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Chapter 347

“She is the big star Yang Yufei, I went, and I was able to see her here!”

Murphy was a little surprised.

“In this scenic spot, some big stars who come to Shu to engage in activities like to come and play, but Yang Yufei is such a big name, I didn’t expect to come too!”

Bell was also a little surprised.

After all, she is studying and starting a business in Shudu, and she knows a lot of things.

“Haha, if I remember correctly, Huimin, who has never chased stars, is the only female celebrity she admires is Yang Yufei, right? In high school, Yang Yufei’s posters were posted next to the bed.”

Murphy nodded: “Yes, I like her self-discipline. For so many years, I have demanded myself based on her self-discipline habits! I also watch every piece of her work!”

“Then what are you waiting for, Huimin, look, so many people have gone to ask for autographs, let’s go over and ask for autographs…”

Bell obviously likes Yang Yufei, she said now.

“Okay, okay, I like Yang Yufei too, let’s go over together!”

Wang Jian and Silvia and Shen Junwen have no opinion.

After all, as a goddess of the masses, not only is she loved by many girls, but she is also the dream lover of boys.

Sheldon also likes this actress.

She is very beautiful and very temperamental, mainly because of her approachable personality and very grounded.

She seems to be in Yanjing, a film and television company owned by her sister.

“Sheldon, Sheldon, go over, let’s take a photo with her! How can there be such an opportunity in normal times!”

Bell called Sheldon.

Nodded slightly and smiled.

Sheldon didn’t say anything.

After all, if you want to take a photo with this actress or something, just call her over in one sentence.

Naturally, there is no need to rush to it.

After Bell finished shouting Sheldon, she trot over.

Sheldon was about to take this opportunity to leave.

But just turned his head.

I saw a few gorgeously dressed girls in the entertainment area, walking out surrounded by a group of people.

These girls are very beautiful.

But they are not stars.

It’s more like a wealthy daughter, all the people around are bodyguards.

Many boys who wanted to take photos with Yang Yufei couldn’t help but stop when they met.

Just drooling.

And Sheldon was also stunned.

It wasn’t because the girl in the lead was so beautiful.

It was because Sheldon almost recognized her as Su Qiangwei when he saw this girl at first glance.

If ten is the total score, this girl is at least close to seven points similar to Su Qiangwei.

When passing by the side of Sheldon in a daze, the girl Xu could feel the gaze that Sheldon had been staring at, and she couldn’t help but glanced at Sheldon in disgust.

Only then left.

It seems!

Sheldon thought.

Now I walked to a stand beside the mountain and stared at the seemingly powerful team.

Sheldon was taken aback when they saw the car they were riding down the mountain.

A large line of extended Rolls-Royce Phantoms waited, as if a line of solemn chariots.

“Hey, strength means strength. Today I have made a profit. In the future, there will be more ladies like this!”

Next to him, a middle-aged fat man counted money happily while watching the caravan going away.

He should be a black tour guide.

I made tens of thousands of dollar in one go.

“Brother, which daughter is that daughter?”

Sheldon hurriedly asked.

And the middle-aged fat man looked at Sheldon’s clothes well. He looked at him for a while, and then said, “Ahem, how do we know it, that is, we know that we are rich and powerful!”

The middle-aged fat man counts the money.

Sheldon understood what he meant.

He took out two thousand dollar in cash from his pocket and handed it to him, “Tell me about it!”

The middle-aged fat man happily took the money and said, “You gave it to me. I didn’t ask for it. Ask this eldest lady. She has come here twice. Which one is I? It’s the old fried dough stick in the capital of Shu. I really don’t know this. I just know that she is rich and powerful, and I can’t find out if I ask!”

After that, the middle-aged fat man ran away with smoke.


Sheldon was speechless for a while.

At first glance, this middle-aged fat man is kind of dishonest.

He must know something.

This girl is very similar to Su Qiangwei, is this just a clue?

Sheldon thought.

Just about to catch up with the middle-aged fat man and ask.

At this moment, there was a commotion in the hot spring pool beside him.

“Keep out of me! Bowenu is here, keep out of me all!”

Sheldon looked over there.

I saw a few people like bodyguards, pulling away from the group of people taking pictures with Yang Yufei, and a rich and young man walked over with his hands in his pockets.

And see this rich and young.

Many local people were very acquainted and let them aside.

Yang Yufei was about to take a photo with Murphy, who had been waiting for a long time, and asked a bodyguard to knock off the phone.

“What are you doing!”

Murphy was anxious.

“What are you doing? We, Bowenu, need to talk to Yang Yufei about something, get out of here!”

