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Chapter 345

“Well, I am Alicia, did he mention me to you?”

Alicia smiled.

And Lilla was really shocked.

She did hear Sheldon say that his sister Alicia treated her very well, and she founded the Roston Business Group in the past.

She naturally knew that her sister Alicia was very rich.

But unexpectedly, she was so rich and powerful.

And you can cover the sky with just one hand.

So Lilla is a little nervous now.

Originally, when she was with Sheldon, she felt nothing. After all, Lilla never liked Sheldon’s money from beginning to end.

Sheldon has money but no money, what does it have to do with him?

Adding to the previous relationship between the two would have been fine.

So even if Lilla knew that Sheldon was Sheldon, he didn’t have that sense of distance.

But now, when she saw Sister Alicia, Lilla felt the pressure generated by the sense of distance.

“As mentioned, he said you went to North Africa!”

“Hmm, I came back a few days ago!”

Alicia smiled faintly.

Then, turning around, he slapped Shannon’s head.

“Sister-in-law, I am wrong, I am wrong!”

Shannon had already paled with fright.

And Alicia looked at the slap print on Lilla’s face again.

He said coldly: “By the way, who slapped you? Since you are my brother’s girlfriend, I will not let you suffer under my nose!”

“Huh? I… I was wrong!”

Yang Huali was also very scared.

I originally thought that Lilla’s background was the family doing some business in Roston.

Therefore, Yang Huali dared to bully her so unscrupulously.

But I didn’t expect that she was actually Miss Alicia’s younger sibling, and that Roston Sheldon was really Lilla’s boyfriend.

If you say you are not afraid, it must be false.


Alicia looked cold, “Lilla, how did she beat you, call me back!”

Lilla bit her lip, although she is not the kind of aggressive person.

But it also divides people. Yang Huali targeted herself repeatedly, once more ruthlessly.

She is not kind to herself, and there is no need to show kindness to her.


Lilla raised her hand and slapped it on Yang Huali’s face. Yang Huali covered her face and cried directly.

As for Alicia, he couldn’t help but stared at Lilla a bit.

Then he glanced at Yang Huali and said, “You don’t have long eyes to provoke my brother’s girlfriend. It is impossible not to teach you some lessons, so let’s drink alcohol and make amends!”

“Huh? Thank you!”

Yang Huali nodded busy.

“Don’t thank me, listen to me, there are ten bottles of whiskey, I want you to drink them all at once!”

Smiled coldly.

Naturally, some subordinates pulled Yang Huali down.

Lilla’s eyelids twitched slightly.

If this is not handled properly, it will kill people.

Although he wanted to teach Yang Huali, Lilla was not so cruel.

But if you want to persuade it, Alicia’s feeling is beyond doubt.

Lilla also discovered that Sister Alicia and Sheldon are completely different characters.

Sister Alicia is arrogant and domineering, while Sheldon is gentle, restrained and low-key.

It seems like this is what it should be.

“Lilla, when the meeting is over, come back with me. I have something to talk to you. Besides, don’t let Alicia know, we have met!”

Alicia chewed the gum again and said lightly.

“I see, sister!”

Lilla said, I don’t know how, I suddenly felt anxious in my heart…

Let’s talk about Sheldon.

Early this morning, Sheldon, accompanied by Zhu Ming, came to look for the master in his mouth. The residence is on a scenic mountain.

It will take a while to wait for the final result.

So Zhu Ming and Qiangwei waited on the mountain.

And Sheldon came out and made a call with her sister.

Sheldon only learned the news of her sister’s return to America last night.

I have been thinking about waiting for my sister to come back this time, if I can meet him.

After all, I haven’t seen each other for a long time, and Sheldon really missed it.

But my sister said that she had a big event, and originally wanted to meet Sheldon at this event.

But now Sheldon still has to do things for his father.

So Alicia didn’t say much.

After finishing the call, Sheldon was also preparing to go back.

As I walked, I looked at the scenery everywhere.


Suddenly, someone called Sheldon’s name.

Looking back, Sheldon couldn’t help being taken aback.

I saw a few young men and women in the scenic spot on the side, laughing, obviously they were here to play.

And these people are not others.

It’s not just Murphy and Shen Junwen, and Shen Junwen’s friend Wang Jian, and five of his classmates from the competition group in high school, Bell and Silvia.

“Hehe, it’s really him, why is it such a coincidence, you can see him everywhere!”

Murphy couldn’t help but smile.

Because according to Wang Jian, this scenic spot is very famous, and the price and consumption level is really expensive.

