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Chapter 343:

Mysterious Woman
Then, under the horrified eyes of everyone.

The door opened slowly.

But what came out of it was a fat little white man with gorgeous clothes, small eyes and a little fat figure.

Waved at everyone.

“He is Sheldon?”

“No way?”

“Of course not. I know him. He is Shannon, the son of the richest man in Stilfest City!”

“Huh? It turned out to be Shao Huang. It seems that he came to replace Sheldon, right?”

The crowd discussed one after another.

And seeing Shannon, the faces of all the leaders were quite disappointed.

But I also paid attention to it, after all, Shannon is also one of the distinguished guests.

Lilla didn’t know this Shannon, but was surprised and disappointed.

Why didn’t Sheldon come?

You can hide in a corner and don’t recognize him, but you can let yourself see him.

Although Lilla is not the kind of person to show off.

But in such a beautiful occasion, her boyfriend is out in the limelight. As a girl, she is still extremely happy.

But unexpectedly, it was not Sheldon!

The result was taken for granted, Shannon didn’t know Lilla either.

It is with the people of the tour group up the steps.

“Ah? What’s the matter? Why doesn’t your boyfriend say hello to you?”

Yang Huali was really scared just now.

But now, he said with a gleeful expression.

“Oh, I’m so anxious, he is not Sheldon, Sheldon did not come!”

Su Mengmeng said regretfully.

In this case, Yang Huali would be proud of it again.

“Pretend to be 13, and also said how good my boyfriend is! It’s really disgusting, I think your slap is light!”

Yang Huali felt that she was being played around.

Now he said with a bit of anger.

However, after a brief period of noisy in the venue, there was another thunderous roar shortly after silence.

“My God! My God! My God!!!”

Someone yelled hysterically.

“What kind of car is that?”

“My God, this seems to be an exclusive homemade luxury car of Lamborghini. It is designed for the top customers. It was exposed on the Internet three years ago. A car costs more than one billion dollar. Super artificial intelligence, and this car is many times stronger than an ordinary bulletproof car, so there is no need to mention the model!”

“Mom, a car costs more than one hundred million. This is… one, two, three, four, five… a full twenty cars!”

“A fleet of 20 billion! Ah!!!”

Not to mention the young men and women present, even some wealthy businessmen could not resist it at this moment, and the blue veins on their faces were exposed with excitement.

How much money can you earn, and this big man actually has a fleet of tens of billions.

Many people were so excited that their faces were pale as paper.

This is definitely an unprecedented scene.

The person leading the welcome group turned their eyes to the director at this moment.

I saw the director took several deep breaths, trying hard to calm himself down.

“Director, is this the big boss today?”

Someone asked excitedly.

“It’s her! Tell everyone, I must give me 120,000 points at this moment! Don’t make any mistakes, otherwise, just wait for death!”

The director trembled.

Then step by step, he walked toward the stopped car door.

“who is it?”

And Su Mengmeng and Yang Huali couldn’t care about quarreling, because the girls were all frightened by shock.

Even Lilla felt a little unbelievable.

Sheldon is already quite rich, but there are many people who are richer than him.

For example, this tens of billions of teams, this is just a team!

What else does the house she lives in?

God, it’s so extravagant!

The extravagance is simply unbelievable.

Lilla was shocked.

At this moment, the door has been opened.

I saw the director, and many big bosses, automatically standing in two rows.

Then the standard bends over ninety degrees.

A young woman who was chewing gum and dressed in expensive clothing came down.

The woman wears luxury-brand black glasses, her skin is white, and her small suit is draped over her shoulders.

I moved my shoulders a bit.

The small suit automatically slipped off, and immediately a bodyguard came over carefully and took it!

Look at the bodyguards behind her again.

Looking from a distance, every one of his eyes revealed a decisive murderous aura, and every one of them showed that there was a strong explosive power in his body.

The kind that can deal with various situations at any time.

The woman’s aura is even stronger to the point that many people in the room dare not breathe.

And this woman is also extremely beautiful.

About twenty-six or seven years old.

His eyes swept slightly.

At this time, his eyes fell on a large banner outside the scene.

With a smile at the corner of his mouth, he pointed to the banner and said, “Hang it higher for me!”

She pointed to the banner of Sheldon of course.

“Yes Yes Yes!”

