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Chapter 339

The call came from Chapman.

“what happened?”

“Sheldon, are you here yet? The number I sent you is from the general manager Zhu Ming, the capital of Shu. Chen’s industry is spread all over the country, and Shu is no exception. When you get there, you can find this for anything. Zhu Ming’s!”

Chapman said.

I was also afraid of Sheldon’s danger.

“I know!”

“Also, Sheldon, the jade pendant that I asked you to search for in Shu Capital has always been handled by Zhu Ming. He has now found some clues!”

“Okay, then I’ll call him and ask!”

After hanging up the phone.

Sheldon, lying on the bed, called Zhu Ming.

Zhu Ming was very excited when he received the call.

But it is indeed capable.

Soon to get to the point.

“Sheldon, I have been inquiring about the jade pendant, and now I have a slight eyebrow. Although I haven’t found a specific family, I once described the shape of this jade pendant to an old gentleman. He said that if you see the real thing , He can confirm it!”

“Okay, it’s so late now, wait until tomorrow morning, let’s meet, you take me to find that old gentleman!”

After it’s settled.

Sheldon habitually wanted to call Lilla again.

Because before every time Sheldon went to bed, he had to call Lilla to chat.

But now, I don’t know what happened to Lilla.

I refused my call several times.

And the same.

Lilla is also thinking about Sheldon in the dorm now.

“Lilla, accompany me to buy something, right?”

Seeing Lilla wandering while reading, Su Mengmeng came over and patted Lilla on the shoulder.


Lilla answered, and the two went downstairs and went out.

In the apartment buildings of TV stations, there are also girls from all over the country who come here for internships.

There are also many people in the supermarket.

“Hehe, isn’t this Lilla! Why do you work so hard and still have time to buy things?”

The tall and beautiful girls looked at Lilla and said coldly.

“Yang Huali, let you take care of it! Nosy!”

Su Mengmeng fights injustice for Lilla.

Yang Huali, it seems that the magic capital is here.

Speaking of comprehensive results.

It was just a bit close to Lilla.

Two people are competitors.

This time, because of a competition for places in cooperation with the entertainment group and the expert group, one of the best interns will be selected to join the entertainment group.

In this way, those who join the entertainment group can become famous.

The loudest voices are naturally Yang Huali and Lilla.

However, Yang Huali seems to have something to do here.

Therefore, often on some occasions, the platform of competitor Lilla was deliberately demolished, not to mention this time, but the famous competition was not famous.

When Yang Huali saw Lilla, she was naturally jealous.

And watching Su Mengmeng was about to quarrel with her.

“Forget it, let’s go back!”

Lilla said.

Left directly.

“Huh, this time I enter the entertainment group, absolutely without you!”

Yang Huali hugged her shoulders and said coldly.

And when Lilla went back, “Lilla, you are back. I went to your dorm to find you and didn’t see you. I just finished writing a paper on editing and directing here. Come and help me give some guidance!”

A girl who happened to be waiting in Lilla’s dorm said with a smile at the moment.


Lilla said.

Then I went to the girl’s dorm and returned soon.

This was originally Lilla’s normal day.

And this time.

I heard waves of commotion outside.

There seems to be a girl crying.

Because they were not far away, Lilla and the others also left.

It was from the dorm where Lilla was just writing the thesis.

Many girls have already heard the sound and walked over.

Lilla and the others also passed.

“What’s the matter? What happened?”

A girl asked.

“I just went out to shop with my roommates, but when I got back, the diamond ring my boyfriend gave me was lost! The diamond ring was so expensive, but I couldn’t find it!”

The girl cried anxiously.

At this time, Yang Huali also walked out of the bedroom next to it.

“Xiaoyun, don’t cry, think about it, did you forget where to put it? You know, you are usually lavish, what if you put it in the corner and can’t find it?”

Yang Huali said.

“But Sister Li, I remember very clearly that it is impossible to leave it indiscriminately. Besides, such a valuable item is worth more than 400,000 dollar. How can I leave it casually??”

Xiaoyun cried and said.

“That’s weird, Xiaoyun, think about it, who has stayed in the dorm after you guys left today? Is the door of the dorm not closed properly and someone with a heart came in?”

