!”

At this moment, Wang Jian suddenly pointed to the side.

“Huh? Yeah, so many luxury cars?”

The girls also looked at them one after another, and couldn’t help being surprised.

“In the beginning, it seems to be the famous entrepreneur Zhu Mingzhu in this province, right?”

Silvia recognized it, and said in surprise at the moment.

“It’s really Mr. Zhu, it’s weird. How did such a character come out to pick up people in person? I remember when I was very young, my dad took me to a large chamber of commerce. Then I was ignorant and ran around. I almost ran into President Zhu, and he even touched my head!”

Wang Jian said with some honor.

“I’ll go over and say hello! I saw a manager under President Zhu is also there, and I know my dad!”

As Wang Jian said, he really walked over.

Everyone looked in surprise and admiration.

I saw Wang Jian actually said a few words to a manager in the past, but he returned soon.

“How about Wang Jian?”

Shen Junwen worships Tao.

“Say hello, hey, they came to pick up a big guy today, so they didn’t talk to me much. Just now, Mr. Zhu just looked back at me and I didn’t dare to talk to him!”

Everyone chatted eagerly.

Sheldon was awkward standing.

He greeted Bell and left.

Bell did not stay here either. Indeed, it was embarrassing for Sheldon to stay here.

“It’s weird, how come Sheldon hasn’t come yet?”

And over there, Zhu Ming looked at the time, and was already sweating profusely.

Chapman did not arrange for Zhu Ming to greet Sheldon, but said that Sheldon would be there today and he could wait for Sheldon’s call anytime.

After all, Sheldon said, there is no need for pomp.

But the speaker is not interested, the listener is interested.

Where can Zhu Ming neglect.

But I didn’t wait to wait.

Besides, Sheldon saw that it was too late, so the three of them found a hotel to stay.

It was just after the settling down, Sheldon’s cell phone rang…

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