And above the mountain, there is an area called the Mountain Resort.

In that area, there are all high-end entertainment areas.

Let’s put it this way, people who haven’t reached a certain level in Shu can’t afford it at all.

To be honest, as for the scenery below the mountain, it is far worse than there.

This is because Wang Jian heard that everyone wanted to come out to play together, but also to prove his own strength, finally he asked his father and brought four people to play.

Several people were also going up the mountain, only to see Sheldon who was walking and looking around.

“Hey, Sheldon, I wanted to ask you to come out and play together, but I don’t know if there is anything wrong with you when you come to Shu!”

Bell and Sheldon must have a good relationship. At least they have friendship with Sheldon and their classmates, so they are good to Sheldon.

“Thank you Bell, I’m fine with this, just walk around and have a look!”

Sheldon was naturally polite to Bell.

“Hehe, then you are pretty good, knowing that this scenic spot is the most famous, but, you should just take a look at the scenery below the mountain!”

Murphy said with a smile.

She has always spoken like this, straight.

Because according to her estimation of Sheldon’s economic level, he can only go to some free places if he travels.

Going to some high-end occasions, shouldn’t you need money or connections like her?

Sheldon just shook his head and smiled bitterly.

Where can he not go now?

Although Murphy despised it, Sheldon didn’t want to say anything, so he didn’t know her in general.

Except for Bell, he stopped to talk to Sheldon from time to time. Few people talked to Sheldon.

Finally, Silvia also pulled Bell to prevent her from talking to Sheldon.

Not long after, everyone came to the so-called scenic entertainment area.

“Hello, please show me your VIP card!”

At the entrance of the entertainment area, there are naturally service staff waiting.

“Now! This is what we are together!”

Wang Jian showed it to him.

“Okay, some of you please come in!”

The waiter respectfully said.

This entertainment area is mainly designed for some wealthy businessmen and celebrities, as well as inviting customers to travel and sightseeing. Naturally, it is not necessary for everyone to use VIP cards.

After Murphy came in, he was also attracted by the scenery that seemed like a world away.

“Wow, so beautiful!”

Murphy couldn’t help but said with excitement, but soon her face became stiff: “I’m going, he actually followed us in!”

Chapter 346

Murphy saw that the person entering the high-end entertainment area was not someone else but Sheldon.

Looking around while walking, it was obviously quite leisurely.

Murphy reacted immediately.

It should be when Wang Jian showed his VIP card just now. Because Sheldon followed them closely, the staff misunderstood that Sheldon was also a member of their group.

Then he just came in.

This made Murphy quite uncomfortable.

“Hey hey, Sheldon, why did you come in too? Who let you in?”

Murphy said angrily.


Listening to Murphy’s contemptuous question, Sheldon couldn’t help being taken aback.

Who also let himself in.

Come in if you want to, after all, when you came with Zhu Ming, the service staff knew him.

Of course it is free access.

On the main peak above this entertainment area, there are several small manors.

Zhu Ming and Su Qiangwei are both on it now.

Sheldon has to go up to them through the entertainment area.

“Really, you can’t drop the price. Don’t you know that you need a VIP card to enter here? Tell you, ordinary people can’t enter, do you know that?”

Murphy asked, with contempt in his eyes.

“I know!”

Sheldon nodded.

“I’ll go, you know that you still followed in. This is the VIP card presented by Wang Jian, and you followed us in!”

Murphy reminded silently.

Indeed, although I was not disgusted with Sheldon before, there was still some contempt for it.

Now, Murphy is really disgusted.

Wang Jian himself didn’t invite you, right? Jun Wen was invited to play with Bell and Silvia.

But what is going on with you Sheldon coming in with everyone.

What do people think Wang Jian.

After all, Wang Jian also knew that Sheldon was his high school classmate with Bell and Silvia, which made people feel very embarrassed.

If you are in another place, you can host it yourself.

Okay, you Sheldon want to get in. This is fine, and Murphy won’t say anything. If you want to increase your knowledge, you can increase it.

But now what do you make Wang Jian think about himself and Bell.

Murphy felt quite ashamed.

“I didn’t get in!”

Sheldon was also speechless.

I also knew in my heart that Murphy looked down on herself before, but now she looks down on herself even more.

But I really didn’t get in.

“You said, you didn’t get in, do you have a VIP card?”

Murphy airway.


Sheldon really didn’t.

“That’s not enough, you don’t admit it when you come in, I am really drunk!”

