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Chapter 349

Shuchuan Fang Family

“Sister Yufei, you really know a lot of people, thank you for this incident!”

Murphy said excitedly.

“What are you saying? Thank you. It should be me. Originally, I was going to invite you and your friends to dinner, but now I have to hurry back to the company. Let me leave a contact information. Here you are, if you have anything, you can call me!”

Of course Yang Yufei is very grateful to Murphy for saving herself just now.

She is also a true fan of her own, so it should be given special care.

At the moment, leaving the contact information, Yang Yufei left.

“Hui Min, I really envy you. I can communicate with my idol up close!”

Bell said with envy.

“What’s the matter, cough cough, don’t say anything, let’s go too, it’s embarrassing to meet those people later in the province!”

Murphy had nothing on her lips, but her heart was full of joy.

A few people have no interest in playing.

Just plan to leave.

And this time.

Murphy looked back at Sheldon.

Sheldon said: “You go back first, I won’t leave!”

Sheldon thought Murphy motioned to leave.

“Hehe, do you think I was calling you to leave? I tell you, I look at you and think that you used to be you, although there are no characteristics, but fortunately your academic performance is OK, but now, you are really contemptuous. Move forward if something good happens, hide away if something happens! It’s really disgusting!”

Murphy said unceremoniously.

Bell said, “Don’t talk about Sheldonhuimin, everyone was pretty scared just now!”

“Yeah, everyone is worried, but this person, when he came in with us, he walked very fast, but just now, he sneaked aside, trying to find a chance to slip away. I saw him, you I’m not angry!”

Murphy said angrily.

Sheldon did not find a chance to slip away, but he walked aside and sent a Instagram message to Chapman to let him deal with the matter.

Obviously Murphy misunderstood.

But let’s misunderstand if you misunderstand, Sheldon doesn’t say anything.

“Let’s go, find a restaurant to eat, don’t waste your tongue here, Huimin!”

Wang Jian said at the moment.

Then Silvia also took Bell away.

Alas, a bitter smile.

I took a look at my phone, come! Bai did a favor and scolded him.

Because I still remember Su Qiangwei in his heart.

Therefore, Sheldon didn’t take Murphy’s words to heart.

He hurried up the mountain.

When I entered, the result just came out.


The old man’s surname is Wu, and he is a master of calligraphy and antique collectors of civilization in the Southwest.

Seeing Sheldon coming in, he smiled.

“Hello Master Wu! Do you already know the origin of this jade?”

Sheldon asked.

Master Wu nodded: “Yes, because I seem to have seen this kind of jade pendant before, but I didn’t dare to confirm it, so I checked it carefully and confirmed it. This jade pendant is unique to the Fang family in Shudu Yupei, the descendants of their Fang family, everyone has it! However, the jade pendant is divided into three levels, this one is the top class, so the holder of this jade pendant should be called Fang Mengyu, or a direct line of the Fang family Descendants!”

“Fang family in the capital of Shu?” Sheldon nodded, “but I have checked many big families in the capital of Shu before, and I haven’t seen a Fang family?”

“Hehe, of course I can’t find Sheldon. The Fang family has disappeared for nearly a few decades. There is no news about the Fang family in the world. Before, the Fang family was in the capital of Shu, and even Figora Nor was a very powerful family, but almost Overnight, it will disappear! There is no news, and gradually no one talks about the Fang family!”


Both Sheldon and Su Qiangwei were disappointed.

Zhu Ming frowned and said, “For such a powerful family, all the news was gone overnight. It must have happened at that time. Could it be that the Fang family went bankrupt and lost everything?”

“This is unlikely. If they go bankrupt, how can they still be able to silence all the media.”

Sheldon shook his head.

Master Wu nodded and smiled: “Sheldon is right. People of the older generation like us believe that the Fang family is not bankrupt. On the contrary, the Fang family is getting stronger and stronger, and it’s in Shuchuan, nowhere else! There is also speculation that many of the big family properties in Shuchuan are vassals of the Fang family, but if you check it, no one will find it!”

“It’s weird, what is the Fang family doing so low-key? And based on the clues obtained before, someone from the Fang family also came out to move. Just as Chapman found out before, Mr. Wei had seen a very capable young man wearing this This kind of jade pendant appeared in Guoliang City!”

