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Chapter 353

Cooper Family’s Rules
Watching Lilla leave.

Many girls stopped talking, except for envy, there was an expression of jealousy in their eyes.

Only Shelly was in a complicated mood.

Yes, if I could only look at the character of one person.

Then I should choose Sheldon to start a relationship.

After all, I had never been in love at that time and wanted to be in love, so I asked Kristine to introduce her boyfriend.

Because the night before Kristine’s birthday, she called herself to talk about Sheldon.

“Shelly, see him. He will also come tomorrow for his birthday. How can I say, he is very dedicated to feelings, and he is also very handsome. He is very beautiful. You said, When you are in a relationship, you need to find someone who is honest, and you can control it! So our Sheldon is the best candidate. He is absolutely good to you!”

“Cut, okay, you said so well, I’ll see you tomorrow, hehe!”

At that time, Shelly was still looking forward to it. If he felt poor, he would be poor.

But after seeing them, after hearing some embarrassing things about Sheldon from Dawson, Shelly didn’t like Sheldon.

I think even if I find it, I still have to find a richer one.

From that moment on, Shelly’s outlook on love has undergone some changes.

So, it was really close to being able to be with Sheldon.

And all the light of Lilla today belongs to him.

Money is just a set of numbers for oneself, and it loses any meaning. There is no need to save money to buy luxury goods.

Unfortunately…no if!

Everything seems to be late.

Shelly clenched his fist, completely unwilling in his heart.

“Shelly, they have already left, let’s go too!”

A few girls are not interested in playing.

Is it really a cruise ship to see what other people’s islands look like?

Haha, that was Sister Chen’s, but she could only stand and watch from the side.

Thinking about it, I feel useless.

“I won’t be willing!”

Shelly looked at the cruise ship disappearing into the night and reminded himself secretly.

Besides, Lilla is already on the island at this moment.

The entire island, as Yang Shao said before, is a large palace.

So beautiful, so shocking!

Obviously, he has entered the manor, but if he wants to go to Alicia’s.

You have to take a special car.

About half an hour’s drive past.

Just came to a villa in the manor.

Then I got out of the car.

“Hurry up and show me what my sister-in-law looks like, I want to see!”

“What’s the hurry, it’s coming in a while!”

Lilla got out of the car and saw a girl fighting with a boy.

Snatch the phone noisily.

And that boy was a little fat guy, Lilla had already met him, but it was Shannon and Ivan.

“Yeah! Sister-in-law is here!”

Shannon saw Lilla and hurried over.

After all, what happened during the day has scared Shannon.


Lilla nodded.

“Huh? She’s Lilla, Brother Gan’s girlfriend?”

And the girl also ran over.

Biting his lip curiously, he looked up and down Lilla.

She seems to be about eighteen years old, cute and pretty.

“My name is Aliciaman, hello Sister Lilla!”

Aliciaman shook hands with Lilla.

The two of them are quite dear.

Obviously, Alicia had something to do with Lilla, so Aliciaman didn’t talk much with Shannon, so Lilla went in.

“Xiaoman and Shannon are both brothers and sisters recognized by Miss. Shannon’s situation is better. Xiaoman is the most pitiful. When she was three years old, she was abandoned. Miss Alicia brought her back. I love her very much, so you see that she is usually noisy, but she has a very kind heart!”

The butler said while leading Lilla in.

Came to a luxurious study location.

The housekeeper knocked on the door.

“come in!”

Lilla walked in alone.

On an open-air rooftop, I saw Aliciazheng holding red wine in hand, lying on a recliner, looking out.

“Sister Alicia, hello!”

Lilla nodded.

“You don’t need to be so polite to me, Lilla, I understand your situation now. Today, you will treat me as your sister. Let’s talk a little bit. Besides, you are my brother’s girlfriend. Sister, shouldn’t you be entertained? Sit down!”

Alicia put down his glass and stood up.

Seeing Lilla smiled slightly.

“Sister, what do you want to talk about?”

Lilla asked.

“Well, although I got some information, I think it’s better for you to tell me in person. Just talk about how you and Sheldon met?”

Alicia asked.

Lilla couldn’t guess what Alicia meant.

