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Chapter 355:

Meeting the Goddess Again
Xu Yangyang came directly to Sheldon angrily.

Several of her sisters are also there.

Because Sheldon had already put his backpack on the table.

Then I watched a girl walking over with her shoulders, pretending to be innocent, pulling Sheldon’s schoolbag to the ground.

As for the other girl, she stepped on it, obviously deliberately.

“Oh, I’m so embarrassed, Sheldon, you have stepped on your schoolbag dirty, can I wash it for you!”

A girl looked at Sheldon apologetically.

Sheldon knew that the girls were deliberate, and it was really unlucky. He offended a group of girls on the first day he came.

Although Sheldon can attack them hard.

But, I didn’t come here to show off, and Sheldon wouldn’t care too much about these girls.

Right now he shook his head bitterly and smiled, “Thanks, no need!”

After that, I reached out and wanted to get my schoolbag back!

“No need to do it? Yangyang, what do you say?”

The long-haired girl looked at Xu Yangyang, the monitor.

“Easy to handle!”

After speaking, Xu Yangyang took the water cup and poured water directly on Sheldon’s schoolbag.

Many students in the class looked at the scene triumphantly. This dismissal was obviously too cruel.

“Hmph, Laura’s family is very powerful in Shuchuan, and Laura is good friends with Xu Yangyang, so you don’t have to think about it, but the male sister must have been Xu Yangyang!”

“That’s right, this kid’s idea is really memorable. This is great. Not only has it offended Xu Yangyang, but even Laura has offended it. I will watch it later!”

The students discussed in a low voice.

Then Laura gave Xu Yangyang a wink, as if he was talking.

Seeing Yang Yang, he didn’t have the guts to fight back.

Then all the girls returned to their seats.

“Sheldon, Laura’s family has a little background, but it seems that you don’t have money. They bully you on purpose!

Roberson whispered.

Sheldon smiled bitterly and shook his head: “It’s okay!”

After speaking, Sheldon picked up his wet schoolbag and put it on the window sill to dry.

Then he called Roberson to accompany him to the bathroom.

“Damn, don’t be angry like this, I’ll go!”

After a girl saw it, she was speechless.

Seeing that Sheldon was not angry or the anger after being humiliated, he smiled instead.

Laura and Xu Yangyang are also in a hurry.

But now, the joint class has started immediately, and after the short farce, everyone has all gone to class.

Sheldon also pretended to go, without taking any books.

When we first walked to the Liantang classroom, everyone was chatting enthusiastically, but as soon as they entered the Liantang, they all closed their mouths very tacitly.

Even Laura and Xu Yangyang are both.

Sheldon chatted with Roberson and walked in.

After looking at it, the teacher did not come on the stage either.

Why are they so quiet and so good?

But soon Sheldon knew why.

Look to the first row of the Liantang classroom.

I saw two girls sitting in the first row of seats.

They are all extremely beautiful beings.

Xu Yangyang and Laura are both very beautiful.

But compared with these two, it is still quite a bit short.

The two girls also obviously noticed Sheldon’s gaze.

The most beautiful girl among them, after raising her face and looking at Sheldon, she looked away coldly.

And the other girl, looking at Sheldon, was a little surprised.

Roberson smashed Sheldon, indicating that this was it.

How could Sheldon not recognize it.

These two girls are not bystanders. They met on the mountain that day, and they were very powerful. A woman a bit like Su Qiangwei.

But Sheldon did not stare at him like Brother Pig.

Pretending to be nonchalant, he withdrew his gaze.

Sitting with Roberson in the back row of the two.

Will she really belong to the Fang family?

The more I look at it, the more I think about it for Sheldon.

She is very similar to Qiangwei, the girl named Nunan, she is really tall and cold, Sheldon noticed that although she is very beautiful, she has no expression on her face.

But her partner is still more active.

Sometimes in class, Roberson is deliberately funny, likes to attract the attention of others, pretend to be a clown and so on.

That girl still laughed a few times.

And soon, the first two classes were over.

University courses are generally very fast.

Everyone just packed up and left.

The two girls also left.

“Hey, is that kid interesting to you? Hey, when we saw him last time, he stared at you and looked straight. This time in class, when he first saw you, he also kept his eyes straight. Now! I can guarantee that he is in love with you just like other boys!”

Walking upstairs on the campus, the two girls had a chat.

“I see, he is right to look at you!”

