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Chapter 351:

Meeting Shelly Again

“It’s you?”

“It’s you?”

Lilla and the girl almost spoke in unison, obviously both were quite unexpected.

“Shelly, who is she, how come she looks familiar?”

A girl asked curiously.

Yes, the headed girl is Shelly.

“O’ao, she is Lilla, our school, the only one who entered the best TV station on Los Angeles Island for an internship!”

Shelly said sourly.

All of them are from the Mass Communication Department of Roston University, so Shelly naturally has the opportunity to come and learn.

However, a team of 30 people will be assigned to TV stations and even newspapers according to a certain percentage. Only those with the best scores will participate in the best learning opportunities.

“I know Shelly, could it be the one you said, your ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend?”

The girls on the side suddenly looked at Lilla’s eyes slightly changed.

After all, best friends are best friends, and they must be friends with them.

But now, the ex-girlfriend and the current girlfriend are inherently contradictory, so it’s quite embarrassing.

Shelly has nothing to hide from them.

When I first came to Los Angeles Island, why didn’t the girls talk about it? Of course, it was the boys who talked more about it, as well as my boyfriends.

To be honest, compared with these few girlfriends, the Charlton that I first talked about was almost like a dog.

In fact, in the later period of Shelly, he denied this relationship.

After all, I had misunderstood that Charlton helped me to stay with him, but I didn’t expect that the person who helped me was actually Sheldon.

And speaking, who can be as good as Sheldon.

After all, Sheldon is so calm and restrained, and Shelly also likes his temperament.

Therefore, even though it was only a day of love, Shelly still said that Sheldon was his ex-boyfriend and the only ex-boyfriend.

Of course, when it is said that Sheldon is the identity of Chen Dashao, the roommates are really scared, and they cried out as a pity.

Ha ha!

Thinking of Sheldon, Shelly’s heart hurts.

If nothing else, he would be a rich man now.

But… alas!

The two words Sheldon, like haze in the later stage, let Shelly live in the shadow all day long.

Therefore, she chose to come to Los Angeles Island to avoid any memory of Sheldon.

At the moment, seeing Lilla made her feel indescribable.

But obviously, the feeling now is much less than before.

“You and Sheldon, are you okay?”

Shelly said with a touch of arrogance on his face.

“Yeah, it’s good!”

Seeing Shelly, Lilla was also a bit jealous innately, after all, Sheldon used to confess to Shelly in the corridor because of a misunderstanding.

Although knowing nothing happened, Lilla was also quite uncomfortable.

Therefore, Lilla didn’t need to tell Shelly that he was awkward with Sheldon.

“That’s good, bless you two!”

Shelly smiled slightly, seemingly indifferent.

Yes, if it was a month ago, Shelly would definitely feel uncomfortable and even jealous when seeing Lilla.

Envy Lilla robbed her boyfriend.

Grabbing the glory and wealth that he should have, after all, at the beginning, Sheldon was interested in himself.

“Huh, really. Didn’t it mean that I found a rich boyfriend in Roston? Naturally, we are not bad at Shelly. We are favored by Chad from Los Angeles Island. Chad and Sheldon are both from the background of a large listed group. Even if two people are different, they are not much different, and Chad has a Harvard background!”

The girls on the side couldn’t help but compare.

I want to win back some face for Shelly.


Lilla just nodded.

And this is what made Shelly change.

Yes, she used to think that Sheldon was so superb, but she was not able to be with her. It was not because she had looked down on it at the beginning that the original love story ended hastily.

Remorse could not be better described.

However, she didn’t realize it until Shelly walked out of the circle of Roston.

It turns out that the world is really big.

He is definitely not the only one with the same worth as Sheldon.

Therefore, Shelly’s feeling about Sheldon now has been much less.

“Ah! Cruise ship!”

Suddenly, the friend beside Shelly jumped up and said excitedly.

“That’s Chad’s cruise ship, Shelly, Chad is driving a luxury cruise ship to pick us up!”

I saw a very luxurious cruise ship on the sea.

On the cruise ship, there was a young man in a bathrobe holding red wine in his hand.

It should be Chad in their mouths.

“Mr. Chad is really handsome!”