Just talked about the experience of getting acquainted.

After listening, Alicia nodded and said, “That is to say, the two of you have not experienced anything unforgettable. What happened to you just like that?”

“Yes, but sister, I think two people are together, as long as they love each other, why should we go through unforgettable things? Instead, I think that when I was with Sheldon, he treats me every time. One detail makes me feel unforgettable!”

Lilla listened to Alicia’s question, but she was a little unsure in her heart.

Because Alicia’s words are full of blood.

“Then I will ask you one more question. You are with Alicia. Have you ever thought about getting married in the future? If so, do you think about it now? Or when we talked about it before, I felt that Sheldon was destined to come with you. The last man?”

Alicia asked.

And Lilla also understood what Alicia meant.

If I just fall in love with Sheldon, it doesn’t matter to her.

And if you want to marry Sheldon and become a member of their Cooper Family, I am afraid it is not so easy, and Alicia sister is also afraid that she is with Sheldon because of the money.

“You are very clever Lilla, I think you must understand what I mean, and you also know, Sheldon, in terms of men and women, it is actually quite silly, because of some of the rules of our Cooper Family, Sheldon has grown up He lacks care, so when he feels that a girl treats him well, even a small act will be touched!”

“I actually want to know whether Sheldon really loves you, and what do you like about Sheldon? Of course, it depends on whether you two plan to get married? If not, OK, I don’t I will ask, if there is, I will ask, because the Cooper Family has many rules and strict rules! Some things, long-term pain is better than short-term pain!”

Alicia said.

“Sister, do you mean that I can’t get to the end with Sheldon? Do you think I was with Sheldon because of money?”

Lilla asked.

Alicia smiled bitterly: “Honestly, yes, at least based on some of the things I know, it is like this, of course, I know your personality very well, I know you will not lie to Sheldon, but my parents Over there, they probably won’t let you and Sheldon go to the end, because the strength of the entire Cooper Family is just the tip of the iceberg. You can imagine the size of the Cooper Family, so the Cooper Family naturally has the Cooper Family’s Act style and rules!”

Chapter 354

Lilla had heard it very clearly.

Alicia also implied that he already understood.

At this moment, Lilla felt a little painful.

I thought everything was so simple, and I would go to the end with Sheldon.

However, looking at it now, it is simply impossible.

Yes, Sheldon didn’t tell him everything before, he just thought he was a young man in Roston.

However, his true identity and background can be reached by ordinary people.

“So Lilla, think about it when you go back, and how you want to go with Alicia!”

Alicia patted Lilla on the shoulder: “You will live here tonight, and I will send you back tomorrow. Besides, my sister’s Miyajima, you can come if you want! But there is a little Lilla you want to promise me It’s what I told you before. Don’t tell Sheldon about the things we’ve seen!”

Lilla nodded naturally.

It can be seen that Alicia really likes Lilla, but Alicia is also helpless in some things. The specific result depends on how Lilla and Sheldon did.

Alicia only made it clear in advance because he loved them two.

And that night, Lilla didn’t fall asleep all night.

I thought of calling Sheldon several times, but now I want Sheldon to help me with anything.

Yes, from beginning to end, I didn’t do anything for Sheldon, just what Sheldon was doing for himself!

Just like now, I need Alicia’s help in my life on Los Angeles Island. Otherwise, even Yang Huali can’t handle it.

To go on with Alicia for a long time, he must learn to be independent, so that he can share his worries for Sheldon in the future instead of adding worries to him.

Lilla secretly warned herself…

At the same time, Sheldon just turned over and lay on the bed.

Picking up the mobile phone, he habitually wanted to call Lilla.

I haven’t been in contact for two or three days. It’s a fake to say that I don’t want to.

But in the end, I thought about it and let it go. Lilla may still be angry, and wait for a few days to go to Los Angeles Island and tell her in person.

By the way, stay with her for a while.

But still sent a text message to let Lilla rest early.


The matter has been settled, and by tomorrow, I will transfer to Shuchuan University to inquire about the girl’s news as a transfer student.

After knowing Sheldon’s identity, the school also paid much attention to it. Of course, Sheldon asked to be low-key and didn’t let the school publicize.