The director who didn’t dare to straighten up Lianliandao, waved his hand, and immediately some of his staff ran to handle it.

And the door is full of wealthy businessmen.

At the moment, there is no one to breathe.

They all arched their waists, as if they were meeting the queen.

Some even looked like they were in their fifties and didn’t do anything, but their nervous and scared faces turned pale, and their legs were shaking like an electric shock.

Obviously there is something in my heart.

And watching Sheldon sent the banner, it was pulled down to the highest level.

The smile on the woman’s face became stronger.

At the moment, he handed his hand bag to Lilla who was welcoming guests.

And Lilla.

Looking at Sheldon’s banner curiously, why does this female boss only raise Sheldon’s banner?

What is her relationship with Sheldon?

Because I know why Sheldon has many female friends now, even though I know that Sheldon is very attentive to himself.

But Lilla was also a little nervous.

After all, this woman is too strong and scary!

Therefore, Lilla has been in a trance.

He didn’t pay attention to the handbag that the woman handed over.


The woman frowned slightly.

The head of the station was so scared that his eyes were bleeding.

“Lilla! What do you want to do!!!”

The director was roaring frantically in his heart.

Thousands of warnings told Wan not to make a mistake, but there were errors as soon as he came up.


The woman chewed the gum and said lightly.


Lilla reacted at once, too, too nervous.

“Yes… I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

Lilla’s face paled.

“I…I immediately let her go, and even the family with her will be punished!”

The director said in a panic.

Lilla did not expect that because he was a step slower, even his family would be affected?

Too overbearing!

However, Lilla was also really scared. She was domineering and naturally had domineering capital.

“Did I say to let her go? Talk about it!”

The woman cast a blank look at the station leader.

“I talk too much! I talk too much! I talk too much!”

When the head of the stage quit three mouths severely on his face, bleeding came from the corners of his mouth.

Yang Huali lowered his head, but his heart was full of excitement.

Because she knew that Lilla was finished!

Chapter 344

“Why did you keep staring at this pennant just now?”

The woman asked in a clear voice.

Lilla lowered his head and said nothing.

As for the woman, this time she noticed the palm print on Lilla’s cheek, and immediately raised her hand to pinch Lilla’s chin.

At the moment, he said with a bit of a pity: “It’s a pity to be so beautiful and get a slap in the face. Where are you from?”


Lilla replied.

She did not tell the woman that she was thinking about talking to her boyfriend Sheldon.

Because she still doesn’t know what the identity of this woman is.

“She is an intern selected by Roston University. She has the best grades!”

The woman did not speak.

The director who had just finished playing himself added.

The woman’s eyes were slightly raised, and she looked at Lilla more without a trace.

Turned around and went in, but when he walked to the door, he turned his head and pointed at Lilla:

“You, follow me!”

After speaking, go directly in.

“Ah? Lilla, why are you in a daze? Follow the boss!”

The director hurriedly said.

“O’ao, I know!”

Lilla was very surprised, but still walked in with the woman.

And Yang Huali looked silly, why?

Why did this woman take special care of her when she heard that she was from Roston University, and didn’t even hold her accountable for the rude offense just now?

A strong jealousy flashed in his eyes right now.

And the conference will be held soon.

Only then did Lilla know that the surname of this big lady was only heard by some people calling her President Chen.

She is also surnamed Chen.

And it was precisely because Mr. Sheldon named Lilla to follow.

So the original helpers had to add Lilla.

Yang Huali and Lilla were active on stage at the same time.

But because of jealousy, Yang Huali looked at Lilla’s gaze long ago.

At the moment, Lilla is adding tea to people one by one.

As for himself, he passed by Lilla again.

Yang Huali glanced at Lilla coldly, and then lightly bumped behind her.


Lilla almost couldn’t hold it firmly, but knocked over the water glass.

And it was not someone else who knocked over the glass in front of him.

It is Shannon.

Water stains splashed him all over.

“I’m going, what did you do!”

Shannon frowned and glared at Lilla.

“Yes… I’m sorry!”

Lilla hurriedly apologized.

I hated Yang Huali in my heart.

Yes, just because she was jealous of herself, she changed the law and wanted to cause trouble to herself.

Although this Shannon replaced Sheldon’s position.

Lilla also wanted to know what the relationship between him, Sheldon, and Mr. Sheldon were.

