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Chapter 357

“Xiao Yi, what are you doing?”

An old man shouted coldly.

“Grandpa, let’s go out and play!”

“No, you two will come back to me! Come here, be optimistic about the eldest lady and Xiaoyi, you must never leave the house for half a step!”

“Yes! Master!”

“Why grandpa, why can other children go out to play, we can’t? We want to go to kindergarten and be with other children!”

Fang Nuan was only six or seven years old at that time.

Immediately talked back to Grandpa.


Grandpa immediately slapped the six or seven-year-old Johan Adam’s face.

It’s heavy.

That was the first time Fang Nuan was beaten since childhood.

Grandpa usually loves them very much, except for the stars and the moon in the sky, he never gave them, really, almost gave them the best in the world.

But there is only one condition, and that is to not go outside since childhood.

Fang Naun was beaten and cried.

But for the colorful world outside, he has a stronger curiosity.

Until the age of twelve, it was the one that impressed Fang Nain the most.

She and Fang Yi decided to sneak out to play.

It was discovered by grandpa.

That day, Grandpa used the strongest house rules for the two of them.

Johan Adam is only twelve years old, she is still just a child.

The skin was broken by grandpa with a rattan.

Grandpa cried as he hit that day.

“Do you think Grandpa doesn’t want you to go out, but our Fang family has an extremely powerful enemy. It is for your own good not to let you out, so why don’t you listen!”

The scars from that time still remain on the backs of Fang Yi and Fang Nai.

It stays on the backs of two people like childhood shadows.

It was not until later, when they were grown up and sensible, that grandpa allowed them to go out to study and see the outside world.

But there is another condition, that is, not to be friends with others.

Therefore, the two girls, even the young people in the Fang family, had incomplete childhoods, and their lives were also incomplete.

And the culprit is the powerful enemy in Grandpa’s mouth.

But what was going on, Grandpa wouldn’t tell Fang Nai a word.

Grandpa thinks he is a girl, so there is no need to participate in these things.

But what about your own life? What about the childhood you should have? Was taken away just like this, still knowing nothing?

Jimmy was not reconciled, she worked hard and tried to be the strongest in everything, just to prove that she was not worse than boys!


Johan Adam took a deep breath at this time and looked at Fang Yi.

“Okay, Xiaoyi, don’t think about the previous things, aren’t we doing well now!”

“Yeah, I know that in your heart, you hate that powerful enemy more than I do. One day, we will make them pay!”

Fang Yi resolutely said.

“There will be that day! Although Grandpa does not tell us some internal affairs of the family, these decades of preparation have passed. I believe that day is not far away!”

Johan Adam patted Fang Yi on the shoulder.

the next day.

Sheldon came to the classroom.

I also saw Xu Yangyang at first glance.

To be honest, this girl is pretty good-looking, and it is this temper that makes Sheldon unhappy.

Today, she seems to be in a good mood, talking and laughing with her sister.

Seeing Sheldon, she rolled her eyes, then stood up and said, “Roberson, Sheldon, you two came just right. When you went upstairs, did you see a cart of mineral water downstairs? There are a dozen packs. It’s our class, you two go down and carry it up!”

Then, all the classmates covered their mouths and laughed.

As for Sheldon, he naturally knew that Xu Yangyang made a deliberate trick.

To be honest, I was a little angry.

And Roberson also looked unconvinced: “Why? So much, we two can’t lift it!”

“what did you say?”

“He said the two of us can’t carry it!”

Sheldon repeated one sentence.

Then he sat down directly next to him.

Unexpectedly, Sheldon directly attacked her in public.

Xu Yangyang was so angry that Sheldon was already very unpleasant.

In addition, now Sheldon dare to provoke her majesty in public.

Xu Yangyang played up Missy’s temper, picked up the cup and smashed it towards Sheldon.

It just hit the ground.

“There is a kind, you tell me again!”

Sheldon saw that this was the kind of temperament of the eldest lady who was spoiled by the family, thinking that everyone in the world should be around her.

I was a little annoyed at the moment: “Say it ten times again, neither of us can lift it! How can you?

Sheldon has seen many such people, and now he is not used to it.

“Well, you are so tugging, you wait for me!”

After that, Xu Yangyang ran out directly like a puff.

As for Laura, he looked at the scene before him and glanced at Sheldon.

“It’s over, Xu Yangyang must have asked someone to go!”