Sheldon thought.

Moreover, Sheldon thought of the girl who had encountered a very strong background in the scenic spot and was somewhat similar to Su Qiangwei.

Hiss… Does she come from Fang’s family?

Sheldon felt that he would find it soon.

After thanking Mr. Wu, Sheldon took Su Qiangwei back.

Of course, Zhu Ming was also asked to investigate the girl’s affairs.

However, Sheldon only said that he wanted to inquire about the Fang family, but did not tell Zhu Ming what was the matter.

“Grandson, how is the investigation? Why did you come back?”

Once back to the famous villa for arrangement.

Old man Qin walked out and said.

Sheldon thought to himself that Old Man Qin was from Shuchuan’s hometown before, and he was really capable, maybe he knew something.

“By the way, Old Man Qin, did you know that there was a Fang family in Shuchuan before?”

Sheldon asked while eating the fruit that Su Qiangwei handed over.

“What? The Fang family? Are you looking for someone from the Fang family?”

Old Uncle Qin stared, then surprised.

“Yeah, you know?”

Sheldon asked.

Su Qiangwei handed Old Man Qin a piece of fruit: “Grandpa Qin, if you know, just tell us, it’s very important to us!”

“Ah? I…I don’t know! I’ve been in Shuchuan for so many years, I haven’t heard of it!”

Old Uncle Qin shook his head.

A face of wonder.

And Sheldon and Su Qiangwei glanced at each other.

“You really don’t know?”

“I really do not know!”

Old man Qin took a bite of the apple.

However, it is impossible to say that the clue is broken here.

Sheldon felt that the girl might be the biggest clue.

If you can find out the origin of that girl, that would be great.

But when I asked Zhu Ming, he did various investigations, but they couldn’t find the origin of the girl Sheldon told him.

Su Qiangwei was a little discouraged and said, “Brother Sheldon, what should I do now?”

Su Qiangwei wanted to know who was the one who lost her in the first place, and why did she lose herself?

And Sheldon also wanted to know what was going on with that woman and his father, and whether Su Qiangwei was his sister.

Sheldon paused, and suddenly his eyes flashed: “Don’t worry about Qiangwei, we still have another chance!”

Chapter 350

“what chance?”

Su Qiangwei said in surprise.

Sheldon thought to himself that the black tour guide I saw today might be an opportunity.

This old fried dough stick cheated himself a thousand dollar. At that time, Sheldon planned to make trouble for him, but Bell called it out and didn’t have it.

But Sheldon felt that this old boy should know something. He seemed to have received that girl twice.

So Sheldon planned to ask him.

It is naturally not difficult to find out his whereabouts.

In the afternoon, Sheldon drove people to find the black tour guide’s home.

The black tour guide happened to be at home.

Seeing Sheldon, he was obviously nervous.

After all, his thousand dollar is indeed for this person outside, and it is deliberately black.

It’s not good now, they brought a group of black bodyguards to the door directly.

“Hey, I said this young man, you…what are you doing?”

The middle-aged fat man said nervously.

“Nothing, come and see you!”

With that said, Sheldon put one hand in his pocket, and without waiting for the person to be polite, he took the person into the house and sat on the sofa.

Looking at a group of bodyguards, everyone is not easy to mess with.

As for Sheldon, sitting on the sofa, holding the remote control to watch TV, the whole thing was like his own home, without saying a word.

The middle-aged fat man swallowed his saliva, and his heart became more and more hopeless.

He came over and said with a smile: “I don’t want that one thousand dollars anymore. I don’t want that one thousand dollars anymore. You have seen the situation of my family. I am also anxious to make money. To be honest, this One thousand dollar is indeed black to you, I didn’t move a cent, and I will return it to you!”

After all, he is regarded as an old fried dough stick in the arena. Needless to say, he understands the rules of these scenes.

Sheldon rubbed his nose and smiled: “You are wrong. I didn’t come to ask you for money today. On the contrary, if you are willing to tell me more, I will give you another money!”

The middle-aged fat man chuckled and said, “Do you still want to ask about the big daughter? I said, what are you looking for?”