The bodyguard said angrily.

“Huimin Huimin, come back soon!”

At this time, Wang Jian on the side was already pale, and he hurried to call Murphy.

Because of the brief contact, Wang Jian also knew that Murphy was definitely a violent temper.

So immediately, Murphy hurriedly pulled aside.

“what happened?”

Murphy said with a cold face.

“This Liu Shao is called Liu Yuxiang. He is one of the powerful families in Shuchuan. It seems that he and Yang Yufei seem to have something to do. Don’t interfere!”

Wang Jian said hurriedly.

Sheldonard it, and it seemed that Liu Yuxiang was very arrogant and domineering.

“What are you going to do?”

And when something happened, Yang Yufei’s agent and the like immediately ushered in negotiations.

Sheldonard a general idea, basically because Liu Yuxiang’s company had asked Yang Yufei as an endorsement, but Yang Yufei refused. Now, Yang Yufei has endorsed a competitor’s company, so Liu Yuxiang is anxious.

And it seems that this matter is quite complicated.

This time Yang Yufei came to the capital of Shu, and was once surrounded by cars on the road.

Forcing Yang Yufei to cancel the endorsement.

But Yang Yufei disagreed.

So there was a conflict, and then there was this scene.

And Liu Yuxiang is also considered a personal figure. At this moment, there are some people on the scene, but no one dares to take photos.

“I said, if you don’t agree, you don’t agree!”

And Yang Yufei is obviously also very tough and will not compromise.

“Damn, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

Then there were bodyguards coming up to push and tear Yang Yufei.

Yang Yufei’s bodyguards must have come up to protect him, the conflict suddenly arose, and the people on both sides moved their hands.


Some girls screamed in fear.

“Too arrogant!”

Murphy was also anxious.

Seeing that Liu Yuxiang wanted to come and grab Yang Yufei’s hair.

Murphy ran over and pulled Yang Yufei aside.

I don’t know if Liu Yuxiang, who is domineering with one hand, slipped under his feet.

He slammed into the air, and as a result, the whole person’s head knocked directly on a stone platform on the side.

Bang it.

Suddenly, Liu Yuxiang was bloody!


The bodyguards all shouted in horror.

Chapter 348

Liu Yuxiang was originally angry, and wanted to be more domineering, with one hand in his pocket to teach Yang Yufei.

But I didn’t expect it to be empty.

At the moment, blood flowed down his forehead.

But the bodyguards were terrified.

Neither party did it.

Yang Yufei also paled suddenly.

There was a bloodshed incident in Shudu again, so it’s hard to say.

“Don’t let this woman run away, she beat Liu Shao!”

A bodyguard pointed to Murphy on the side and said.

“I… I didn’t do it!”

Murphy was also dumbfounded. She just wanted to persuade her, she didn’t take any action at all, but now, it is obvious that these bodyguards have identified themselves.

The staff of the scenic spot, hearing about this incident, immediately dispatched to disperse the onlookers.

And sent medical staff to cover Liu Yuxiang’s wounds.

Some managers of the scenic spot also came out to negotiate.

There are not many people on the scene now.

As for Bell, Sheldon and the others, they are with Murphy, so naturally they can’t leave.

“Bowenu, let’s take you to the scenic hospital for bandaging!”

“Don’t let them go!”

Liu Yuxiang clutched his head and was carried onto a stretcher by the medical staff.

Shouted furiously at this moment.

“I didn’t do it, so why can’t I leave!”

Murphy said, Liu Yuxiang is too domineering.

Turn around and want to leave now.

“Miss, you all have to wait first to see how to deal with this matter, if you leave like this, our scenic spot will not be able to explain to the Liu family!”

“I can testify, she didn’t do it, she just pulled me away!”

Yang Yufei looked at Murphy with gratitude and nodded lightly, and then said to the manager of the scenic spot.

“Miss Yang, we really can’t do anything about this, but our scenic spot will prevent another fight, but what to do depends on the attitude of the Liu family!”

The manager said helplessly.

Although the things that happened in the scenic spots, some were able to resist, and some things couldn’t be resisted at all in the scenic spots.

Wang Jian on the side was so scared that his head was full of sweat. Liu Yuxiang seemed to have never suffered since he was a child.

Now, unexpectedly knocked his head.

And it was determined that Murphy did it.

I was with Murphy, and I would definitely be targeted at that time.

Offended the Liu family, they counted as a ball to the Wang family.

So now, when he called his dad, Wang Jian stammered nervously.

And Bell has never encountered such a thing.

Scared to cry now.

After all, she is just a little girl who just graduated and started working together.