Roberson said a little scared.

“Don’t be afraid, what can she do!”

Sheldon told Roberson not to be afraid.

“I heard that her cousin belongs to the sports team, so he is awesome!”

Roberson said with fear.

This morning, I was so angry that Sheldon didn’t know who to sprinkle.

If Zhenbi asks people to do something, then Sheldon is really willing to call people Bibi.

And soon, there was a rumbling of footsteps outside.

Obviously many people have come.

“I’m going, Xu Yangyang really called someone, hum, I knew that Xu Yangyang would not spare Sheldon lightly! There is a good show now!”

After that, a group of boys came directly to the classroom.

“Taozi, if you dare to bully your sister, you are bullying my sister. I want to see who it is!”

This group of people walked in.

One of them, the leader of them, said to Xu Yangyang’s brother Taozi, and coldly glanced at the students in the room.

“Wow, this boy is so tall and handsome!”

The girl in the class suddenly exclaimed when she saw the leading boy.

“I know him, he seems to have just transferred to our school, but Xu Wentao looks so respectful to him!”

Someone said.

As for Xu Yangyang, he held his shoulders bitterly and pointed at Sheldon: “Brother Junwen, Brother Tao, that’s him!”

As for Sheldon, standing up at this moment, seeing the young man in the lead was a little dazed.

Apparently the young man was stunned after seeing Sheldon.

I go!

“Shen Junwen?”


Shen Junwen was surprised.

Indeed, he, Murphy, and the other girls have already been assigned to this school as transfer students.

So now, Shen Junwen’s role is a student.

Of course, there is a relationship with my friend Wang Jian, who is quite open.

But unexpectedly, Sheldon actually became a student.

So Shen Junwen’s first reaction was dumbfounded.

“Huh? Brother Junwen, you know?”

Xu Wentao asked curiously at this moment.

Xu Yangyang was also nervous. If he knew him, wouldn’t Sheldon be beaten?

“For the time being, I know it!”

Of course Shen Junwen would not do it now, because Sheldon knew his identity.

If it gets exposed, it’s over.

After all, Murphy and them are all in this school now.

Damn, why do you just recite like this.

“Sheldon, it’s a coincidence, you come out, let’s talk about something alone!”

Shen Junwen had no choice but to say.

Chapter 358

Sheldon went out with Shen Junwen.

“I’m going, Sheldon, didn’t you play in Shuchuan? Why did you come to Shuchuan University?”

“I’m here to study, but you, what are you doing at Shuchuan University again?”

Sheldon asked.

Two people, it’s not a grudge, Shen Junwen doesn’t like Sheldon, of course, Sheldon doesn’t necessarily like Shen Junwen.

“This is exactly what I want to tell you. Let me tell you the truth. This time, not only me, but also Huimin are here. As for what it is, it must be confidential. Let me tell you. Be stricter in the future. Tell others about your identity, otherwise don’t blame me for not reminding you!”

After warning Sheldon, Shen Junwen turned and left.

Presumably this is their mission, right?

Sheldon was not curious and cared at all about their specific tasks.

At the moment, he just shook his head with a wry smile, and Sheldon was ready to go back.

“This little brother, we are now collecting donations. Do you want to donate? It doesn’t matter if you donate more or less! We will transfer it to the children who can’t afford to study in the mountains, so that everyone has books to read!”

At this moment, a little girl shyly grabbed Sheldon.

She should be the staff member who organized the fundraiser.

Seeing being stopped, Sheldon was too embarrassed not to donate.

After all, this is also a very meaningful thing, just like the Hope Primary School I built.

Sheldon nodded.

“Classmate, how much do you want to donate?”

The working girls all stood up and looked at Sheldon with a smile.

“Fifty thousand!”

Sheldon smiled.

“Ah? What? Fifty thousand?”

Several female students were all taken aback.

After all, campus fundraising activities are common, almost every school has them, and those who help are those poor and poor mountain students.

So every time this kind of activity, the school donated a lot of students.

Most are more than ten dollar, and there are also five or six dollar. The money is not too much, the emphasis is on love.

However, fifty thousand…

They have been collecting donations here for half a month, and this is the first time they have seen such a generous student.

“Sir, do you really want to donate fifty thousand?”

They all felt incredible.

Sheldon gave a wry smile, then took out the card, still swiping it.

At the moment, Sheldon pressed 5 zeros and directly donated them.

“Half million dollar arrived!”