Without waiting for Sheldon to reply, the bodyguard on the side glared at the middle-aged fat man.

“O’ao, understand, don’t ask if you shouldn’t ask, that’s the case. Even though I’ve seen her once before, that big daughter, I just know that she is very rich and powerful. I really don’t know her. What is the origin, but I still know one thing, that is that she is about the same age as you, and she is studying at the same school as my son, and my son knows her!”

The middle-aged fat man looked that Sheldon was not easy to provoke, so he was quite open.

Right now he stood up and shouted into the house, “Tarzan, come out! This time it is not trouble for our house!”

“Huh? Come on!”

Then the door of the room opened, and Sheldon saw a little fat man who was almost the same as the middle-aged fat man reminded him to open the door and walk out.

It’s also funny. Listening to this, many people have come to trouble him before.

“Quickly tell Mr. Sheldon about the big daughter in your school!”

The middle-aged fat man said.

The little fat man nodded. Very honestly, I started to say:

“She, she is very mysterious and powerful in our school. She is in the class next to us. She will go every time she goes to the joint hall, but she never talks to us. The classmates are very scared. She, no one dared to take the initiative to speak to her, because every day she has many powerful bodyguards around her, and even the teacher is afraid!”

“Hey, but sometimes I deliberately sit in a row next to them and eavesdrop on her talking to her partner, because I found that she and her partner both love to play around. After eavesdropping, I let my dad Which spot to go to and wait for!”

The little fat man is also a shrewd person. He obviously has done similar things in school to help his dad.

After listening to Sheldon, he became more curious.

In this way, this girl is really very mysterious.

Combining the clues obtained before, gave Sheldon the feeling that the Fang family is still strong, but it seems to be hiding something, just like Master Wu said.

And now, if you ask rashly, you might be stunned and get the opposite effect.

“Does she go to the calibration class every day now?”

Sheldon asked what he wanted to start.

“I can’t say every day, she and one of her friends often attend classes! You want to look for her? Oh, but don’t blame me for speaking badly. It’s really useless. In the past, there were also many rich and young people who felt that there was money in the family. She’s so powerful that she wanted to strike up a conversation with this girl, but in the end she didn’t know what it was because of it. It was all honest! Therefore, everyone usually took the initiative to avoid her. She is an iceberg beauty.”

“Then what’s her name? Is it the last name Fang?”

Sheldon asked last.

The little fat man shook his head: “The teacher has never named her name, and no one knows it, but I heard her partner call her a 囡囡, but the specific surname is unknown!”


Sheldon shook his head helplessly.

To be honest, Sheldon is not afraid of the forces behind the girls.

Of course, thankfully, as long as I can see her again.

At the moment, Sheldon already has ideas in his mind.

“Which class are you in?”

Sheldon asked the little fat man.

Then the little fat man said all about his department and age.

Finally, Sheldon motioned to his subordinates to leave some of the rewards, and then left.

Since Sheldon couldn’t get rid of the grass and startled the snake, Sheldon thought it would be better to take a detour, enter the school, and find a chance to get in touch with this girl named 囝囡.

As long as she doesn’t lose her, she can find the woman named Mengyu along the way.

Just do it!

After returning home, Zhu Ming was immediately arranged to let him clarify his relationship at school.

Naturally, Zhu Ming has no problem with this.

at the same time.

Los Angeles Island.

The TV conference has also ended.

As for Alicia, he left after sitting for a while.

Since Alicia had said that he would go to her after the meeting, Lilla naturally did not dare to neglect.

In the evening, a taxi came to a sea port.

Alicia arranged for someone to say, and let herself wait here.

But looking around, there was a vast sea in front of me, and I didn’t see a boat.

“Let’s wait here, you don’t know what kind of energy Chad used to receive us this time, hahaha!”

At this moment, there was a burst of happy discussions among girls.

Lilla looked aside.

I saw four or five girls walking towards here.

It looks very excited.


When Lilla saw one of the girls, Lilla was obviously taken aback.

As for the girl, she obviously saw Lilla standing at the port, and she stopped immediately.

The look on his face is also a bit more exciting…

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