I have never met such a bigwig.

And obviously, she knew the Liu family.

So of course I was scared.

Don’t talk about him, Silvia is scared and wants to cry now, calling his father.

“Don’t be afraid of this, you didn’t do anything anyway, I will help you carry it down!”

According to Yang Yufei, they are all in their twenties, just graduating from university.

This time I was purely afraid of being hurt.

How can you bear to make them resist things?

Besides, Murphy didn’t do it. Yang Yufei knew it.

Therefore, in order to prevent them from being frightened, Yang Yufei dispelled their worries.

Although Yang Yufei looked all right.

But let’s be honest, I am really afraid of how to solve it.

After speaking, Yang Yufei immediately contacted the company and explained the ins and outs of the matter.

“Huh? Okay, I get it!”

After speaking, Yang Yufei’s expression was slightly darkened.

“How’s Sister Yufei?”

Murphy said worriedly at this moment.

A group of people also gathered around.

Yang Yufei shook her head: “The company told me that they are in a hurry to find a way. They have already contacted Zhu Ming Zhu, but this time Liu Yuxiang suffered such a serious injury, so the company is worried that Zhu may not be able to suppress it. I’m an artist, and I fell out with Liu’s family! Although Liu Yuxiang was looking for things, it was Liu Yuxiang who was injured. Things are a bit tricky!”

Yang Yufei was also a little restless.

If Liu Yuxiang was not injured, Zhu Ming could suppress this incident, but after the injury, they are two different things.

And because of this, Zhu Ming should go to the headquarters to bother the Cooper Family, then they can completely resign.

So no one would be so stupid as to resist this big beam for an artist and his fans, which is very embarrassing.

“Then…what should I do?”

Bell cried.

“Don’t worry, I can only find my relationship now! Sister Liang, who do you want to find?”

Yang Yufei asked her agent Liang sister.

Sister Liang paused, “Aside from the celebrity circle, I think there is someone you can find. As long as you can get his help, this matter will definitely be fine, and he is just a sentence!”

“Ah? Who?”

Yang Yufei asked hurriedly.

“The last time you performed, Shannon, who was going to contact you, Ivan, the time he held a large part, didn’t he tell him, if you have something to look for!”

Sister Liang said.

“Ah! Shannon, Sioux City is rich and young Shannon?”

Obviously, Murphy and the others had heard of Shannon’s name. When they looked at each other, their faces were full of joy. It would be best if Ivanken would help!

“That’s all. Ivan knows many young and old. The last performance was actually held by Ivan for a mysterious young man. Therefore, Ivan must have a lot of channels. He just needs to be able to make a phone call!”

“Hmm, ok, let me try!”

Yang Yufei nodded.

A voice call was sent to Shannon.

It didn’t take long before it was connected over there.

Yang Yufei was very surprised, and then explained all the ins and outs of the matter.

After hanging up the phone.

Yang Yufei smiled and said, “Okay, well, Ivan said, he will help with this, and dredge the relationship!”


Murphy and the others are all overjoyed.

In particular, Murphy still has a mission, and is most afraid of extra-junctions.

While waiting for Ivan’s call, Murphy and the others gathered around Yang Yufei.

Hearing her talk about the last time Ivan opened PART.

It’s the first time I have said so much to an idol star and experienced things together. Don’t mention it.

And Sheldon stayed here a bit at a loss.

I was even prepared just now. If Bell and the others are really in trouble, I’m so busy.

After all, Yang Yufei is half of his own.

I can’t see that something is happening to them either.

But it’s all right now, Xiaohaoken helps, too.

But not long after, a message came on my Instagram.

It was from Shannon.

“Brother, I have something to help you! Hehe!”

Sheldon couldn’t help but smile, guessing what happened, and still asked.

Sure enough, Shannon wanted Sheldon to help Chapman speak to Chapman and impose a relationship to settle the Liu family.

For some things, Shannon doesn’t look for his father, he likes to look for Chapman.

But if you find too much, he is a little embarrassed.

Now, I have to come to Sheldon.


Sheldon gave a wry smile, then told Chapman about the matter, and Chapman went to deal with it immediately.

About half an hour passed.

Yang Yufei, who was still waiting anxiously for her call, was about to send another message to Ivan to ask.

As a result, I saw the manager of the scenic spot running over.

“Ms. Yang, I have something to tell you. Liu Shao said just now that this matter is even, so forget it! You can also go!

The scenic area manager said.

“Okay, thank you manager!”

Yang Yufei finally let out a long breath.

And Bell even glanced at Murphy, each excited…

Shao Huang, that’s amazing!

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