There was a mechanical metal sound from the machine.

“Huh?” All the staff opened their mouths wide.

“Ah!” Sheldon was also habitually startled.

Originally, Sheldon wanted to donate 500,000 dollar. After all, he would participate in any charity and charity event now. Many donations, but at school, he didn’t want to be so high-profile.

So I donated a little less.

Unexpectedly, one more zero was pressed.

Donated half a million.

It was Sheldon who had been thinking about Fang Nuan in his head just now, and didn’t think much about it.

“Sir, you donated too much. I will immediately go through the formalities for you and push the extra to you. Can you come with us to the headquarters this afternoon? You need to sign in the past for a refund!”

The staff was frightened and hurriedly said.

“It’s so troublesome, forget it, 500,000 is 500,000!”

Sheldon shook his head bitterly. After all, to him, 500,000 and 50,000 are just a mere difference between the numbers, and there is no other meaning.

“Mr., leave your department class and name!”

The staff are adored.

Sheldon wrote about the department and class, and when he was about to write Roberson’s name, suddenly a few men and women came to him, holding cameras and the like.

It should be a reporter from Aixin Club.

It must have been the first time that Sheldon donated 500,000 dollar and came to interview.

Sheldon threw away his pen.

“No, no, I only have one request, don’t expose me!”

After speaking, Sheldon ran away.

“Okay little brother, but little brother, you left your name!”

Shouted the staff.

Sheldon waved his hand and was gone.

Several young female staff members are very sorry.

Although this is work, they also want to meet some rich people.

But there is an opportunity right now, really, not even the slightest chance is given to others.

Besides, Sheldon has gone back now.

When I went back, I heard cheers from inside.

“The male sister is the male sister, this is too great, donated so much! A full 30,000 dollar!”

Many people shouted.

The reason is that when he came to school this morning, Laura saw that the school had fundraiser, so he donated it.

Originally it was nothing, and she didn’t want to say it, but just now when she happened to chat with her friend, she accidentally missed it.

The whole class exclaimed.

You know, college students, casually shot 30,000, is already very impressive.

Xu Yangyang also smiled happily, saying that she only donated 1,000 dollar.

Most of the rest of the students, but some donated a little and some didn’t.

It’s nothing.

“By the way, didn’t Fei mean that he came to class today? Why haven’t he arrived yet? He just returned from a taekwondo competition and won the runner-up!”

Xu Yangyang looked at the doorway at this time.

“Oh, you can’t wait for just such a little time!”

Laura joked.

“Hmph, I certainly hope that Brother Fei will come back soon. Some people in the province think that they are very good!”

Xu Yangyang glanced at Sheldon.

At this moment, a boy walked in.

“Brother Fei!”

“Brother Fei is here!”

The whole class shouted excitedly.

“Brother Liang Fei, you just came, you were almost late!”

Xu Yangyang also stood up excitedly and said to Liang Fei.

“Yes, I was just downstairs and was stopped by a few donation-raising ladies, so the ones who came up were a little late!”

Liang Fei shook his head and smiled bitterly.

Then he glanced at Sheldon in his former seat, and then sat down at the table next to Xu Yangyang.

“Huh? Liang Fei, you donated too?”

Laura said with a smile.

Liang Fei nodded.

Liang Fei, he is tall, thin and handsome, and the family environment is the best in the class.

Coupled with super sports ability, he is naturally a star in the class.

“Brother Fei, how much did you donate? I heard that there will be a fundraising thank you ceremony in the afternoon. If you donate a lot, you will show up!”

Xu Yangyang worships Tao.

“I just donated some. As for ceremonies, I don’t think about it!”

Liang Fei shook his head speechlessly.

Why are all interested in these?

“Ah? Brother Fei, don’t worry about us, what’s the point?”

Many girls asked anxiously, and boys anxiously wanted to know.

“I donated one hundred thousand!”

In the end, Liang Fei had no choice but to speak out.


Immediately afterwards, the whole class suddenly became dead and silent.

Then, there was an explosion.

One hundred thousand! ! ! !

Oh my God!

“Brother Fei, you donated one hundred thousand? Ah!”

Many girls couldn’t help it anymore and shouted directly.

Yes, donating so much, the impact on them is really great!

Xu Yangyang was even more excited and didn’t know what to say.

“Brother Fei, I love you so much, you are amazing!”

Xu Yangyang shouted in worship.

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