Murphy stomped angrily.

If it weren’t for considering that I was a gangster, I would want to kick Sheldon in the past.

And many people with identities are also strolling around here, some jokingly watching the scene before them.

Murphy and the others felt quite embarrassed.

Bell hurriedly said, “Okay, okay, Huimin, stop talking about Sheldon. After all, we are all classmates. Brother Wang Jian won’t think much about it. Let Sheldon come in and play!”

Wang Jian shook his head and smiled bitterly: “It doesn’t matter~!”

“Humph! It’s annoying to see him like this, and it’s just that Brother Wang Jian is magnificent, otherwise you have to blast him out!”

Murphy stomped angrily, then turned his head and left.

Bell looked at Sheldon a little bit intolerable.

After all, what Huimin said just now was indeed a bit ugly.

“Sheldon, you also know that when Huimin was our captain at that time, she had such a straightforward character. She talks like this, so don’t take it too seriously!”

Bell persuaded.


Glancing at Murphy, Sheldon nodded at Bell.

After all, Bell treats herself very well.

As for Murphy, you can slap her in the face anytime, but Sheldon thinks that slapping her in this way is too naive and vulgar.

Besides, Sheldon won’t get to the point of arguing with a girl.

“Just don’t go to your heart. By the way, if you’re not busy right now, let’s sit there for a while and talk about it! At that time, after the college entrance examination, I also asked about your news. You are really good, and you are admitted to Roston. University, I said you were fine then!”

Bell asked Sheldon.

In high school, Bell admired Sheldon in her heart and always admired Sheldon.

After all, he is used to studying hard work and has excellent grades.

And to do one thing, Sheldon is particularly persevering.

Especially when the group where the two people belonged won the first place, Bell took Sheldon’s hand, indescribably excited.

To be honest, even during certain periods of time, Bell had some feelings for Sheldon.

Want to witness the moment when Sheldon grows up against the attack.

But, for that short period, Sheldon is quite poor after all. Although Bell is kind to Sheldon, she has not reached the point of pursuing Sheldon.

It’s not that Bell looks down on Sheldon, or that it’s almost the same in the mind of a little girl. Generally speaking, there are more characters who like heroes.


Sheldon didn’t want to talk to Murphy’s.

So instinctively wanted to refuse.

But, Bell has always wanted to say a few words to herself since the first meeting yesterday.

And after so many years, Sheldon wanted to chat with Bell.

Now that Bell invited so much, Sheldon didn’t have much to say.

Anyway, the matter of Yupei was still being confirmed, and there was no result. Not wanting to disappoint Bell, Sheldon nodded.

“Wenwen, you!”

At this moment, Murphy and the others had already sat down beside a hot spring pool and were taking pictures.

Seeing Bell bringing Sheldon over, Murphy was taken aback, meaning to call him something to blame.

“Oh, Sheldon has come in and talked about conversation. This is a rare opportunity!”

Bell said hurriedly.


Then Murphy turned her head aside.

As for Wang Jian, naturally he wouldn’t care about Sheldon. He looked at Shen Junwen and Murphy and said:

“How about it, isn’t the scenery here is good?”

“Surely not bad!”

Murphy said.

“Wait next time, Wang Jian, I will ask my father to find a relationship, you go to Roston, I will take you to the Heaven Brick Residencia to have a fun, let us have a few!”

Shen Junwen said at this moment.

“Roston Hot Spring Resort? That’s the most luxurious place in Roston, Wang Jian, you are absolutely satisfied when you go there. As you grow up like this, as a Roston person, I have never been to Roston Hot Spring Resort. I just heard people say that after all. It’s not like you can enter if you want!”

Murphy sighed helplessly.

And Shen Junwen’s father obviously has something to do with him.

Shen Junwen patted his chest and said, “That’s okay, then I will show you guys to play, let’s join Wang Jian, and Bell and Silvia! Five of us will do!”

This time, Shen Junwen deliberately called.

“Okay, then I must go to see your Heaven Brick Residencia in Roston!”

“Yeah, at the Heaven Brick Residencia, everyone needs to have an admission ticket, it’s not just casually mixed in!”

Murphy rolled her eyes at Sheldon.

Hehe, Sheldon naturally knew that Murphy mocked herself.

But what can I say?

Could it be that Roston Hot Spring Resort was its own before, so I have to tell you?

“Huh? Look, who is that girl? Oh, Wenwen, come and see!”

Suddenly, Murphy was a little excited and pointed to a girl playing next to the hot spring.

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