“Who told you to show off with a diamond ring in broad daylight!”

Yang Huali said.

“The five of us went shopping together. Today, Ma Nan stayed in the dorm. She is going to write a thesis for editing…”

Another roommate said.

“No… it’s not me, I didn’t take it!”

Ma Nan said in a panic.

“You are the only one in the dorm. Why did you throw it away if you didn’t take it?”

Yang Huali said suddenly.

“Well, dare you let us search your bed and luggage?”

Yang Huali said.

Lilla saw that Yang Huali was obviously holding Ma Nan who had a better relationship with him.

He immediately said: “I can prove that Ma Nan didn’t touch Xiaoyun’s things, Ma Nan is not that kind of person!”

“You prove? Why are you?”

Yang Huali pointed to Lilla and said.

“O’ao, I see, when I came out to fetch water, I seemed to see Lilla and Ma Nan come to your dorm together!”

At this time, a girl in the dorm next to her said.


At this moment, everyone’s eyes all glanced at Lilla.

“No wonder, Lilla, you helped Ma Nan to speak like this, huh, it seems that you two combined it?”

Yang Huali said coldly.

“What nonsense are you talking about!”

Su Mengmeng said anxiously.

“Hehe, since it’s not the two of you, let us search. If not, what are you doing so nervously?”

Yang Huali said.


The girl who lost the ring looked at Lilla in shock at this moment.

After all, she and Lilla had a very good relationship in a strict sense.

“Well, you can search if you want!”

Lilla said.

Then Yang Huali really went to search.

I searched Ma Nan’s baggage, but it didn’t.

Then Yang Huali took a few of her sisters.

Came to Lilla’s bedroom.

Turning around, suddenly, when he took away Lilla’s pillow.

Yang Huali suddenly surprised:

“God, Xiaoyun, come and take a look. Is this your ring?”

Everyone saw this scene.

Xiaoyun came over and picked it up, “Yes, this is my ring!”

Then Xiaoyun looked at Lilla with a bit of astonishment: “Lilla, why did you really get it?”

Chapter 340

Lilla was also surprised.

“How is it possible? I didn’t take it at all!”

“Now that the evidence is there, you still want to deny it! Haha, it’s really interesting!”

Yang Huali said.

“Lilla, I have always admired you, but now you really disappoint me. If you like it, you can tell me!”

Xiaoyun said incredulously.

“I didn’t, I didn’t!”

Lilla shook his head one after another.

“That is, I tell you Yang Huali, Lilla’s boyfriend is the richest man in Roston, does she want anything, will steal someone else’s ring?”

Su Mengmeng said.

“Hahahaha, I’m so scared, I am actually the richest man in Roston!”

Yang Huali covered her mouth and laughed.

“But anyway, if you stole it, you stole it. Tomorrow, we will respond to the director! Let’s go! You are still the director’s most optimistic person. Hehe, tomorrow Los Angeles TV station will have another big event, watch you How to explain!”

Yang Huali turned around and took Xiaoyun away directly.

As for Ma Nan, he glanced at Lilla with a complicated expression, then bit his lip and left.

“Lilla, how could this be? We all believe you won’t take it, but the problem is, we have been in the dorm, who put the ring under your pillow!”

Of course, Su Mengmeng and the others knew who Lilla’s boyfriend was, and even if they didn’t know, they knew exactly who Lilla was.

“I know who released it, but she probably didn’t mean to harm me!”

There were tears in Lilla’s eyes.

Yeah, how could she not see what the whole thing was like?

But Lilla couldn’t understand why Ma Nan wanted to help Yang Huali frame herself?

When Yang Huali bullied her, didn’t she always stand up and help her?

And Su Mengmeng and the others also later realized who it was.

“Damn, I’ll go to her to settle the account, something with no conscience!”

Su Mengmeng and Wu Wenwen are a little anxious.

“Forget it, it’s useless to find her. Since someone can persuade her to frame me, he will definitely not let Ma Nan tell the truth! Moreover, this is a set designed by others! Even if it fails this time, Next time, she won’t let me compete with her smoothly!”

Lilla sat on the bed depressed.