“Yeah, Shelly is really a blessed person. Originally, a simple tea party, but let Shelly and Yang Shao get acquainted. I think Shelly, you promised Yang Shao’s pursuit. !”

All the sisters were almost crying with excitement.

Shelly just kept silent, and looked at Chad who was approaching the wind with a smile on his face.

Soon, the cruise ship arrived.

Yang Shao jumped down from above.

“Shelly, sorry, I’m late!”

Yang Shao looked at Shelly and smiled.

“It’s ok!”

Shelly gently straightened his hair behind his ears.

“Mr. Chad, when will our cruise party start?”

The other girl shouted excitedly.

“You can start right away…huh?”

After Yang Shao finished speaking, he was taken aback.

Looking to the side, Lilla’s temperament was definitely better than Shelly’s.

“Shelly, this is your friend too?”

Chad took off his glasses and said in surprise.

“No, she should have come to the beach for a ride!”

Shelly was a little dissatisfied.

“Then such a beautiful beauty, why not get on my cruise ship together, let’s have a cruise dinner party?”

Yang Shao suddenly bowed slightly to Lilla, making a gentleman’s invitation.

“No, thanks!”

Facing Yang Shao’s enthusiastic invitation, Lilla only responded coldly with four words.

This made Chad’s expression stiff.

Since childhood, it seems that no girl has ever rejected herself.

And now, it was actually rejected in public.

“This beauty, I’m afraid you still don’t know who I am?”

Chad couldn’t help but shook his head and smiled bitterly.

No invitation again.

“Chad, they have a boyfriend, and it’s also Sheldon Roston!”

Said a girl on the side.

“Oh? No wonder then!”

Yang Shao smiled bitterly, “However, Roston’s rich influence is always only in Roston! Since you refuse, then I am sorry, Shelly, let’s go, let’s take you for the sea breeze of the night!”

Yang Shao looked at Shelly and said.

At this moment, Shelly nodded with a smile.

While looking at Lilla with some arrogance.

That means it’s like saying, see it, even if the boy I abandoned finally has the ability, what can I do, I can still pursue me better.

And you Lilla, you are finally a goddess level that even girls must admire, but you still lost to me.

“Ah! Shelly, look at it… Then… what is that?”

At this moment, the girls suddenly shouted again, but this time it was no longer excitement, but shock!

Chapter 352

Shelly almost fainted
A group of people were surprised by the sound. When they looked up, they saw dozens of top luxury cruise ships appearing above the sea in the dim night.

Why is it top?

Because everyone looked at this Young Master’s, they already thought it was the most luxurious, but looking at these dozens of ships, it was as bright and dazzling as a galaxy battleship.

The momentum is extraordinary.

“Gosh! How much does this ship cost?”

The girls all shouted in excitement.

Even Lilla was taken aback.

Yang Shao was even more shocked and frightened, with a stupid expression on her face.

“Mr. Chad! Are these all the ships for tonight’s cruise party? Are we too excited?”

The girl asked Yang Shao by the arm excitedly.

Yes, it was originally a type of party like a cruise party, usually only for big, wealthy businessmen and celebrities eligible to participate.

They can only watch them on TV.

But I didn’t expect to see such a big scene after participating this time.

Shelly also paled, obviously excited.

“No…no, these cruise ships are designed by the world’s top experts. They should come from Tiangong Island. Each one is priceless!”

Yang Shao said with some excitement.

After all, although he was very knowledgeable, it was the first time he saw this kind of scene.

“Ah? Young Master, what was Miyajima that day?”

The girls asked, never heard of it.

“Tiangong Island is a small island on the sea. I was also what she heard from my dad. There is an absolute world-class goddess who bought the entire island and built the entire island as majestic and magnificent as a heaven on the sea. Large-scale contracting, in short, it is very luxurious and prosperous!”

“Ah? We have never heard of such a big house. What does it look like? Young Master, can you take us around to see it?”

Everyone asked in anticipation.

Chad shook his head, “I’m afraid it won’t work. To be honest, my dad was fortunate enough to meet him once, but he stayed on the island for a few minutes. He didn’t even allow pictures to be taken. But my dad said that he went this time and it was worth his life. Now, I am also very surprised. What kind of status does my dad still worship a place like this!”