Nun Nun blushed with embarrassment. It was obvious that she was very sensitive and shy on such topics.

“Cut, you don’t know. Actually, when I was in class, I glanced at the kid from the corner of my eye and found that he was studying you with Xiaopang Wang! That Xiaopang Wang liked to hide behind and peek at us in class before. Now it’s alright, here comes one with him!”

Girls also know Roberson’s name, but they are used to calling him Wang Xiaopang. If Roberson knows that the two absolute goddesses often make fun of him when they are okay, I guess they will be crazy.

“I’m not worried about Wang Xiaopang. In the past, he secretly approached the two of us. At first, he was curious about the two of us. Later, after learning that the two of us love to play, he just wanted to do business with his dad who was a tour guide. It’s not easy, Wang Xiaopang is still extremely filial!”

Nun said.

“So, you just see him being filial, and sometimes you deliberately speak a little louder, right?”

Said the girl.

Nun nodded.

“Actually, I’m a little worried about the one next to Xiaopang. I don’t know why. From the first time I saw him, he has made me feel different from others. I don’t know how it feels. I don’t know if you have Fang Yi?”

“Ah? Me, how can I say, it’s a bit, but obviously not as serious as you said! I just think he should be interesting!”

Fang Yi said with a grin.

“I think we should be more careful. We must not be harmful, and we must be defensive. We are finally qualified to come out to study. We must be careful!”

Said the girl.

“Okay, I…huh? Nun, look at it, it looks like Xiaopang and that little brother are behind!”

Fang Yi suddenly lowered her voice.

“Don’t worry about them, let’s go have a drink!”

After finishing talking, the two girls entered the cafe together.

“Hey, look, Brother Sheldon, isn’t that a goddess? They’re going to have coffee!”

Roberson and Sheldon didn’t notice the two beauties just now. Now when Roberson reminded them, Sheldon looked at them.

“Hey, why don’t we follow along and listen to what they are talking about?”

Roberson said.

“It’s not so good. If they noticed it, the two of us followed them on purpose. That would be bad!”

Sheldon couldn’t help but smile.

“Don’t worry, Brother Sheldon, with me, they wouldn’t notice that we were following them deliberately. I used to eavesdrop on their conversations and they didn’t even know, hahaha, let my dad make a lot of money for them in vain. Don’t worry, let’s go. !”

Roberson patted his chest and said.

Chapter 356

Sheldon didn’t say anything, and then went to the cafe with Roberson.

“I’ll go, they really followed!”

Although Fang Yi was quite cold, but with a glance from the corner of her eye, she saw Wang Xiaopang walking in with her little brother.

At the moment, he whispered to Fang Nuan.

“It seems that it is necessary to check the background of that person!”

Johan Adam said in a low voice.

“No need, look at that little brother, he is also quite honest, you, if I say it is too sensitive, you see, how many boys chased you before, but you are too sensitive and let people go After a few days of investigation, the whole family was scared, and those boys, when they saw you, hide! Don’t talk about chasing you, even if they are chasing me and talking to us, the family must warn them , There is no one!”

“Although we can go out to study now, what’s the difference between it and home?”

Fang Yi dissatisfied.

“You also said that if you let Grandpa know what you said, maybe you will have to be scolded again! Maybe you will cancel your chance to go out to study! Grandpa said, we have a big enemy! Better be careful!”

Fang Nai said.

“Well, I just listen to you~!”

Fang Yi stopped talking.

Sheldon and Roberson sat next to them.

To be honest, Sheldon is quite reluctant to do this.

I always feel that it is not good to follow others in this way, and it may have the opposite result.

But with Roberson so confident, Sheldon couldn’t refuse him.

As a result, Roberson pricked his ears to hear what others said, but the two girls did not speak during the whole process.

Just heard one sentence: Let’s go!

It was when they saw that they had finished their coffee and were about to leave.

Johan Adamnan is as cold as ever.

Only this time, Fang Yi looked at Sheldon, gave Sheldon a warning look, and then left.

“Wow, that young lady is watching you Brother Sheldon!”

Roberson said with envy.

“Oh, it’s just a pity. I didn’t overhear their speech this time. It doesn’t make sense. Why are they talking so quietly this time? I could hear them before!”

Roberson said depressed.

As for Sheldon, he patted Roberson on the shoulder, then looked at Roberson and shook his head.

If the guess is good, I’m afraid he and Roberson have already exposed it!

Poor Roberson didn’t even know.