Even a fool can see that this Shannon, Ivan, called Mr. Sheldon’s sister, Mr. Sheldon obviously liked him very much.

But what does Sheldon have to do with them?

I also thought about asking if I had the courage to ask, but when I thought about it, now I am just a staff member, and everyone else is a heavyweight guest.

What would they think of themselves if they asked rashly.

“Sorry? I’m sorry, it’s over? I…”

After speaking, Shannon raised his palm and directly pushed Lilla.

How strong is Shannon?

Lilla didn’t stop directly and fell to the ground.

The phone fell aside.

Today, it seems to be President Chen’s home court, but obviously, it is not Shannon’s.

After all, Sheldon asked him to replace him.

In the past, for some big events, if Brother Sheldon had no time, he would usually call himself and ask himself or Bren to participate in the famous words.

Now Sheldon doesn’t have time, and Chapman didn’t know Sheldon, so just let Shannon take the lead in accordance with the old rules.

In fact, Shannon himself is an arrogant and domineering rich second generation.

He is behaved in front of Sheldon, doesn’t mean he’s the kind of laughing and joking in front of others.

On the contrary, Bren is a very violent person.

Now that the welcoming student is so rude, Shannon is not angry, it is not Shannon.

Many people off the court were also stunned.

Including Su Mengmeng, they all looked at Lilla who was pushed down on the high platform with distress.

Needless to say, Yang Huali sneered.

As for President Chen, someone was rubbing her shoulders carefully, and Quandang didn’t see the scene before her.

“Hmph, even Sheldon, you dare to offend, if you don’t teach you a lesson, you won’t be able to show your heart anymore!

Shannon raised his hand and wanted to fight.


He paused.

Falling aside by Lilla, a lock screen photo on the phone was attracted.

“Huh? Damn it!”

Shannon was surprised.

Because the lock screen photo of her phone is actually a photo of Sheldon and Sheldon.

“Do you know Sheldon?”

Shannon picked up his mobile phone, but he couldn’t figure it out right now, so he didn’t dare to do it.

“Give me back the phone!”

Lilla snatched it over.

“I ask you, why do you have a picture of Sheldon and Sheldon?”

Shannon questioned.

And Mr. Sheldon, who closed her eyes, listened and motioned to the person behind her shoulders to step back, and she herself glanced at Lilla with a bit of surprise.

And look at Lilla up and down.

“This is my business!”

Lilla carefully held the phone in his arms.

“What’s your name?”

Shannon scratched his head, as if reacting to something, he hurriedly asked.



Shannon’s eyes stared.

Lilla, this name is so familiar, I seem to have heard it somewhere.

Besides, who is Xiao Fei, telling herself that Sheldon’s girlfriend is internship in Negston, right?

“Couldn’t, you come from Roston University, right?”

Shannon was surprised.


Lilla nodded.

“I’m going!” Shannon’s expression was even more surprised.

“Then you must know my brother Sheldon, and now you still have his picture on your phone, are you his girlfriend? Do you know Bren and Chapman?”

Lilla nodded: “I know!”


Shannon jumped directly.

It’s really a sister-in-law.

What did you do? Actually almost beat her!

It’s over.

Shannon looked at President Chen nervously.

And the woman had obviously heard the conversation between the two.

Stand up right now.

It was also extremely unexpected that he came to Lilla.

“Are you really Sheldon’s girlfriend?”

The woman asked.

“Yes, she is Sheldon’s girlfriend, Lilla!”

Su Mengmeng stood up at this time and hurriedly shouted.

Lilla bit his lip and nodded immediately.

Originally, I wanted to rely on my own ability, not on Sheldon.

So she has to fight against many things by herself. After all, to become Sheldon’s girlfriend, she can’t just make vases.

And it was this scene that shocked the scene.

“I’m going, she is the girlfriend of Master Sheldon?”

“It’s really beautiful, but the question is, how can Mr. Sheldon’s girlfriend be a reception here?”

Everyone talked a lot.

“President Chen, I…”

Seeing the woman staring at herself, Lilla was also affected by her aura.

“Hehe, don’t call me Mr. Sheldon, if you are Sheldon’s girlfriend, you should call my sister!”

The woman smiled slightly.

“You… are you Sheldon’s sister, Alicia?”

And Lilla finally knew who Mr. Sheldon was before him.

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