When Chad said this, everyone was even more looking forward to it.

Shelly even thought, alas, it would be nice if he was lucky enough to meet.

such a pity.

“But don’t be discouraged, everyone, I will try later, and try to take you around to see the scenery of the island, but you can only see it from a distance!”

Yang Shao smiled bitterly.


Everyone is excited.

At this moment, the top cruise team has arrived.

And Yang Shao and Shelly didn’t dare to speak loudly, and obediently let them aside.

“Ma, look at the staff on the Tiangong Island cruise ship, all of their clothes are extremely expensive!”

“Of course it’s expensive.”

“Mom, if I can become a staff member, it will be fine!”

Some girls couldn’t help but say.

“Sure enough, there are people outside the world. There is heaven outside the sky. Before, I thought Sheldon was the sky. Until later I met Chad and opened up a new world. Now, I really have encountered another world!”

Shelly’s eyes showed strong envy and secretly said in his heart.

As for Lilla, she was also a little shocked, and she stepped aside and stood still.

The cruise ship arrived.

From the ship’s board, there were more than 20 waitresses successively standing on both sides of the harbor. The dressing of the waiters was similar to that of the waiters of the European nobles in the last century.

Then a middle-aged man walked down.

“Ah? They seem to be coming towards us!”

The girl said excitedly.

Shelly also held his breath.

Then the middle-aged directly skipped them.

Respectfully came to the surprised Lilla.

“Miss Lilla, the eldest sent me to pick you up!”

The middle-aged man bowed deeply and was very polite. He naturally knew what Lilla was and where he was waiting.

“Pick… pick me?”

Lilla looked at the dozens of cruise ships docked, really surprised.

Sheldon’s sister Alicia is really rich!

“Of course, Miss Lilla, we are here to pick you up. I’m really sorry for keeping you waiting for so long!”

And listening to the conversation of the butler.

The girl who mocked Lilla before opened her mouth wide, and almost stuffed it into an egg.

I laughed at her just now. As a result, cruise party is not rare at all.

And Chad also understood that, no wonder they were so cold towards him, he knew the gap between the two at this moment. Thinking about showing off in front of others just now, I feel stupid.

As for Shelly, he is naturally unbelievable.

“You… why did you pick her up and still use such a big scene?”

Shelly was really worried.

Regardless of whether it is a rival or an imaginary enemy, no one wants their enemy to become stronger.

Even strong to the point of incomparable.

This will make a person’s mood directly worse, and this is what Shelly is now.

Who is Lilla? Own rival, ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriend.

But now, there is such a treatment.

Jealousy is broken.

Right now, I couldn’t help asking directly.

“Hehe, this is our Sheldon’s girlfriend, so naturally he will be treated very highly!”

As for the housekeeper, he thought these were Lilla’s friends, so he answered Shelly’s question.


Shelly’s ear, like a muffled thunder, instantly paled.

She didn’t want to hear it last, and the thing she feared the most was happened.

If it were just now, she would not have been so excited.

The reason why I was eager to confirm with the housekeeper was because I wondered whether it was Sheldon’s relationship.

After all, Lilla’s family is like that.

But if it is Sheldon’s relationship, what should I do? Ahhhhh!

Now Shelly is going crazy.

“You said Sheldon, is Sheldon Sheldon? You are so powerful, why do you give that Roston Sheldon so much face? Why!”

Shelly was a little hysterical.

“Good lady, Sheldon is Master Sheldon. This island was bought by Sheldon’s sister for temporary rest!”

The butler said one more thing.

“Ah! What?”

“Sheldon’s sister is that very powerful god, so Sheldon can live on this island, right? Isn’t it?”

Shelly’s eyes were red.

“Yes, but if Young Master Sheldon wants to live, he can buy another island. Anyway, this amount of money is not even a dime for our Young Master Sheldon!”


At this moment, a row of five girls all opened their mouths.

And Shelly felt even more suffocated in his chest, only to be relieved by jumping into the sea and drowning.

It turns out that Sheldon is more than just Roston Sheldon…

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