The class? It was arranged in the same class as Roberson.

Roberson is the son of the black tour guide, that very smart little fat man.

In the early morning of the next day, Sheldon made an appointment with Roberson and went together.

“Hey, young man, this is our school! I will show you around today!”

“I’m not a big young man, call me Sheldon…” Sheldon gave a wry smile.

“Good Master Sheldon!”

Sheldon: “…”

Then the two of them went to the classroom together.

At this time, there were many people in the classroom.

As soon as they saw Roberson leading Sheldon in, everyone knew that this was the transfer student in the class group that the instructor said this morning.

As for the instructors, they were already waiting in the class early in the morning.

“Chen…Sheldon, your seat has already been arranged, so let’s sit here first!”

The instructor said.

In fact, Sheldon has already said that there is no need to give him any special care, and he is just here as a transfer student for a few days.

But after all, Sheldon’s treatment is obviously different.

Sit directly in the front position.

“Guide, this position is not his, it belongs to Brother Fei, why should I give it to him!”

Suddenly at this moment, a girl stood up, pointed at Sheldon and said with dissatisfaction.

“Xu Yangyang, classmate Sheldon just transferred, how can you speak like this, let Sheldon sit here, and when Liang Fei comes back from the competition, the teacher will arrange another position for him.”

The instructor smiled helplessly.


Xu Yangyang jumped anxiously, looking at Sheldon with a bit of disgust and anger.

“Xu Yangyang, you are the squad leader, why do you speak like this? Okay, that’s all for this matter!”

The instructor finished speaking, smiled at Sheldon, and walked out.

Next, it was the whispers of classmates.

Most of them are talking, offending the monitor, Sheldon should not be confused in the future.

Originally, any team has the habit of cheating.

This is true whether you go to school or work.

So everyone instinctively had an inexplicable hostility towards the new Sheldon, as if Sheldon would take away their things after he came.

But Sheldon didn’t care too much about these.

Sheldon’s purpose is very clear, and naturally he won’t pay attention to these bumps.

As for seeing himself sitting down, Xu Yangyang said all kinds of awful things to himself, so he didn’t care about it.

When the class was over, Xu Yangyang whispered to several of her sisters, then glanced at Sheldon and went out to the bathroom.

As for the students in the class, almost none were willing to talk to Sheldon.

“Sheldonda…Uh Sheldon!”

Among them, only Roberson knew that Sheldon was very hungry. If it weren’t for Sheldon’s refusal to reveal his identity, Roberson would have wanted to stand out when Xu Yangyang attacked him just now.

“As for the squad leader, don’t take it too seriously, she is sick, and she is very sick!”

Roberson said.

“Hehe, it’s okay, by the way, what’s wrong with monitor Xu Yangyang?”

Sheldon couldn’t help but smiled bitterly.

“Ahem, she, how should I put it, say she is snobbish and unselfish, not to mention that she treats everyone equally and unselfishly. If it is unfair, she will only fall on one person. If she treats everyone equally, then only one person. Treat everyone the same! As for other people, she doesn’t look at them, such as me. She has never paid attention to me, even the other boys in the class!”

Roberson said.

“Oh? Don’t tell me, she only has the one named Liang Fei in her heart, right?”

Sheldon shook his head helplessly and smiled.

Just now, Sheldon also saw that he should have grabbed this seat called Liang Feiren, which caused Xu Yangyang’s dissatisfaction. Then, he began to frustrate himself.

“Yes, it’s Liang Fei, my mother, I don’t know what kind of poison Xu Yangyang planted. Isn’t that Liang Fei’s family has a bit of stinky money and loves to show off, and then he was fascinated by Xu Yangyang, chased after freshman to junior year. Liang Fei, don’t talk about you. Last time one of her good girlfriends, the kind who grew up studying together, just because she said that Liang Fei was not good, what happened to you, Xu Yangyang went up and slapped her girlfriends. Confused! One can imagine how obsessed Xu Yangyang is with Liang Fei, that’s why she treats you like this!”

“Then it seems that I have to avoid it in the future!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

After all, I’m here to find someone, and I don’t want to cause trouble.

And just after talking to Roberson, Xu Yangyang came back with her friends…

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