After parting with Roberson, there was no joint class in the afternoon.

Sheldon did not go to class and was ready to go back.

I thought that going on like this wouldn’t be a way, I had to find a chance to talk to that Johan Adam.

Just thinking about it, Sheldon called.

After seeing the caller ID, Sheldon was taken aback.

This is a special number, and the contact person is the two brothers.

Unless there is an emergency, this number will be used for notification.

Sheldon connected directly.

“what happened?”

“Sheldon! Go back, someone is following you! It is estimated that your identity in Shuchuan has been exposed!”

Tianlong’s tone was anxious.


Sheldon couldn’t help but looked back from the corner of his eye. The whole street was full of pedestrians, and it was a bit crowded. After all, the streets of the University City must be crowded.

But he has a highly sophisticated safety device on his body, and the Dragon and Earth Tiger can always grasp the movements of Sheldon and the people who appear beside Sheldon.

So whenever there is a problem, it will be reported immediately.

“Sheldon, I have let my subordinates pass now, you should go back first!

Tianlong Road.


After hanging up the phone, Sheldon hurried into a car and went straight back.

My identity has not been exposed, who is it, sending someone to follow me?

“Brother, that kid slipped away!”

Among the crowd, several young men with cold eyes gathered together.

“What are you doing in a daze, chase after!”

The headed young man said coldly.


At this moment, a few people gathered around, as if they were fighting, and the scene was quite chaotic, blocking these young people.

“Go away!”

The youth pushed them out angrily.

When these people chase them out, there is still the slightest trace of Sheldon.

The head of the young man stomped his feet!

At the moment, Qi Qi returned to a very secret manor.

“Where is the young lady?” the young man asked a housekeeper.

“In the martial arts hall!”

Then several people arrived at the martial arts hall.

He saw Fang Lu’s ponytail, put on a round of white taekwondo uniform, and was fighting several opponents.

As for Fang Yi, she was eating potato chips while watching a few people who had been beaten by Fang Nao, clapping their hands.

“Miss, your skills are getting better and better, I almost can’t teach you!”

A group of twelve people came over and bowed slightly to Johan Adam’s.

Twelve of them, all from all over the world, are very famous taekwondo and karate masters.

He is Jimmy’s special teacher.

“Huh! Several teachers are humble, come here, please go down and rest!”

Johan Adam said.

“囝囡, it’s really great, seven or eight people are besieging you, and you can’t get close. If I were so good, it would be fine!”

Fang Yi applauded happily.

“Let you practice, if you don’t practice, you have been lazy since childhood!”

Johan Adam looked at Fang Yi with a bitter smile.

“Hmph, I don’t practice. I’ll be a lady quietly. Besides, I don’t have the perseverance of yours. Haha, it looks like you are soft and weak. As everyone knows, seven or eight adult men. Don’t even think about getting close to you. I remember that a few students dared to molested me and were beaten by you to the lower body hahaha!”

Fang Yi said with a smile.

“That’s what they owe, so let’s not talk about it!”

Johan Adam smiled, and then looked at the man standing aside: “How is it?”

“Miss, it failed!”

Said the leader of the youth.

“Failed? The five of you did things, failed for the first time, right?”

Fang Naun said in surprise.

“There was an accident this time. There was an accident. Several people surrounded the square and beat us out. When we went out, the kid hit a car and left!”

The youth explained.

“Hahaha, it’s okay if you fail. I really hope that you will fail. Ouch, I think you are really worried. That little brother and Xiaopang are together, and they just think you are beautiful, right? In this way, you have to check people, and I also want to talk to him and Xiaopang!”

“Dare you! If you dare to talk to people outside, I will tell Grandpa and let her keep you at home!”

Johan Adam said angrily.

“Well, I won’t say anything, I will listen to you!”

Fang Yi said.

“You should withdraw first. You don’t need to take care of this matter for now!”

Johan Adam looked at the Five Human Dao.

“Yes! Miss!”

As for Fang Yi, he pouted and walked aside, breaking all the potato chips and throwing them into the trash basket.

Looking at Fang Yi, Johan Adam shook her head and walked over.

“What’s wrong? Blame me for being aggressive to you just now?”

“I don’t blame you, I hate the person who made us grow up so that we can’t be like others! Why! Why!”

Fang Yi started to cry as she spoke.

As for Fang Nun’s expression, she also darkened, and immediately thought of something from her childhood…

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