“Lilla, or call Sheldon. Yang Huali is a local and the relationship is complicated. You can’t beat her at all. Look at her and you can make Ma Nan obey her! To put it bluntly, I just want you not to participate. For the competition, it’s best to send you back to Roston.”

Su Mengmeng said worriedly.

“I see, Mengmeng, don’t worry about this. The person she wants to deal with is me. Don’t bother you. Tomorrow’s TV conference, it is said that there is a mysterious figure coming. You should rest early and be prepared! “

After speaking, Lilla lay down.

Although her mouth is strong, she is still a girl after all. She is weak outside, and there is not even a painful person.

At this moment, she couldn’t help but think of Sheldon.

If Sheldon is here, he will be with him whatever happens.

If he knows that something is going on, he will come over as soon as possible.

Lilla couldn’t help but want to call Sheldon and cried with him.

The girl is outside, how could it be so easy.

But when I remembered what Myla said back then, if Sheldon was asked for everything, then what else could be given to Sheldon besides beauty?

What I should do is to be the woman behind Sheldon, not the beautiful vase, right?

This night, Lilla didn’t fall asleep much.

Waited until early the next morning.

Because of the big event of the TV station.

So they all had to go there early to prepare and arrange the venue or something.

Los Angeles* TV stations, TV stations in Negston, and many TV stations co-organized by America, are all under the unified jurisdiction of a group.

The strength is very big.

What is even more unimaginable is that there are rumors that the big boss of the TV group is actually a girl who is not too old, and has a special background.

Moreover, this very powerful TV group is actually in the eyes of this big boss, but it’s nothing but a drop in the bucket, no, it’s not even a drop in the bucket.

The spread is very evil.

But the specific situation is not clear to everyone, after all, no one has seen it.

Therefore, the TV station has paid more attention to a certain level.

Even the tables and chairs placed in the Assembly Hall are accurate to the millimeter, and they cannot be crooked at all.

The degree of importance can be imagined.

And this big TV festival event, big and famous stars from all over will also participate, it can be described as very lively.


Just when everyone was setting up carefully in the morning.

Director Hou slapped his hands and asked the interns and staff to put down their work.

“Come here, everyone, I have something to announce!”

All dozens of people gathered together.

“Because the character who came today is too special, so our staff must be careful and careful when working!”

“Moreover, the award-giving staff, I decided to select one from our interns in this period. Pay special attention. This is to interact with this big man!”

Director Hou was also extremely nervous.

“Gorgeous, we support you!”

At this time, a group of people on the scene shouted.

All of them are big, rich, young and wealthy. They are obviously here to accompany Yang Huali, and they are naturally qualified to enter the venue.

In fact, as of now, many people have already been in place.

Even Yanjing, many of the big bosses of the magic city have all come.

The corner of Director Hou’s mouth twitched, and then he smiled embarrassingly: “I decided to let Student Lilla do it with the TV station!”

“Lilla, you have to come on!”

Director Hou has high hopes.

Lilla nodded.

“Huh, I don’t agree!”

And Yang Huali’s face turned green at once. There is no doubt that whoever is elected this time is the first sister of the intern.

So Yang Huali is of course anxious.

“Gorgeous, you have other tasks, what do you disagree with?”

Director Hou knew the origin of Yang Huali, so he didn’t dare to be too strict.

“I’m not saying that I want to be elected. I mean, anyone can be elected, but the thief cannot be allowed to go. Otherwise, it would be an insult to others!”

Yang Huali said.

“What thief? What are you talking about?” Director Hou said harshly.

“Speaking of which, I’m about to report to you. Last night, Lilla stole the diamond ring that Xiaoyun’s boyfriend gave her. We have all seen this, and we all get the money!”

Yang Huali said.

The girls nodded involuntarily.

To be honest, no one would believe it was true if it hadn’t seen it with their own eyes.

“With this, Lilla will lose her face!”

“That’s right, how can you let this kind of person go?”

“Wipe, just blast it out, and steal something, what a shame!”

“Yeah, all of us as interns have lost her!”

Many interns, among them the girls, were jealous of Lilla at this moment.

“I didn’t steal, I didn’t…”

Facing the contempt and accusation of others, Lilla said.

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